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Sean Cody - Update

Saturday February 17, 2024

Axel & Michael

While Michael is in the gym showing some of his favorite workouts, Axel is lifting nearby and notices the end of a jeweled plug poking through the bottom's shorts! He has to follow Michael to the locker rom and watch him undress, and soon Michael notices the top with his dick in his hand. Axel tugs out the plug and tongues Michael's hole before the bottom sucks him, then Michael rides the top on a bench. Axel pounds Michael on his back, then puts him up against the wall to drill him till he orgasms, and Michael gets to his knees for a facial.

Jalif Studios - Update

February 13, 2024

Stef Killer & Lexian

Lexian's one of those boys who likes to get up to mischief when his folks are away for the weekend. This evening he's headed straight to his favorite sex club. To be honest, the place is always a bit hit and miss, but tonight Lexian's in luck. Literally the first person he sees is Stef, a roasting hot, sporty guy who Lexian's been wanting to hook up with for weeks. Fortunately, Stef is horny as hell tonight, and up for a bit of fresh flesh. He pulls Lexian into a dusty corner and makes out with him aggressively on a leather-clad, spunk-stained couch. Lexian immediately becomes obsessed with Stef's swollen dick, which is tenting in his sweats like a wild animal ready to pounce. It's soon inside the boy's mouth, being sucked and then deep-throated so vigorously that his eyes start to water.

Hot House - Update

February 10, 2024

The Dick Down

Joel Hart's muscles glisten with a deliciously salty layer of sweat as he delivers the final hit to his punching bag and instructs Vincent O'Reilly to suck the fat cock that's escaping his bright red jockstrap. Never one to pass up servicing a stranger's uncut pole, Vincent immediately drops down to have his mouth pumped with Joel's junk. The ripped athlete throws the cocksucker around until Vincent is clinging to the punching bag for support while he's being eaten out and barebacked by the boxing bro. With their moans filling the empty gym, Joel pounds Vincent from behind with his big dick before moving to a nearby bench so Vincent can ride him raw. Vincent, still wearing his workout gloves, strokes out a wet, explosive load all over himself and lies there in pleasure as Joel pulls out to bust on his meaty cock.

Cocky Boys - Update

February 09, 2024

Go With The Flow

Nick Floyd just isn't feeling the new year, but when he tries out the "Get Up & Go" butt plug, he instantly becomes a take-charge bottom who zeroes in on Johnny Ford for a wild afternoon fuck. Johnny is taken aback by the aggressive stranger but turned on when they get home. where Nick rips off his clothes and fucks himself on Johnny's cock. Johnny can barely compose himself when Nick sucks him with the same fervor, but soon he takes control which is exactly what Nick wants. Johnny eats out Nick's delicious ass and fucks him with the same wild energy he got from Nick and he doesn't quit until he fucks a load out of him and breeds him. Nick definitely proves that the "Get Up & Go" butt plug really works!

Private Playground XXX - Update

February 07, 2024

Glowball: Cam 2 Pt. 2

There was so much action going on at our Glowball event that we had to break out a second camera. What is it about black lights and neon that gets all these gays going?

ASGMAX - Update

February 06, 2024

Stepping Into The Family Business

Dallas Preston has been working at his dad's company for years. Today is step-brother Nico Coopa'sintroduction to the family business but Dallas is having a hard time keeping Nico focused. Will the guysbe able to keep their hands to themselves or will the close working quarters cause some forbiddenfraternization?

Peter Fever - Update

February 05, 2024

2069: The Military InFILLtration Ep. 4

Sharing is caring, at least when it cums to the QBoys. Jay Wu was not so happy to share his boy Ander with horny twink Pierce Brooks, but now it's time to convert Tony Genius into a full-fledged QBoy, and Ander has the mouth as ass to work that magic. Jay presses Ander down onto his knees, and the horny sidekick starts sucking off both of them. Tony's stiff tool looks so tasty soon Jay is down there grabbing a slurp for himself. But mainly, this is Ander's chance to shine. He works his tongue, open mouth and deep throat on Commander Jay and the intruder Tony. But sucking cock isn't all a horned up mouth is good for, as Tony and Jay rim Ander's tight little hole in preparation for some deep rough anal action. Tony rams his raw booty blaster in first, then passes this prize butthole over to the boss Jay.

BareBack That Hole - Update

February 04, 2024

Tian Tao & Sinner Pit

There's nothing like having a hot hunk waiting to take your big cock, fresh out of the shower, with a few holes that need fucking. It only gets better when it's Tian Tao Sinner Pit doing the fucking. Tian left his buddy Sinner, waiting for him to exit the shower. Like a dog waiting for the best bone of his life, Sinner wasn't going anywhere. Tian teased his buddy before giving him full access to his big thick dick. Sinner stuffed the slab of cock meat right into his mouth, devouring as much as he could before giving Tian a taste of his wet hole. But a taste was not the only thing either wanted as Sinner took Tian's cock deep into his stomach. The muscle top pounded and used his boy's hole until he was ready to unload all over Sinner's ass, with Sinner's cum not far behind.

