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Muscle Bear Porn - Update

September 14, 2023

In Dad's Big Arms

He's handsome, he's got a big furry chest, he's got big arms to wrap you in, and he fucks you like nobody's business. He's Daddy! In this case he is uber sexy Daddy Rick Kelson and he gives Liam Angell what he asks for in every position imaginable. This is the reason we love Daddies!

BareBack That Hole - Update

August 19, 2023

Better Fuck It Good

In the charming town of Fuck It Good, lifelong friends embarked on a remarkable journey of self-discovery. As they spent countless hours together, an undeniable connection blossomed between them. One fateful day, they both realized that their feelings ran deeper than friendship, and they courageously embraced their love for one another in the hottest way possible, through raw butt sex, and lots of it. They started kissing and exploring each other's bodies as the heat began to rise in the room. A bed and lube created the perfect environment for slowly deep-throating big cock and tasting a delicious fuck hole. The sexual connection was intense as the lifelong friends sucked, fucked, and dumped many loads bringing their relationship to another level. That's what you get with this hot compilation from Bareback That Hole.

Boy For Sale - Update

August 09, 2023

The Boy Cole Ch 12

Appraisal: In the world of selling boys, the Boy Cole has become a proven and well tested product. With a stunning face, taut body, big-boy dick, and perky butt to match it comes as no surprise to any of the Masters that he fetches such high prices. Not to mention, Boy Cole has turned being an obedient, subservient, and willing sex slave into an art form. The time has come for his appraisal. For this, Master Wolf has Master Snow and Master Patrick join him in evaluating. The three older men bring the subservient stud into the room and get to work. Boy Cole looks a tad more nervous than usual, but as Master Snow and Master Patrick begin letting their large, warm hands roam over The Boy's body nude except for a black jockstrap and matching bowtie the expression on his young face quickly turns to one of soft pleasure.

Fisting Inferno - Update

June 28, 2023

Play Date

In a private sex dungeon, Drew Valentino is wearing only a harness as he stands over a naked Derek Kage and guides a sounding rod into his wet dick slit. Pleased but not fully satisfied with the metal rod invading the insides of his meat, Derek tells Drew that he can go even deeper with the equipment. When Colton Reece enters the picture though, Derek immediately shifts his attention to satisfying his stiff rod as he turns around to take Colton's cock bareback and pushes his face deep into Drew's hairy chest. Now riding Drew, Derek prepares to get double penetrated by the dom duo as both fuckers shove their rods into his wrecked hole. Finally, with Derek on his back and both big-dicked doms busting on his face, the sub bottom is free to shoot his own load all over himself.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

June 09, 2023

Gay Spit Roasting

You will never go wrong inviting Allen King over to fuck in the ass. This guy can take it and take it GOOD, just as Kosta Viking and Papixtrong are about to find out. Both Kosta and Papixtrong want to get off and empty their nuts, and they want to use Allen as their personal sex toy in the process of doing so. Allen King opens up his mouth and shows off his round little ass to both guys. You don’t need to guess how wild this drives Papixtrong and Kosta Viking, because they get to it right away sodomizing Allen King in his mouth and up his boy pussy!

Cutler's Den - Update

June 09, 2023

In The Bedroom With John

All that beautiful maleness spread wide open on the bed waiting. Mateo Tomas has his flesh feast spread out in front of him. He devours John Thomas with his tongue, his fingers, and his eyes. So much fuck meat ready to be spread open and used like John Thomas wants. John swallows that BIG FAT COCK over and over. Mateo loves to fuck a throat but then he just cant resist that big meaty pussy hungry for CUM.

Raging Stallion - Update

May 08, 2023

Take Off 4

A delayed flight finds Drew Valentino with some time on his hands. Looking to make use of his free hours, the flight attendant visits his go-to hook-up app where he spots stranded businessman Brogan hunting for some bushy airport cock. Not before long, the two are taking over the closest public restroom with Brogan sucking down Drew's hairy meat and Drew moving his fingers into Brogan's meaty fuck hole. The businessman latches onto a nearby urinal as Drew trades in his digits for his raw cock and pounds his bareback big dick into Brogan's butt. Not caring who can hear him, Brogan loudly moans as he takes the stranger's cock all over the restroom until Drew is fucking the cum out of him.

