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Hairy and Raw - Update

January 11, 2021

Atlas & Dino

Muscle bear Marc Angelo and his super hairy, tattooed cub Atlas Grant have invited their friends over for an afternoon of sun and fun. Marc and Dale immediately disappear into the house, under the pretext of looking for beer, leaving Atlas to play with Dino De Francesco. But the hirsute hunk doesn't just get his dick sucked. He fucks Dino's face, eventually having him take his dick down to the base before grabbing hold of his head and skull fucking the cocksucker. Except Atlas wants hole and Dino wants that thick uncut slab. So, after returning the oral favor, Atlas gets Dino up on the chaise, legs up and spread wide, spit lubing and fingering the hungry daddy hole before sliding in raw with one fell swoop.

Bear Films - Update

January 04, 2021

Jimmy & Steve

Fetish loving Jimmy Conrad and Steve Sommers get together for some bareback daddy-on-daddy action on Hairy And Raw. The hairy tattooed sex freaks have few limits as they kiss and make out, then take turns sucking each other and chewing nipples. And since neither is 100% top or bottom, the flip-flopping daddy duo take turns rimming and finger fucking each other, opening up those hairy hungry holes for some balls deep bareback fucking. This is bound to get you hard, leaking and ready to pop your load, so grab hold of a buddy and your favorite lube for this duotastic scene with plenty of ass-to-mouth sucking, butt fucking bareback action, and even a deep breeding!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

December 30, 2020

Arad Breeds Bar Addison

Arad Winwin is the ultimate power-top. Bottoming doesn’t even factor into his sexual vocabulary—unless he’s telling you to bottom for him, of course. (And there’s never a shortage of guys who want to give their ass to the rock-hard top cock of Arad Winwin.) The submissive twink Bar Addison specifically requested to give his ass to Arad Winwin, and when the production team brought the idea to him, he wanted the chance to destroy the butt of a bottom admirer. This is the encounter that ensued after they met on the set.

Bear Films - Update

December 29, 2020

Fuck Me Zeke

Wanna feel Leather Daddy Steve Sommers tight hole gripping your cock? Many do, but today is Zeke's lucky day. These two start out by simply kissing, but it doesn't take long before Steve is on his knees, with his lips wrapped around Zeke's cock. Zeke loves having his dick in Steve's warm mouth, but is ready to get it into some daddy ass. With Steve up on the bed, doggy style, he starts to eat his daddies delicious hole. Steve shows his appreciation as he moans with every stroke of Zeke's tongue. He begins to moan even more when Zeke slowly works his cock into Steve's ass. Slow and steady quickly turns into fast and hard the wider Steve's hole gets. He then puts him on his back and continues to give daddy what he wants from his boy, ending with his cum all over daddy's dick.

Hairy and Raw - Update

December 27, 2020

Lanz & Chuck

Hipster bear dub Lanz Adams gets into some daddy/son roleplay with hairy silver daddy Chuck Collier. The two start making out, teasing the other with some nipple play and chewing the tender buds. But it's Lanz who steals the show, deep throating Chuck's big daddy dick, taking him down to the base before servicing Chuck's big balls. Not to be outdone, Chuck returns the favor, all the while fingering Lanz, who turns into a bottom slut for daddy's raw cock. Chuck devours that hairy hole like a man deprived of rimming. With great gusto, Chuck spit-lubes Lanz, getting him wet while milking the hungry cub's fat cock and tugging on his balls. Chuck is soon inside Lanz, stuffing him full of daddy dick and pounding Lanz raw until he fucks a huge load out of him.

Hairy and Raw - Update

December 16, 2020

Lion & Dino

Once upon a time there was a television game show that posed questions to couples, to see how well they knew each other. The questions were a bit campy, frequently humorous, and nearly always filled with innuendo. Lion Reed and Dino DeFrancesco put a twist on that concept by asking each other questions they need to reply as the other person. Example: When walking behind a hot guy's the first thing you notice? Dino has to reply with what Lion would say, and vice versa. The furry couple have fun with the game and it's a form of playful foreplay, especially when the last question comes up: What am I thinking right now? Bearded Lion and hunky bottom dad Dino dispense with traditional foreplay and go straight to cock-in-hole.

