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Bring Me A Boy - Update

November 19, 2022

Rubbing Daddy

I work hard and sometimes go past my limits, but I've trained my boy to take care of his daddy. I got home, and Timmy was on his bed relaxing. I sat on his bed, and he could tell I was sore. He offered to give me a massage, and I took him up on his offer, but he knew what daddy really needed from his boy. Timmy started on my back with his hands, which was nice, but his mouth and hole was what I needed. I rolled on my back, and after he rubbed my chest, I grabbed his hand and moved it down to my cock for him to suck, which he did without question. Then it was my turn to treat my boy to a blowjob before sitting him down on my hard dick. His hole swallowed my tool until we both shot our loads.

Face Down Ass Up - Update

November 18, 2022

Eat 'Em Up

Key to gettin' these cocksuckers on point is treatin' 'em like they go no where else to go. Cuz they know what they are, just gotta reinforce that. Found this guy online with the usual bs… It won’t fit, my ass hurts… yada yada. Didn’t take long till I worked up his hole to bigger dicks. He’ll be bringing in the cash for sure.

DamianXDragon - Update

November 14, 2022

Little Red Rider & Big Bad Wolf 1

A XXX retelling of a classic tale. In the first scene, you'll catch Jack Dixon, as the Horny Huntsman, fuck Prince Diesel, Little Red Rider's Lusty Uncle. Little Red's Lusty Uncle can't resist yet another man when he spots the Horny Huntsman working up a sweat in the yard. The Lusty Uncle takes the Horny Huntsman's beer can thick cock like a pro before the Huntsman busts all over his face and feeds it back to him.

Hard Brit Lads - Update

November 14, 2022

Daniel & Jay

Well built, thick dicked, dominant str8 lad, Daniel Johnson, gets a full servicing from willing, hung chav lad, Jay Dawson in this super hot video. . Starting off with hard bulge play in shorts, Daniel tells Jay to lick his nipples and armpits. Eager to please, Jay does everything he is told. Pulling out their big uncut dicks, Jay gives Daniel a good sucking. and gets his face fucked. Daniel lays back with Jay underneath him to get his arse licked, and when Jays tongue goes right in, we see Dan's big cock throb and twitch with pleasure. Jay gets on his knees for more sucking and face fucking, then gets a face full of Dan's str8, hairy footballers arse, as he tells Jay to give his hole another good licking. Daniel pries Jays butt cheeks apart and spits onto his hole, then pushes the spit in and gives him a good fingering.

Fuckermate - Update

November 13, 2022

Anal Pleasure

The smooth ass of Brazilian candy Leo Rocha was just mesmerizing and irresistible for our hung tattooed stud Romeo Davis. Horny as fuck at the sight of such beauty, the Canadian promptly joins Leo in the bed and offers him his thick beast to lick and suck. Our young bottom is delighted receiving that good face-fucking and then puts his ass up in the air, so that Romeo can have a deep taste of his juicy hole and prepare it to be drilled and bred hard and bare!

Men At Play - Update

November 12, 2022

Suited Pool Party

It’s a great flick when three suited studs fuck and one of them is the “Lucky Pierre”. But, it's a scorcher when the suit sex play session is wet and in the pool. Argentian bottom muscle stud, Alan Vicenzo, is enjoying a suited self-play session in the pool when he is joined by big-dicked Emir Boscatto and Gustavo Cruz. The hot sun and cool pool water have these three businessmen horny for some wet suit action. Alan, Emir, and Gustavo work intensely on fulfilling each other's desires, and no one leaves unsatisfied from this awesome suited pool party and threesome!

Southern Strokes - Update

November 12, 2022

Horny For You

I got home before my stepbrother, Rimi, from the soccer game, so I waited for him on the couch. It felt like forever since we hung out, and I didn't want to leave before seeing him. When he finally arrived, he plopped down next to me, exhausted but horny. He started grabbing himself, and I watched him with drool dripping down my chin. Maybe not, but my eyes told the story. That's when Rimi reached over and touched my crotch before kissing me. He took his dick out, I got down on my knees and started licking and sucking it. I loved feeling the veins of his meat running across my lips. His balls were calling my name, and I just had to taste them. They were delicious. That's when we switched, and he sucked my cock before licking my ass and then taking it for a ride. We need to hang more often.

