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Men At Play - Update

January 03, 2021

Upfront Payment

Clean-shaven professor Dani Robles works at an audiovisual design school, where Xavi Garcia stops in for some information for his son. After a tour of the school, in a conference room, the two men discuss admissions terms - including a discount with full upfront payment. However, Xavi isn’t hooked with the discount offer but his visibly hard cock lets Dani know exactly what he is interested in.

Men At Play - Update

December 28, 2020

Shower Play

Joe Gillis says goodbye to his husband Cole Keller before heading out to the office. Cole wants some morning play but Joe wants to miss the traffic. On his way out, Joe regrets leaving and turns around; finding his bodybuilder stud in the shower. Admiring his greatest supporter, Joe is ready and there’s no time to take his suit off - it’s time for some passionate shower play..

Missionary Boys - Update

December 22, 2020

Elder Benjamin: Pass the Test

President Manuel Skye has a very important interview with Elder Benjamin Blue, in which he has to make sure Benjamin feels completely comfortable with his role and duties within the organization. To President Manuel’s surprise, Benjamin passed his test with flying colors. The handsome boy is nervous, but once Skye breaks his tight hole in with his throbbing cock, all of the boy's preconceptions go out the window.

Men At Play - Update

December 20, 2020

Lights, Camera, Action!

After a lot of effort (see “Ambiousest”) to get the position of the lead anchor, Franky Fox ends his first week on the principal chair. Damon Heart, Head of Media for the station, has been observing Franky’s excellent performance. After everyone is sent home for the weekend, Franky asks Damon how he could improve. Damon tells Franky that he knows that fucked his former assistant to help him get ahead; and that shows he’s the right guy for the team! Why stop at fucking your assistant? Franky lets his boss Damon fuck him on his news table... except he doesn’t know that the cameras are still recording!

Men At Play - Update

December 17, 2020

Fucking Raisey

Skyy Knox believes his performance merits a salary increase and meets with his boss Mateo Zagal to make the formal request. However, Mateo seems more impressed with Skyy’s suit and tie - and his request gets a different kind of raise! He won't take no for an answer and will do whatever it takes and really means WHATEVER! By the time they're done there are more raises then one. The kind that makes money and the kind that makes you cum.

Boy For Sale - Update

December 15, 2020

Boy Cole: Prize

Master Landon felt strong next to the young man. His smooth, prominent muscles were on clear display, giving Cole an eyeful of his power and masculinity. Cole didn't need a reminder of who was in charge, but it gave Landon an extra thrill for him to see me like this. He could tell Cole was turned on by it, making the slave boy even more eager to please. Lying back on the bed, Master Landon sank into the expensive pillows and sheets, spreading out as he claimed it all for himself. As he did, Cole crawled beneath Landon's legs, taking his manhood into his pretty mouth, sucking on it and tasting it, becoming more acquainted with his master's flavor and feel. It was important that Cole learn all about his new master.

Helix Studios - Update

December 08, 2020

Brotherhood of Games 1

The New Player: Few chosen enter to experience the most daring games you can imagine within the Brotherhood of Games. From the hand of El Maestre, a mysterious masked and sensual figure who recruits new and young players for the hottest adventures. The Master has a play group that he encourages to play with sex toys. Two high school boys, Fabrice and Felix, are sent by El Maestre to recruit the new player: Anibal. Anibal does not know that being admitted to this secret Brotherhood is going to bring him so much anal pleasure. On this occasion, to convince him they are going to use a double penetration dildo that will create a bond between the members of the brotherhood and the newbie, who will not be able to resist the proposal.

Icon Male - Update

December 06, 2020

Blowin' Off Steam Bro

Drew Sebastian and Trent Atkins are two sexy hunks and like the rest of us sometimes use sex to get through these tough times. Bossman Drew gets his assistant Trent all worked up with his big fat hard cock. It doesn't take long until Trent is all over it taking his hefty meat deep down his throat and loving every inch. Then Drew gives Trent paybacks with his hot wet tongue deep up Trent's hungry hole. Trent lays back Drew and returns the favor, tongue fucking Drew's open pucker. Finally Drew takes Trent by bending him over the desk and fucking Trent's asshole deep hard and raw.

