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Raging Stallion - Update

December 06, 2019

Manscent 6

Mason Lear is stroking behind bars and Donnie Argento is masked and locked in a steel cell. Ricky Larkin discovers the guys ready to fuck and slides his cock thru the bars on Mason's end. Donnie watches from the other end of the room as Mason fits his head between to bars to get to Ricky's meat. Not wanting to leave Donnie out, Ricky unlocks his cage and attaches a metal leash to Donnie and leads him on top of a table on all fours. Teasing and taunting the masked stud, Ricky sacks and sniffs Donnie's fuzzy hole as Mason watches with his cock in his hand. Donnie submits to every sniff, lick and probe Ricky is throwing his way. He rolls Donnie around onto his back and shoves his raw cock in and Mason tries to fight his urges from behind the bars.

Dream Boy Bondage - Update

December 03, 2019

Taken for Torture 9

Gabriel is dragged, naked, into the dungeon once again by his master, Anthony Martin. “What are you going to do to me?” the boy asks as he’s pushed face-down onto a table. “I’m going to fuck that ass!” Anthony says. Gabriel’s wrists and ankles are strapped to the table; a curved block of wood elevates his ass. Anthony fucks him long and hard as Gabriel moans, his eyes rolling back into his head. “Please, it’s so big,” he begs. Anthony finally pulls out, spewing cum all over his slave’s ass. “Roll over!” he commands. “Let’s see if that dick works.” After re-binding his slave to the table, Anthony pumps a huge load of cum from Gabriel’s cock, then cums a second time himself, totally aroused by his slave’s submission.

Bromo - Update

November 19, 2019

Make Me Squeal

Ian Greene receives a mysterious anonymous text saying something has been left in his room, and Bo Sinn watches and follows him back home. Ian finds a leather collar and mask waiting on his bed, and immediately gets naked and puts them on, then waits on the bed on all fours. Bo enters holding another surprise, a studded leather paddle, and gives Ian's ass a thorough spanking before fucking his mouth. Ian wants his master's big dick in his tight hole, and Bo fucks him hard before cumming all over his face.

Dream Boy Bondage - Update

November 16, 2019

Wages of Sin 5

The cross slowly rises, a muscular victim affixed to it, totally naked. Julian looks around terrified as he feels his chest stretch and his abs tighten. His powerful physique will help him endure the agony of the cross, but the added weight of all that muscle will also add to his pain, as his body slowly pulls itself apart. After just a few minutes, he feels tremendous strain in his arms, shoulders and pecs. The placement of his ankles gives him little leverage, no way to reduce the strain on his arms and upper-body. All he can do is hang there and suffer. And you get the watch the whole thing: a naked muscle man crucified! Sit back and enjoy every detail.

CMNM - Update

November 16, 2019

Tough Brute Richard

Tough brute Richard is interviewing for an extremely high pressure job. If he shows that he's nervous or sweating it's a sign of weakness. He resolves to withstand whatever test this pervy bullying officer gives him - even when his humiliation is intensified by another officer entering the room to casually view and laugh at his complete and utter naked debasement!

Trans Angels - Update

November 14, 2019

Angel Of The House

Daisy Taylor and Ricky Larkin are a sexy couple who are eager to spice up their domestic bliss with a little role play. When Ricky comes home from work Daisy sets the mood for an intimate evening at home, but then spoils everything by spilling Ricky's wine all over his shirt! However, this is all just part of the erotic game they're playing together and when Ricky tells Daisy she'll have to be punished for her mistake she can barely contain her excitement. Ricky ties Daisy's hands behind her back and gives the stunning dark-haired beauty the punishment she's been craving. Ricky spanks Daisy with his belt, bending her over and squeezing and slapping her gorgeous ass before he teases her with a butt plug.

