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Axel Abysse - Update

Sunday February 18, 2024

Quad, Part One

Eight fists, three holes, there's so much they can do ! Punches, doubles, deepthroating, the boys are in heat and the pool can't cool them down!

Young Bastards - Update

Saturday February 17, 2024

Thug Boys Gangbang

Roped up and gagged, little Eugene is at the mercy of his captors. They’re ready to make the most of their twink fuck slut as soon as the trio of a big-dicked thug boys arrive. Their meat is soon out for Eugene to service, their helmets wet and swollen, their balls loaded with cream for the slutty toy boy to take. Eugene starts out with his mouth and hands, sucking, licking and wanking every inch of desperate man meat to come his way, but it’s not long before they’re taking turns in his hole. With their sub boy’s twink pucker licked Ivan, Max and Alpan take their turns to pound his naked hole, fucking his mouth and ass, grabbing other dicks and jabbing them into the boy. All three are determined to use and degrade their greedy cock taker in the best way.

Private Playground XXX - Update

February 07, 2024

Glowball: Cam 2 Pt. 2

There was so much action going on at our Glowball event that we had to break out a second camera. What is it about black lights and neon that gets all these gays going?

Bareback + - Update

February 06, 2024

Serg Shepard Cumdump 1

Serg Shepard may appear as a shy pale-skinned boy next door type, but oh does he know how to milk cocks for every ounce of cum they are worth. With daddy-types like Adam Snow and Hudson James having their way with Serg's cum-filled hole, and eager twink tops like Oliver Carter and Ethan Tate taking their turns, everybody's load is welcome!

Private Playground XXX - Update

February 01, 2024

Mare Market Pt. 3

As the mares wait blindfolded for their next pounding, the studio looks like a field full of cattle! See a worthy steed, grab it, mount it, and make it your own.

WhoreHimOut - Update

January 31, 2024

Gangbang 019-P-1

Introducing Denver Dump: We heard LOTS of good things about Denver Dump so naturally we had to fly him out to LA to know for sure. He DID NOT DISAPPOINT guys...he was cum-starved and sweet as could be. He took so many loads I have to split the whole thing into a couple parts. You'll never guess how big Denver Dump's final Load Count is.

Frat X - Update

January 25, 2024

Ass Handing 101

These newbie's are so stupid, they actually think swallowing dick and opening the hole is just a one off. That's not how we roll at the frat house, we pound to the ground multiple reps, like a gym workout. You wanna be a pledge and not a little bitch, then you're gonna get seconds and thirds on the jizz.

Sketchy Sex - Update

January 25, 2024

Sloppy Dive

The guys took turns fucking him hard and fast. They were making sure he was getting everything he wanted and then some. He was begging for them to cum inside him. They all did. He was covered in cum.

Private Playground XXX - Update

January 23, 2024

Glowball:Cam 2 Pt. 1

Get up close and personal with our GLOWBALL players. One camera could not come close to catching all the sweaty, gleaming action! Enjoy this uncut and RAW footage!

Boy For Sale - Update

January 23, 2024

The Boy Cole Ch 15

Party Favor: Master Patrick has been dominant since he was a teenager. At first it confused him and he sometimes acted inappropriately. After he got older, he joined the gay leather community and learned how to channel his desires in healthier ways but it was unfulfilling. He found that most of the so-called submissive were more interested in their own fantasies than actually serving him. When he discovered the Collective it changed his life. This was the real deal. He bought Boy Cole, an experienced Slave-boy of the first order. The Collective is not just a place to buy Slave-boys, though. It is also a place where the wealthy, powerful men who buy and sell them socialize with like-minded friends. Master Patrick is both flattered and intimidated to be invited by Master Legrand, one of the most influential members of the collective.

Raging Stallion - Update

January 22, 2024

The Beach House 5

Unable to get enough of each other's cocks, muscles, and body fur, Beau Butler and Heath Halo are breaking away from their bareback foursome for some hardcore one-on-one time that ends with Heath's hole getting bred by Beau. Still horny for more, the beach bros return to their full group so Beau can get fucked by Cole Ryan's big dick and Heath can pound Ryder Flynn's tan-lined cheeks. Then, with Beau on his back and his thick thighs spread wide open, Cole, Ryder and Heath take turns fucking the hunk's ass until they're each ready to drown Beau's junk in their extra creamy pool of jizz.

Raw Road Nation - Update

January 22, 2024

Huge Long Mammoth Giveaway

20 blue collar ass pounding fukkas work endless bareback muscle hole for over an hour in the group scene that will end all group fucks forever. If you like man hair and sweat then this is the film for you. Part 2: This picks up halfway through this classic nasty af Award winning sleazy gang bang. The action moves on from all the sucking, ass eating, nasty ass to mouth action and initial muscular butt fucking that got you busting your nut in Part One.

Naked Sword - Update

January 21, 2024


During a night of drinking, Raphael arrives by chance in an apartment where an orgy takes place. "Embarrassed" he locks himself in the bathroom where he will find a sleeping guy he knows pretty well.

