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Sean Cody - Update

June 16, 2016

Daniel & Manny

Daniel is ready to give Manny exactly what he wants and craves…a dirty fuck! manny was very excited to get started, especially because he knows that Daniel is a wild one, “I’m going to be used the way I want to!” Blindfolded and on all fours, ass up in the air, he waits for Daniel to ravage him. Of course, Daniel was ecstatic to find out he could do whatever he wanted to Manny.

Men On Edge - Update

June 08, 2016

JJ Knight

JJ Knight is edged on a bed with Sebastian stroking his huge cock, and Van pushing a dildo up his tight hole. JJ waits patiently for his edging session, while Van and Sebastian are eager to get there hands around JJ's giant cock . The two immediately tie JJ to a bed, and pull out his 10 inch dick. Sebastian quickly gets that massive cock in his mouth unitl JJ begs to cum.

Men On Edge - Update

May 14, 2016

Ripped Stud Caught in a Web and Edged Relentlessly

Wrapped tight and loving it, Scott is ready to blow in seconds. Sebastian doesn't let Scott off so easily, letting the pressure build as he brings Scott to the edge with his hands and mouth. Scott tries to fuck Sebastian's mouth in vain, but he's not in control today.

Bound Gods - Update

May 09, 2016

Mr. Maddox's Brutal Torment of His New Slave

Wearing leather and a twisted smile, he examines the slave before him, sizing up how much extreme torment this slut can take. Mr. Maddox expects nothing less than full submission, stomping Jack's face into the ground and teasing his cock hungry mouth with a throbbing cock.

Next Door World - Update

May 05, 2016

Cuff Love

In an old, musty room underneath city sidewalks, Dylan Henri and his associate, Nubius, run a bondage service. A young man named Leander has decided to find out what the whole thing is all about. Leander has never been chained before, and he certainly hasn't had two large men take turns fucking him. But as Nubius and Dylan finally return, after initially cuffing him, it's far too late for sweet Leander to change his mind.

Peter Fever - Update

April 27, 2016

Never Again

Coda would never have sex blindfolded, but he is missing out. He just needed to be with someone with a little more experience to show him the fun. I wrapped a blindfold on him and let him feel the sexual sensations.

Men On Edge - Update

April 08, 2016

Lance Hart

Burglars ruin a peaceful home when they capture Lance Hart from his bed and take him away for a night of sexual torment. Taken from His Girlfriend and Edged in a Dark Factory

Men On Edge - Update

April 04, 2016

Horny Gym Stud's Wet Dream

Nothing gets Wesley Woods hornier than a bench press. After a vigorous set, he can't help but masturbate right in the middle of the gym. He drifts into the dark fantasies of his mind, emerging back into the world bound and gagged under the exercise machine. Held in place with jumprope, he finds himself at the mercy of the painters working on the gym's renovation.

Chaos Men - Update

March 31, 2016

Noah Riley & Pearce Edge

Hot muscular guy strapped to a chair! Big cock eager to be serviced! Dildos everywhere! Don't miss this video!

Men On Edge - Update

March 23, 2016

Straight Soldier Edged by His Commanding Officers

Sgt. Colter can't believe what he's found in the barracks; Pvt. Tommy Regan has fucked it all up again and left his bunk in total disarray. He calls in Commander Darkholme to assist him with disciplinary action for the soldier. When summoned, Tommy gets needled by his superiors who quickly offer him a deal-- the brig or edging.

Stag Homme - Update

March 14, 2016

Raw Vice

Damien Crosse is getting high and asphyxiating himself while he jerks off under the shower, when the doorbell rings. Damien's fuck date, Antonio Miracle, has just arrived...and he wonders who he'll have the pleasure of giving permission to do whatever they want to with his body. Damien however will never know. Since Damien will be blindfolded from the point the stranger enters the room until after the stranger cums on his asshole twice before taking all the thick cum from Damien's hole and lapping it up into his own mouth before finally letting the load fall inside Damien's throat. Blindfolded bareback with multiple orgasms and cream pie felching. Gotta love Stag Homme's RAW VICE Raw Vice stars Antonio Miracle and Damien Crosse. Directed by Francesco D'Macho.

Dream Boy Bondage - Update

March 08, 2016

Doug: Thick as a Brick - Part 1

This strapping stud is about to get beat, tortured and fucked for days for no other reason than we love his huge cock and balls. Sorry Doug, it’s nothing personal.

My Friend's Feet - Update

March 08, 2016


KC came by my place again, as he and I like to get together sometimes. He ended up on the MFF tickle table again during this visit, strapped down tight and looking so vulnerable. He just had his hair cut and is look as sexy as ever. Through several tickle sessions with KC I've learned what spots are the most sensitive on his body. Pretty much every part of him is ticklish, but even he admits that having his size 11 feet tickled drives him up the wall more than anything else. The proof is in this video. KC goes crazy while I torment his perfectly large, sexy feet!