Breeder Fuckers - Update

November 11, 2019

Grown Up Toby

It's been a long time since we've seen Toby but we never forget a face! When we last saw this cheeky fella he was a fresh-faced pup nervously testing out his limits. Now he's a full bodied man with a rich hairy chest and a stubborn masculine attitude. He only wants to make videos fucking chicks but we've got other plans for him. Adrian strips him down to examine how his chest has filled out and his muscles have grown since he last used him. Like a lot of fully grown straight men he's become a lazy fucker so Adrian makes him struggle to serve and display himself like a whore. Toby utterly humiliates himself ringing the stupid little bells attached to his nips and dick while Adrian whacks his arse till it glows red.

French Twinks - Update

October 22, 2019

Ethan's Punishment

After a hard day's work, Lucas is very stressed and when he suddenly arrives in the living room, the vision of Ethan jacking off while he drudges at work puts him out of his way. The opportunity is perfect to inflict a good punishment to Ethan and the dominant Lucas will take a sadistic pleasure to submit him! Handcuffs, headband, gag, leash, whip, spanking... All the bondage's panoply will be used to submit the young twink before to fuck him wildly.

Dream Boy Bondage - Update

October 14, 2019

Taken for Torture 3

To have smooth skin and firm muscles, to catch others staring when you take off your shirt – most people dream of being so young and beautiful. But, sometimes, such beauty has a cost – a very steep cost. Gabriel Cruz is paying that cost, stretched-up on his tiptoes, totally naked, steel cuffs digging into his wrists. “Please…” he begs the muscular, young leather-man who is torturing him. Garret Stone, wearing nothing but a leather thong and harness, says nothing; he lets his whip do the talking. He slices the boy’s back a dozen times, then sprays him with alcohol. The pain is amazing – terrible for Gabriel, beautiful for Garret. “See you in the morning,” Garret says, leaving the youth hanging in agony.

Dream Boy Bondage - Update

October 12, 2019

The Wages of Sin 1

Julian is a 26-year-old Brazilian who moved to U.S. shortly after Christian Nationalists take over the country in the not-too-distant future. A cocky womanizer, Julian “defiles a virgin” – a crime punishable by extreme torture. He stands before a judge in our dungeon, dressed in a biker jacket, boots and ripped jeans, his arms bound behind a steel pole. He begs for mercy, claiming he is unfamiliar with the new laws. “There will be no mercy; the Lord demands payment in pain,” the judge replies. "You will be severely tortured, in this very room, with electricity, physical blows and the whip, then you will be crucified and your body broken on the rack,” he says, as Julian looks down, terrified. A guard unzips the stud's jacket and rips open his shirt.

Boy For Sale - Update

October 03, 2019

Austin: Boy Slave

Austin is used to being on display. He shows his hole, endures the poking, prodding, and teasing of the seller, and does what he can to give a good show to those watching. He understands his role. He's an object. An investment and collectible. And, of course, a toy to be fucked and filled. When Master Bishop wins his bid, he relishes the contrast between his big, beefy, brutish body and his new slave's small, smooth exterior. He tests his mouth his with his big cock before bending him over to feed him his raw meat. Austin braces himself for the unexpected, not yet sure what the dominant bear wants, but ready to do whatever he must.

Bromo - Update

October 01, 2019

Footstool Stud

Windom Gold is chained up and waiting for the unsinkable Bo Sinn to come and use him as his own personal footstool. Bo kicks back, puts his boots up on the tall blonde stud's back and smokes a cigarette, teasing Windom's face with his foot while he watches TV and plays video games. Bo lets the horny bottom slut service his massive cock while he's busy, but when Windom gets in the way Bo decides that it's time for a rough punishment fuck. Windom loves every second of taking Bo's long and thick cock, moaning while his hole gets used for the dominant top's pleasure. Bo blasts a huge load all over Windom then generously allows the submissive to sniff his boots while he jerks off.

