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Straight Fraternity - Update

October 07, 2022

Marcus' Gay Hazing

When Marcus comes in for his audition video, I'm struck with how friendly and upbeat he is. At first he says he won't do anything with a guy, so I know a hazing video is perfect for him, bound up in a chair with nothing to do but enjoy the sensations on his body. Marcus' cock responds quickly, and when he tells me he likes his balls played with, I tickle them and rub the rim of his asshole a little bit. In no time, Marcus tells me he's ready to cum and busts his nut for me.

Young Bastards - Update

September 28, 2022

Bukkake Boy Takes 3 Loads

Sporty boys Felix, Diego and Axel are the fittest boys at the gym, and when new twinky arrival Frank wanders into the locker room it's not long before he's being initiated into their gang. With his hands tied and his vision obscured the slim twink soon hard hardening uncut cocks surrounding him. The innocent boy might be new to all this but as he moves from one wet dick to the next he's soon discovering how much fun this gang could be. The Dom boys slap their erections in his face and wank off while taking turns to use his mouth, but the boy soon learns he has other ways to please them. Stripped naked and bent over the three gang up to fuck his wet little hole, taking turns to slide their bareback boners deep inside him. A final ride, passed from one cock to the other, takes the Dom boys to the edge.

Venus Lux - Update

August 25, 2022

Mistress Venus Doms Jonah's Ass

Mistress Venus struts in wearing an amazing skin-tight catsuit while leading her blindfolded and bound slave in on a leash. Her cock gets hard while she dominates her sub and whips his little ass. She allows him to suck her hard cock before she face fucks his mouth and drives it into his throat. Venus gets him ready then she penetrates his asshole and fucks him hard and deep until filling him with her cum.

Masqulin - Update

July 22, 2022

First Time Anon

Two fit bros, Luke West and Philip Massa are hanging out at the park tossing a ball around. They haven't seen each other in a while, but are finally taking advantage of the gorgeous summer weather. Hot temps have everyone getting horny, and Luke spills the beans to his buddy about his plans to hole up in his apartment and service hot anon cock! True to his word Luke pulls a blindfold over his face and waits, hands bound and ass up for his Discreet Top to arrive. Wouldn't you know, curious Philip is horny and wants to get in on the action! He grabs the lube and fingers his smooth hole. Submissive Luke does as he's directed, and Philip face-fucks his eager waiting mouth.

Men At Play - Update

July 18, 2022

Yes, Sir Peter, Sir!

Alan Vicenzo is the newest employee at a marketing PR agency based in Europe. On his way for a break, Sir Peter decides to go check in on him. Alan has noticed Sir Peter; frequently gazing at him and the visible huge cock outlined in his trousers. Sir Peter invites Alan for a tour of the new break room, which he contends seems out of place in a corporate office. When they enter the break room, Sir Peter tries to gauge Alan’s reaction to the seductive neon lights and sofa in the middle of the room. Alan smiles with his mouth open, astonished, and says without thinking: "It literally looks like a cruising club." Alan turns to his colleague, speechless. He can't believe he has said that in front of Sir Peter, who smiles back mischievously.

Treasure Island Media - Update

July 13, 2022

WoofPigBoy Gangbang

Scene 4 from GANGBANGAPALOOZA: With WOOFPIGBOY, ALEX JOTA, CARONE JULIO, RAFFAH T’CHALLA, ROGERIO ROGERS, and more than a dozen anonymous tops At a sex party in Brazil, WOOFPIGBOY is set up in a separate room to be the designated cum receptacle for any and all. Woof starts off blindfolded but someone quickly removes it as the bottom gets on a fuck table in the middle of the room so everyone has full access. We have all been there – some guys stand around watching, some are on their knees fluffing the tops to get them ready. Then anonymous tops come forward to fuck the free hole. This is an abridged presentation of an event that went on for hours featuring mostly the cum-shots and breedings.

