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Hot College Fucks - Update

May 29, 2023

Bailey Has Her Way With Chad

Chad is a real stud. Tall and muscular, with blue eyes and a hairy chest. And Bailey knows she's in for a treat when she sees the bulge in his pants. Chad doesn't waste any time getting her naked, and she moans as he kisses her big tits, teasing her nipples with his tongue. She loves the way his muscular body feels pressing against her. Chad knows his way around the bedroom and takes command in multiple positions before pulling his dick out and shooting a load all over her!

Hard Brit Lads - Update

May 23, 2023

Danny & Alex

Hot young fit lads with big thick meaty dicks! Starting off on the sofa with some kissing and mutual groping, Danny Chase and Alex Silvers get hard in their sports shorts. After some nipple sucking, they take down each others shorts and get a feel of each others big throbbing bulges. Danny takes out Alex's thick uncut 8-incher and gets down to some good sucking. Then Danny lays back and Alex takes hold of his huge meaty dick, licks the precum from the head, and then gets his mouth stretched as he slurps on the veiny girth. Alex stands, cock rock solid. Danny is on his knees, he licks and sucks the head, then takes it deep into his mouth, nice and wet, and Alex fucks his mouth. Alex is on all fours on the sofa, smooth arse in the air, Danny gives his hungry hole a good licking, getting it hot and juicy, pushing his tongue in, making Alex's dick throb.

Bi College Fucks - Update

May 21, 2023

Dane & Jamie Break In Beau

Dane shows Beau some tricks and new moves to try out on the skate park. The lesson doesn’t end there either, and though Dane might have stolen the show outside, he makes sure to let Beau know he, and that nice cock of his, is the real prize! We have to give it to Dane, he knew exactly what he wanted and went for it. After enticing Beau with his skills and body he showed him what he really could do with it! Beau doesn’t disappoint either, Jamie already knew the skills he had so she was eager to join in the fun and we see again how good of a lay Beau is. Beau has Dane edging for minutes on end! Everything works out stupendous for Dane and he gets absolutely everything he wanted: a mouthful of Beau, a girl for them to split and a quality first time fuck from the super hot BCF newcomer!

Jalif Studios - Update

May 19, 2023

Kameron & Rafael

In a dark, Parisian sauna, two athletic, well-defined men sit side-by-side in a wood-lined cabin. One blonde haired, one brunette, both rock hard just from being next to each other. The dark-haired man, Rafael Smith, squats and wordlessly sucks Kameron Frost's massive weapon. Rafael is a master craftsman when it comes to oral sex the sound of the suction of his lips echoes throughout the steamy room. Blonde Kameron is soon moaning with riled lust, grabbing the back of Rafael's head and thrusting his throbbing dick deep into the dark haired dude's skull. Rafael leans over the bench. His long-limbed, well-sculpted body glistens in the low light. He presents his tight hole to Kameron, who instantly starts to finger him. The beauty of Rafael's face and body have made him impatient, burdened, horny.

Twink Top - Update

May 12, 2023

Michael Flex Ch 4

Extra Innings: Michael Flex and I have been fooling around for months now, and I don't see any signs of us slowing down. When that little guy's cock first went inside me at the recreational facility, it was one of the best, raunchiest moments of my life. Nothing can top it, and our private sessions have become habit-forming for me. So when a new player joined our team, I noticed Michael's eyes gravitating towards him during our practices. In the past, I may have felt a ping of jealousy. But, given I knew how wild this boy's instincts can be, I saw this as an opportunity. I invited the new guy, Andrew Powers, and Michael to my house after practice for a "private session" between the three of us. They both agreed without any hesitation, Michael even shot me a look of gratitude already anticipating what was to come.

Japan Boyz - Update

May 11, 2023

Plowing RIo

Few Japanese gay models are as vocal and fun to watch as muscular young fireplug bottom Rio. There's NO mistaking when he's getting cock just the way he wants it. And his horny Asian top this time is "golden boy" Gal, but now sporting a salmon pink hair color. No doubt, this hookup will be quite a sight for horned-up eyes. It's a slow burn that builds up steadily from the opening kiss and fondle, to the nipple chewing, till Rio gets his mouth around Gal's big tan knob. Then it kicks right into high gear and never slows down. Gal works his way down to sucking Rio and is met with Rio's trademark happy howls of erotic excitement. This boy pants, sighs and moans like his sex life depends on it. And his cock pops right up into a stiff up-curve as he lies back and gets fingered and rimmed expertly.