Dream Boy Bondage - Update

September 25, 2019

Taken For Torture

You hear the story all the time, but everyone dismisses it as an urban legend: A young college boy, in river towns like Minneapolis, leaves a party and disappears into thin air. Rumors fly that he was kidnapped and sold into slavery — or worse. Don’t be ridiculous, the authorities insist, he must have slipped into the river and his body was swept away. But, guess what? The rumors are true: There is a reason these missing young men are always 18 to 25 and very good looking — because that’s the way we like them! Garbriel Cruz is such a boy, a well-built, 21-year-old college student who left a party drunk and walked home alone, along the river.

Men Over 30 - Update

September 22, 2019

Leather Newbie

Sean Harding is hanging out alone in the leather club playroom when Jaxx Thanatos walks in and strikes up a conversation with him. He has never seen Sean before and asks him if he is new to the 'scene' and Sean replies by saying 'What scene...?' With that Jaxx knows that Sean is a newbie to the Leather scene and makes his move on this fresh piece of meat. They start out kissing each other and then Jaxx puts Sean up against the wooden cross where he starts rimming his ass. He then moves to Sean's cock and sucks him. Sean then sucks Jaxx in the chair for a while and then Jaxx puts him up against the cross and starts fucking him from behind. They then move to the horse where Jaxx fucks Sean from behind deep and hard.

Trans Angels - Update

September 08, 2019

Trans Motorcycle Club 2

Jessica Fox is an enforcer for The TransAngels Motorcycle Club. Decked out in leather and PVC she makes her submissive boy toy Mason Lear gag on her cock as she teases and toys with him, working him over while he remains chained to a large iron cage. Mason loves every second of it, but more importantly Jessica loves giving it to him, spitting on his tight hole before she pounds him. Mason rides his mistress all over the dungeon in this, the second part of Lena Kelly's The TransAngels Motorcycle Club.

Young Perps - Update

September 03, 2019

Case No. 19071966-62

August 1st, 2019. 8:33 AM. Sexual Misconduct. 18 Year-Old Whilte Male 5'10". Evading Arrest. The Loss Pervention Officer sees suspicious activity at the storefront and takes preventative measures to ensure the PERP does not commit any crimes on the premises. He detained the PERP and processed him, taking mugghots and ID'ing him. Felling that the PERP may have a criminal record, he cross-references with Local Law Enforcement databases. He discovers the PERP has an outstanding warrent and conducts a strip search to make sure the suspect has not stolen any items from the store. After some resistance, the PERP submits to the officer's demands and fully cooperates. The rest of the case is classified.

Family DIck - Update

August 25, 2019

The Report Card

Tomas has been trying to get his grades up, but it’s never enough for his stern stepdad. When he shows his pop his less than stellar report card, the old man decides some harsh punishment is needed. He pulls his pants down and grimaces as the old man spanks him. But for some reason, his cock starts getting hard. His daddy notices that the boy is getting turned on, so he takes his punishment to the next level. He eats Tomas’ ass hole sloppily, before sticking his fat cock in the boy’s mouth. Then, the boy sits on his daddy’s dick, riding him until Mr. Garcia shoots his load all over Tomas’ face. Maybe next time, he will study a little harder!

CMNM - Update

August 20, 2019

David Naked

The lads all crowd around stark naked David mocking him as a pervert because Mark has seen online how he's a kinky fag. They ruthlessly bully him spanking his arse till it's burning red and kick his nuts. The locker room is thick with a feverish manly energy as they take advantage and humiliate David till he's weeping and desperate to cover his vulnerable naked body. They take use and abuse him right there in the middle of the hall.

Dream Boy Bondage - Update

August 15, 2019

Anthony's Boy Nigel 4

Ballet boy Nigel is giving the performance of a lifetime. He is stripped naked, standing on two boxes about a foot high, his wrists chained to the ceiling. “Why are you doing this?” he asks when Anthony Martin enters, dressed in high leather boots, a harness and a leather codpiece that advertises the massiveness of his cock. “Keep that mouth shut!” Anthony barks back, covering the boy’s mouth, whipping him, then placing a metal pole with a massive dildo mounted to it under his ass. As a dancer, Nigel is shaved smooth down to his ankles, with not even a hint of hair on his armpits or around his cock. Nigel’s dancer-butt trembles as Anthony positions the tip of the dildo into his asshole, then pulls the boxes apart, making Nigel fuck himself.