Bear Films - Update

December 16, 2020

Dalton & Allen

Allen Fulton is a big guy with broad shoulders. Definitely in the bruiser category. Except this big dude turns into a complete puppy when it comes to bearded daddies with F-A-T cock. In Dalton Hawg, Allen's found the perfect dungeon partner who hits all the right buttons. Clad in fetish gear, the two horny men get hornier still while grooving on man scents, and working hard nipples with their tongue and teeth while groping each other. But when these guys get ready to suck, it turns into a total cock worship session! When Dalton's had enough of their mutual teasing, he bends Allen over a fuck bench and buries his face in the exposed ass, rimming the hairy hole and priming it for a slam DUNK of a bareback fuck Allen won't soon forget!

Straight Fraternity - Update

December 13, 2020

Jason Hazed

Young father Jason is finally going to college and to make some extra cash for school, he agrees to a blindfolded hazing session. Jason strips and shows me he wore a jockstrap over like I told him to. I blindfold him and tie his hands behind his head then start rubbing all over his smooth body. I pull off Jason's jock and suck his dick and penis pearl. I keep licking Jason's asshole but can tell he doesn't want anything up there, so I go back to sucking his cock. He tells me to keep going and finally I let him cum. I make sure to drain every last drop.

Blake Mason - Update

December 12, 2020

Alex & Scott

It probably doesn't need to be said that young Alex Knight was extremely eager to come and have a great time with Scott Miller when we mentioned his name, he'd seen him on video already and couldn't wait. Scott has really embraced the fun of fucking guys on video, considering he's a bi-curious guy still exploring it's clear he's discovered a real love of sucking cock and banging butts. This pairing is so genuinely lustful, but the pace is perfect. After slurping those delicious hooded dicks Alex is offering his tight little hole and Scott is quickly making perfect use of it, filling him up and humping him with easy pumps in every position. The final gooey mess these gorgeous boys splash out over themselves while kissing on the bed is all you need to see to know they had a great time.

Bear Films - Update

December 12, 2020

Daddy Breeder & Teddy

Big Daddy Breeder and Teddy Johnson cruised each other they walked into their local bathhouse. After checking in, they found a private corner tucked away with just enough room for them to do the nasty. And trust us when we say, these two get nasty! They are loud and horny in their quest to get off, with both Big Daddy and Teddy grunting and moaning like the bareback whores that they are. White Teddy has gone indie, with hair in all the right place and a pierced cock. And he loves some big black dick, which Big Daddy is more than happy to give him. The interracial bareback couple made so much noise a crowd started to form behind us during filming!

Dudes Raw - Update

December 07, 2020

Fucked & Fed

Guto Abravanel is a tatted Latin muscleboy with honey blond hair, a dozen tats and big chewy nips. He's a Tom of Finland fantasy come to life with all the sexual appetite you'd expect. He's a cockhound who's hit the jackpot with lean dark horse hung Cesar Dotadao. Guto wastes no time getting his lips locked around Cesar's long uncut rod. He can barely get it down his throat without gagging and slobbering big wads of spit. Cesar's dick is slick and fuckready from all the saliva. Cesar dives head first into Guto's hot round asscrack, licking and sucking that hole until it's also juicy and ready to get plowed hard. He kneels behind Guto and slides his bareback monster cock in with ease. Dick-crazed Guto bumps and grinds against the big meaty pole with a deep hearty moan.

Bear Films - Update

December 03, 2020

Marc & Kitten Bear

Ever see a Bull fuck a Kitten? It's much hotter than you think! Just watch Marc Angelo and Kitten Bear in action. A simple ring of the bell is where it all starts as Marc drops by for a visit. Within seconds, these two are all over each other, starting with kissing and quickly flowing into stripping off each other's pink-colored clothing. After some mutual cock sucking, it's time for Marc to give Kitten's sweet ass a taste. Kitten loves feeling Marc getting his ass ready, but he wants more than just a finger up his tight kitten hole. Marc is more than happy to slide his cock into Kitten. After a little warm up, Marc puts Kitten shoulders down on the ground, ass high up in the air, and fills him up yet again.