Treasure Island Media - Update

January 21, 2024

Nympho Man 1

25th Anniversary Gang Bang: A celebration of Treasure Island Media’s 25th Anniversary, Paul Morris and Luis Lumem set out to do a 25-man over the top balls to the wall pure Treasure Island gangbang. Of course, we aimed for 25 loads, but our street-filth bottom PETRICK GARCIA needed more! Filmed in a beautiful mountain village in Brazil, Petrick gets fucked repeatedly over and over by man after man, taking load after load after load after load.

Men At Play - Update

January 19, 2024

Members Only 2

The Pinstripe Society is full of high-powered men whose thrill is to have their way with a young, submissive bottom. Today, the members-only secret society is holding a special meeting with its Chairman, Sir Peter, to induct one new member! Two candidates, Daddy Cakes and Mateo Zagal, must perform exemplarily while they play with the sacrificial muse, Benjamin Blue. The young Benjamin willingly submits to the suited big-dicked masters. The wealthy and powerful men pass around the night’s muse, who does everything the masters command while they indulge in an evening of debauchery with his hole and body.

Hung Young Brit - Update

January 19, 2024

Spunking Multiple 10X

Come meet our new friends - some of them are going to be staying with me for a bit. Crazy sex party, hosting this was brilliant !! Normally at a sex parties people cant get hard nor cum. Here everyone gets HARD and literally all of them that entered the flat, also shot there cum before leaving and we got the lot 4 you here on tape. The flat has become completely obsessed with Jurassic park - we don't live in a castle anymore nor in space - we want to live in the jungle and our artist boy Jamie (JBSketch). Said he could paint me anything - so we picked dinosaurs!

Private Playground XXX - Update

January 19, 2024

GEAR 2022: Cam 2 Pt. 3

This final installment of the series is proof that Gear is for the Queers! In here, baseball caps are kinky, sneakers are sexy, and jockstraps aren't just for sports. It's a good thing leather cleans so easily because it's a wet and wild mess in the studio.

Bel Ami Online - Update

January 18, 2024

Helmut, Jerome, Ashton, Alan & John Orgy!

If only all teachers were as fun and as sexy as Helmut Huxley and Jerome Exupery! Today we have a training video from South Africa with Ashton Montana, Alan Cartier and John Lennox. You can see by the names that this one is from one of our previous trips, but it shows that school can be a lot of fun at times.

Raging Stallion - Update

January 16, 2024

The Beach House 4

Vacationing studs Beau Butler, Cole Ryan, Ryder Flynn, and Heath Halo have spent all week fucking around in 'The Beach House', so it should come as no surprise that an afternoon of casual TV time on the couch has quickly turned into a bareback foursome. The quad rims and blows each other and swaps positions until Heath is riding Cole's face while Beau and Ryder team up to suck off Cole's big dick. Then, wanting to explore more of each other's hairy bodies, Ryder and Cole break off for some alone time, with Cole pounding his rigid cock into the surfer's hot hole until each is blowing his load.

Men - Update

January 16, 2024

Double Helix - Uncut

Don't think it's only the jocks and party guys having all the fun at college. At MEN U, the biology nerds put their knowledge of anatomy to good use! Lab partners Jake Preston and Joey Mills fuck in class, and when the professor is late for the final exam, Jake finds himself in the middle of a dick-measuring contest turned threesome with classmates Damian Night and Luke Connors. When hung twink Luke is caught naked, he gets sent to dean Morgxn Thicke's office, where Joey wants to hear all about Luke's bad behavior and convince him to join in for some more, because he wants to take that big dick on the dean's desk!

Face Down Ass Up - Update

January 15, 2024

Pigs Party

His ass was getting used to take big loads. He was begging for us to drop load after load in his tight lil ass.

Men At Play - Update

January 15, 2024

Holiday Boardroom Play, Editor's Cut

The office team is finishing up before heading home for the holidays, and boss Drew Dixon invites them to the boardroom for a quick year-in-review chat. While conversing, Drew discovers that Diego Reyes, Joe Gillis, and Sir Peter have been having office sex insidiously. He's always dreamed of some XXX office play with his team and is feeling a bit left out. Open to spreading some holiday cheer, the suited studs take turns on Drew (including two big-dicked DPs) and each other in an epic 4-some to end the year with a bang.

Cum Dump Star - Update

January 15, 2024

Life Shot

Love it when an eager slut rolls into town. It might be his first time in the big city, but he's definitely no stranger to big cocks. Can't wait to get him back to the house to see what he can do.

Frat X - Update

January 14, 2024

Bills Due Bitck

The frat house was clean, and everyone was happy. That is until one of the pledges just wouldn't stop sucking dick, we tried everything to get him to stop, but he just wouldn't quit. We had to take action and teach him a lesson.

Sketchy Sex - Update

January 14, 2024

Edging Party

This new fuck hole loved it in his ass, but especially loved deep throating big dicks. He was face fucked again and again until everybody came all over his dumb whore mouth.

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