Raging Stallion - Update

November 11, 2022

Guilty As Sin 3

Doorman Derek Kage wasn't expecting to see Owen James (Beau Butler) back home so soon, but he's definitely not mad about hooking up with his secret boyfriend earlier than expected. Once Derek lets Owen into his luxury apartment, the two start going at it and Owen begins surprising his DTF doorman with everything from his unexpected underwear choice to his sudden desire to top. Derek embraces the unanticipated changes though and eagerly throws his legs back as Owen toys with his hole, sucks his curved cock, and barebacks his ass. Derek briefly gets a chance to resume topping as Owen's hairy cheeks take a ride on his stiff dick, but is just as quickly put on his back to let Owen finish off dominating his hole.

Jalif Studios - Update

November 10, 2022

Romain & Greg

Sexy Greg Kiff ducks into an alleyway and enters a sex club, flinging himself down onto a couch and spreading his legs enticingly. Greg immediately attracts the attention of Romain Alabien, an edgily-dressed young man who kneels down next to the couch and starts to sniff and lick Greg's prize sneakers. Seriously turned on, Romain's hungry mouth slowly moves towards the impressive bulge in Greg's pants. Greg rapidly returns the favor, chewing and sucking on Romain's crotch like an addict before diving down towards his stinking sneakers. Romain's big, excited, curved dick is soon out of his trackies and half-way down Greg's slutty throat. The sneakers come off and the two men become embroiled in a hot, hard, sleazy, desperate, writhing mass of flesh, feet, rubber and sweaty, synthetic fabrics.

Hard Brit Lads - Update

November 08, 2022

Sky & Josh

Here's one for the chav and scally lovers.. ! Wearing grey trackie bottoms and white socks, horny lads Sky James and Josh Jared get frisky on the sofa, kissing and groping each other. Both lads getting nice solid boners under their jogging bottoms. They pull them down, giving us a hot view of the fitties with hardons bulging inside their underwear as they grope each other some more. Pulling out each others cocks, they eagerly take turns sucking each other...Both lads are uncut and well hung. Josh struggles to swallow the length of Sky's thick eight incher, but has a good try and gets his mouth fucked too. After plenty of great oral action, Sky gives Josh's hole a good rimming, then gets ready to fuck him. First he fucks Josh against the sofa, then he sits back to let Josh ride it for a bit, then grips his arse to thrust into him hard and fast.

Gentleman's Closet - Update

November 07, 2022

Sheer Fuck Directors Cut

Starring Drew Sebastian and Beau Butler. Just home from work and horny AF, Drew knows about Beau's fetish for sheer socks and size 14 feet. This Director's cut will have you gripping and ripping out load after load.

Men At Play - Update

November 05, 2022


Lionel Lilac is struggling with some XXX distractions at the office. When his colleague, Dani Robles, steps away to get something from the office kitchen, Lionel immediately goes online to and begins watching some movies that are unsuitable for viewing at most places of employment (NSFW). He leans back on his chair and starts rubbing his dick over his trousers. Immersed in the hot suit sex action he's watching, Lionel takes out his cock and starts masturbating. When Dani starts to come down the stairs to the shared office space, he is shocked to catch his colleague's self-pleasure play session. Lionel tries to hide his hard cock but it's too late; Dani has had a glimpse at the juicy cock and wants to offer a helping hand.

Trans Angels - Update

November 05, 2022

Bean There, Fucked That

All-natural, slender babe Amanda Riley is bored working at the bakery, so she starts jerking off to pass the time! Just as customer Dante Colle pulls into the drive-through to order some coffee, Amanda bends over to retrieve her cell phone, accidentally flashing Dante in the process! When the cute brunette informs Dante that they are out of milk, he enquires as to whether the trans beauty can make him a special cream substitute, and she is only too happy to oblige! The horny pair passionately kiss, then Amanda descends to her knees and treats the dark-haired stud to a sloppy, deepthroat blowjob. After putting up the "We're sorry, we're closed" sign in the window, Amanda sticks out her firm booty and gets a hard anal pounding in both standing doggystyle and missionary position.