Straight Fraternity - Update

June 06, 2022

Samuel Hazed, Jerked & Blown

Samuel has been in before for a test shoot, but I didn't think he would come back because he acted so nervous. I get a call from him asking what else he can do to make fast money. He agrees to be hazed, so I tie him to a chair, blindfold him and get busy making him hard. Samuel is very vocal and seems to love everything I do to him, from nipple play, to stroking, to a slow blowjob. As he gets closer to cumming, he grows louder and louder. Samuel finally shoots his load with a big satisfied moan.

Cocky Boys - Update

May 18, 2022

Austin & Greyson

Greyson Myles makes his porn debut HERE at Cocky Boys with Austin Wolf in HIT ME UP! Right after he checks into his hotel room, horny Greyson exchanges pics with Austin and invites him over, promising to be waiting for him ass up. Austin gets an even hotter surprise when he arrives and finds a blindfolded & wrist-bound Greyson on all fours! And when Austin moves closer, Greyson excitedly sucks him through his pants and starts to worship his muscles. When Austin lets his cock out, Greyson devours it and Austin soon asserts his dominance. He feeds Greyson his cock, then pushes him down to eat out his ass and finger his hole. After giving Greyson another taste of his cock, Austin turns around to fuck him doggy style and as he goes harder and manhandles him he sees Greyson loves it.

Young Bastards - Update

April 23, 2022

Cock Gagged & Fucked Raw

Sweet boy Gary is blindfolded and restrained but he likely knows what to expect. As soon as dom boy Nick arrives he has that sweaty cock bulge in his face. The obedient boy is soon gobbling on the offered erection revealed from those briefs, sucking the hard cock deep and gagging on the invading shaft. Nick doesn’t care if the boy chokes on this stiff meat, he’s there to get off and he’s not going to stop until he’s made full use of the boy. Of course, full use means filling that tight little hole and pounding the boy deep with his raw meat stick. Even though Gary is his captive the boy can’t deny the pleasure when that solid cock fills his hole and fucks him deep, in every position, using the twink until Gary has cum up his butt and his own load on his belly.

Men At Play - Update

March 18, 2022

Russian Roulette, Editor's Cut

Leather-gloved Russian mobster Dato Foland has caught Senor Hector de Silva in the midst of stealing sensitive data from his laptop. Dato strings up the suited Spanish stud and toys with his handsome prize. Blindfolded and hands tied above his head, Hector can only guess at the outcome of this interrogation. Lucky for him it’s not a nefarious one but a rough flip-flop fuck play session that was worth the risk.

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

March 14, 2022


When Liam Angell's old military buddy Mason McGregor comes to visit the only thing they want is to be inside each other. On this trip Will offers up a surprise for them. Imagine the thrill of being blindfolded and reaching out to feel a big beautiful uncut piece of meat in your hand. This monster of a man lets them feast on him, but just when you think this Beast is only there to knock up some holes Will has a surprise of his own.

Corbin Fisher - Update

March 07, 2022

Plugged Zander

We'd seen Kyler on the receiving end of treatment like this, and it was obvious he thoroughly enjoyed it. Now it's time to let him be the one in charge, with a more-than-willing participant in Zander! These two are each insatiably horny, and being at CF has given them the chance to explore their kinkier sides. Mind you, they each arrived at CF already knowing they would like to get kinky and enjoyed trying new and different things, but getting to do so with a guy - while knowing they had an audience in all of us - was something new. It was also something that makes action like this that much hotter for each of them! You just know, and can totally see, that when Zander is strapped down and blindfolded, getting his mouth fucked by Kyler, he's insanely turned on.

Fetish Men - Update

February 26, 2022

Johnny B, Paddled & Plowed

Lean pale slave-boy Johnny B cowers blindfolded and gagged on the carpet, afraid of the punishment he'll face when tough dom Aspen comes back. Then the hot muscular top steps in, paddle in hand, and smacks it across Johnny's tight little ass. Aspen gets into his work, yanking on his big cock and humping Johnny before he opens his mouth to nip at the tender skin on his sub's back. So turned on that he can't hold back, Aspen plows his thick tool into Johnny's open and defenseless hole. He pulls out just long enough to run an appreciative hand into his bound slave boy's slick ass crack. Spit and precum slides down out of Johnny's hole as he's split in half by Aspen's rock-hard pole. The rosy welts on his back are further stung by the little bites of Aspen's teeth.

