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Men At Play - Update

August 16, 2021


Corporate Financial Controller Dani Robles is being given a polygraph by examiner Sir Peter. Mr. Robles is accused of tax fraud -- cheating the government out of millions of dollars in revenue. The government tax agency is in search of the truth but Dani insists on his innocence throughout. Once the lie detector test is complete, Dani demands to know the results. However, the results need to be analyzed and can only be reviewed by the inspector general. So, Dani tries to bribe Sir Peter for a favorable test result. Sir Peter is an honorable examiner - and money won’t buy him peace of mind. But, then Dani offers Sir Peter something he simply cannot resist. It’s time to get down to real business!

Masonic Boys - Update

August 14, 2021

Apprentice Blue

CHAPTER 4: The Anointing - Entering grandmaster's chamber, Cole was stunned by the white light that surrounded him. It was hard to tell where all it was coming from, giving him the appearance of an angel. Not only was he handsome with salt and pepper hair and a square jaw, but he was dressed in an all white suit that was clearly cut just for him. The older man beckoned him closer, sensing his nervousness but not excusing it. Cole did as he was told, afraid to make eye contact. As much as he wanted it, he was still a young man of limited experience. And he'd certainly never done anything like this before. Savage's fingers dug into Cole's ass, feeling his meat and muscle deeply. Cole let out a moan, mostly from surprise.

Gentleman's Closet - Update

August 10, 2021


In this fetish laced scene Chris Damned and Max Lorde are stylish studs who love wearing suits, foot fun and having amazing hot gay sex. It doesn't take them too long to start playing with each other's feet sniffing, rubbing, sucking and enjoying that sex foot play so very much. Feeling that sheer sock rubbing aginst hard cock is so hot it will make you bust a nut before you know it. Then finishing off with some deep hard anal sex including a reverse cowboy position that will make your mind go wild.

Jalif Studios - Update

August 07, 2021

Matt & Kameron

Matt Surfer can hardly contain his insatiable urge to cum while waiting for his friend, Kameron Frost, to arrive. The two picked out a discreet place for a quick, midday bang and Matt was just counting down the seconds until he could taste the handsome man's beautiful shaft in his mouth. Dressed in a suit and tie, Kameron makes a powerful entrance, ready to give Matt exactly what he needs. Kameron's manhood is enormous. A thick, throbbing, veiny shaft with two massive, heavy nuts weighing it down. It's long and uncut, filling up Matt's throat as the horny bottom begins to swallow it down. Matt worships every inch of the blond man's piece, desperate to have more of it filling his face. Kameron gets a good grip of Matt's hair, pulling him down on his shaft as he slobbers all over his nuts.

Men At Play - Update

August 06, 2021

Young Hustler

James Fox works hard, and every so often, likes to play hard too! Since stress is known to make people extra-horny - James is in search of some young companionship. He contacts and schedules an in-call with the young escort Edward Terrant. When Edward arrives for the appointment through the back door, Mr. Fox is ready to be serviced. The young hustler shows that he can take it like a man and gives him exactly what he wants!

Men At Play - Update

July 29, 2021

Award vs Reward

This evening Leo Rosso will be recognized and receive an award for his philanthropy work. He’s asked his partner, Ruslan Angelo, to join him - but Ruslan prefers to stay home swimming and enjoying the Spanish sun. Noticing that Leo is upset, Ruslan finally goes inside to get ready. He looks good suited and decides that he should dress like this more often, and Leo agrees! His suited partner looks great and Leo starts making out with him. Ruslan, aware of the delay, stops him, asking Leo if they weren't in a hurry? Alas, Leo has changed his mind, the award can wait - it’s time for his reward!

Men At Play - Update

July 20, 2021

The Best of Dario Beck

MENatPLAY sheds a spotlight on Spanish and German hairy stud Dario Beck in a compilation of his very best, suited sex performances. Enjoy the many scenes that Dario stars in and the way he takes what he desires. This hot hunk is more than a hot looking guy, he has a commanding presents that makes every action he takes erotic in it's own way. Truly one of Europe's hottest gay porn stars and one we will watch over and over again and again.

Fun Size Boys - Update

July 17, 2021


CHAPTER 21: Little Workday Distraction - After a couple of fairly intense sessions in Dr. Wolf's office, the tall daddy invited little Austin back to his house for a more extended stay. It was the college holidays and he wanted to spend quality time with his favorite physician! And Dr. Wolf thought it would be fun to have Austin close by 24-7! Dr. Wolf took the morning to work from home and told Austin that he wasn't to be distracted. Of course, as he started sifting through the spreadsheets, the older daddy heard the door opening. He looked up to see a red-faced Austin standing there, almost apologetically, in his sexy little blue T-shirt, almost like he was saying, "Please don't be angry with me, but I'm horny..." Austin undid Wolf's pretty quickly.