Naked Sword - Update

February 03, 2024

Gael & Randhy Junior

Nakedsword X Rhyheim: With a raging hard-on stretching out his underwear, Gael is eager to deepthroat and bottom for the big dick pouring out Randhy Junior’s tight briefs. Randhy is more than happy to satisfy Gael’s craving for cock, and it isn’t long before his oversized meat is deep in Gael as the two fuck and suck hard across the bedroom. Then, with Gael on the bed riding his buddy, Randhy delivers his final bareback pumps and pulls out to shoot ropes all over himself and Gael’s bouncy bubble butt.

Straight Fraternity - Update

February 02, 2024

Matt & Memphis

Real Straight Brothers: Introducing Matt and Memphis, real straight brothers who talk about masturbating with friends and their Dad's porn collection. Memphis sure gets hard fast once he starts jacking off with his brother. I give him a lubed pocket pussy and watch these big brothers beat their meat side-by-side. Matt and Memphis joke about shooting their loads on each other, and it's big brother who shoots first. Matt might be finished, but Memphis keeps stroking his big slab of meat. He works and works on it, until.

Private Playground XXX - Update

February 01, 2024

Mare Market Pt. 3

As the mares wait blindfolded for their next pounding, the studio looks like a field full of cattle! See a worthy steed, grab it, mount it, and make it your own.

Maverick Men - Update

January 31, 2024

Hole Submission

It's been a long while since we had our 6’4” tall blond blue eyed horse hung, All American, hot fucker Leeham back in a video. We love to get hot and sweaty with him, he’s a skilled sex partner and loves to submit, there’s something so hot about a horse hung nice guy that not only loves to top but he loves to bottom just as much.

Treasure Island Media - Update

January 31, 2024

Jeff Carvalho & Hariel Dias

Hariel Dias is found blindfolded and chained in a sex club by super horny Jeff Carvalho. Jeff takes full advantage of the hard dicked bottom by using the kid's willing holes for his cock. Hariel whines like a bitch as he takes every stroke from Jeff's big loaded dick.

WhoreHimOut - Update

January 31, 2024

Gangbang 019-P-1

Introducing Denver Dump: We heard LOTS of good things about Denver Dump so naturally we had to fly him out to LA to know for sure. He DID NOT DISAPPOINT guys...he was cum-starved and sweet as could be. He took so many loads I have to split the whole thing into a couple parts. You'll never guess how big Denver Dump's final Load Count is.

Fun Size Boys - Update

January 28, 2024

Shay Ch 4

Shay's Anal Ultrasound: Lately, Dr. Wolf has been too busy for Shay to come over to the house for play time, so Shay took matters into his own little hands! He called Dr. Wolf's office and made an appointment to see him. Dr. Wolf knows what the little guy's game is, but he's missed their time together, too, and he's willing to play along. Dr. Wolf figures that, if they are fucking in his exam room, it's the perfect time to show Shay his ultrasound machine. Dr. Wolf loves watching boys see him fucking them from the inside. He also loves watching his extra-large cock rearranging a boy's guts and filling them up with a hot sticky load of doctor cum. Dr. Wolf knows that the little guy will get a thrill when he sees himself on the ultrasound machine. Shay lubed himself up before he came into the office and he's gotten practiced at taking the Doctor's extra-large rod.

ASGMAX - Update

January 26, 2024

ASG Auditions: Calvin, Canyon & Jacob

Meet Calvin Michaels, Canyon Cole, and Jacob Acosta! Three new to ASG models, ready to show you what they've got! Which Amateur has what it takes to be a Pro? What do you like about each of the guys? Which shaky rookie model deserves a shot to come prove himself again? Who do you want to see them paired with? Which brands will they fit? The choice is yours! Tell us what you think in the comments. Help your favorites get another shot!

Cocky Boys - Update

January 26, 2024

Tristan Welcomes Saint

After months of online flirting, Exclusive Tristan Hunter finally gets to breaks in power bottom Saint Daniel in his CockyBoys debut! As Saint goes down on him eagerly and thoroughly, Tristan readily admits this was worth the wait especially when he's deep-throated so well! While Saint can't get enough of his cock, Tristan wants his hole and buries his face in his crack. While Tristan really wants to fuck Saint, he wants it to be worth the wait too by teasing his hole, then entering him slowly and letting Saint back up on his cock before pounding him just as he's wanted. Still, Tristan prolongs the experience by taking Saint to bed to make out with him and get treated to his class A cocksucking and a brief ass show. Finally though, Tristan lets Saint ride him and they both cut loose with some passionate give and take fucking.