Bromo - Update

February 07, 2022

Bussy Wrecker

Tommy Tanner is feeling horny, so he sends his hookup Tony D'angelo a little "u up?" text. When Tony lets himself in, the bearded, tattooed sub is waiting in nothing but a blindfold and his boxer briefs. Tony takes out his cock and makes Tommy suck it, then picks him up for an upside-down 69! Tony bends Tommy over the couch and fucks his hole doggystyle, then pounds him deep in missionary. Tommy cums as he rides Tony's big dick reverse, then the top fills him with a creampie!

Japan Boyz - Update

October 17, 2021

Blindfold 4 Kenchi

They say the blind have a heightened ability to experience their other four senses, and our intrepid Japanboyz director persuaded Kenchi to submit to this erotic experiment testing the theory. His eyes covered up and vision 100% blocked with a stretchy green blindfold, will he experience the deep sensuous sensations of man-to-man sex even more deeply, his hearing smell, and sense of touch all turned up to "11"? His partner in this xxx-traordinary endeavor is Japanboyz number one stud, the experienced and expert artist of lovemaking, Fuji. Fuji starts out feeding his big cock to thirsty Kenchi, and as he goes on, Kenchi's deep moans of pleasure and ecstasy inspire him. There's very little noise, almost an ASMR atmosphere of real sounds from two horny men bonding and sharing their bodies.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

October 12, 2021

The Stranger

Javi Gray is one of those guys that we have all seen online, the one wanting someone like Gianni Maggio to walk in and just fuck you without every speaking a word. Javi sets up just that scenario with Gianni. Javi readies himself by putting his leather mask on and leaving the door unlocked and getting on all 4’s with his ass in the air. Gianni saunters in and admires that hot, pink ass inviting him in. Stripping down, Gianni spots a pinwheel stimulator on the nightstand and begins rolling it across Javi’s smooth back, sending shivers and excitement throughout his entire body. Gianni begins with a lite nibbling of Javi’s nipples then running his lips and tongue up and down the length of this body. Brining Javi to a seated position, we can see that Gianni’s monster cock is busting out of the seams of his latex underwear.

Family Dick - Update

October 06, 2021

I'll Be Waiting

Sweet Dylan Hayes has been dreaming about big Johnny Ford's massive dick, and no amount of taboo will turn him away from fucking his hot step relative. He wears a blindfold and offers his puckering sphincter for massive Johnny to pulverize with his meaty rod.

Raw Fuck Boys - Update

September 23, 2021

Logan & Hunter

As the aggressive top dominates the young man's ass, Hunter Blake's sculpted body is on perfect display, showing why it is that men beg to be filled with his seed, regardless of how rough or intense it may be to get. Logan is plenty vocal about how much he loves the bull's hard pounding, breaking through his moans to ask for more, only to have his wish fulfilled by being jackhammered harder and deeper. Every muscle in Hunter's body flexes as he uses his strength and stamina to drive Logan wild, seeming to control him from the inside out with nothing more than the power of his superior tool. Every hour in the gym has paid off to make him a Titan in the bedroom, and as he grunts and conquers Logan's hole, he gets himself ever closer to breeding his hungry partner.

Corbin Fisher - Update

August 27, 2021

Mastering Mitch II

We've seen Kyler strapped down in our little bondage lounge before, and it was obvious he thoroughly enjoyed those experiences and all they entailed! Kyler certainly has himself quite the kinky side and even likes to dominate and tie up his girlfriend at home, so we wanted to let him tap in to that dominant side here and get someone else strapped down! What better guy to let Kyler tie up, dominate, and fuck than Mitch?? With that flawless ass of his, and just how much Mitch loves to get railed, Mitch was ideally suited to find himself blindfolded, tied up, and at the mercy of any and everything Kyler wanted to do to him. I'm not gonna lie - there were times during the action here I thought, "Is Kyler being too rough??".

