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Gay Erotic Stories by Jayman1 - Update

Monday October 16, 2017

Training The Nude Model (Part II)

...As I continued to rub soap over my body, slowing caressing each muscle, my right hand unconsciously worked its way down my chest and stomach lingering just above my slowing engorging dick. The temptation was too great. The urge to pump my dick while my ass and back were exposed to the locker room was overwhelming. Whats a few strokes going to hurt? Without thinking I banged out about 40 strokes, which resulted in a full 8 1/2", hard, thick, erection...

Gay Erotic Stories by Circumnavigate9 - Update

October 11, 2017

Thick Trip 3. Outside Shower

As usual with these weird mountain houses, the shower wasn’t working. Trip remembered there was an outdoor shower facing the mountain, so he wrapped a towel around his waist, grabbed his soap, and walked outside. A morning breeze hit trip’s chest, tickling his nipples and making them erect. He got to the outdoor shower and hung up his towel on a hook about seven steps away from the showerhead. Now he was butt naked outside the house, his dick down to a thick semi.

Gay Erotic Stories by Glencocosnuts - Update

October 02, 2017

Van the Flasher: The Trail

...Hammerhead Nature Trail was located right on the other side of his college’s track and field department. Very rarely would any other Runners be on it besides him since the track next door was very convenient for jogs. Little did Van know, today was going to go a little differently than planned. Van pulled up to the trail, making sure to stretch and do some light meditation beforehand. He looked around and noticed three bikes on a rack outside of the trailhead. This alerted him that maybe today wasn’t the best day to get a jerk in. The idea of flashing a stranger turned him on...

CMNM - Update

September 30, 2017

Smith in Prison

At, Smith tried to become top dog at this pervy prison but has ended up being the prison bitch! Having taken his arse and stretched open his sphincter, the officers and vengeful inmate now also want to steal the pretty boy's sperm. Pinned between the three men they yank and manipulate his cock till he looses all control!

Spunk Worthy - Update

September 28, 2017


Brantley has always been the type of guy to push the limits; do something risky just for the thrill of possibly getting caught. We were making our way down the stairwell of a parking garage while out do some sightseeing when Brantley's eyes got a little glimmer in them. "We should do a video in here," he said without a hint of facetiousness. Brantley's gears were turning, coming up with another twist at the last second, he turned on the video camera on his phone and started filming himself. It ended up as a hot "picture-in-picture" of Brantley blowing his load, simultaneously seen from the wide angle cameras and a close-up from the phone's view.

Gay Erotic Stories by Bobapple - Update

September 21, 2017

Jerking off in the Barn

...Suddenly, Paul looked in my direction. I had startled him somehow. He blushed beet red, embarrassed to be caught jacking off. However, when he saw my erection, he chuckled and resumed masturbating. He beckoned me closer, dropped the magazine, reached out and grasped my cock. He positioned me between his knees and brought our cocks together. Grasping them with both hands he stroked them back and forth. The heat and feel of his cock was a new sensation to me. It felt so good to feel his penis against mine, it sent a shutter of pleasure through my body...

CMNM - Update

September 16, 2017


While tattoo artist Fred works on the bare bum of future groom Darren, Barry strokes the cock of Luke. Both the holiday lads are worse for wear and with their defenses down they don't realize how the evil men are taking advantage of them. Adrian Barstool sees the perfect opportunity to get back at the wild boys who've caused such havoc in his bar - especially since the dopey fellas can't tell the difference between the sound of the tattooist's needle and a buzzing vibrator!

Island Studs - Update

September 13, 2017

Surfer Maka is Back!

Cute Surfer Maka is Back! Thick Uncut 8" Hawaiian Boy Surfs, Pumps Iron, Juggles, Opens Hole 3Xs and Busts! Hung Hawaiian Muscle Surfer Boy Maka is BACK, the popular super cute 20 year old Surf Instructor returns, flexing, posing his awesome boy body fully nude wearing only a Hawaiian Lei, showing off his thick rock hard uncut 8" cock, HUGE nut sack and hairy tight brown Hawaiian Boy Butt, as he pumps iron fully nude in the garden, performs back flips and juggles Island Passion Fruit (Lilikoi) totally naked and then licks and sucks the fruit dry, walks around the garden fully erect with his body board, spreads his muscle ass cheeks WIDE OPEN 3 times revealing his hairy pink boy hole, before busying a huge creamy load of Hawaiian boy juice while wearing a floral lei around his throbbing 8" cock in this Exclusive New video from Island Studs!

Gay Erotic Stories by Glencocosnuts - Update

September 06, 2017

Risky Ricky Toho #2

The experience begins to turn Ricky on; the warm breeze hitting his hot naked abs as guys in jeeps pass him and watch. His hung cock begins inflating, slapping his thigh. This only makes him hornier. About a quarter of the way down the hill Ricky notices a banner reading “LONGBOARDING COMPETITION STRAIGHT AHEAD”. This gives him an idea, a risky idea...

Gay Erotic Stories by Jayman1 - Update

September 03, 2017

Training The Nude Model (Part VII - Updated)

Mark said, "You're pretty close to selling it Jay but to cover all pleasure demographics we've got to get some anus action. Reach down there and start finger fucking your ass. As I reached down I lifted one leg a bit and started feeling around my hole. Marc let go of the dolls head and grabbed the lube and flooded my crack with lube. As I started sliding one finger, then two, then three in and out of my ass Marc said, "Time to bring this sale home Jay".

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