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Amateurs Do It - Update

July 23, 2020

Cumshot Compilation

Brenton and Lucas stroke their thick Aussie cocks, spraying each other with thick loads of cum all over their chests. They pant and moan as they inch closer to the edge, erupting on camera in a beautiful display of primal pleasure... Tyson and Ashley fuck hard on their white couch, dicking each other deep until they can't take anymore. All that's left to do is blow an epic amount of cum all over, including the glazing over of an ass that has to be seen to be believed! Watch as these studs suck off massive shafts, take deep dick poundings, and stroke their shafts to exciting climaxes!

Breed Me Raw - Update

July 22, 2020

Alezgi & Aries

Quiet and unassuming, Alezgi Cage is the type of guy we've all seen, maybe looked at twice because he was so damn cute, and taken home to be fucked. He might not be your typical muscle hunk, but he is the type of man who knows what he's doing. He's not just adorable with that sweet, bearded face. He's one hell of a fuck! There's no doubt he knows how to make a bottom like bearded Aries happy, bareback fucking the otter pig in a sling, with the stamina of the energizer bunny, until they each blow their loads.

Transsensual - Update

July 22, 2020

TS Taboo 4.3

Khloe (Khloe Kay) leaves for the gym, Aubrey (Aubrey Kate) notices her and smiles. It’s her turn to pay a visit, alone, to her sexy neighbor Dillon (Dillon Diaz). She knocks on the door and tells Dillon that she lost her hearing last night when they brought the cookies. He lets her in and they go look for it in the living room, but Aubrey doesn’t really care about her hearing. She wants to taste her new neighbor’s cock. She will use her charm to seduce him and get what she’s really here for. A great fuck!

Bel Ami Online - Update

July 18, 2020

Hoyt & Gino

We all know that Hoyt normally likes to take the lead in sex, but today it is definitely Gino setting the pace; not in a bossy or domineering way, but by gently guiding his partner into giving him exactly what he wants. As you all know, Gino moved on from shooting porn a while ago, so this is one of the scenes that we have been holding onto for special occasions. It is no surprise that both of these guys have a mountain of fans.

Bear Films - Update

July 15, 2020

Gentle Nights

Locked in a passionate embrace, Guy English and Tony Rivers are gentle as they make out. Like two people in love, they touch each other with care and tenderness. After stripping down, Tony starts sucking Guy's big cock. They're soon sucking each other in a hot 69 that will make you drool. Bald and bearded Guy then eats out Tony's ass, and you can imagine how he might taste as they kiss once more. And after mounting Tony's bear ass and fucking him as only a romantic lover could, Tony pumps out a good-sized load, followed by Guy, who strokes out an even bigger one. They kiss the entire time, making this scene one of the sweetest, sexiest, most romantic fucks we've seen in a while!

Breed Me Raw - Update

July 14, 2020

Topher & Kosher

You know how sometimes you just need to get off in the worst way possible? Like if you don't get off you're going to explode. Take Kosher Pig and Topher Michels as an example. The two pigs need to fuck and they need to fuck quick. Kosher likes cock. No, wait. That's not right. He freakin' LOVES cock! Why else would he drop to his knees so quick? He all but inhales Topher's fat dick like it's a drug, snarfing it down to the balls before giving up his hairy, meaty ass. Bearded Kosher, in jockstrap, knee-hi socks, boots and chain harness, looks the part of the pig and that's because he is. Anything you want, any hole you wanna plug, as long as the cock is raw. Topher, clad in a leather harness and wearing a cockring, goes the distance.

Breed Me Raw - Update

July 08, 2020

Marc & Amir

Muscle bear daddy hunk Marc Angelo is ready for a wrestling match with Amir Badri. Except dressed in their skimpy shorts, each is hard even before the camera started rolling! They waste little time in getting down to business, with a bit of making out before moving on to some nipple chewing. They get each other even more juiced by slowing down on the need to get off and oil each other up, instead. It's not unlike watching Turkish oil wrestling as Marc and Amir pour the sticky stuff on each other and work those big muscles. Cocks included! But after a while, enough is enough and Amir goes in for the kill. He whips out Marc's uncut pierced cock and slurps away like a noisy little piggy.