Daddy Sex Files - Update

November 28, 2020

Delivery Boy Tag Team

Most men jack off at work, young Tommy DeLuca is no different. Thankfully married man Hans Berlin is more inclined to get his uncut cock out and join in when he finds the lad beating his huge meat to some good pussy porn. The arrival of delivery guy Zack Taylor only makes the encounter more fun, he doesn't need a whole lot or persuasion to get his own stiff meat out and within moments all three are stroking each other, sucking hard wet meat and preparing to share that delivery guy hole! By the time cum loads are splashed all over bottom Zack it's clear he's gonna be delivering here again

Men At Play - Update

November 15, 2020

Unfinished Business

Editor's Cut - There's always that hot guy at work that you just wish you had the balls to come-on too. You're never quite sure how he'll react and so you never find out just how good it could have been. If you've ever been in that shoulda woulda coulda situation then you'll appreciate the dilemma for Hans Berlin in “Unfinished Business”. Hans is leaving the company and with his boxed up belongings in hand, he calls in on his buddy Tom who's preparing a presentation in the Boardroom. Hans has always, understandably, had the horn for suited stud Tom Wolfe and with the final goodbye man-hug, Hans takes the plunge and moves in for the deep throat kiss he's wanted for so long. Tom is taken aback but he's the kind of sexual beast that is always up for a good fuck any time of the day.

Men At Play - Update

November 12, 2020

Doctors' Examination

After being away for a week at a medical conference, Dr. Dani Robles asks Dr. Leo Rosso how it went while he was away. Dr. Rosso lets him know that it was quiet and asks if he had time to do some sightseeing. Unfortunately, Dani had little time to rest as he was busy with meetings. Once they get together it doesn't take long until big fat hard cock is being sucked deep down a willing throat. Just to make sure the Doctor does a good job he uses the anal cavity to complete his examination and he uses it well.

Men At Play - Update

October 31, 2020

Wet Party Planner

Joe Gillis will be hosting a charity event at his house and has, again, hired party planner Leo Grin to make all the arrangements. Joe discusses what he wants with Leo: a bar, tables for 200 guests, a dance platform over the pool - among other things. Before getting a quote for the cost, Joe reminds Leo that he's been a good customer. Surprised at the estimated cost of $30,000 euros, he asks for a discount when suddenly the sprinklers go off getting Leo wet! At first, Leo is shocked but then finds it funny. Joe apologizes but admits that he finds Leo very sexy when wet. The party planning will have to wait while the men play.

Reality Dudes - Update

October 28, 2020

The Fuck Challenge

Eli Hunter is ready to cum out victorious in a challenge with Max Blairwood. Eli resolves to solve his puzzle cube before Max cums, but the tanned top isn't going to make it easy for him! Max distracts Eli by sucking his cock under the table, then undresses the bottom and fucks him mish. Despite Eli's best efforts to maintain his concentration as he gets his hole pounded doggystyle, he fumbles the puzzle, then puts it aside so he can ride Max's cock. By the time the top cums all over Eli's face, Max has got the challenge on lock... or does he?

Men At Play - Update

October 25, 2020

The Roommate

Andy Star spent the night at his boyfriend’s shared apartment. After his boyfriend leaves for work, Andy takes a shower and goes to get some coffee wearing a towel wrapped around his waist. Bruno Max, the roommate, is dressed, ready for his morning coffee before heading to the office. He gets a pleasant surprise when he runs into Andy and his towel "accidentally" falls off. While getting dressed, Andy realizes that he forgot to bring a tie to wear. He enters Bruno’s bedroom and finds one that will work. When he’s just about to leave the bedroom, Bruno walks in on him. Andy apologizes and asks Bruno to please not tell his boyfriend. Bruno agrees not to say anything but Andy wants him to keep an even bigger secret.

Men At Play - Update

October 16, 2020

Peeping Photographer

Kike Gil has an appointment at Leo Rosso’s photo studio to take some corporate photos. He arrives and is invited to go upstairs and put on the suit that the company has sent for him. While Kike is getting dressed, Leo takes a sneak peek of the sexy businessman changing. When Kike is fully suited, the shoot starts. But, at one point Kike gets cheeky and starts laughing, remembering having seen Leo peeping earlier. He’s sure that he turns Leo on and when Leo asks him why he’s laughing, Kike asks if he makes it a habit of watching customers changing. The peeping photographer approaches Kike -- the shoot is on hold while the two men play in the hot studio.

Men At Play - Update

October 08, 2020

Suited Handyman

They’re back! MenatPlay is delighted to welcome back two fan-favorite studs, Denis Vega and Salvador Mendonza. Salvador Mendoza hires a handyman Denis Vega to fix the HVAC system in his apartment. While working, Denis notices a closet full of elegant business suits and shirts. The blue-collar worker is curious… what does it feel like to be suited? Powerful? Arrogant? Sophisticated? Having never worn a suit, he resolves to try one on. Checking in on Denis, Salvador catches him red-handed but he likes what he sees! Salvador helps the day laborer get fully suited and when he gets to put on the shoes, he can’t control himself any longer. Already on his knees, Salvador takes Denis’ cock hungrily and then rips the suit pants to reveal a hairy ass ready to be fucked