Hairy and Raw - Update

November 27, 2020

Mickey & Luke

Mickey Carpathio and Luke Harding are passionate kissers. They like to leave a little something to the imagination so when they hook up, they take their sweet time playing with each other and making out. When they take their shirts off they take turns playing with each others nipples as they work each other into a frenzy. Things pick up after they show off their oral skills and Luke buries his tongue deep in Mickey's hairy hole. The bald bearded daddy takes Luke's big cock up his ass and it goes in like a hot knife through butter. Luke is a steady fucker, pumping Mickey bareback and giving the pig all he's got. He fucks the cum out of Mickey and keeps on fucking, something many guys can't do once they bust a load.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

November 25, 2020

Michael & Jeffrey

Jeffrey Lloyd is one hell of a good looking guy—not to mention his incredibly tight body and huge uncut cock (truly, it’s one of the biggest among the current roster of Lucas Men). Because of all of this and his high sex drive, he’s never short on sex partners. Jeffrey has been feeling the itch to take an even bigger dick up his ass lately, and it is Michael Lucas he’s pursuing. Jeffrey Lloyd takes his time pleasuring Michael Lucas’ 10-inch uncut Russian cock with his mouth and ass bareback!

Raw Fuck Club - Update

November 22, 2020

Pigboy Abuses Fuckslut

Sexy Hungarian and Balcan cumslut Uros gets raw fucked hard and deep. Pigboy has no remorse or care of what he does to Fuckslut. After all, that's what he's here for and to please Pigboy any way he can no matter what. Starting with some hard ass slapping to get in the mood Pigboy has such a huge grin that grows wider and wider with every impact. It's doesn't take long until Pigboy has his big fat hard cock deep down Slutboy's gagging and choking on his meat. Ripping off Slutboys jockstrap Pigboy plows deep up his ass without hesitation making Slutboy's legs buckle. Finally filling his hole with come completes the breeding.

Raw Fuck Club - Update

November 05, 2020

Pounding Caged Jock P5

Part 5 of 5: Got a mouthful of cream pie with sexy CagedJock and ended up blowing another load sucking on his muscular pecs! They don't quit there either. These two Big Muscle Guys know exactly what they want and how to get it. With anal breeding, cock rings among other devices, can't get enough of the interracial cock. With gigantic uncut cocks and eager holes to stuff them in, this is an awesome scene.

CMNM - Update

November 02, 2020

Naked Jonathan

As sporty young Jonathan is completely overcome by the heady sensation of being stark naked on the authoritative headmaster's lap, Mr Walker strides in to assist with the lad's unruly erection. His big bulging nut sack is filled with sperm and driving him to distraction. He's deeply ashamed of his penis' reaction but his experienced superiors know what to do. The only healthy thing to do is unburden him of that load!

Hairy and Raw - Update

October 31, 2020

Marc & Zack

In a new house still under construction, it's clear to Marc Angelo and Zack Acland what the room will be used for by the owner as there's already a fuck bench in the quiet, private section of the home. While their co-workers are still on lunch break, the repairmen find themselves in a horny predicament. Already hard, Marc and Zack lock lips and start making out. Tattooed muscle bear daddy Marc gets his pierced cock sucked by tattooed, hairy otter Zack. Then Marc bends Zack over, onto the fuck bench, and rims his ass. They've little time to waste, so Marc slips that raw cock balls deep inside Zack and fucks him bareback while Zack jerks himself off, his own pierced cock fat and throbbing.

Helix Studios - Update

October 30, 2020

Wet Dreams Cesar

One moon night and CESAR ROSE dreams of his friend FELIX HARRIS. Cesar is in his bed with Felix and can finally caress his naked body, be able to lick his large parts and feel Felix's penetration, while he pushes his beautiful penis, Felix gets ready and ends up on top of him, but Cesar wakes up in his bed alone to In the middle of the night, his underwear is now wet, it was a dream, but so real that it made him wet at night.

