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Straight Off Base - Update

Thursday January 17, 2019

Rooster Solo

Corporal Rooster, a studly, 22 year old tatted Marine who stands at 6'1" and weighs in at 195 lbs, drops by the Major's quarters to bust one out after a long week in the field. He played football back in high school and "loved cracking people's heads open"! Rooster says he lost his virginity back when he was 13 years old with a girl who had "nice-sized double D's" and then worked his way up to 3-somes and 4-somes. The Major orders Corporal Rooster to strip off his tight silkies and get down to business stroking his cock and deliver his load for the camera.

Bentley Race - Update

January 12, 2019

Jeffry Branson

I'm pretty stoked to have our sexy mate Jeffry Branson back modelling with us this summer. I met up with the beautiful Hungarian during my visit to Europe recently. We have shot some very hot videos together over the past 5 years. And Jeffry is still looking very hot. In this shoot Jeffry is posing in footy shorts on my balcony before stripping naked. This shoot is a very unusual one in that I had become very ill that morning. But since I had limited time to get in a shoot with Jeffry we went ahead with the shoot. You will notice in the video shoot that Jeffry actually takes over filming himself. And I gotta say, the results look great!

Straight Off Base - Update

January 09, 2019

Tony Solo

Former Russian Navy Starshina 2nd Class Tony, a tightly ripped sailor originally stationed at the Russian Admiralty in St. Petersburg, swings by the Major's quarters to launch his torpedo for the camera and pocket some extra cash for the weekend. Tony is 23-years old, stands at 5'9" and weighs in at 156 lbs. He's been out of the Russian Navy for 8 months and is now touring the United States and planning on seeking citizenship. Tony removes his clothes and begins to slowly stroke his hard, uncut meat-torpedo until he unloads his thick cum-munition onto his smooth ripped abs.

Island Studs - Update

January 06, 2019

Hung Mormon Indigo

"My Dad come up with my name on mushrooms one day", states 9" Donkey Dong, Mormon boy Indigo, stroking his beautiful rock hard cock surrounded by a full bush of blond dick hair, as his cock and balls dangle out of his tight indigo colored underwear before he strips fully naked, walks around the property fully hard with a squeegee and sponge preparing to wash windows pool side, bends over repeatedly with his big ball sack slapping against his white Mormon thighs revealing his bright pink boy hole as he dutifully cleans the windows in the sun, takes 3 massive horse pisses and sits in a chair stroking and fingering his hungry hole as a Tropical rain falls outside, then jerks his fat perfect 9" cock.

Spunk Worthy - Update

January 02, 2019


Sutter is from a small town in the middle of the country who made his way to So Cal courtesy of the military. After getting out of the Navy and going through a divorce, he figured now would be a good time to give porn a shot. He even ran the idea by a buddy who told him to go for it, partly because he was jealous that he couldn't do it, too (his buddy's wife would have frowned on the idea.) When we caught up on the phone, Sutter was ready to get started that day. He laughed when I recalled the conversation about him champing at the bit. But after talking some more I could understand why he was so ready to roll. He hadn't jerked off in 2 weeks!

Maskurbate - Update

January 01, 2019


Hot pornstar Zack's number one fan has lost his mind. His love turned into hate after Zack stopped replying to his harassment messages... Pascal, the owner of Maskurbate, let Zack know that the 49 y.o. known as Etienne, found his address. Our muscled stud is not worried, he knows how to defend himself. Etienne executed his plan to disguise himself, enter Zack's home and worship his body during his sleep. He didn't expect Zack to wake up but when he did, so he hides in the wardrobe. Zack saw him. He texted Pascal: ' He is here in the wardrobe. I'm going to give him quite a show'. Acting like he didn't see Etienne, he started jerking his cock in front of him.

Straight Off Base - Update

January 01, 2019

SSgt. Ragnar Solo

Retired USMC Staff Sergeant Ragnar, a beefy, hairy and tattooed former Marine from Oregon swings by the Major's quarters to bust his nut for the camera and pocket some extra cash. SSgt Ragnar is 28-years old, stands at 5'11" and weighs in at 205lbs. He's been out of the Marines for 6 months and is now surfing the beaches along the California coast enjoying civilian life after five deployments overseas. Former SSgt Ragnar slips out of his clothes to slowly tease and stroke his hard meat-missile until he shoots his thick cum-munition all over his chair.

Straight Fraternity - Update

December 30, 2018

3 Hot Solider Loads

Utah's base is out of town and he caught a ride over to my place with his two military buddies Cuba and Brett. They didn't believe he was doing a porn shoot. When they saw that it was legit, they wanted to get in the act, too. I always say that three hard cocks are better than one! After joking around and kidding each other, they got down to business and concentrated on shooting their loads for me. Cuba tried the toy first, then Brett and Utah used the already-warmed-up sleeve to get closer to cumming. Utah shoots first, then Cuba shoots a HUGE load all over the place. Brett is last with his cumshot. Of course, he's the biggest talker and the smallest shooter. Isn't that the way it always is?

Bentley Race - Update

December 29, 2018

Johan Radic

I want to introduce you to our cute new mate Johan Radic. The 18 year old from eastern Europe actually came along to a shoot with his mate Mark Smith. It was Mark who was going to be modelling for me on that day in Berlin. And Johan was behind the camera making some BTS footage for me. Mark and I talked Johan in to also getting his gear off on camera after Mark's shoot was done. And I'm glad he did because Johan is super fit, and as it turns out, likes to show off on camera too. I had so much fun shooting with the guys. Mark took over the BTS video camera while I directed Johan through his first nude shoot. He's so dam cute!

Straight Off Base - Update

December 26, 2018

Bones Solo

NAVY Petty Officer 2nd Class Bones, is a 21-years old salty Sailor from the beautiful state of Idaho who stands at 5?10? and weighs in at 150 lbs. PO2 Bones has been out of the Navy for about three months, is now attending University, and enjoying civilian life in sunny Southern California. Bones reports to the Major?s quarters to flog his dolphin for the Major?s camera and pocket some extra cash for the approaching weekend.

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