Men On Edge - Update

March 01, 2016

Shoplifter Gets Sexually Tormented for his Crime

It's not easy running a record store these days. When Jessie Colter catches Alex Mason red-handed stealing vinyl, there's hell to pay. Jessie binds the punk to a column and works his dick into a painful boner. Soon, Alex can't decide if he wants freedom from this torment or just if he wants his rocks off as this pervert clerk blows and jacks his throbbing dick over and over.

Bound Gods - Update

March 01, 2016

Rude Businessman's Airport Bathroom Nightmare

Rikk York is some hotshot prick with a million-dollar deal on the line, so he's gotta make the next flight. Boarding started fifteen minutes ago; he doesn't care about some dumb janitor saying the bathroom's closed. Big mistake. Jessie Colter, the janitor on duty, busts through the stall and chains the smug jackass to the urinals. Jessie gets a taste of Rikk's huge cock before returning the favor, stuffing Rikk's face full of dick.

Bound Gods - Update

January 19, 2016

Christian Wilde's Latex Meat Locker

Coby Mitchell sways in ropes, hung from the racks in a meat locker. His tormentor, Christian Wilde arrives in a latex apron to inspect the suspended man-meat. Christian crops Coby up and down before stretching Coby's balls with a heavy cluster of weights. He attaches a clover clamp chain onto Coby's nipples and adds more weights to it. Coby can barely handle the pressure on his balls and nipples as Cristian resumes cropping. Christian brings Coby back to earth and has the stud worship his massive cock.

Men On Edge - Update

January 19, 2016

Vinny Steffano Gets Edged

Vinnie Stefano is a beefy hunk of a man, and can't wait to have his muscles bound tight while Sebastian and Branden take full control of his dick. Vinnie bulges out from his harness as Sebastian fixes him to a pillar and Branden teases his package. With Vinnie firmly in place, they pull out hitachis and run them over his nipples and hard cock. Vinnie begs to cum as he fucks the two hitachis pressed against his cock, but Sebastian won't let him off easy...

Next Door World - Update

December 13, 2015

The Prisoner

Osiris Blade is being held captive in a humid dungeon somewhere underneath the bustling city. Marlone Star is his warden, and this warden doesn't like prisoners to be comfortable. Every evening around 7pm, just before Marlone retires to his quarters to eat dinner, he works up a ravenous hunger by 'dealing' with his only inmate. Osiris has come to sense when these fuckings are going to happen. It's his only indicator of the time of day...

Men On Edge - Update

December 03, 2015

Out-Creeping the Horny Bartender

Max Cameron's working the bar, and he's up to some dirty tricks-- sneaking suspicious drinks for the guys he's hitting on. Jessie Colter notices the ruse and decides to take action. Warning the other bargoers, Jessie clears out the joint and captures Max. Soon, Max is bound and blindfolded as Jessie proves that this bar's only big enough for one pervert.

Man Royale - Update

November 15, 2015

Anon M4M

Zander Cole texts big dick top to give him anonymous rough fuck!

Maverick Men Directs - Update

November 03, 2015

Gang Bang That Bung Hole

THIS is what happens when you take five hot, hung, and young horned-up tops that haven't cum in two days and pack them into a room with a promise of release! Then, you introduce a sexy, hung, and smooth twink bottom with an insatiable hole into the mix. Oh, and did I mention that I tied up the bottom boy in just

GayWargames - Update

November 02, 2015

Forest Race (Pt. 1)

Nice autumn afternoon in forest was interupted by some jogging guy. He was handsome, why not start some game with him...

Chaos Men - Update

October 28, 2015

Noah & Malik Edge

After Malik did his solo, he said he loved the idea of being tied up and made to do all kinds of naughty things. I told him about the Edge videos, and he thought that sounded right up his alley. He is very passive, and despite having a big cock, he really likes to bottom. So we start off with Noah servicing him, but once things got out of hand, we just pretty much run with Malik being used for the entire video. Two facials in this one!

Men On Edge - Update

October 22, 2015

Daniel Lament

Daniel Lament is a tall glass of French-Canadian water, and he's here with Men on Edge today for his first ever session in ropes. Fascinated and horny with all the toys in the Armory's Upper Floor, Daniel touches himself while Jessie gives him a tour. Sebastian shows up and the session begins as Daniel is lead to the wedge and tied down. The two take their time with Daniel, sensually admiring his lean body before blindfolding him and freeing his dick out from his briefs. Daniel pulls against the ropes and humps Jessie's face as he sucks the stud to an edge...

Chaos Men - Update

October 21, 2015

Ulysses & Vander Edge

I mentioned last week that he was going to dive headfirst into doing gay video work. Because he said he would push his limits, I figured an Edge video would work. Boy did he ever push his limits! Vander got him all hard and in the zone, and they just went at it during the fantasy sequences. I had such good footage of the two of them that they ended up being 3-4 rather large chunks of time. Ulysses not only kissed, but cum kissed! He rimmed like he was hungry for Vander's hole, while also trying his best to fit Vander's cock in his mouth! He was fantastic! You will love his energy, and he is already eager to get back and do more. He was euphoric after the shoot, so who knows where this guy will land on the sexuality spectrum! Can't wait to get him back!

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