Yoshi Kawasaki XXX - Update

August 24, 2021

Pinch Hitter

Hunky baseball player Kenta lies tied up and powerless in a dark unfamiliar apartment. His humiliation and submission begins with a round of electric shocks to his nips and nuts. Then tormentor Yoshi pries open his mouth to gift him with a gob of spit. But Kenta is hard and turned on by the harsh treatment, his thick cock standing up straight and hard as Yoshi fondles and licks. Pinning back his legs, Yoshi lubes Kenta's hole with a thick string of saliva. After a hearty slap on the ass, Kenta rises to slurp down Yoshi's dick and share a rough kiss. Yoshi fingers the athlete's muscular ass and enters him roughly. Groans turn to sharp sighs of pleasure as Kenta takes every inch Yoshi can dish out. But Yoshi has a sportsman's surprise for the ball player, lubing up a baseball bat and stuffing it in hard and deep.

GDude-JP - Update

July 20, 2021

Overload III

We received a lot of positive feedback from fans and the audience after the last fan meeting. So we decided to start a tour, let me (GunRyu) meet fans who come from different cities. This time, I'll only wear ripped tights—you guys in front of the screen, just shoot your loads on me. (This idea is from fans who have a craving for the "Thug Gangbang" collection.) We're also happy that some viewers have volunteered to share their filming by phone with us. Join us, and make our compilation film even better.

Noir Male - Update

July 11, 2021

Playin Games

Funny guy Gus Del Rey is always messing around with his roommate Devin Trez, who has had quite enough. Missing cell phone chargers, misplaced wallets, and now Devin doesn't have a towel to dry off after a hot shower... Turns out the joke is on Gus when Devin reveals he knows Gus is into him and his huge dick. Shocked, yet excited Gus gives into Devin and turns a laughing matter into a hot sweaty fuck between roommates. Directed by Ricky Greenwood and written by Nick Fitt, this sexy roommate situation will make you wish you had roommates like these sexy guys!

Hot Older Male - Update

July 09, 2021

Montreal Uses AJ

Musclebear Montreal Uses AJ Marshall - AJ Marshall is blindfolded and waiting at the sex club. He's doesn't know what will come his way but once hot Musclebear Montreal starts feeding him his fat dick, he moans and squirms and begs for more. Musclebear obliges, using AJ's holes and body until their hard cocks squirt loads of cum.

Jalif Studios - Update

June 30, 2021

T-Bow & Lopsa

A grubby-looking lockup in a French town. A young, uneasy-looking, hairless twink, Lopsa, is on his knees, naked but for a jockstrap, blindfolded by a bandana. T-bow, a dangerous-looking man, enters the space. He unzips his pants and forces the twink to suck his giant dick before aggressively fingering his ass. T-bow is in his late 30s and has a careworn, stubble-covered face. His huge, curved, uncut dick is a thing of great beauty. He means business. He's as horny as fuck and he'll continue to abuse his slave until his brutal, carnal needs have been fulfilled... T-bow takes a creamy drink and pours it all over the boy's ass, pushing it into his gaping hole to get it wet, sloppy and ripe for fucking.

Raw Fuck Boys - Update

June 23, 2021

Logan & Calvin

Calvin was already hard when he knocked on the door. He looked seriously sexy. He's got a banging hot body and a kind of sexual aura about him. A confidence. You'd notice him in a crowd. He looked down at Logan on the bed and smiled. He was plainly gonna enjoy fucking him again and was obviously highly turned on to know that Calvin had no clue it was him! His clothes were off in seconds, I handed him a Zorro-type mask to wear, and he walked straight across to the bed with his rock hard, massive dick leading the way. Even I was surprised when he simply knelt behind Logan, pushed his legs apart a little, and shoved his raw cock straight inside him. No chat. No foreplay. Straight to fucking.

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