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Men At Play - Update

February 21, 2016


Bored with the usual app hookups, Denis Vega ventures out into the night cruising the streets of London and pays a visit to one of his favourite pick-up spots - a secret XXX Cinema. And as soon as he walks in his cock stiffens. The sleazy atmosphere, the hardcore visuals and deep moaning, and the anticipation of getting some cock action gets Denis' testosterone pumping straight to his dick.

Men At Play - Update

February 14, 2016

The Chancer

Massimo uses the i'll scratch your back approach, turns on his charms and gently kisses Matthew's neck to make him slowly melt. That's probably all it would take to be honest but why waste an opportunity to play further with his sexy superior, so cocky chancer Massimo, drops to his knees unzips Matthew flies, and works him mouth over that pre-teased cock. Matthew gets hot under the collar and strips butt naked but cool calculating Matthew sits back fully suited allowing Matthew to ride his thick member.

Men - Update

February 09, 2016

Young Conservatives (Pt. 1)

Will Braun and Tommy Regan are a couple of young conservatives who share the same secret. While out on the road, the two studs come out to each other. They soon realize that there would be no harm in fooling around a bit if they keep it on the down low.

Men At Play - Update

February 03, 2016


New Stud Alert ! Alex Graham is a burly muscled blonde who makes his Menatplay debut this week. His thick arms and chest fill out a shirt and suit to busting point. And , during his encounter with top MAP model Flex, Sam does actually burst his way out of his suit so we get to see that stocky heap of man-meat that we love so much here on Menatplay. What a great paring for his first scene. Flex and Alex are a perfect match and seeing Alex play with a dildo between Flex’s big meaty cheeks before pummelling him with his cock is a highlight of 2016 so far!

The Gay Office - Update

January 21, 2016

The Concierge (Pt. 2)

Alex Mecum! Connor Maguire! Gay sex in suits and ties! Big Cocks! Muscle Boys!

Men At Play - Update

January 18, 2016

Massimo, Klein and Dani

Real life boyfriends Massimo & Klein are pure fireworks to watch as they fuck on camera, and when you throw in a third stud for them to experiment with the result is suited-threesome heaven. And even more so when that third guy is a cum-hungry bottom like Dani Robles. Massimo and Klein begin by feeding Dani their delicious, uncut dicks, and Dani has a total feast with them… well who wouldn’t right? The couple mouth-fuck Dani till he almost gags, swapping dicks for him to take in deep and then ramming both in at the same time! Next its Dani’s hole that pummelled by Massimo & Klein, who tag-fuck his ass, taking turns and making the fun last as much as possible. But the pleasure is so intense its impossible to contain and eventually the guys explode THE most impressive loads (both at the same time!), completely covering suited Dani in their hot, delicious cum.

The Gay Office - Update

January 14, 2016

The Concierge (Pt. 1)

Landon Mycles is in town for business and wants to get fucked after a long day. He calls up the concierge who kindly sends up JJ Knight to ravage Landon’s hole with his enormous dick.

Men At Play - Update

January 03, 2016


Right now that’s out of the way it’s time to get back on track with some good hard fucking between two stacked studs. During the New Year lull Flex is horny at home and pervs on his neighbours across the way using a telescope to get close in on what ever throbbing manflesh he can find. Lucky for him finance worker Enzo Rimenez is suited up and Ready to get back to the office.

Men At Play - Update

January 01, 2016

Had It Comming

Hector De Silva gets an unexpected visit from an ex-flame, and he’s not one bit pleased about it…. or is he? Despite what Hector says, Ehrik knows that he can still manipulate his ex-lover and use sex to get whatever he wants from him - and as usual Hector falls right into his trap.

Men - Update

December 29, 2015

A Royal Fuckfest (Pt. 3)

All this royal fucking looks to be stirring up quite a scandal... Connor Maguire, Paul Walker, Theo Ford in a Gay Sex Threeway involving two Princely brothers.

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