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Bound Gods - Update

January 19, 2016

Christian Wilde's Latex Meat Locker

Coby Mitchell sways in ropes, hung from the racks in a meat locker. His tormentor, Christian Wilde arrives in a latex apron to inspect the suspended man-meat. Christian crops Coby up and down before stretching Coby's balls with a heavy cluster of weights. He attaches a clover clamp chain onto Coby's nipples and adds more weights to it. Coby can barely handle the pressure on his balls and nipples as Cristian resumes cropping. Christian brings Coby back to earth and has the stud worship his massive cock.

Raw Fuck - Update

December 02, 2015

Skater Dudes’ Rubber Fun Fucking

Hip grinding, cocksucking and facefucking sends this guy over the edge! The kinky top lad in this video gets a pervy idea after the blowjob his longhaired mate gives him, and snaps on his rubber work gloves to probe the bottom’s tight holes, poking his spit up him to lube him up for a seriously deep, bare pounding.

Titan Men - Update

October 06, 2015

The Best of the Fallen Angel Collection

The most iconic and award winning leather series in gay porn history, the Fallen Angel series set the standard for what Leather and Fetish is supposed to be. Director Bruce Cam took the backroom and brought it into the bedroom for everyone to see in all its glory. Masculine and muscular leather clad men doing things that many had never seen, and most will never forget! Bruce Cam has chosen the very best scenes from the five Fallen Angel films and had them digitally restored into HD and 16x9 wide screen. You can now see every turgid muscle, every bead of sweat and every pulsating puckered hole about to be violated!

Naked Kombat - Update

February 16, 2015

Top Cock: Justin vs Owen

Justin Beal is a lean and cut fighter with a cock that won't quit. Wrestling is a huge turn on for him and he's hard every round as he takes on Owen Michaels. Owen is a buff stud with years of wrestling experience and a competitive, cocky attitude. It's all muscle and hard cock when these two meet on the mat for an intense match of Top Cock. The loser gets treated like a punching bag and then made to drag weights around the gym by their balls. A hard locker room fuck leaves him covered in the cum of himself and the victor.

Gay Videos Network - Update

February 10, 2015

Tober Brandt and Mischief

The first scene opens up with two beefy dudes making out in bed. These two have thick rods and waste no time getting straight down to some dick sucking business. They fuck each other's throats hard, shoving their rods in deep down. One guy bends ever revealing his hairy asshole, which his friend eats out before sliding his thick rod deep into his ass. The pounds are slow at first, but get harder with each thrust. Sweat covers their thick bodies as they continue to fuck each other and the scene ends with loads of jizz spraying out of their fat cocks.

Cazzo Club - Update

January 29, 2015

Michael & Fostter

Portuguese sneaker pig Fostter Riviera returns with a vengeance to the Cazzo world. He proves sometimes a man's hole has needs and clearly has a few ideas on how to handle his hunger. In typical Berlin fashion Fostter found the perfect place for his desires: an abandoned storage room. Joined by Dutch newcomer Michael Selvaggio, he eagerly awaits something to stretch himself wide open with.

UK Hot Jocks - Update

January 18, 2015

Hard Gear Wet Hot Rubber

JP sits & waits in black boots, black & yellow striped rubber chaps & jock & matching rubber harness wrapped around his bulging chest. A pint of yellow liquid sits near, JP picks up the glass & gulps down, only spilling a little to glaze his pec’s. Angel joins the scene in a black rubber harness, shorts, socks & boxing boots. JP unzips Angel’s shorts & takes his cock out to suck it, getting himself hard in seconds & pulling his big dick through the side of his rubber jock. Lying back JP gets ready to receive some juice straight from the tap. Angel soaks him spurring him on to piss as well, two warm yellow streams covering JPs muscular body.

Hot House - Update

January 14, 2015


Adam Bryant stands like a god on a pedestal in his rubber gear. Johnny Ryder kneels in worship at his feet, with his mouth wrapped around Adam's thick cock. Spit & slobber drip off the tip of Adam's dick, & he keeps his hand resting on the back of Johnny's neck, offering subtle guidance. Johnny jacks his dick with excitement, & he gets his first taste of penetration when Adam bends him over & works his hole with an extra-long dildo. With Johnny's ass good & ready, Adam mounts him from behind for a ball-slapping pounding.