Aussies Do It - Update

May 03, 2023

Justin's Lucky First Time

Justin is a fresh-faced, lean-bodied twink who's trying out porn for the first time. Remember your first time sex? Now imagine bright lights and a cameraman added to the equation. Lucky for sweet Justin, he's paired up with a real pro with a lot of patience and passion to guide him through the experience, hot and horny Kaleb. Kaleb turns down his natural no-nonsense approach to screwing sexed-up bottoms, and give Justin the kid gloves treatment. He starts out with a LOOONG bout of kissing, rubbing, and running curious hands over each other's bodies. When Justin is relaxed, warmed up and ready for action, Kaleb works his way down to Justin's tight little nips, stiffening cock and hungry hole. By this time, Justin's natural anxiety over his first porn shoot has vanished.

Bi College Fucks - Update

April 30, 2023

Rocky & Nikki's Fuck Toy

We put a very fun rule in place as the action started out here - it's a hardcore bi three-way, but Chris wasn't allowed to touch the girl. We knew adding that teasing, cucking element in to things would take this episode to the next level. Before the action even started, we were certain putting that rule in place would get Chris so worked up and horny he'd be going wild and we were right. Even though Rocky's the one peeling off his pants to whip his big dick out and getting it sucked, Chris is the one mouth agape, panting while watching it all from off to the side. While Rocky starts to piston-fuck and rough, loud, hardcore sex is taking place just inches away from him, Chris looks like he can barely handle it and like he could cum at any second as he takes in the sight before him.

Straight Fraternity - Update

April 25, 2023

Cody's Blindfolded Pleasure

Sweet young Cody has no idea what's going to happen to him while he's blindfolded or that I've invited gay-for-pay stud Abel over to take advantage of him. And it turns out Cody is super-ticklish once he cums! I put Cody in a special pledge shirt before I tell him to strip. I make him pose in his underwear, then get him naked, blindfold him and tie him to the couch. He has no idea what's coming or that Abel's here to work on him. I pinch Cody's nipples and motion to Abel what he should do. Since I know Cody likes a little ass play, I lube Abel's fingers and have him warm up Cody's hole. Abel switches to sucking cock, and soon it's my turn to slip in a finger. I use the leg ropes to lift Cody's ankles up to his chest, exposing his smooth asshole, but the position doesn't work out how I hoped.

Axel Abysse - Update

April 20, 2023


In the stairs, Axel spreads his legs, offering Marco a perfect access to his hungry hole. After a good punching, Axel is ready to switch sides. If you love hot, nasty, kinky studs who just can't get enough fisting along with prolapsed holes to be used and abused. This is the place for you and you won't be disappointed.

Bentley Race - Update

April 19, 2023

Getting British Mate Tom Off

Over the summer holidays I got the chance to meet up with my beautiful mate Tom Robinson. It had been a few months since we hooked up at the hotel. I wanted to get him over for a cheeky new photoshoot. I love working with this British spunk. He always gets so horny while I'm taking his photos. In this skater themed shoot I end up on the bed with him licking his hole and sucking his fat cock. I love driving him to climax. The video we made after taking his photos is really hot. Every time I watch his videos I want to make more.

Japan Boyz - Update

April 13, 2023

Rio's Tie-Up

For fans of hot sexy businessmen clad in shirts and ties, but giving in to their raging hard ons to have sex without even stripping out of work clothes, have we got a scene for you! And guys who get off on a bit of bondage and captive edging, we haven't forgotten you either. Handsome Asian muscleman Hiroya has sexy muscle boy Rio just where he wants him, bound in leather cuffs and blindfold yet dressed in proper white shirt and tie. He teases Rio erotically, taking him to the very edge of orgasm will the stud can't hold back and squirts his sperm before their sex is even halfway done. But Rio's appetite just gets stronger, and he sucks Hiroya's big cock till it's hard as steel. Hiroya takes his big stiff hardon and puts it to perfect use inside Rio's cock hungry asshole, fucking him bareback and mercilessly.