Straight Fraternity - Update

July 06, 2020

Spence & 4 Others

Nikko, Garrett, Dax, Robbie and Spence love to play sex games and get off together. This time it's Spence's turn to have the other guys make him cum. Each guy drew a task from the jar to do to Spence. Dax drew 'kissing,' Robbie drew 'nipples,' Nikko drew 'cock,' and Garrett drew 'ass.' They all get busy at their posts. Spence is loving the attention as the guys all work toward making him cum. He stands up and shoots his load while the other guys have their hands all over him!

Breed Me Raw - Update

July 03, 2020

Ray & Parker

Decked out in leather, bald Parker Logan strokes his cock while Ray Dalton looks on. The heavily tattooed daddy soon starts making out with Parker and what follows is pure animal magnetism. Parker drops to his knees and starts sucking while Ray fucks Parker's mind with dirty talk. When the two trade places, the bearded bald hunk is equally nasty talking trash before burying his face in Ray's crack. The young daddy bareback fucks Ray, stretching out his hole. And yet, to simply state that, is nothing compared to the sight of the throbbing slab pumping in and out of Ray. The way Ray's ass lips cling to that shaft, as if trying to suck it all inside him, is sheer primal lust. But wait until you see Parker stuffed and bareback fucked.

Breed Me Raw - Update

June 26, 2020

Topher & Sebastian

On the prowl for cock and in desperate need of getting off, a chance encounter at Entourage, in Las Vegas, allowed us to film Sebastian Sax and Topher Michels. Sebastian, meaty and always looking for a top to fuck him raw gets his face and throat royally fucked but he's a good cock sucker, with a deep throat and learning to control his gag reflex. Noisy dick slurping with sexy rimming and steamy bareback fucking at their local bathhouse, the only place where men can meet and give or collect as many loads as they can handle.

Chaos Men - Update

June 06, 2020

Kyle & Sam Raw

I have to admit, I fell in love with Sam again. When he came back recently, he looked amazing. He has been dieting and doing a hardcore workout routine, and is doing it naturally. His body rocks with amazing pecs and shoulders! It is impressive in person. I had him back recently, and he topped, but I also know he likes to get fucked on occasion. As long as the cock is not HUGE, he can enjoy it. I thought Kyle would be perfect with him. I did try to encourage Kyle to try bottoming. He has been trying out some butt toys over at, but you can tell even with the smaller toys, he is struggling to get them all the way inside. So, I am going stick with Kyle topping and maybe down the line, he will want to try bottoming.

Latin Leche - Update

May 31, 2020

Numero 116

Whenever I introduce sexy guys to my tatted boyfriend, they go crazy for him. This Brazilian stud is no exception. The guy loves Argentinian men, and he is ready to get nasty on film for me. He grabs my boyfriend's cock and rubs it through his shorts until it is completely rigid. Then, he whips it out and sucks it lovingly, making sure to cover every inch in his dripping spit. My boyfriend gets super turned on, so he lets the cute Brazilian fuck his sore asshole while he jerks himself to orgasm! There is nothing hotter than watching a couple inked up boys cover themselves in leche.

Club Amateur USA - Update

May 29, 2020

Drew Skins 683

Drew Skins' original Twitter profile I followed last year via a like of a like of a like of another profile that @ClubAmateurUSA followed. After seeing that he was in the metro area, I liked a boatload of his Tweets in the hopes that he'd show interest in shooting a video. Then, my fall & surgery happened, and I lost track of him. And then last month on AFF, a new profile appeared, and I thought to myself that this guy looks familiar. Instead of liking his pix & waiting for him to contact me, I proactively contacted him, and here we are. Originally, I intended to run him during Black History Month, but unfortunately, we had a few scheduling snafus. While Drew self identifies as bisexual, his sexual role is primarily top, and that's what his online, personal content reflects.

