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Club Amateur USA - Update

June 29, 2022

Amos 755

Over the past few months, there have been several requests for more mature models. So, when Amos touched base, once again, on my favorite sex and swingers' site, I brought him in for his second shoot, as quickly as possible. Since his first shoot that ran last November, Amos (and his wife) have become more comfortable with their toy play on Amos. As a result, when I deduced that the rocking prostate vibrator was the culprit preventing Amos from reaching orgasm, as soon as I pulled the plug, Amos' fingers began probing his manhole all on their own. And soon... tons-o-splooge.

TIMFuck - Update

June 27, 2022

Magic Mike Hung & Dez Tyler

We are happy to have Elliott Wilder back at Treasure Island. Elliott was the head cameraman and editor for Paul Morris for many years. In this new west coast fuck scene, one of our faves - Dev Tyler is manhandled, fucked and bred by Magic Mike Hung and his gorgeous dick.

Bi Latin Men - Update

June 26, 2022

Ruff & Level

Ruff and Level are two hardbodied and sexy Mexican Hunks. With huge uncut cocks, these two guy will have you gripping and ripping yours. Once things start to get heated up, they go right after each other with some cock licking and sucking. Then, finishing off the oral fun with deep ass rimming. Next, it's time for deep hard bareback sex using the fan favorite "Pile Drive" position. Finishing up with a huge load of cum and then for an extra bonus you'll get some sexy licking and sucking nipple play.

Boy For Sale - Update

June 23, 2022

Boy Austin Ch 21

The Prize - The Boy Austin is prepped and ready to go back on the auction block. The slave boy has been here many times before, so the feelings he gets as he climbs up wearing only his black jockstrap are familiar. The auctioneer starts the bidding. The pace is slow at first, but as the auctioneer begins demonstrating all of Austin's assets and talents, the numbers start flying by. The auctioneer turns Austin around showing off his delicious boy-hole. He starts playing with it, showing how ready Boy Austin is for whatever his new Master's desires might be. The group must like what they're seeing because the numbers go up and up. Boy Austin and his hole are the main prize of the auction! Bidding has closed and the new Master steps forward, ready to claim what's his.

Axel Abysse - Update

June 19, 2022


Dancing towards his prey, Jamaal is ready for his long awaited opening... From one hole to the other, the fingers slowly search for a path inside until the whole fist slides in. Soon, the guts are pushed out and the fluids are about to flow. This sexy female to male transsexual is so fucking hot and nasty, he even pisses right out of his bald pussy all over his face and open mouth.

TopFanVids - Update

June 10, 2022

Drew Sebastian's Sweaty Fuck

Drew has his buddy along for a good hard fucking. The tattooed men get down, dirty and sweaty as Drew fucks him harder and harder. Drew Sebastian is one sexy fucker and he loves hot, nasty and dirty gay sex. He goes all out in this hot sweaty fuck session. You get all types of kinks and perks with this one from nipple play to extra deep ass eating and cum facials.

Club Amateur USA - Update

June 07, 2022

Elián 753

While the model recruiting challenges continue as everyone emerges from their pandemic cocoons from the past two years, I'm thankful that I have a handful of guys who are responsive and responsible. Über-cutie Elián is one of those guys, and although he self-identifies as gay, Elián continues to surprise himself and me in terms of the direct prostate stimulation since it's not something that he practices or participates in in his private sex life. So, for this shoot, I lit Elián up like a proverbial Christmas tree with the pink pigtail up his bum and the suction vibrators tickling his nips.

Straight Fraternity - Update

June 06, 2022

Samuel Hazed, Jerked & Blown

Samuel has been in before for a test shoot, but I didn't think he would come back because he acted so nervous. I get a call from him asking what else he can do to make fast money. He agrees to be hazed, so I tie him to a chair, blindfold him and get busy making him hard. Samuel is very vocal and seems to love everything I do to him, from nipple play, to stroking, to a slow blowjob. As he gets closer to cumming, he grows louder and louder. Samuel finally shoots his load with a big satisfied moan.

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

May 30, 2022

Feed On It

Sometimes boys grow up and start wanting a boy of their own. Liam Angell has been expanding his desires as he becomes more and more of a Daddy in his own right. So, it’s no surprise when Boy Paul comes along Liam can’t resist him. This boy is a natural. 100% submissive Daddy-pleasing boy flesh is its purest form. Maybe Boy Paul is a bit advanced for the young Daddy, but with natural-born Daddy Will Angell there to demonstrate how it’s done Liam is learning from the best.

Bondage Bros - Update

May 12, 2022

Boarder Bound

Isaac X and Zac Snow are back together, this time Zac is pushing his own limits as Isaac keeps him bound and vulnerable and attaches clothespins to his smooth chest. If you like clothespins whipping and gay sex, this is the place and site for you.