Raging Stallion - Update

April 07, 2023

Take Off 3

When TSA agent Andre Donovan notices a foreign object on Luca del Rey's x-ray body scan, he immediately pulls the suspicious passenger into a back room for a thorough cavity search. Just as he suspected, the anal inspection reveals that Luca is stowing a light-up metal butt plug in his hole. Too turned on by the flashing toy and the passenger's ready-to-fuck hole to actually punish Luca, Andre instead goes to rim the naughty traveler before using Luca's carry-on dildo to stretch him out. Luca then gets fucked by the real thing as Andre shoves his nine bareback inches into his ass and pounds him across the airport security office. After both men unload onto Luca's hair-covered abs and Andre fucks some of his nut into Luca, the gracious TSA agent slides the bottom's butt plug back into his worn hole and sends him on his way.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

April 07, 2023

Kosta Tops Alfonso

As Kosta Viking rummages through the kitchen, Alfonso Osnaya joins him and discovers a misplaced dildo in the pantry. Since they found it, why not have some fun with the sex toy? Kosta and Alfonso take turns sucking on it. As Kosta Viking and Alfonso Osnaya get more and more turned on, they start getting handsy with one another. Alfonso worships and licks Kosta Viking's armpits before the bottom starts giving him a blowjob. Kosta Viking spreads open Alfonso Osnaya's ass and starts fucking him bareback when he cannot hold back any longer.

Euroboyxxx - Update

April 03, 2023

Kyle & Andy

Kyle Martin Fucks A Bottom Daddy: Kyle's got a thing for old gents, so we made his day by serving up burly older daddy Andy Wood on a plate. Andy likes his bucks young and uncut, so sexy dirty blonde Kyle is perfect. The two guys get down to some heavy duty snogging but Andy can't wait to suck on that big dick and offer up his daddy-hole to Kyle's stiff, young uncut dick. It's so hot to watch an older guy getting pumped and ploughed by a smooth twink. Kyle works that hairy hole for all he's worth and nearly wears Andy out!

Daddy Sex Files - Update

April 03, 2023

Craving Daddy Cock Cream

Allen Silver, Rocco Steele, Tryp Bates, Calvin Collins, Jeremy Spreadums, Jack Vidra, Jack Dixon, Jake Marshall, Shawn Andrews, Billy Warren, Jake Morgan, Marco Napoli, Jake Nicola, Cain Marko & Jesse Zeppelin: Some guys are insatiable when it comes to the fresh cream from a well-worked cock, and these guys are definitely desperate to get as much nut as they can from their daddy tops! Kick back and stroke along to this new dripping wet compilation of greedy holes being pumped with cum loads and handsome faces being drenched with ball juice. These guys just seem desperate to get as much sperm inside them as they can, and they have plenty of buddies to donate the juice!

Hot College Fucks - Update

April 02, 2023

Kallie Has Her Way with Jay

Jay pounds Kallie with long, deep strokes and totally takes charge in several positions while driving her wild. He blows a thick load all over her and they collapse together, breathless and satisfied.

Cum Dump Star - Update

March 30, 2023

Dream Life

Sterling is my latest piece of fresh of meat. Found em online. Was real easy to reel in. Another 18 yo doing porn in sin city. Soon he will be sucking dick on Las Vegas blvd for bus fair home but for now he's my swinging dick to order around.

Peter Fever - Update

March 29, 2023

Jacks in Ace's Hole

David and Tristan - One of the hottest and luckiest studs to grace the pages of PeterFever is ever-thirsty Asian bottom David Ace. He always seems to get all the cock he needs and the mouthful, faceful or buttload of cum he's been hankering for. Here's a three episode miniseries of scenes the PeterFever members haven't seen before of David, the lucky cock hound doing what he does best, and three Jacks who hit the jack-pot when it cums to hot hungry raw-fucking bottom virtuosos. Three Jacks in Ace's Hole? We like the sound, sight, smells and taste of that. First up in the bareback batter's cage, tatted tough boy Tristan Matthews. Once David works Tristan's hairy cock with that magic mouth and inflates it to full turgid rock-hardness, these two are off to the races with all the cock, ass and cum our members love!