Hairy and Raw - Update

May 29, 2020

Matthieu & Teddy

Fans of Teddy Torres already know he's a complete oinker of a sex pig. And that's exactly how we like our men...complete and total sex pig whores. Good looking, hairy and hung as fuck, tattooed Teddy gets down to business with big and beefy Matthieu Angel. Both take turns slobbering on each other, sucking cock, but it soon turns into a primal session of who can fuck throat deeper. And as if that weren't enough, the bareback fuckers go wild, with Teddy slamming that big fat slab of uncut meat balls deep inside Matthieu, who repeatedly cries out "Oui! Oui!" The muscle hunk is eventually rewarded with a humongous load. Now this is what we call nasty fucking...bareback sex as it should be. No limits. No apologies. Just men doing what men do best. Ohhh, oui!

Breed Me Raw - Update

May 28, 2020

Tyler & Beau

Whether you are a Tyler Reed fan or just love beefy bossy tops, you're going to love the hairy, thick hung daddy as he takes Beau Reed and makes those hungry holes his own! When we first mentioned the possibility of fucking Beau at the bathhouse, the raw top's eyes lit up and he shot us a knowing smile, one that seemed to say, "Yeah, I fucked that little slut but I'd sure as hell fuck him again." When the bareback pigs met in the locker room they instantly locked lips, making out before taking turns sucking each other. Then, after Tyler gave Beau a rim job, he worked his fat cock inside the bottom's ass using nothing but spit. After fucking the cock whore against the blue metal, hunk Tyler lay back on the floor and offered up that juicy piece of meat.

Hairy and Raw - Update

May 13, 2020

Jon & Teddy

We've filmed hundreds of men, if not thousands, all of them hairy, all of them fucking bareback and all of them getting downright nasty. However, out of all the men we've ever filmed, two of the hottest sex pigs have been Jon Shield and Teddy Torres. Both have big fat cocks and they know how to use them. The two start off easy enough, making out and getting off on armpits, mansmells and spitting but as the scene progresses, the tattooed, hung fuckers devolve until they resemble animals rutting in the most perverse way. The sweat runs down their bodies, matting hair to flesh and you can all but smell the scent they create as Teddy gets rougher, fucking Jon harder, faces full of cock, throat fucking, gagging, rimming, and balls deep cock buried deep in raw fuckholes.

Bear Films - Update

May 12, 2020


There's more to fucking ass than just sticking your cock in a hole. You have to eat it out first. Devour it like a straight man eating pussy. It's all about sticking your tongue as far as it will go and savoring the flavor of your man's ass, his scent, and even his soul. Suck it out, lap it up and finger it because that's the best way to get up in there and the best way to get him to loosen up. You have to rub your face up and down that crack. Make love to it with your tongue and get it sloppy wet. In fact, some say that if your face isn't a slick mess when you come up, from hairline to chin, then you're not doing it right. So the next time you're ready to slide your dick in between those cheeks, before you wreck that hole, make sure you spend plenty of time working that ass over.

Czech Hunter - Update

May 11, 2020

Czech Hunter 508

Tomas was visiting his aunt in Prague when I met him. It's been quite a while since I fucked a ginger guy, that's why he caught my eye. He was a student with big plans in fashion industry and a wannabe biker. I liked the guy instantly, probably because of his adorable smile. My survey trick didn't work very well on him but money got me his attention. His aunty was at home so I had to take him to my place. I think the guy was really curious because it wasn't very hard to convince him to do things. He also had a bit perverted side... This dude liked his nipples being stretched and twisted. He loved it and was able to take a lot. When I was done playing with them, I made him suck my cock up to the balls. I couldn't wait to test the depth of his cute asshole.

Dirty Scout - Update

May 01, 2020

Dirty Scout 223

Let me introduce another dude totally fed up with his job. He studied to be a car mechanic because cars were his big hobby. Once he finished school and started working, he found out it wasn't so great. He asked me to find him anything else, ideally a job involving computers and people. It wasn't easy but I managed to get him a position at an IT company. The guy was really happy about it until I told him about the mediation fee he would have to pay. He was in a tough situation. All his relatives were dead, he had no siblings, had no girlfriend... I truly felt sorry for the guy. Don't worry, I had something for him. I just wanted to play with him, maybe even make him feel better. I guess, I was a bit sentimental today... or maybe just horny.