Bel Ami Online - Update

May 06, 2022

Paul & Henrik

Since we started the week out with one power bottom, we thought that we would bring it to a close with another, this time Henrik Bjorn. One of the big differences between Marcel and Henrik is the number of scenes that we filmed with them both, and Marcel won that count by a long way. Today's update is also a farewell to both Henrik and his partner, Paul Cavill, as it was the last thing that they both filmed before retiring from porn. Paul and Henrik are a good match when it comes to sex. Paul loves fucking and Henrik loves to get fucked. Each is also the owner of a very impressive set of low-hangers, so expect a lot of swinging in today's update!

Like 'em Straight - Update

May 05, 2022

Nut Jobs: Hal Returns

We know a good thing when we've got him and Hal is a good thing. It's not unusual for Brendon to invite a real looker back to the studio one, two or three times. It's super easy to see why the guys would be willing to come back too; easy money, chill vibe and awesome blowjobs. That's a combination that works every time. Hal may just be the sweetest straight guy to walk through the door. When the action ramps up, he lays a hand on Brendon's back in a sensitive gesture that says it all. But Brendon is going to push the envelope today, and wait till you see the results.

GDude-JP - Update

April 25, 2022

Restraint I

Sexy Yowei finds freedom from all sexual hang-ups when he's the one under restraint. Built, hung and horny, Don and Morgen take out all their unrestrained urges to let their bound buddy explode with the juicy release pent up inside him. If you love sexy Japanese gay studs then you're in for an amazing surprise of Fetish Proportions.

Fetish Men - Update

April 25, 2022

Jacobi Cuffed & Tormented

Cuffed to a St. Andrew's Cross, hot stubble-faced fuckboy Jacobi Hazel twists his feet and tugs at the cuffs around his wrists nervously as Master Dominic enters the dungeon. His mouth held open with a steel bit, he's a bound captive for the Master to have his fun. He lets out a scared groan as Dominic holds him by the chin. "No noise outta you!" Dominic barks as he ponders how to use the slave boy. He yanks Jacobi's nipples and bites one. "You fuckin' LIKE that, don't you?" he remarks when he sees the slave's cock swelling up from the attention. He slaps the harnessed dick and low hanging nuts. "Yes sir, YES sir," Jacobi mumbles incoherently through his mouth bit. Dominic takes the swollen cock into his mouth, alternately stiffening the cock and tormenting with smacks and nut squeezes.

Club Amateur USA - Update

April 24, 2022

479 Royal

Royal is doing a complete scene at the age of 30. He's 6 ft 02 inchesand weights in at 150 lbs. he has black hair and brown eyes with a hard 9 inch cockand he's ready for some straight and sexploring hardcore fun. From the moment Royal slid onto the CAUSA massage table, he was all smiles because he was fulfilling a life-long dream and achieving his goal. Because of my knowledge as to what was driving Royal's smiling and looking at the camcorders, I decided to let him go with it since I understood what it meant to him. So, this video is a different approach than that of my historical filmmaking. And I had to go somewhat O.G. since the CAUSA Magic Wand worked too much of its magic and dayum-near brought Royal to an anal orgasm and premature ejaculation.

Bondage Bros - Update

April 21, 2022

Yes, Sir

Bondage Bros proudly introduces you to Davin Strong, 300+ Pounds of solid muscle. He dominates, flogs, crops and fucks Beau Butler in this amazing new scene. In the new Bondage Bros dungeon, the action is intense, hard and very close up. You can hear the men breathe and almost feel the leather as it comes in contact with the skin.

Touch That Boy - Update

April 20, 2022

Micah & Jackson

It's a coach's job to keep their young athletes in top competitive shape. So when Jackson Wright came to my room and told me his back was hurting, I put my book down and jumped into action. Little did I know it was all a ploy to get my hands all over his body. I started on his back with some lotion. I wanted to be gentle, but something told me he liked it rougher. So I put my hands into his muscles, starting with his ass. I couldn't help but run my thumb over his tight, puckered asshole. His moans told me how good it felt. I kept working on his back until it was time to get to the front. He flipped over and started stroking his cock while I licked on his nipples. I knew he wanted my mouth on his dick instead, so I went down and sucked a tasty load right out of it. That's what a good coach does.