CMNM - Update

August 13, 2019

Vulnerable David

Imagine taking part in a sexual dare which suddenly goes too far? David was just looking for some kinky fun, but suddenly he finds himself in a very vulnerable position where he's totally exposed and has no way to cover himself. His humiliation increases as he's surrounded by men who mock and enjoy embarrassing him while he's completely starkers!

Dream Boy Bondage - Update

July 18, 2019

Daddy’s Boy 8

After his long session bound on the torture table, whipped and fucked by his daddy, Austin now stands naked in the corner of the dungeon, his wrists padlocked together to a steal chain wrapped around his tiny waist, his legs spread wide by a metal rod, two nasty little clips digging into his nipples. Austin instinctively plays with his cock, knowing his daddy, Alex, will want to see him hard, but he can’t reach his nipples. “Good, boy, now you can prove to me that you can pleasure yourself, even when you are in pain,” Alex says as he enters the dungeon, eyeing his boy’s semi-erect cock. “Yes, daddy, I’ll cum for you!” Austin says, his nipples screaming in pain.

Breeder Fuckers - Update

July 14, 2019

Athletic Hetero Killian

Athletic hetero Killian likes ball games, right? We want to play with this feisty Irish fucker but he's not feeling it. He thrashes back and forth desperate to rip out of his binding to tear apart the man pervily groping his manly body. We've watched him charging down the rugby pitch in his sexy sporty shorts. Here Adrian destroys his kit so his sexy hairy arsehole is fully exposed. Sliding his hand under his jock pouch Adrian discovers Killian's dick is hardening. To keep it that way Adrian binds Killian's cock and secures it to his cleats. Now the bastard can't kick out without causing himself intense groin pain. Dave slaps him about and slides his fingers into his tight warm arse. All the while Killian's cock is aching hard.

My Dirtiest Fantasy - Update

July 08, 2019

Yah-Jil's Bitch Boy 2

After leaving David for a while, and freshining up a bit, Yah-Jil is ready to continue torturing the pale-bodied twink a bit more, starting with some good old-fashioned pegs, to soon be whipped off with his flogger. But pain is most definetly in store for this boy, as soon his nipples are clamped with medical clamps, and his body worked over with a pin whele, to later be covered in Wax... obviously this isn't all going to be about pain, so Yah-jil gets out his vibrating wand, and uses it to get the boy hard so he can finish the show with some good old-fashioned milking.

Breeder Fuckers - Update

July 07, 2019

Hetero Gareth

Adrian knows hetero Gareth's sort. He struts around with his big tempting arse. He'd bash any man for looking at it, but now he's not in a position to stop us. His hot masculine body is totally on display as he's strapped down like a wild stallion. He's going to train Gareth to be exactly like the filthy slags he and his mates like to screw on wild weekend nights. We're going to make some good coin whoring out this cunt. Gareth's arsehole is worked over to stretch it open and keep him in position to take cock after cock in a relentless gang bang. He feels the tip of a vibrator tickling his guts like how men's dicks will soon be pounding against his prostate. Adrian manipulates the bastard's dick until he's got a red angry hard on and spills his sperm.

Dream Boy Bondage - Update

July 05, 2019

Straight Bros 6

Joseph, 21, has a smooth body with just the right amount of muscle, the face of a movie-star and a round, tight ass. His best friend, Hunter, has been his “wingman” since they were kids, but, unbeknownst to Joseph, Hunter has secretly wanted to fuck him for years while also resenting him, for always getting the girl, for his good looks and easy charm. Hunter loves running his hands over Joe’s naked, muscular body as he squirms and resists, bound face-down to an inclined table. “Come on, man!” Joe says, totally confused, since the old guy and his electric-collar are nowhere to be seen. Then the whip comes crashing down on his ass – with more confidence and vigor. “Fuck!” Joe bellows, as the whipping continues.

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