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Young Bastards - Update

February 23, 2020

Captive & Double Dicked

You can find all kinds of things when you're out exploring with a buddy, but kinky boys Evan and Alain weren't expecting to discover twink David tied up and struggling to break free. Good guys would let him loose, but these two soon realize they have an opportunity to get their cocks out and feed him their dripping meat. He might have been merely hoping for release, but the release he gets from their raw young cocks in his ass and mouth is better than expected. With his smooth body and cite face splashed with fresh cum he can finally shoot his own load and escape whoever his captor may be.

Transsensual - Update

February 01, 2020

TS Girls On Top 3.4

Natalie (Natalie Mars) is in bed with her husband, Mason (Mason Lear). She feels a bit horny so she decides to tease him a bit, but for the fourth time this week he rejects her. She finds it very offensive and wants to know why he reacts like that. A few weeks ago, Mason had sex with a dominatrix and since he wants a woman who takes charge and he feels that his wife can’t give him that pleasure. This new revelation shocks Natalie and she’s ready to show him that he really doesn’t know his wife.

Young Bastards - Update

January 24, 2020

2 Cocks Stretching Ass

Neil might not have known he'd be the entertainment when he found a sex den with his buddies Andreas and Will, but he's under no illusions when the boys turn their attention to him. With a collar around his neck and his thick cock out of his pants the two are ready to play, and they both know how to use a friend like him to the limit. With some spanking of his plump ass and two hard cocks to suck Neil is surprisingly willing, but he might not be ready to let them both fuck him. With a dick in his face and a tongue up his chute the boy is led to the ultimate in submission, taking a fucking from behind. The boys love a tight pucker, slamming their naked cocks into him one after the other, but he's still not quite tight enough to please their dicks.

CMNM - Update

January 13, 2020

Pedro's Plea

This is a respectable decent man who wants to be a good father. But in order to provide and get ahead he has to bend some of his strict morals in order to appease the bosses. Pedro insists their prodding and groping is wrong, but he's clever enough not to stop them while they stretch his sphincter open and stimulate his big fat uncut cock!

Boy For Sale - Update

January 08, 2020

Group Auction Orgy

Each of the boys are brought out, one after the other, and put on display. Boys Cole and Austin are joined by new merchandise, Jay and Danny. Cole and Austin know what it is to be a piece of property having had various owners in the past, while Jay and Danny tremble with excitement and fear as their fate is yet to be decided... As the auction continues, each boy is placed on a small cushioned platform, struggling to keep themselves in place as the men take their turns filling their mouths with their swollen cocks; waiting for their colleagues to finish fucking the boy on display. One by one, each of the masters slides their bare cocks into the young slaves' holes, feeling how their many inches had worked and serviced their anal muscles.

Big Dicks at School - Update

January 08, 2020

More Spice Than Sugar

Professor Jax Thirio offers mock interviews to prep his students for the real world, but college senior Damien Kyle has no experience, no strengths, and no idea how to make a good first impression. Jax decides to try a different approach, bending the naughty Damien over his desk and spanking him with a ruler! Damien loves it, and shows the professor that there is one thing he excels at: sucking dick! Jax teaches Damien how to take it hard in his ass, and Damien wants to impress his professor by riding his cock and taking a huge load on his face.

Bromo - Update

January 04, 2020

Woods 2

The Woods is a place where paths diverge, and Rocky Vallarta isn't finished following where they lead. After trying out the hardest path, Rocky selects the door that bears the sign of the path well traveled; inside waits Logan Styles in a harness, with his lovingly laid out bondage tools beside him. Logan beckons Rocky forward and pulls him to his knees, binding his wrists and blindfolding him before stinging his body all over with a paddle. The strong dom puts Rocky on all fours to fuck him doggystyle, then removes the blindfold so Rocky can look up at the top as he gets fucked in missionary until he cums. Logan paints Rocky with his cum, signalling that this path is at an end... but there are still more paths in the Woods to walk...

Masqulin - Update

December 27, 2019

The 4 Doors 1

Big-dicked hunk Alex Mecum is strolling the streets with intent. He can barely keep his hands off his bulge as he nears an undisclosed location in a seedy part of town. Entering a building through a back alley, he finds himself in a dimly lit hallway with several doors. Each of these four doors bears a different sign, though he passes by “Exhibition”, his interest peaks at “Anonymous”. Behind this door awaits a masked bottom boy on all fours. No introduction, no name, not even a face - exactly what Alex was hoping for… an anonymous fuck.

Masqulin - Update

December 25, 2019

The Last Men 2

After letting his guard down, Ryan Bones awakens in the abandoned house with a headache and his gun missing. Recovering in a daze, he soon hears shots being fired from outside. From the window of the house, he notices a body laying on the ground and cautiously steps outside to investigate. He can barely believe his luck when he not only finds a young man, shirtless and unconscious but a loaded handgun right next to him! This time, Ryan isn’t taking any chances. He swipes the gun and handcuffs the young man, bringing him inside the house. Upon regaining consciousness, the young man, Shane Jackson, reveals that a group of people tried to kill him. But Ryan wants more information, and he is more than willing to rough up his captive when he senses hesitation.