Japan Boyz - Update

April 17, 2022

Shower & Chill

New guy Haru starts out his hookup with veteran stud Reach by getting a warm shower. Their swelling dicks rub as they spray each other down. Reach soaps up Haru's smooth chest and arms, takes both their dicks in hand. Reach's warm bronze complexion and thick muscles contrast with pale thin Haru's lanky frame as the two get hard and ready to head to the bedroom. Reach gropes Haru's heavy package, pulls it out and gives a juicy suck. The new boy spreads his legs wide and enjoys the attention. He crouches to return the favor and takes Reach's big tool deep into his hungry mouth. As things heat up, they cling together in a passionate 69. Reach burrows a finger into Haru's tight booty, gets it wet and open. Haru squats over Reach and works the stud's dick deep into his butthole.

Bondage Bros - Update

April 12, 2022

Gagged Sub

Dom Dad Isaac X brings young stud Zac Snow into his dungeon and teaches him the ways of True BSDM. Giving away his control and power to the man he trusts to push him right to his limit and beyond. It's the perfect combination of leather, chains, ball gags and Dom vs sub. You'll love how much this Fetish site will make you burn with desire. It's new, hot and awesome and it will make your cock explode with the action.

Fetish Men - Update

April 01, 2022

Pinning Benvi's Nuts

Slim pale Benvi has not a chance against the hot kinky sex drive of thick muscleguy Micah Martinez, with shiny black tape bound over his mouth and cuffs taping his wrists to a steel hurricane fence. Micah's taking full advantage, clamping Benvi's nips and turning him to whip his pretty white ass. But the hottest sex torture is yet to cum, as Micah carefully attaches clothespins in a perfect ring around Benvi's tight smooth nutsack. Benvi's cock rises stiff and hard to the occasion and Micah strokes it off with a wicked smile.

Hard Brit Lads - Update

March 25, 2022

Luke & Adam

Randy big dicked scally lads Luke Desmond and Adam James have a really hot session, kissing and groping each other in their trackie bottoms, with Luke getting a throbbing stiffie in his undies right from the start. Adam rubs and squeezes Luke's huge bulge, before taking out his massive uncut 9-inch dick to give it a good suck. Luke then gives Adams very thick meaty dick a good sucking, and gets his face fucked. Very hot! Laying back on the bed, Luke holds up his dick to get another horny sucking from Adam, then gets his arse thoroughly licked and rimmed.. Eager to get that fat cock inside him, Luke lays back to get fucked hard, then gets fucked a second time, as he rides it, his own dick leaking precum as he gets fucked.

Wu Boyz - Update

March 06, 2022

Take My Dick

Clark & Tyler - Asian muscle, Asian cock, Asian top. You want? He was the first onlyfans boy to worship me when I first started filming, and he keeps coming back for more. Watching these two guys is so sexy. Asian guys are hot but mix and American Caucasian with his and sparks will fly. If this scene doesn't make you bust a nut all over yourself...I'm sure we can find another one that will.

Fun Size Boys - Update

March 03, 2022

Boy Richie Ch 1

The Grooming - In many ways, Richie was like a lot of young men who approach me. They see my rough exterior, my beard and tattoos, and immediately become enticed by the fantasy of who I am. They think of me as a bit of rough trade, a lumberjack or a trucker, somewhat of a loner and eager to blow my load in a tight hole. Richie was unique, however, in his desire to be possessed. He didn't state it outright, but the way he saddled up to me and looked me in the eye made it clear that he wasn't going to let me walk away without taking him with me. Inside the dark grooming room, I snapped for Richie to take off his clothes and present himself up on the platform before him. He didn't hesitate, stripping down to his underwear for me to look at him. He had a milky, smooth body that was impeccably sculpted and toned.

Hard Brit Lads - Update

March 03, 2022

Shaun & Jay T

Shaun Jones reaches inside Jay T.'s briefs and pulls out his dick and low-hanging balls and starts to jerk him off. He's untrimmed and bushy. Then Jay pulls down Shaun's boxers. His huge stiff uncut cock springs out. Jay takes it in hand and wanks it slowly. They jerk each other off, then Shaun lays on his side and gives Jay's dick a good sucking. Next, Jay stands and Shaun gets down on his knees. He gives Jay another great deepthroating before getting his mouth fucked, as Jay grips his head and pumps his dick in as deep as he can. Shaun stands and they jerk off together before Jay gets down on his knees to get that big dick back into his mouth. The lads are on the floor now, with Shaun on his back, holding his cock upright, and Jay on top of him on all fours in a hot 69 position.

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

February 26, 2022

Take Me Daddy

If Will Angell is going to allow his boy Liam to enjoy taking the seed of another Daddy that man better now what to do. Leather Pipe Daddy knows just how to push a boy's buttons and puts Liam right into the proper headspace to open up. This big-muscled furry Daddy builds up the tension and then slows it down over and over until Liam is delirious with hunger for his Daddy load.

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