Masonic Boys - Update

July 17, 2021

Apprentice Young

CHAPTER 2: The Calling - Master Oaks looked at the beautiful way Austin's cheeks spread, revealing his hole as he tried to keep himself in place. He took off his shirt, unzipped his pants, and pulled out his cock. It was wet with precum, aroused by the boy's beautiful body. With one hand, Master Oaks stroked himself, getting harder with each gesture as he massaged the boy's hole with the other. Master Oaks held his cock up to Austin's hole, feeling it submit to his presence. It didn't take more than a firm, solid push for it to break into his ass, filling him with a few inches of his manhood. Austin let out a moan from deep inside. He felt the heat of the man's cock make its way further into his body, controlling him from the inside just as expertly as he had on the outside.

Men At Play - Update

July 14, 2021

Suited Car Mechanic

Gustavo Cruz is finishing up at his car repair shop when he receives a call. He has an important event to attend, and they are waiting for him. Luckily, he brought his suit with him. When he changes from his work clothes to a formal suit and is ready to leave, Gustavo sees a man, Dario Beck, on the street struggling to start his car, and decides to assist him. After checking the vehicle outside, he offers to push Dario’s car inside of his shop to have a proper inspection. Inside, Gustavo asks Dario to hold his suit jacket for him while he works and ends up getting his shirt all sweaty and dirty! Having caught Dario smelling his suit jacket, he asks him if he likes to see him dirty. By the look of Dario’s boner, he is ready and prepared to play with the suited car mechanic.

Men At Play - Update

July 07, 2021

John & the Casting Director

Javi Grey, the new interim MAP casting director, is on set ready to audition a new model, John Brachalli. As with many new models, John is nervous at first - so Javi takes charge, asking him to take off his clothes and try on the suit. The suit fits John perfectly, thanks to the MAP stylist. During the audition interview, John has a confession to make: he has a suit and sock fetish! Well, John - you're at the right place. Javi cannot resist lending John a hand and the casting call turns into a super hot play session.

Jalif Studios - Update

July 06, 2021

Emilio & Greg

Emilio Segura is a handsome guy: tanned and thin, with dark, cropped haired. He's got a big night planned. He's horny as hell and he wants to spend the night getting fucked in every conceivable position on every conceivable surface in his place! As he starts to get himself ready, he phones his good friend, Greg Centuri. Greg has always kinda fancied Emilio and finds himself getting turned on when he starts talking about sex. It's actually never occurred to Emilio that Greg might be into him. They've been friends for a long time and Greg is usually in some sort of long term relationship. Greg playfully asks Emilio if he's got enough condoms for his night of fucking. Emilio says he's got a few, but that they're a rubbish brand which feel a bit uncomfortable when someone starts fucking hard.

Missionary Boys - Update

July 01, 2021

Supervising His Sin

Elder Benjamin Blue: Supervising His Sin - Innocent Elder Benjamin Blue hasn't been able to keep his mind clear of the desire to touch himself, and President Manuel Skye can smell the boy's guilt. He gets the missionary boy to confess and then shows him how to properly drain a delicious set of balls with a bareback pounding that leaves the boy in an orgasmic fervor.

Men At Play - Update

June 28, 2021

Real Estate Affair

Young high-end Real Estate agent, Pol Prince is giving his new client, Sir Peter, a tour of the perfect family home. But, Sir Peter is looking for a bachelor pad, as he is single. Following the house tour, Sir Peter takes a stroll through the outside gardens while considering the purchase. Pol is one hot stud - and while spying on him through the window, Sir Peter begins to jerk off until he’s caught. Pol knows that a satisfied client almost always guarantees the sale - so he’s ready to play and please!

Men At Play - Update

June 25, 2021

Butler Service 2

As the personal butler to business mogul Bruno Max, Ruslan Angelo is expected to handle all the needs of the household. And by household - we mean Bruno’s appetite for handsome young blue-collar men to serve him fully. Ruslan has served breakfast for Bruno and once seated, begins to give him a routine morning massage. Once his master is full and satisfied with breakfast, it’s time to get satisfied sexually. The butler gets on his knees and commences to blow Bruno’s thick cock - that once fully hard is ready for a morning fuck with the “help”.

Men At Play - Update

June 21, 2021

Man Hours Editor’s Cut

This is a Bonus Editor’s Cut of MENatPLAY Movie "Man Hours" originally released in March 2013. MenatPlay Man Hours – Martin Mazza, Rafa Garcia & Antonio Aguilera. Latino straight Porn Stars Rafa Garcia and newcomer Antonio Aguilera, who together perform their first gay sex scene alongside Martin Mazza. This marks Martin’s return to gay porn and what a way to come back! The straight duo feel they are being taken advantage of when cocky executive Martin Mazza puts them through final interviews and then offers them both work, but with no pay. Rafa and Antonio refuse to be humiliated like this so they turn on Martin to release their pent up frustration with masculine aggression that turns in to hardcore sexual energy.