Dream Boy Bondage - Update

December 16, 2019

Owned & Broken 1

Brian Adams is the kind of stud who is always on top, whether he’s fucking a girl or beating some gay sub’s ass then fucking it. He’s a top, a total dom. Not in our dungeon. Today, he gets round-one of the full DreamBoyBondage treatment. He’s bolted to a wall, in a T-shirt and tight jock, blindfolded and gagged, his back already aching from the awkward position he’s forced to maintain. Anthony Martin enters, wearing his signature leather boots, jock and cap – and carrying a horse whip. “You fucking pretty boys think you own the world. I got news for you: I own the world and now I own you!” he tells the helpless straight-boy, slapping his face and ripping-open his shirt. He rubs Brian's smooth, lean muscles, bites his nipples and squeezes his genitals.

Raging Stallion - Update

December 06, 2019

Manscent 6

Mason Lear is stroking behind bars and Donnie Argento is masked and locked in a steel cell. Ricky Larkin discovers the guys ready to fuck and slides his cock thru the bars on Mason's end. Donnie watches from the other end of the room as Mason fits his head between to bars to get to Ricky's meat. Not wanting to leave Donnie out, Ricky unlocks his cage and attaches a metal leash to Donnie and leads him on top of a table on all fours. Teasing and taunting the masked stud, Ricky sacks and sniffs Donnie's fuzzy hole as Mason watches with his cock in his hand. Donnie submits to every sniff, lick and probe Ricky is throwing his way. He rolls Donnie around onto his back and shoves his raw cock in and Mason tries to fight his urges from behind the bars.

Dream Boy Bondage - Update

December 05, 2019

The Wages of Sin 7

Anthony Martin might work for the equivalent of the American Taliban, religious nuts who have outlawed all sexual activity outside of heterosexual marriage, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have fun with a naked bodybuilder being tortured for sex crimes. In addition to crucifixion and the rack, Julian has been sentenced to “severe whipping,” which the law allows to be implemented by guards like Anthony as they see fit. Anthony prefers to use a variety of whips, floggers and leather paddles – and his own hands. He loves nothing more than feeling solid, male muscle quivering in agony, the heat of the whip emanating from freshly lashed skin. He beats the naked stud mercilessly, enjoying every gasp and scream and every inch of his extraordinary body.

Dream Boy Bondage - Update

December 03, 2019

Taken for Torture 9

Gabriel is dragged, naked, into the dungeon once again by his master, Anthony Martin. “What are you going to do to me?” the boy asks as he’s pushed face-down onto a table. “I’m going to fuck that ass!” Anthony says. Gabriel’s wrists and ankles are strapped to the table; a curved block of wood elevates his ass. Anthony fucks him long and hard as Gabriel moans, his eyes rolling back into his head. “Please, it’s so big,” he begs. Anthony finally pulls out, spewing cum all over his slave’s ass. “Roll over!” he commands. “Let’s see if that dick works.” After re-binding his slave to the table, Anthony pumps a huge load of cum from Gabriel’s cock, then cums a second time himself, totally aroused by his slave’s submission.

Dream Boy Bondage - Update

November 16, 2019

Wages of Sin 5

The cross slowly rises, a muscular victim affixed to it, totally naked. Julian looks around terrified as he feels his chest stretch and his abs tighten. His powerful physique will help him endure the agony of the cross, but the added weight of all that muscle will also add to his pain, as his body slowly pulls itself apart. After just a few minutes, he feels tremendous strain in his arms, shoulders and pecs. The placement of his ankles gives him little leverage, no way to reduce the strain on his arms and upper-body. All he can do is hang there and suffer. And you get the watch the whole thing: a naked muscle man crucified! Sit back and enjoy every detail.

Bromo - Update

October 27, 2019

Wall Stuffed 2

Say what you will about the merciless tattooed top Bo Sinn, you can't deny he's a man of discerning taste. Bo chooses Trent's perfect ass from a line-up, teasing and slapping the tall stud's feet and hole while Trent lays half exposed through a cut-out in the wall. Pleased with Trent's responses, Bo showers his ass with a blast of hot piss before shoving his thick uncut cock into the wall-bound bottom's tight and ready ass. Bo fucks the submissive dude's hole so hard that the walls shake, relentlessly ramming him until he's ready to cover Trent's hungry hole with his cum.

French Twinks - Update

October 22, 2019

Ethan's Punishment

After a hard day's work, Lucas is very stressed and when he suddenly arrives in the living room, the vision of Ethan jacking off while he drudges at work puts him out of his way. The opportunity is perfect to inflict a good punishment to Ethan and the dominant Lucas will take a sadistic pleasure to submit him! Handcuffs, headband, gag, leash, whip, spanking... All the bondage's panoply will be used to submit the young twink before to fuck him wildly.

