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My Friend's Feet - Update

October 22, 2014

Marshall and Braden Tickled

If there's one scenario the owner of MyFriendsFeet loves it's having two gorgeous hunks to tie up and tickle. Marshall and Braden were ripe for the picking - their sinewy, muscular bodies straining to get free from their bonds as he tickle tortures them and their feet to the fullest extent. Things get loud too, being that both men are extremely ticklish. All the writhing and laughing is enough to drive any tickling fan insane with lust and fascination!

Corbin Fisher's ACM - Update

October 22, 2014

Quinn Rides James

James is a tall, defined, well-hung stud that showed up at CF ready for some fun, so we got Quinn paired up with him so James could immediately get in to some hot sucking and fucking!

My Friend's Feet - Update

October 16, 2014

Declan Tickle Tortured

Declan is brand new to MyFriendsFeet but sure started off his debut with a huge bang. He must have a pretty kinky side to him because it wasn't long before he was bound to the tickle chair half naked and tickled to an insane state. His tickler took hairbrushes and other things to his big feet, which drove him up the wall until he was squirming around to get free. No luck there though. Once a person is in the MyFriendsFeet tickle chair it isn't over until the tickle torture stops!

Southern Strokes - Update

October 14, 2014


Marc squeals with delight when Franco begins tickling his abs and his upper rib cage. He throws his head back and giggles while he bangs on the headboard. To increase the sensation, Franco blindfolds Marc before continuing to tickle his lean, 19-year-old body. Marc makes a series of squeaking moans and can barely breathe when Franco tickles his body and bare feet. It's like one extended orgasm filled with laughter and tears. Franco tickles Marc's balls and blows his hard cock, milking a load out of him. While his dick still bounces around, Franco goes back to tickling his feet. Franco keeps jacking Marc's cock while he alternates tickling his inner thighs and abs, which makes Marc produce even higher-pitched squeals. By the end, Marc is begging and promising to be Franco's slave for a week if he'll just stop

Dudes Raw - Update

October 11, 2014

Chad and Eric

Chad and Eric settle in for a romantic candle lit night but it turns into something a lot hotter... lots of hot cock sucking, ass play, raw fucking, and big cum loads.

My Friend's Feet - Update

October 08, 2014

Jock Adam Tickled

The owner of MyFriendsFeet doesn't waste any time getting beefy jocks like Adam tied down in the tickle chair. Adam is a live one, boasting a strong body and quite the personality. Everyone is pretty sure he had never been restrained and tickle tortured before. Adam was a bit nervous at first and had every right to be. Of course, by the time he was bound into the chair and his sexy feet were being tickled with hairbrushes it was way too late to turn back!

October 07, 2014


Tickle torture sends a control freak like Blake over the edge, with Franco and Gage tag-teaming this super-sensitive 20-year-old strongman...

Cocksure Men - Update

October 07, 2014

Antonio Barebacks Mario

Antonio Miracle stands admiring the handsome Mario Domenech as as he lays on a couch reading. Mario glances at him. He drops the book he's reading as Antonio draws nearer. Antonio lays next to Mario and begins smelling his cock through his briefs. He licks Mario's pits and they stand up kissing. Antonio gets on his knees and reveals Mario’s cock that sports a Prince Albert. Antonio deep throat his cock as Mario grabs the back of his head...

My Friend's Feet - Update

October 03, 2014

KC's Perfect Feet Tickled

KC has been foot worshiped at MyFriendsFeet and that was fantastic. But to have this big, strong, muscular hunk tied up and tickle tortured takes things to a whole other level. Luckily for us, KC was up for it. Or so he thought. As soon as he was bound to the tickle chair he knew he was in trouble. It was too late by then though and his ticklers set about driving him around the bend by tickling every part of his body. Especially his perfect size 11 feet!

BadPuppy - Update

October 01, 2014

Enzo Bloom & Joe Bush

Enzo Bloom takes a pounding from Joe Bush’s thick, uncut cock in all sorts of positions. Enjoy!

September 29, 2014


18-year-old high schooler Joseph is tickled into a state of ecstasy by Franco, blindfolded and used for foot sex by 18-year-old Gage. He's even tickled as he's shooting his own load...

My Friend's Feet - Update

September 26, 2014

Cole Revenge Tickles Kenny

The owner of MyFriendsFeet really lucked out last week, getting to have two gorgeous gay porn stars to play with. He first tied both Cole Revenge and Kenny to the tickle table and had his own fun for a while before releasing Cole to go crazy on Kenny. Cole is a bit of an amateur when it comes to this kind of thing but Kenny is so damn ticklish that it didn't matter at all. Cole really utilized an electric toothbrush, letting loose on Kenny's body, armpits and feet. This is exceptionally hot tickle action here folks!