Axel Abysse - Update

April 20, 2023


In the stairs, Axel spreads his legs, offering Marco a perfect access to his hungry hole. After a good punching, Axel is ready to switch sides. If you love hot, nasty, kinky studs who just can't get enough fisting along with prolapsed holes to be used and abused. This is the place for you and you won't be disappointed.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

April 07, 2023

Kosta Tops Alfonso

As Kosta Viking rummages through the kitchen, Alfonso Osnaya joins him and discovers a misplaced dildo in the pantry. Since they found it, why not have some fun with the sex toy? Kosta and Alfonso take turns sucking on it. As Kosta Viking and Alfonso Osnaya get more and more turned on, they start getting handsy with one another. Alfonso worships and licks Kosta Viking's armpits before the bottom starts giving him a blowjob. Kosta Viking spreads open Alfonso Osnaya's ass and starts fucking him bareback when he cannot hold back any longer.

Axel Abysse - Update

March 22, 2023

Noise In The Attic 2

Grunting and splattering, there's some intense fuckery happening upstairs! Axel and Rocky ride both Lucio's arms while making out before sharing his golden shower. They can't be stopped until completely wrecked. If you love prolapsing, open stretched ass and deep ass fisting fun. Then this is the right place for you.

Men - Update

March 18, 2023

Papi & Tyler

Tyler Berg locks eyes with Papi Kocic as he sits outside with his coffee watching the shirtless, tattooed top wield his hose. Papi wades across the pool to say good morning, and the bottom greets him with a hungry kiss. Tyler worships Papi's body and sucks his cock, then Papi tongues Tyler's hole and fucks him doggystyle on the table. Tyler loves Papi's dirty talk as he gets drilled in missionary, then rides the top's big cock. Tyler asks for it harder as Papi pounds him till he cums, and gets on his knees for a facial.

Raw Road Nation - Update

March 17, 2023

Putting Heads Togther

Watch these two hunks get each other going outside in broad daylight. Dude slides his sloppy stretchy foreskin over his mate’s bellend until they’re one long snake! What is it they say? Two heads are better than one!!! Think they got a bit embarrassed though cus it’s hardly a usual sex act and anyone could walk past and see!! So they head back to their hotel room where they really get it on.

Axel Abysse - Update

March 07, 2023


Behind bars, Axel can't escape. Deep throat, golden shower, heavy punches and fucking, BigHandsFF is taking full advantage. Talk about hard time, these two guys so more than just the regular population. Looks like geting busted hase more than one meaning.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

March 06, 2023

Nico Tops Alle

The sexy Nico Zetta has a huge and intimidating fat uncut cock between his legs, and it’s a piece of meat that Alle Marin wants to ride and bounce on for as long as his boy pussy can handle it! At the start of this “Bareback Auditions 22: Hard On Top” scene, Nico and Alle first have a talk to introduce themselves in “Bareback Auditions” fashion before the action starts. When the clothes come off and Alle gets a good look at what Nico is packing, he gets to work with a slobbering blowjob before taking Nico Zetta’s amazing manhood up his ass!

Trailer Trash Boys - Update

March 05, 2023

Cole's Hole

Trailer Trash Boys knocks it out of the park again with the addition of Falcon Exclusive Cole Conner joining the fun with Mega-Daddy "Uncle" Drew Sebastian. Cole is all smiles as Drew slides that abnormally huge cock into his hole. The two guys are clearly having a lot of fun and - like usual with Trailer Trash Boys - the guys stay firmly in character for the whole scene (Drew's Southern Accent is a mainstay). When Trailer Trash Boys first debuted, it was a bit of an oddity. A comedy porn site hadn't really been successful before, but the team of Trenton Ducati, Anthony Duran and Jasun Mark gave it the magic it needed and before long, A-list stars of Gay Porn were lining up to join in the fun. This week's new scene is another scorcher shot outside in the sprawling Trailer Park built for the site.

Nasty Daddy - Update

February 25, 2023

I want Daddy's Nut

Asher Day and Jake Jaxx will get your blood boiling with this awesome nasty scene. At the end of the day...We all want daddy's nut! These two hot studs just do it all with no effort at all. Both Daddy and his cub get right into it with some arm pit sniffing an licking followed by a deep hard throat fucking, spit and all. Daddy flings him over his shoulder to get and upside down blow job. Next daddy not only eats that tiny hole but fucks it doggy and pile driving style and he pumps that ass deep, hard and raw.