Men At Play - Update

June 16, 2021

Employee of the Month

Dani Robles is a supportive boss who recognizes the efforts of his staff. When he tells Oliver Marinho, a new employee of only a few weeks, that he’s nominated for employee of the month and that it includes a bonus, Oliver is surprised. It would appear that there are other team members more suitable for the nomination. But, Dani tells Oliver that above all else, he values employee ambition - and that it’s time to get down to business! As it turns out, Oliver is an ambitious employee and Dani’s the one to get a bonus.

Missionary Boys - Update

June 14, 2021

Visit From The Bishop

Bishop Jax Thirio pays a visit to potential missionary boy Aiden Asher and expresses to him how much he’s been missed in the congregation. Aiden confesses that he’s not sure he has what it takes to become a missionary given that he has a lot of dirty forbidden thoughts… especially about Bishop Thirio. To his delightful surprise, Bishop Thirio is there to make all of Aiden’s naughty fantasies come true and prompt him to join the congregation again, so they can have more forbidden nights like this.

Men - Update

June 13, 2021

Better With Clothes On

There's nothing hotter than a sharp-dressed man, as Rico Vega realizes while watching his boyfriend Klein Kerr don a crisp white shirt and sharp tailored blazer. Rico rubs his cock, then lets his robe slip off and grinds his ass against Klein's bulge. The top realizes he doesn't have to go out just yet and runs his hands all over his tattooed boyfriend's body, kissing him passionately. Rico unfastens Klein's belt and drops to his knees to suck his cock, then gets on the bed on all fours as Klein rims him. The top lets his shirt fall open as he fucks Rico doggystyle, then sucks the bottom's hard dick. Rico rides Klein reverse, and this passionate couple gaze at each other as Klein fucks his man missionary till Rico orgasms, then pulls out to shoot his hot load on the bottom's abs.

Men At Play - Update

June 11, 2021

Level Test

Pol Prince visits Gustavo Cruz’s Pilates and rehabilitation center, looking for information regarding stretching classes in order to improve his flexibility. After showing Pol around, Gustavo discusses the benefits of stretching - the sexual, as well as the physical ones. In order for Gustavo to recommend a course of action, he needs to see what Pol is capable of and tells him that he needs to go through a level test. Thinking of the sexual benefits the training could provide, Pol wants to start ASAP and asks Gustavo to show him what he is capable of, right then and there!

Men At Play - Update

May 29, 2021


Sir Peter is having an online meeting with his team when suddenly his boyfriend Bruno Max walks through the background naked, just wearing a towel wrapped around his waist. After the meeting, the embarrassed Sir Peter confronts Bruno and they begin to argue. Seeing as how Bruno doesn’t show any remorse, Sir Peter decides to pay him back by making him late for work. And, Bruno will need to change his now cum stained suit!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 28, 2021

Manuel Submits to Viktor

Manuel Reyes submits to Viktor Rom’s power on Lucas Entertainment! Manuel Reyes is an out-and-proud young gay businessman. But he didn’t know that his boss, Viktor Rom, fucks guys after hours when the office drones head home and he has the place all to himself. When Manuel has to work late and Viktor Rom catches sight of him, the Latin executive exerts his professional and physical strength before Manuel Reyes. Manuel knows his place, and submits himself to the whims of his superior.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 26, 2021

Ruslan Rides Gustavo

Ruslan Angelo rides Gustavo Cruz’s massive uncut cock on Lucas Entertainment! The last time Gustavo Cruz flexed his corporate muscles, he met his match both in the boardroom and in the bedroom—and that was with Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies. Gustavo Cruz gave in to his secret bottoming desire, but he has no interest in doing that again. This time he impresses a young up-and-comer, Ruslan Angelo, with his business prowess. Ruslan Angelo quickly learns that if he’s going to get ahead with a guy like Gustavo Cruz, he’s going to have to service him with his mouth and hole. Obedience is a necessity, because Gustavo Cruz demands no less.

Missionary Boys - Update

May 18, 2021

Forbidden Dress Code

Cute Elder Benjamin Blue is a bit of a rebel, and his sexy tattoo is getting him in all kinds of hot water with muscular President Manuel Skye. The buff priest takes discipline into his own hands, penetrating the subversive boy’s asshole and plowing him into orgasmic oblivion. These two are almost like magic in how well they not only get along but their bodies and minds almost lock in pure passion.

Men At Play - Update

May 17, 2021

Servicing The Boss

Take It Like a Man! That seems to be the motto of Dani Robles’ new sexy boss Gustavo Cruz. Dani’s first week on the job is going great - he feels like he’s already part of the work-family. And, it gets even better when his lewd boss Gustavo finally makes Dani’s dream come true when he fucks him with his big cock right in the office. But, who are we kidding?! Only on MAP can you “Work Less. Play More!” Get back to work Dani.

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