Czech Hunter - Update

October 27, 2020

Czech Hunter 533

I got a call from one of the best dudes I ever fucked. He is really gorgeous so I didn’t hesitate and agreed to help him solve his financial situation. There was only one problem; no matter how cute, I never use same guys again. That’s why I decided to turn this episode into a threesome. I knew about another slut having money problems so I invited him to join us. A threesome with two beautifully ripped studs… At first I just watched them kissing and sucking gently. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I told them to take care of my whole body. I could feel their fingers and tongues everywhere, it was incredible. Then we gave one of the boys pretty long and hard fuck before covering him in cum. Fucking a tight ass filled with warm cum… it was unbelievable.

Blake Mason - Update

October 25, 2020

Tyler & Alex

This will no doubt be on the faves list of a lot of you. It's a perfect double act, with one of the greediest twink bottom boys at the mercy of one of the biggest and manliest cocks we've ever had the joy of filming in action! Big man Tyler is back to let greedy little Alex worship him for this very one-sided fuck, with the boy gobbling that big uncut meat and sucking as much precum out of it as he can get before his legs are split and muscled top Tyler rams him all over the bed! This man likes to fuck hard and nasty, but that's great for tight little Alex who can't get enough. By the time these two are done Tyler is satisfied, having showered the cute boy's face with his heavy load!

Hairy and Raw - Update

October 25, 2020

Buster & Phil

Phil Mehup and Buster Nastee get down to business even before the cameras started rolling. But Phil, a bearded bottom cock and cum whore, wants more. So does Buster. The two are soon stripped down naked, with Phil on his knees, devouring the hairy top's cock and getting Buster hard. The ruffneck wastes little time in rimming Phil's hungry ass, eating him out just enough to prime him for a raw fuck before sliding his cock inside and fucking the pig bareback. After a while, however, Buster pulls out and enjoys a bit of ass-to-mouth, or ATM, as Phil once devours his cock, chowing down like a hungry slut before throwing his legs into the air and giving up his ass once more. Buster nails Phil, pounding and corkscrewing his cock in and out of that hole until he's ready to bust his nut.

Hairy and Raw - Update

October 16, 2020

Teddy & John

Humpy and hairy young daddy Teddy Torres is in bed groping himself, waiting for his fuck buddy to come along. Enter John Lock, a beefy, bearded fucker sporting a baseball cap and a hard-on. He and Teddy are quick to make out, chewing and biting nipples and licking armpits. The clothes come off quick and we get to appreciate John' s hairy chest before Teddy pulls down his undies and shows off that sexy, meaty ass. Both are soon naked and Teddy wastes little time in wrapping his lips around John' s cock. Teddy lays on his back, jerking off, and the two tattooed men get into a sloppy, noisy 69 that will have you boned in seconds. What follows is an even noisier dick sucking session with a horny throat fucking as John greedily slurps on the thick uncut meat.

Bear Films - Update

October 15, 2020

Marc & Canadad

Anyone who knows Marc Angelo knows he's a man's man. Big, beefy, and masculine, with hair in all the right places. His extensive tattoos and piercings make him even hotter and if you're lucky enough to be in his presence, you soon learn he's an intense man. Ever ready to fuck, turned on by men in general, he can go from power bottom to power top with the flip of a switch. Which is exactly what has happened for this scene with Canadad. The bearded muscle bear knew he was going to own Canadad and that's exactly what he sets about to do. After a makeout session that's long enough to whet Canadad's appetite, the two take turns sucking each other but only long enough to get Marc's cock wet with spit. He's soon teasing Canadad with his pierced, curved, uncut cock.

Dirty Scout - Update

October 14, 2020

Dirty Scout 236

There are plenty of foreigners studying at Czech universities, this young man was one of them. He was originally from Columbia but spent a few years in Czechia. He studied economics and management, also had some experience in tourism. His Czech was quite good so we had a nice chat about his career prospects. He wanted to work in finances, this was his long term goal. It’s nice to meet young people who know what they want. I picked a finance advisor position for the guy; his education, knowledge of languages, and experience in dealing with people made him a perfect candidate. The guy liked the job and the good salary that came with it. He planned to support his family back home so he needed plenty of money.

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