Fisting Inferno - Update

November 04, 2022

Workout That Hole 4

Naked and stroking off in the middle of their gym, Jim Fit and Apollo Fates are ready to stretch some hole and push the physical limits of their bodies. Jim kicks things off by sucking off Apollo's cock, rimming his sweaty hole, and barebacking his muscular ass. Ready to see how much more Apollo can actually take, Jim lubes up his hand and slowly begins working in his fingers until Apollo's ass is wrapped around his wrist. The bottom's eyes rush to the back of his head as Jim continuously pounds his insides on the mat. Unable to take much more, Apollo begins unloading his balls all over himself with Jim then exiting his obliterated backdoor to expose the worn athlete's bright pink insides.

Gaycest - Update

November 02, 2022

Neighborhood Secret Tape 8

Uncle's Memorabilia: My nephew Myott and I have been having quite the adventurous time lately. When we're not getting naked and fucking each other's brains out just the two of us, I've had my neighbor share Myott, and even his own boy. One day I told Myott to come into my bedroom to show him some of my old “costumes” I would wear in my films. I had amassed quite the collection of great underwear and jockstraps. It's safe to say that some simply don't look natural on me anymore. I could tell Myott liked them so I asked him to try some on. Finally, I had him try on one of my old classic white jockstraps. It drove me wild. I knew I had to breed him again. I was balls deep into Myott and pounding his hungry hole at a swift, solid pace.

Peter Fever - Update

November 01, 2022

Camp Crystal Cock Ep. 4

Nightmare on Cum Street: Outside Edith's tumbledown cabin we hear the lumbering steps of scary Jason. Looking up, Levy Foxx exclaims "I'll do anything!" and drops to his knees to suck the tatted madman's big hard dick. Jason takes off the metallic mask to let Levy know who it is he's blowing. Cupping a hand around the back of Levy's head, he guides the twink's hungry mouth down his shaft. Levy leans against the tree as Jason probes his tight hole with tongue and fingers. "Fuck me already!" the bossy little bottom implores, and Jason rams in raw. "Give me what you got, you monster!" Jason speeds up and drills in even deeper, balls slapping into Levy's smooth ass crack. He lays Levy on a beat up table, pulls his shorts down and plows in as he holds the twink by the bandana neckerchief.

Frock The World - Update

November 01, 2022

Jock 4 Jock

These jocks just got done with practice, and they're all pumped up. The Caged Jock and Devin Franco are showing off for each other and it's getting HOT. FROCK hops into the locker room and gets so close, you can practically smell these boys. Get a look at Devin and Caged Jock's bulging biceps and big jock butts . This FROCK #EroticFilm is so hot, you'll be sweating along with guys while they blow off some steam. The Caged Jock and Devin Franco star in Jock 4 Jock.

Scout Boys - Update

November 01, 2022

Troop Time Ch 17

Bump In the Night: It was turning a little cold and they told us it would be our last chance to sleep in tents before next spring, so the whole troop went. The nights were drawing in real early, so we spent a lot of our time telling each other ghost stories around the campfire. Colton and I were getting pretty eager to find a time to make out. We'd promised ourselves to go all the way at some point during the trip. But we didn't know when we'd find the time. Even at night, it's deathly quiet around the tents, and it's very hard to do anything more than cuddle. One night during one of our spooky campfire activities, we found our moment! The guys were going on and on about stories they'd heard and laughing and talking and making all kinds of noise over the crackling fire. It was then I realized that that was probably our best chance!

Fetish Men - Update

November 01, 2022

Ass Pounder

Right off the bat, we're treated to a behind the scenes prologue of our two models being instructed in the protocols and precautions taken in shooting a bondage kink scene and showing their understanding and agreement. Then the hot action begins. Bald and horny Greg Riley's cuffed and chained in a leather vest and jock when Dom muscleman top Travis Connor, bearded, bald, hairy and in a baseball cap, strides in to inspect his new plaything. Yanking the sub's tender nips and smacking his chest, thighs and butt, Travis asserts his ownership. "Look at those bitch tits! Are you MY fuckin' bitch today!?" he growls, and helpless Riley moans out "Yes, SIR!" Open hand spanking turns to flogging ass with a cat 'o nine tails, and Greg's diggin' every sharp thwack!