Men On Edge - Update

January 12, 2015

Vanta Claus Brings Two Gifts

Welcome to our Live Men on Edge Holiday Special! We have John Smith and Sebastian Keys joining us for the holidays as Vanta Clause arrives with lots of fun toys and goodies. We start John off with his hands bound behind his back while we tease his cock till it's standing at attention. Aching to cum, John tries to fuck our hands in the bondage as we continue to drive his cock wild until he bursts a huge load right onto his stomach. Up next, at the member's request, we tie Sebastian on the bed, spread eagle while John learns the ways of edging cock. An electric ball pouch is placed around Sebastian's nuts before we torment him with more electricity up his ass. After driving him wild, Sebastian finally blows his load before he's finished off with post-orgasmic torment and extreme tickling.

Bound Gods - Update

January 11, 2015

Unwilling Onyx Recruit Mike

Adam Herst descends upon unsuspecting Onyx recruit Mike Gaite, lost in a dark alley. He chains him to a concrete wall and beats him with a crop, commanding his muscled captive's obedience, then strips his clothes and sucks his thick cock even as Mike begs him to stop. Adam's new recruit finds himself bent over a trash can with his arms chained behind his back and his shirt wadded into a gag in his mouth, as Adam fucks his solid ass. Adam then binds his recruit in belts and flogs him while making him suck his perfect cock.

Bound Gods - Update

December 02, 2014

Onyx Recruit

Onyx recruit Connor Halsted awaits on his knees as Jaxton Wheeler enters with crop in hand. Painful clover clamps clamp down tight on Connor's nipples, squeezing harder the more he jerks from the crop beating against his flesh. After receiving a flogging, the recruit finds himself strapped down on the table as Jaxton shoves his hard cock down his throat. Connor's then bent over, his hands and feet locked in chains, as Jaxton rams him from behind. On his backside, with bit gag tightly in his mouth, Connor receives a final fuck before Jaxton blows his hot load all over the recruit's face.

Seth Chase - Update

September 09, 2014

Fucking Colton Raw

Although when it comes to fucking, he’s normally a top, he said he couldn’t wait to get every drop of my big load shot deep into his guts. Colton sucks on my cock just enough to get me hard. We waste no time and Colton drops his pants and bends over. The underwear he showed up in were definitely made for for fucking! There’s a big nice fuck-hole cut out in the back. Of course I immediately stick my cock through the fuck-hole and start warming up Colton’s man-hole. I squeeze out some pre-cum from my cock and lube up Colton’s hole. Since Colton is normally a top, I start slow. I want to make this fuck-session last!

Wurstfilm Club - Update

September 06, 2014

Holger, Rubberguy and Bastian Winkler

Dirty sex pig Bastian wants to explore all. He jumps into the sling and gets a hefty treatment. The masked rubber pig and horny big cock Holger have the right equipment for this. Sex toys are a big help like a huge dildo and a Prince Albert. Bastian swims happily in the yellow sex juice.

Cazzo Club - Update

September 05, 2014

Matthieu, David & Nicolas

Nicolas is waiting, ready for use in an abandoned factory. He doesn't have to wait long because two sex pigs David and Matthieu discover him. Nicolas show the two what talent his has sucking their fat cocks! Matthieu is the first who stuffs his hungry ass and then David sinks his big dick deep inside his ass. Nicolas ass gets used alternately by the two hungry tops. Finally he is bathed in hot man juice. But the two are not yet done with him. They give the greedy cunt what it needs: both fists disappear in his dripping hole! David takes the two fists until he squirts.

Fetish Force - Update

August 26, 2014

Warehouse Fists

Brian Bonds steadies himself against a stepladder as crew-cut Zack Taylor massages his hole with a gloved fist. Brian offers lots of verbal encouragement as his ass muscles relax, giving way to Zack's fist. That fist rotates its way deeper, with a few slaps to ease it along. Brian shakes his butt, telling Zack to 'fuck me good.' Their torsos gleam with perspiration. Seen from the back, both are smooth; Zack is dark, Brian is pale, and freckled.

Iron Lockup - Update

June 19, 2014

Prisoner #05092014s5

Puppy continues to attempt to fist the bitch and as loose as the bitch's hole seems to be puppy's paws are just as freakishly large thus the bitch's limits are thoroughly tested.

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