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Bound Gods - Update

October 27, 2014

The Cabin - The Best Friend's Son: Pt. 1

KinkMen is proud to present this week, the prequel to the The Cabin. In this dark tale, Tatum finds out that his best friend and business partner Morgan is unable to make it to the cabin for their usual weekend romantic rendezvous because Morgan is busy with his wife. Instead, Morgan's son Kip will be there with some hippy friends. Fantasizing about Kip, Tatum rushes off to the cabin and can't help but creep on Kip as he's taking a shower. Tatum soon finds out little Kip is all grown up and has a very dark side.

Bound Gods - Update

October 23, 2014

Officer Maguire Vs. Alexander Gustavo

German hunk Alexander Gustavo is brought in by Officer Maguire with handcuffs around his wrists. Bent over the desk, Alexander is stripped naked for a full inspection before he's made to swallow the officer's hard cock. Hands above his head, the german hunk is completely bound in rope as Officer Maguire approaches with flogger in hand. He mercilessly beats his prisoner down, from front to back as he screams from the pain, before he's dragged off to the electric chair. Strapped in tight, Alexander endures the officer's torment with the zapper while an electric butt plug pulses in his hole. After a rough fuck, Officer Maguire covers his prisoner's face with cum before having him suck off every drop.

Dream Boy Bondage - Update

October 07, 2014


At DBB, we have a brand new boy, Topher, a Southern kid dragged into the dungeon and stripped naked and whipped.

Suck Off Guys - Update

September 30, 2014

Brandon's Cum Swallowing Hookup

There's something super hot about anonymous hookups. You know, getting your nut off with a guy and not even knowing his name. In this case, not even seeing his face until after the cum had been released. Seth arrives for the shoot and was shocked to discover that this guy Aaron brought into suck his dick was blindfolded and ready to go. Seth walks up and in a matter of seconds is having his knob slobbed by some mystery dude. Seth gets hard almost instantly. Brandon takes Seth's raging boner all the way down his throat. The guys switch and now Seth is sitting down. The excitement of some unknown dude deep-throating him is really making it hard for Seth to hold back. Brandon sits on the floor & pops his head back. It's like he was signaling to Seth that he was wanting to take his load in his mouth. Seth strokes his cock and suddenly huge streams of cum shoot straight into Brandon's wide open mouth.

September 29, 2014


18-year-old high schooler Joseph is tickled into a state of ecstasy by Franco, blindfolded and used for foot sex by 18-year-old Gage. He's even tickled as he's shooting his own load...

Cocky Boys - Update

September 24, 2014

Ricky Roman Fucks Levi Michaels!

Ricky & Levi are two of our most charismatic CockyBoys, yet they've never done a scene together until now. With that chemistry already in place, we knew it was going to be one hot scene! Levi loved working Ricky's uncut cock with his mouth, and Ricky happily returned the favor before drilling him hard against a window pane. What we weren't expecting, though, was how kinky Ricky was going to go. After he propped Levi on all fours, Ricky brought out a thick leather belt and tied Levi's hands together firmly behind his back. And it got even hotter when he brought out the blindfold... Levi reached his tipping point when Ricky began pounding him missionary style, carefully pulling off his blindfold, and Ricky rewarded Levi with a hot facial.

Iron Lockup - Update

September 19, 2014

Prisoner #08162014s4

Blindfolded and gagged the prisoner has no idea what Sir has in mind for him. He is secured to a chair using incredibly heavy duty leather cuffs and he hears the coming of the boy who is equipped with a rather large dong secured to his boot. Rock hard, drooling and moaning one can only assume he is enjoying himself as he desperately fights to cum.

Fresh SX - Update

September 07, 2014

Damian Duke and Sam Bishop

The third heat sees Sam and Damian using a blindfold to convince the judges they are the hottest!

Chaos Men - Update

September 06, 2014

Brenner & Troi: Edge

When I had corresponded with Brenner about doing video work, he was super eager to get in and start sucking and fucking ASAP. He loves big uncut cocks and the sooner he could get one in him, the better! I am used to going slowly with the guys, and though Brenner was claiming to be mostly straight, by the time he came in, he saying he was most interested in guys. Yeah, no surprise there! If you love being face and ass rammed by the biggest cocks you can find, you are probably more into dudes!