Disruptive Films - Update

October 30, 2022

Exposure Therapy

Max (Drew Dixon) goes to see Dr. Ludlow (Jax Thirio) with hopes that he can get his addiction to stimulation under control. When Dr. Ludlow realizes that Max's compulsions are out of control, he suggests exposure therapy claiming that the more Max is stimulated, the less he will seek stimulation. They move through their session in attempt to sexually overstimulate Max.

Men At Play - Update

October 30, 2022

The Podophilic Podiatrist 2

Drew Dixon is visiting his podiatrist, Sir Peter, to check on the progress of the sprained ankle. After checking the new x-rays, Sir Peter observes the lateral aspect of Drew's foot and ankle over the gold-toe sock and lets out a big smile. The podophilic doctor is enjoying the circumstance and the sexual attraction gets his cock rock hard. The 5-star reviews and comments on the doctor are all making sense now! Drew feels the big bulge when his foot slides over the erection inside Sir Peter's pants and then feels the doc's wet lips as they play with his feet. The podiatrist pulls out his monster cock and begins to feet fuck his patient. The podophilic podiatrist may have a sexual desire for feet, but he also enjoys getting sucked, rimming, and fingering a puckering hole before bending over a power bottom and giving them a raw riding.

Masqulin - Update

October 29, 2022

Locked Up

Miguel Exotic anxiously awaits his day in court and hopes to be reunited with his babe on the outside any day now. And, when Miguel gets assigned a new prison cellmate by the department of corrections, he keeps his head down and doesn't play into Jordan Lake's games. While Miguel is on his way out, Jordan will be in the system for a while and is making the best of a bad situation. Time flies when you're having fun, and Jordan seldom finds himself with such a handsome cellmate. But, when Miguel gets a letter stating he has 3 more years in lockup, he goes ballistic. Lucky for him, he conveniently has a ready and willing outlet to help him relieve his frustration. Sexually frustrated and curious, he gives into temptation and rails the little twink in his jail cell, just how he's been asking for it.

Men At Play - Update

October 28, 2022

Mantrap: Editor's Cut

Mike De Marko has received a message to meet someone at a warehouse about a potential job. He enters the warehouse and calls out if anybody is there. As he continues to look around, he is unaware that he is being followed. Latino hunk Jean Franko traps the hazel-eyed man stud inside the warehouse. He ties up Mike but only after he suits him up. When Mike awakes, he sees the suited Venezuelan and hears as he whispers: “Finally you are dressed appropriately. It was not easy founding someone your size.” Jean begins to sensually touch Mike, playing with the defenseless stud. He undoes Mike’s belt and unzips the pant, soon pulling out a hard cock. When Jean pulls out his own uncut cock, the tied-up stud unforcedly sucks it while it gets rammed all the way down his throat.

Boy Fun - Update

October 28, 2022

Naughty Outdoors

Fit blond Nico Vegas and his friend Karl Stevens are just a couple of city boys spending a weekend at the farm, but these two know how to make the most of their visit with some hot outdoor Boy Fun. Heading over to the wood shed their lips are soon meeting and Nico's long uncut penis is quickly revealed from his pants, rigid and damp. You can bet his pal Karl can't wait to suck on it. In moments the two are stripping down and greedily swapping their stiff young penises, furiously slurping and wanking each other until their need to fuck takes over. Thankfully there's a convenient picnic table already set up for the horny boys and the feast begins with some juicy lapping of Nico's eager hole. Karl really doesn't hold back when it comes to getting his pucker dripping wet.

Nasty Daddy - Update

October 25, 2022

Daddy's Thug

Another thug trying to steal daddy's dirty underwear. Daddy's going to get his Thug for stealing his dirty underwear again and this time there's going to be some punishment involved. He starts off first buy taking that dirty underwear and stuffing it in Thug's face making him sniff and and taste it too. Following with some deep hard throat fucking and finishing off with rimming Thug's hole then fucking it deep hard and raw!

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