Japan Boyz - Update

March 29, 2023

The Gym Lesson

Few things are hotter for a guy than a steamy workout with a horned-up buddy. With all that testosterone swirling around your system, it's more than your muscles that get pumped up. Fuji asked hot Asian muscleman Hiroya for some workout tips in the gym. During their steamy hookup the first tips are Fuji's tight little nips, then the tip of his stiff dick. They take turns sucking each other, then Hiroya explores Fuji's throbbing hole with a slick finger or two. They finally get down to the hot filthy bareback stuff right on the bench press. Hiroya fucks a creamy wad out of his buddy, then pulls out to squirt his own hefty splatter on his new workout partner's lean toned abs.

Japan Boyz - Update

March 23, 2023

After The Date

Handsome young Uzin has the shaggy, polite demeanor of an Asian college boy, and that may be what attracted established Japanboy Ruito. They're out on a date strolling along the quiet nighttime streets of their Tokyo neighborhood. But as their attraction rises, it's getting too hot to stay out in public and they need to head inside to get busy. Their gentle kisses and body-rubbing hugs show how hot these two Japanese guys are for each other, and as they tumble into bed their undies come off. Ruito takes Uzin's cock in hand and starts licking and sucking. His new buddy lies back, just lets Ruito take charge. But soon he's the one slurping down Ruito's stiff prick. Ruito's hand travels down to cradle Uzin's heavy nuts and stroke a finger along his smooth hairless crack.

Sex Japan TV - Update

March 23, 2023

Sun Hyun After Dark

Pretty, slim, wavy-haired brunette Sun Hyun is a bit shy, often hiding her face behind her silky mane or in shadow. But shy babes have needs too, and when she steps out to get some fresh air in the park, she logs into a hookup app and makes a date with a polite young guy more to her liking. When he comes over they chat and slowly begin to touch and fondle each other. When she handles his cock and warms him up with her hot juicy mouth, he returns the favor licking her tight sweet pussy. He slides his cock in gently and gives Sun Hyun the fuck she needs. When he finishes she lies satisfied, caressing her breasts and smooth little belly. Was her sweet young man a dream or did she really get that romantic hookup she was looking for. The used condom across her chest is proof it was all real.

Venus Lux - Update

March 22, 2023

Sensuous Twosome

Venus and Aubrey really love getting together and it shows. They look amazing in their bras and panties when they start kissing and caressing their gorgeous bodies. They take turns sucking each others off before moving into a 69. Aubrey can't wait to have Venus inside her so she climbs on for a ride, only to have Venus take control and continue driving her big cock deep into Aubrey's ass then she shoots her hot cum on Aubrey's stomach.

Hot College Fucks - Update

March 21, 2023

Nathan & Rachel

Rachel Gets to Know Nathan - 19 year old Nathan almost never jerks off, and when you take one look at him it's not hard to see why. He has no trouble at all finding girls to hook up with, has plenty of lucky female friends he can hit up with when he wants to get his dick with, and never has trouble meeting new girls when out and about. For being just 19, Nathan’s clearly confident and knows what he's doing in bed, and he knew he wanted to go at it with Rachel here! Can you blame him? Rachel gets Nathan riled up and ready to go with her expert BJ to start, then the hot fuck ensues!

Venus Lux - Update

March 16, 2023

Venus & Chanel Flip-Sucking

Time for some she on she; Venus Lux invites a playful Chanel over to caress and blow. Stroking one another's cock, the two heat things up with a bit of grind and slap, the steamy foreplay is just the beginning. Going "head first," Venus treats her pal to a sensual sucking. Changing to a pendant position, they swallow each other fully before unloading. Chanel starts the "drop and deliver," with Venus spraying up to her beautiful breasts. Giggling, the tongue lashing finishes this frisky "minx mixing."

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