September 20, 2014


Ex-Marine Red is tickled tortured extensively by Franco, but in the end he gets more than just a blowjob. He gets a little tickle revenge

Titan Men - Update

September 18, 2014

Heavy Load

After a safety inspection, Dirk Caber isn’t ready to leave Felix Barca: “There’s one more thing I’d like to inspect,” says the stud, moving in for a kiss. Their hands roam, the bulges in their jeans touching as they kiss. Dirk licks Felix’s pit, arm and chest, soon burying his face in his bud’s groin—licking his shaft before it pops out. Dirk slurps on the uncut beauty, teasing the foreskin and taking it deep, his beard rubbing Felix’s shaft after he sucks on his balls.

September 07, 2014


22-year-old Tex slips out of his size 12 cowboy boots and ripped jeans, then lies down on the bed. Franco starts tickling Tex's armpits, then hops down to his socked feet. Tex bounces and swivels his hips, laughing softly with the tickling pleasure. Tex's whole body twists and red marks quickly appear everywhere Franco tickles him. Struggle as he might, there's no escaping when Franco tickles his sensitive inner thighs. Tex swings his legs back and forth and he bucks like a bronco when Franco tickles his smooth young feet.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

September 07, 2014

Cam, Nigel & Bj's Bareback Threesome

Nigel Banks is looking mighty good lately, and I always thought he was a hot newcomer of late. And when he’s put with his buddy BJ Rhubarb and Cam Christou (you know, the adorable porn star with the beautiful tattoos). All three of the gay porn stars in this encounter are hungry for some cock, so there’s plenty of daisy chain sucking and flip-fucking… Nigel even takes two raw cocks at the same time!

September 06, 2014


Muscular young wrestler David tenses all over and pants for air as he's tickle tortured from his armpits, down to his stomach and down to his feet. This a great Tickle Video!

Men - Update

September 04, 2014


When Sean Blue offers some help to Luke Adams and turns it into an sexy advance, the answer is no. But Sean insists and uses a nuzzle to get a sniff of those manly armpits. Oral action segways to a hot flip flop as both versatile guys get their dicks off in each others' asses.

My Friend's Feet - Update

September 02, 2014

6'3" Kip Tickled

Tall, very ticklish Kip is back at MyFriendsFeet and this time he was willing to be bound to the tickle chair and driven completely nuts. He's got a big pair of feet on him too, making Kip one hell of a target for a foot tickler's fantasy to cum true. Kip's armpits were targeted too though and wow...they sure are sensitive. We loved how much Kip wriggled his feet and body as his big peds and armpits were tortured!

Dirty Boy Video - Update

August 28, 2014

No Means Yes

Joey has been waiting at home for his online hook-up for what seems like an eternity. He's so horny he can hardly take it anymore when Taylor finally shows up at the door. After asking what took him so long, Joey leads Taylor into the living room to get down to business. They start making out hard and fall on top of each other on the couch. They're so into each other they can hardly contain themselves! Through all the moaning and groaning, the shirts come off and they take turns licking necks, nipples and pits.

BareBack That Hole - Update

August 28, 2014

Scotty Rage and Nick Andrews

Inked Daddy Scotty Rage wastes no time in taking control of the situation. Nick is put to service immediately on Scotty's raging hard on getting it wet and sloppy. Scotty sniffs & licks Nick's arm pits as he takes deep wiffs of his natural body scent & odor. It drives him crazy as he gets Nick's hole ready for a deep raw pounding. Scotty fucks him in every possible position giving his bare ass no rest. He unloads his nut all over Nick's face feeding him his sticky goo straight from the tap. Covered in sweat & cum they share each other's load as the final thank you for the hot raw sex they just had.

Falcon Studios - Update

August 25, 2014

Turn It Up

Alex Graham is getting a tongue bath. Connor Maguire's tongue runs in long laps along Alex's torso, swirls around an armpit, then finds a nipple for Connor's lips to attach to. The effect on Alex is evident from the immense bulge in his briefs. Connor gets a kiss while Alex wraps his hand around both their cocks and slowly jacks them. Connor resumes the tongue bath below the waist now, ending with Alex's cock in his mouth. But it doesn't stay there long. Connor's tongue resumes its travels, finding a rest stop in Alex's hairy hole.

August 23, 2014


20-year-old Taylor laughs hysterically as he's tickled head-to-toe, turning red in the face and on the verge of tears...

August 22, 2014


Franco passes along the tickle tradition by teaching Clay a few pleasurable tricks to use on a fresh ticklee, 21-year-old Michael...

Cocksure Men - Update

August 19, 2014

Scotty Rage Barebacks David Lambert

Scotty Rage and David Lambert take a break from construction work to have some fun. The studs kiss and David licks Scotty’s sweaty pits. He works his way down to Scotty's huge bulge. David pulls out Scotty’s thick meat and deep throats it. Scotty munches down hard on David’s hole before shoving his raw cock deep inside. He fucks David bareback, pounding hard at the wet hole.

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