Lucas Entertainment - Update

October 05, 2020

Rafael Bottoms For Dylan

Rafael Carreras is back to fuck some more, but this time he wants someone alpha, unlike the beta bottom Aaden Stark that he thoroughly slammed recently. Rafael Carreras hooks up with the tattooed business jock Dylan James. While Rafael often is on top slamming asses, he’s quickly seduced by Dylan’s quiet charm and masculine energy. Rafael gets on his back and spreads his ass open for Dylan to fuck. At one point, Rafael Carrera rides Dylan James and really moves his hips, and with the motion, all nine inches of Dylan’s bare cock disappear up his ass!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

October 02, 2020

Drake Rides Andrey

Drake Rogers is an adorable, fresh-faced fledgling in the white-collar business world. And being so adorable and so fresh-faced, he’s not wise to how many sharks are out there in the world who want to use him for his body and not his work ethic. While spending time with his workplace superior, Andrey Vic, Drake gets caught up in Andrey’s flirtations and winds up sucking his uncut cock and riding him bareback. Andrey also has a foot fetish, so Drake surrenders his toes to be sucked on, too

Men At Play - Update

September 29, 2020

Boylust 2

Thyle Knoxx has a weakness for handsome successful men - which is why he’s taken a job cleaning houses. His customer, Manuel Skye is a Canadian former aerial acrobat turned businessman with a big dick and naughty streak. And, when Thyle sees his suited client, he can’t help but want to feel the fabric and the growing cock hiding inside. Watch as Manuel plays with the big-dicked young help - leaving a messy dump of cum on the hardwood floors that will need to be cleaned.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

September 27, 2020

Sergeant Miles Submits

Sergeant Miles has always been a take-charge kind of guy. When he jumped into the white-collar business world after getting out of the military, he brought with him the no-bullshit attitude he earned while in the service. But he never met a Persian executive quite like Arad Winwin, who always gets his away at the end of a meeting. Before Sergeant knows it, his face his beet-red gagging on the cock of Arad Winwin, who takes a lot of pleasure from exercising his executive authority over Sergeant. And that’s before Arad Winwin spins Sergeant Miles around and breeds him up his ass.

Men At Play - Update

September 22, 2020

Extra Parts

In his MAP debut, Joe Gillis has an appointment with Mark at the dealership to finish the paperwork and pick up his new car. When he arrives, Dani Robles greets him and tells him that Mark is off but that he can help him. After going through the paperwork, Dani realizes that the car is not ready and that it will take a few more hours. Joe is upset and asks Dani to do something about it! Dani offers him some extra car parts for the trouble. They go upstairs where the extra parts are stored. They start talking about the inches of the rims when the situation turns flirtatious, and Dani ends up discovering first hand (and ass) Joe's inches! The bigger the better.

Men At Play - Update

September 14, 2020

Big Tipper

Manuel Scalco is staying in a luxury boutique hotel where Bruno Max works as a waiter. Seated in the garden, the suited stud Manuel orders breakfast. While Bruno clears other tables, Manuel cannot stop staring at his ass. And, in order to get Bruno's attention, he intentionally pours coffee over his shirt. Bruno runs to help him get cleaned up and receives a generous tip for the help. When Bruno asks Manuel if he needs anything else, he’s offered more money, but this time Manuel takes Bruno's hand and shows him where the money is.

Men At Play - Update

September 06, 2020


Ricky Blue owns and operates a luxury car dealership. Including the shady business practice of buying and selling stolen cars from the Mafia. Jonathan Miranda works for the Mafia and tried to scam Ricky into buying some stolen cars that were identifiable by the police. Ricky isn’t taking this situation lightly and is ready to punish Jonathan for trying to scam him! At the car operations center, he finds Jonathan hand-tied, bound, and marked. Ricky is the best at punishing those who cross him and then fucks them, literally, until they ask for mercy.

Men At Play - Update

August 29, 2020

Office Voyeur

At their law firm, Dani Robles and Thomas Thunder are busy working on their cases. Dani arranges to meet a client at their office in 30 minutes and says goodbye to Thomas. Even though Thomas is busy, he starts getting sexts and is asked to send a video of him playing with himself. He reluctantly obliges. On his way to his meeting, Dani realizes that he forgot some important documents at his desk and comes back to the office. Through the blinds, Dani sees what Thomas is up too - and he can’t help but watch! When Thomas notices Dani watching him, he invites him over and the two suited studs turn the voyeuristic experience into an intense raw office sex play session.

Men At Play - Update

August 22, 2020

Sex Games II

It’s late in the evening and Bruno Max enters a club where the friendly Jonathan Miranda greets him from behind the bar. Since it’s Bruno’s first time in the club, Jonathan offers him a complimentary drink and afterward to show him around the club. Bruno agrees and follows him. Jonathan walks him through the club until he ends up in his favorite room, the sex games room. When Bruno sees the room, he hesitates and tells Jonathan he is not interested. But when Jonathan ties Bruno to the big X against the wall of the playroom, his cock gets hard and he can’t resist the opportunity to play! Enjoy this raw suited sex flip fuck session in Sex Games.

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