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Naked Sword - Update

November 06, 2016

Scared Stiff: Ep. 2 - "Yes Sir, Ranger Steve"

Welcome back to our little cabin at Camp CUMelot where tales of the anniversary of a gruesome slaughter have got our band of sexy campers SCARED STIFF. Ranger Steve (Colby Keller) startles Jake (Ryan Rose) warning him of the looming danger outside. So they do what any 2 sensible men would do to comfort each other - suck each other's cock!

Men At Play - Update

October 20, 2016

Got Milk

Don’t let the smart exterior fool you for a second. After all Milk hasn’t earned his fuck-boy reputation for nothing, and this week he gives up his smooth and oh so delicious hole to our Russian, muscle-stud Dato Foland. We could go on endlessly about how good Josh gets fucked but seriously just look at the expression on his face while Dato pounds him from behind. But in the end its Josh who gets fed a delicious dose of Dato’s hot milk, shooting his heavy load straight into Josh's open mouth and dripping down his chin, and all over his suit….. Oh how we love a messy ending!

Mormon Boyz - Update

October 15, 2016

Elder white Gets Pounded by President Oaks

Now that Elder White has been anointed and his dick is hard, Oaks sits him down and take the boy's cock in his mouth. The handsome man on his knees drives Elder White wild. His whole body trembles with pleasure as Oaks deepthroats him. Though the boy is aching to cum, President Oaks flips him over and uses the oil to lube White's beautiful ass. As the boy begs for his cock, Oaks pulls it out and rubs it against his hole. He is preparing the boy for his true temple initiation, an ordinance the boy will never forget.

Men At Play - Update

September 27, 2016

Wrong Place, Right Time

Sometimes the biggest mistakes can turn in to the best times. Massimo Piano had no idea that turning up at the wrong venue for his important business conference would lead to him falling to his knees and deep throating on a big juicy Spanish cock. Similarly Philip Zyos couldn't have known when he put on his suit and tie that morning that he'd find himself ripping it off again to pummel some guy.

Mormon Boyz - Update

September 22, 2016

Elder Holland Worked Over by President Nelson

President Nelson wraps his hand around the boy's erection. "Did that turn you on?" Nelson pulls on the shaft. "Yes, President," the young Elder Holland whispers, his voice shaking with desire. As he lays back down on the President's lap. He feels a massive swelling in the President's pants. The President cover's Holland's mouth with his hand and continues spanking the boy as hard as he can. Holland will take anything Nelson gives him, and his ass beaten raw, as long as the man eventually lets him cum.

Men At Play - Update

September 17, 2016


Denis reprises his roll as the famous bullfighter Manuel Vega, but despite being a national sex symbol, Manuel hides a secret. And everyone wants to know what that secret is, including celebrity reporter Jessy Ares - and weakened by the handsome interviewer’s aura Manuel gives him exactly what he wants. Jessy strips the matador from his sexy costume like he’s stripping away his cover, and the usually domineering xxx becomes the sub in a deep ass-pounding that has his moaning with pleasure.

Mormon Boyz - Update

September 08, 2016

Elder Ricci Gets Pounded By Massive Dick

Johnson slowly starts to undress, revealing his chiseled biceps and tan, muscular thighs. While still in his sacred underwear, he orders Ricci up onto all fours and thrusts against him. Ricci can feel the man's swelling cock pressing between his cheeks. Elder Ricci wants to beg the man for more, but he tries to patient. He knows that soon enough he'll get to taste the man's long powerful shaft and, hopefully, feel it slip deep inside him.

Men - Update

September 07, 2016

Gaybait (Pt. 1)

Charlie Pattinson is on the cusp of being fired. His boss, Wesley Woods, is about to deliver the news when Charlie acts fast to distract him. Some spilled coffee later and Charlie is pounding away at his boss’ tight ass, fucking his way right into a promotion.

Men At Play - Update

August 30, 2016

Double Stakes

These three together? This is going to be a ride to remember. What follows is young Klein double sucking on the beefy boys dicks before becoming their spit roast. So we're left wondering who won the bet - looks like they were all three winners in the end.

Men At Play - Update

August 23, 2016

White Lie

When he sneaks a peek at his tasty, young colleague getting butt naked. Jackpot! Just like that Massimo wins the game and takes the prize - to finally fuck young Robbie’s tight, smooth ass over his own desk.

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