Drill My Hole - Update

April 22, 2020

Bound by Senses: Smell

Olfactophile Pierce Paris tries not to get caught as he sniffs the sweaty guys in the locker room, but his arousal is obvious to handsome and fit Lukas Daken, who knows just what Pierce needs: a close-up whiff of his pits. Pierce kisses all over Lukas's chest, breathing in his manly musk, then inhales the scent of his cock before sucking it. Pierce sticks his face deep in Lukas's ass before bending him over for a doggystyle fuck, then sitting on the bench so Lukas can ride his big cock! The guys fuck in missionary till the bottom blows his load, then it's Lukas's turn to appreciate the smell of Pierce's cum with a facial.

Czech Hunter - Update

April 17, 2020

Czech Hunter 502

This was my last hunt before Christmas. I was hoping to catch some desperate dudes trying to buy any presents left. This guy was exactly the case. He was broke and didn't have a single present. He was a bit suspicious about the camera and my motives. I had to be careful not to scare him away. I even had to offer him money just to make him talk. Once he got paid, he became a lot more talkative. And greedy. Soon I was standing in his apartment with a boner in my pants. The boy was so cute wearing just his geeky glasses. All I had to do was pay him enough and he took care of my cock nicely. I couldn't wait to try his sweet ass. The guy was a bit small so getting used to my horny dick took him a moment.

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

March 28, 2020

Nipple Play 101

Just one look at Daddy Will's huge fat swollen nipples and you can tell he has been a Master at nipple play for a very long time. It's rare that we see someone into heavy nipple work as much as he is, so you can imagine how happy he was when Hunny Bear came along. This big beefy muscle stud-boy melts when Will works over his young tender boy tits and it's obvious what it does to him by that constant boner and the way he rolls his eyes in Daddy Will's capable hands.

Czech Hunter - Update

March 25, 2020

Czech Hunter 497

I totally hit the jackpot with this 19 years old cutie. I met him on his way home from school and I would do anything to get him in bed. He studied at a business academy, so I was surprised he had no idea how to bargain properly. I would have paid him so much more! He took me to his parent's flat, fortunately all the family members were away. I had him just for myself. But this little angel with dreamy eyes wasn't as innocent as he looked. He already had one gay experience, that's probably why he was willing to do all this in the first place. And he was really into it! I'm sure his mom would be surprised to see her eldest son in action. The guy enjoyed my cock in so many ways and loved them all. He even managed to cum with my cock balls deep in his tight asshole. I simply loved him.

Czech Hunter - Update

March 20, 2020

Czech Hunter 496

Other people's misfortune can be a blessing for me and I sometimes feel bad about it. For example, this guy was unemployed, struggling with rent and other expenses. I almost started jumping for joy while he was telling me about his problems. On the other hand, I usually help them fix their fucked up lives. And this dude was cute enough to earn my help. He was an amateur hockey player, so his body was nicely built, his tattoos added a cute bad boy touch. The guy took care of my cock very gently, trying his best to pleasure me. It was nice but I wanted to feel his insides, I couldn't help myself but to admire his muscular hairy ass. I fucked enough hockey players to know that they usually have really tight assholes. This one was no exception.

Czech Hunter - Update

March 18, 2020

Czech Hunter 495

The shopping spree is in full swing. Everyone is buying stuff like crazy, so I went to the city center and looked for sexy shoppers. It took ages to find the right guy, but he was worth it. This adorable 18 years old cutie came to Prague to buy presents for his parents. I was happy to help him. After all, an expensive gift is a great way how to show love. The guy was so cute, I simply couldn't believe my luck. He had some gay experience but definitely very little. I could tell that his ass wasn't used to being fucked by big cocks. Don't worry, I didn't spare him at all. I rammed that tight hole without mercy and then unloaded on his sweet face. As I watched him cum, I could almost feel myself falling in love. I got his number so hopefully he'll call for another round soon.

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