Dream Boy Bondage - Update

October 14, 2019

Taken for Torture 3

To have smooth skin and firm muscles, to catch others staring when you take off your shirt – most people dream of being so young and beautiful. But, sometimes, such beauty has a cost – a very steep cost. Gabriel Cruz is paying that cost, stretched-up on his tiptoes, totally naked, steel cuffs digging into his wrists. “Please…” he begs the muscular, young leather-man who is torturing him. Garret Stone, wearing nothing but a leather thong and harness, says nothing; he lets his whip do the talking. He slices the boy’s back a dozen times, then sprays him with alcohol. The pain is amazing – terrible for Gabriel, beautiful for Garret. “See you in the morning,” Garret says, leaving the youth hanging in agony.

Dream Boy Bondage - Update

October 12, 2019

The Wages of Sin 1

Julian is a 26-year-old Brazilian who moved to U.S. shortly after Christian Nationalists take over the country in the not-too-distant future. A cocky womanizer, Julian “defiles a virgin” – a crime punishable by extreme torture. He stands before a judge in our dungeon, dressed in a biker jacket, boots and ripped jeans, his arms bound behind a steel pole. He begs for mercy, claiming he is unfamiliar with the new laws. “There will be no mercy; the Lord demands payment in pain,” the judge replies. "You will be severely tortured, in this very room, with electricity, physical blows and the whip, then you will be crucified and your body broken on the rack,” he says, as Julian looks down, terrified. A guard unzips the stud's jacket and rips open his shirt.

Dream Boy Bondage - Update

September 25, 2019

Taken For Torture

You hear the story all the time, but everyone dismisses it as an urban legend: A young college boy, in river towns like Minneapolis, leaves a party and disappears into thin air. Rumors fly that he was kidnapped and sold into slavery — or worse. Don’t be ridiculous, the authorities insist, he must have slipped into the river and his body was swept away. But, guess what? The rumors are true: There is a reason these missing young men are always 18 to 25 and very good looking — because that’s the way we like them! Garbriel Cruz is such a boy, a well-built, 21-year-old college student who left a party drunk and walked home alone, along the river.

CMNM - Update

September 11, 2019

Marc's Naked Shame

When businessmen gang up on their workmates they show no fucking mercy! Marc's colleagues get off on circling around him now that he's buck naked and compete to outdo each other by ordering him to completely debase himself. He's painfully aware of how low he's fallen now that he's starkers on the office room floor desperately shoving a vibrator up his arse. And his shame is amplified by the fact his dick gets hard amidst his total humiliation. How fucking shameful it is stroking his hard dick while they grab his nuts! Now he'll forever be known as the office wanker desperately licking up his own sperm!

Trans Angels - Update

September 10, 2019

Trans Motorcycle Club 3

Lena Kelly's furious when Casey Kisses and Jessica Fox bring Sherman Maus into her office while she's trying to eat dinner. However, soon Lena realizes that maybe this interruption isn't quite as unwelcome as she thinks. Sherman may not be useful to them as a pharmacist, but they can always use another wet hole around the clubhouse. Casey, Jessica and Lena make Sherman their fuck toy, slapping and gagging him as he greedily services the three leather-clad beauties. The girls take turns fucking Sherman's mouth and ass, first with their cocks then with their fists in this kinky and intense finale to Lena Kelly's The TransAngels Motorcycle Club.

Trans Angels - Update

September 08, 2019

Trans Motorcycle Club 2

Jessica Fox is an enforcer for The TransAngels Motorcycle Club. Decked out in leather and PVC she makes her submissive boy toy Mason Lear gag on her cock as she teases and toys with him, working him over while he remains chained to a large iron cage. Mason loves every second of it, but more importantly Jessica loves giving it to him, spitting on his tight hole before she pounds him. Mason rides his mistress all over the dungeon in this, the second part of Lena Kelly's The TransAngels Motorcycle Club.

CMNM - Update

September 04, 2019

Slick Marc

Slick businessman Marc has been betting with company funds and the bosses are fucking pissed. Firing or suing him isn't enough. What are they going to do with this sorry cunt? They turn him into a piece of meat performing for their entertainment. With increasingly degrading levels of humiliation Marc must stand in the centre of these high powered men stripping and performing for their pervy amusement. It looks like he won't be doing that again...or will he?

CMNM - Update

August 20, 2019

David Naked

The lads all crowd around stark naked David mocking him as a pervert because Mark has seen online how he's a kinky fag. They ruthlessly bully him spanking his arse till it's burning red and kick his nuts. The locker room is thick with a feverish manly energy as they take advantage and humiliate David till he's weeping and desperate to cover his vulnerable naked body. They take use and abuse him right there in the middle of the hall.

Dream Boy Bondage - Update

August 15, 2019

Anthony's Boy Nigel 4

Ballet boy Nigel is giving the performance of a lifetime. He is stripped naked, standing on two boxes about a foot high, his wrists chained to the ceiling. “Why are you doing this?” he asks when Anthony Martin enters, dressed in high leather boots, a harness and a leather codpiece that advertises the massiveness of his cock. “Keep that mouth shut!” Anthony barks back, covering the boy’s mouth, whipping him, then placing a metal pole with a massive dildo mounted to it under his ass. As a dancer, Nigel is shaved smooth down to his ankles, with not even a hint of hair on his armpits or around his cock. Nigel’s dancer-butt trembles as Anthony positions the tip of the dildo into his asshole, then pulls the boxes apart, making Nigel fuck himself.

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