Jalif Studios - Update

January 23, 2024

Gabriel & Magnum XXL

Good-looking, shaven-headed otter Gabriel Altai is in a sex club, and he's feeling about as dirty as a man can feel. He heads straight for the sling, pulls out a rubber gas mask, and throws his legs expectantly into the air. Stocky, hung top Magnum has a sixth-sense when it comes to sniffing out a sub in a sleazy club and soon arrives on the scene, rope in hand, ready to truss Gabriel up like a Thanksgiving turkey. Magnum drops to his knees and starts to eat Gabriel out. That nine-inch dick is gonna be inside Gabriel's beautiful, juicy hole before long, but it's fun to see how many fingers it can take in the meantime. Two? Check. Three? Check. Four? Yep. Knuckles? Sure. Why not? After getting down to some pretty frenzied, heavy-duty, throat-abusing sucking, Gabriel is ripe and ready for the main event.

Cade Maddox - Update

January 19, 2024

Latin Twink Round 2

Last time we saw this college twink he was taking my cock outside in 4AM Public Fuck last October. Well, this time we brought the fun indoors and let me tell you he did a great job taking Daddy's thick dick in his dorm.

English Lads - Update

January 15, 2024

Young Ripped Straight Lad Wanks

Harvey Robinson is one of these extremely confident and sexual young straight lads with an amazing physique. With ripped abs, bulging biceps, and overall lean muscle, Harvey is an absolute stud who continues to work out hard and often. Harvey has hairy legs, a hairy treasure trail, and a semi-bush as he lets it grow back out. He teases us with a sneak preview before whipping off his clothes and showing off his muscular bum and hairy hole as he pulls his legs behind his ears! After playing with himself for a moment, Harvey soon gets a big hard erection and wow he has a nice big uncut cock! Harvey really enjoys wanking and his entire body tenses us with pleasure and he moans with enjoyment as he gets close and finally unloads with big squirts of cum everywhere! That was another intense, hot, orgasm! Great work Harvey!

Naked Sword - Update

January 15, 2024

Rhyheim Shabazz & Icarus

Icarus is on his back, sporting only a jockstrap, and eager to submit his entire body to hung superstar Rhyheim Shabazz. Rhyheim, already throbbing, takes his time exploring the twink’s feet and ass with his mouth before completely filling up his smooth hole. With Rhyheim’s big dick buried deep inside him, Icarus goes from getting barebacked on the bed to the floor to mid-air until both men are ready to eat up each other’s fresh loads.

Bareback Me, Daddy! - Update

January 14, 2024

Horatio & Damian

We look in on daddy Horatio playing with his boy, who is wearing only a t-shirt and jock. It isn't long before Horatio is getting his big dick sucked by Damian, and by the time he's naked, daddy has a finger up the boy's ass. After a long oral session, Damian takes a raw ride on his daddy's big dick, still wearing the jock. Then Horatio takes control and fucks the boy in several positions. Damian ends up legs in the air and stroking out his cum load, while Horatio continues to bareback fuck him. Then daddy pulls out and strokes his load into the Latin boy's mouth.

WhoreHimOut - Update

January 12, 2024

Gangbang 018: 1st Pump N Dump

Mr. Sexy LOVES all of Juven's content so we got him to do his first NO LOADS REFUSED fuck sesh for Whore Him Out and he got his FILLL ! Literally he feasted on all the nut from a bunch of random guys. In typical WHO fashion we broke Mr. Sexy's personal Load record and introduced a HOT NEW player to the Gangbang Game!

Raw Fuck Boys - Update

January 11, 2024

Jordan Starr & Ethan Ch 2

One of the qualities that I look for in a steady cumdump relationship is that of silence and unflinching submission. That, and a smooth, tight body. It's mainly why I thank the sex gods that ever since the night I met and power-fucked cute cumdump Ethan Tate, my sex life has never been better!

Trans Angels - Update

January 06, 2024

Horny Librarian Wants Ass

In this scene, sexy librarian Eva Maxim wears nude stockings and a tight black skirt as she flaunts her sensational curves for the camera. With her big boobs almost spilling out of her low-cut blouse, raven-haired Eva assists cute college student Kane Fox. When Kane inquires if the library has any books on anatomy, the bespectacled babe directs him towards her beautiful shenis, which Kane gobbles up in a raunchy blowjob! Afterwards, Eva treats the tall stud to an erotic foot-job before giving him a hard anal pounding in doggystyle. This steamy study session ends with Kane riding the tattooed nymph in cowgirl on her desk, and then Eva stretches his tight hole in missionary position until she covers him in her orgasm!

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