Butch Dixon - Update

August 15, 2014

Bo Bangor & Mickey Collins

Tattooed muscle stud Bo Bangor has silver daddy Mickey Collins bound and blindfolded in the sweltering tool shed. What does he have planned for his captive audience? First he releases Mickey's thick cock from his Nasty Pig jock and teases him ever so gently before devouring fat daddy dick all of the way to the base. Mickey's sweating profusely as Bo mounts and rides the daddy cock with his tight muscular ass.

My Friend's Feet - Update

August 13, 2014

Tate Ryder Dominates Cameron

Cameron sure is one lucky dude to be working for My Friends Feet. If one can call it work, that is. To him he's just getting to live out numerous foot fetish fantasies. None other than infamous gay porn stud Tate Ryder was on the bill last week and the big, burly, muscular hunk sure loves having his feet worshiped. He literally fed his big peds to Cameron's insatiable mouth, both socked and naked. Hot! This was his second time at My Friends Feet and we have a feeling it won't be the last. Not when foot worshiping expert slave Cameron is around to fulfill his every desire!

Chaos Men - Update

July 30, 2014

Baker & Bryan Edge

Baker took a new fancy job. It required him to go away for 4 weeks training, and then he came back and started his 9-5 job. He sure didn't conform to the standard work day and daily grind, so quit after a short time, and found a local minimum wage job...which was not covering his bills. So he was hitting me up for more work, and I figured we could do an Edge video together. He seemed down for 'whatever' so I really wanted to push his limits. Turns out he didn't have a lot of limits, and we had a lot of fun!

Wurstfilm Club - Update

July 29, 2014

Fickstutenmarkt 8

Let's keep on with the orgy show: The hooded mares are fucked hard. They don't see the fuckers, they can only feel the dicks. They feel all of it big time. The concept of the horse meat market is that the holes will be fucked by a horde of juicy giant pricks. The main thing is to feel the shooting cock. All these submissive mares can't wait to receive their load by a big number of dicks. Don't we all dream about this to happen to us all?

Southern Strokes - Update

July 15, 2014

Donny and Easton

Donnie jumped in the shower and threw on a robe and sat high in the middle of the room so that Easton could have easy access to his manhood. Donnie was obviously a little turned on because his cock was semi-hard before the action even started. We blindfolded Donnie and untied his robe and left the rest to Easton's mouth. Easton worshiped Donny's cock as Donny moaned and squirmed in the chair. Easton dropped his own pants and pulled out his cock as he continued to worship Donny's dick. Donny finally rewarded Easton's hard work by letting him taste his sweet southern cum.

Iron Lockup - Update

July 11, 2014

Prisoner #05092014s8

Having placed a rather large dong up his ass, the bitch hunts for a second dinner and once he's blown his load he greedily scoops the cum in.

Circle Jerk Boys - Update

July 10, 2014

Secret Fraternity, Ep1

This is Tripp's story of how he became inducted into the CJB Secret Fraternity......One night as I was walking across campus from the library, I was suddenly taken from behind by a group of guys who proceeded to blindfold me. Whispering into my ear, they taunted me by saying, 'Don't worry, you're about to become one of us now...' Taking me into their secret clubhouse, the blindfold was taken off and I could not believe my eyes as the room was filled by the fittest jocks in the college.

Iron Lockup - Update

June 19, 2014

Prisoner #05092014s5

Puppy continues to attempt to fist the bitch and as loose as the bitch's hole seems to be puppy's paws are just as freakishly large thus the bitch's limits are thoroughly tested.

Men - Update

June 03, 2014

Happy Hour Sex

"Happy Hour" is one of those orgy scenes that will leave you wishing it was real! Johnny Rapid gets blindfolded and gang banged by Aaron Bruise, Haigen Sence & Jaxton Wheeler. The double penetration is intense!

Men - Update

May 27, 2014


Johnny Rapid's cock hungry ass needs it bad and any big cock will do. Johnny places an ad then waits blindfolded on all fours for a horny strange to come use his butt. Aaron Bruiser shows up and pounds Johnny's horny hole.

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