Axel Abysse - Update

February 22, 2023

Noise in the Attic 1

Can you hear this? Some sluts are getting it! Axel and Rocky just came down from the roof to find Lucio jerking his huge meat. Without hesitation, they offer their holes to please him: gagging, fucking, double fisting, and more.

House Of Angell - Update

February 10, 2023

Workin, For That Dick

Our favorite Outlaw is back! No guy works harder for that dick than Austin Lacrosse. Whether he is giving or taking it, you can count on this pig fucker to be all in. Will and Liam Angell take the young stud and work him good by taking turns breeding him and riding him. You know a guy loves cock when he sprays his load everywhere while ridding it.

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

February 03, 2023

No Taming This Fox

Everyone's favorite big red muscle bull Fox Rifler is back to breed his hungry boy Liam Angell. Thick, handsome, and covered in a fine layer of sexy ginger fur, this man fucks like he's wild. Spit is all Fox uses as lube which is just enough to pry Liam's tight cumdump open as he gets seeded over and over again until Fox feeds the last load right onto those sweet lips.

Men Over 30 - Update

January 24, 2023

Hard Pounding Silver Daddies

From armpit licking to penetrating anal, the harness clad Ben Brooks and Musclebear Montreal go hard as hell in this piggy fuck fest. Mature men wearing leather and not caring about anything then hot nasty kinky gay sex. Make sure you bring a few cum rags, these guys will make you use them.

Men Over 30 - Update

January 10, 2023

The Seven Year Itch

Max Sargent takes Matt Stevens to paradise when he fucks Matt the way he wants to be fucked. The guys scratch the itch while Matt takes that dick in this lusty hookup. It didn't take a lot of time before that itch needed to get scratched. Plus that cock needed to get sucked and that ass needed to get fucked.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

November 26, 2022

Nico Fucks Allen

When you’re hankering for a big, bare cock, then look no further than Nico Zetta. Because this dude’s cock is huge, he doesn’t use rubbers, and he’s going to fuck and breed your ass like a stallion! Allen King is well aware of this, and that’s why he’s stripped and ready to take his dick as soon as possible when they were paired up in this gay porn encounter. Nico and Allen first get hot and horny in the pool together, where Allen shows off his ass a boy pussy to Nico. Before you know it he is sucking on Nico’s huge uncut cock and then taking it deep up his ass until they both nut! Allen King wants a deep anal fucking that is going to stretch out his ass, and Nico Zetta (and his fat, uncut cock) is the perfect man for the job!

Axel Abysse - Update

October 09, 2022


Afternoon in Barcelona... some enjoy the siesta, some others wreck their holes! Showing off on the balcony or ruining the bed with all their squirting, Nene and Axel aren't holding back fisting each other! Enjoy the hot and hardcore fisting both single and double-handed style. If you're into kink, this is a great place to check out.

Hard Brit Lads - Update

September 30, 2022

Yohann & Shane

Super ripped, handsome and hung muscle lad, Shane Stone, works up a sweat with beefy muscle bottom Yohann Banks in this extra long video. Starting off with mutual bulge groping and nipple play, they take turns sucking each other, with sensational oral action. Shane is forceful, fucking Yohann's mouth and throat pretty deep. With Yohann on his back, Shane stretches his hole, fingering him deep with two digits while sucking his throbbing dick at the same time. Eager to fuck now, Yohann gets fucked against the sofa, hard and deep. Next, he rides it, first facing Shane then switching round to face the camera, with Shane giving him a deep drilling. On his back, Yohann gets fucked again, building up to a major pounding till he shoots his load.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

September 29, 2022

Rudy Bottoms For Harold

When “high-caliber” cocks are mentioned, the meat Harold Lopez wields between his legs certainly qualifies. Harold is a handsome new face among the Lucas Men, and he possesses an incredible physique—there’s great strength in his muscular body and his huge uncut cock. And Rudy Gram certainly has taken notice of Harold Lopez and all of his assets. Though many guys want him to fuck them, Rudy is quite versatile and can take dick like a real bottom champ. That’s good, because Harold is a total top, and when the two hit it off, it became clear to Rudy quickly that the high-caliber cock of Harold Lopez was going right up his ass for an intense anal pounding he soon would not forget!

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