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Twink Top - Update

May 28, 2021

Top Training

Rick is hungry for a young cock in his mouth and ass, and he's eager to share the young man with his beefy partner. Coach Rick had a horny smile on his face as he ran his hands over Cameron's body, practically showing off the young man like he was a prize. Cox's gaze moved across his body, moving from his beautiful long legs up to his handsome, smooth, boyish face. Rick was direct and to the point, offering the boy's big cock for the mustachioed coach to sample, a proposition that made him both nervous and incredibly aroused. Cameron dropped his shorts and pulled out his cock, letting its weight become apparent as it hung down between his legs. Coach Cox stared, practically hypnotized by his manhood, watching as it became full and engorged.

Bel Ami Online - Update

May 26, 2021

Olaf & Peter

When Phillipe Gaudin finished as an active model he went on to establish and run our online chat department. It took a while but he has built it into a good business, but it was a lot of hard work and he had to learn to be a tough taskmaster. Today Peter is worried that both he and Olaf will get fired from their chat jobs if they fail to turn up one more time. Olaf, on the other hand has no such worries and would much rather fuck in real life that jerk off in a virtual one. It's not hard to guess whose opinion wins out in the end and Olaf adds another notch in his bedpost in the form of Peter's fat and irresistible cock.

Freshmen - Update

May 24, 2021

Derek & Joaquin 2

After round one, the boys take a hot steamy shower which only serves to re-awaken their sexual appetite. Joaquin Arrenas persuades Derek Caravaggio into a second round of action and begins to worship Derek's ass. Before long Derek has taken Joaquin's dick in his mouth and Joaquin is fucking his new friend's throat balls deep. The sex is as wild and unchained as the boys themselves.

Twink Trade - Update

May 19, 2021

Might As Well Swap

When Beau Reed and Markus Kage have lunch with their beautiful sons Ryan Jacobs and Collin Lust, the fathers swap sons and seduce them with their incredible sexual prowess. Soon, a son swapping orgy is underway, and the fierce daddies drill the boys’ tight assholes until they are spurting dollops of creamy cum! Talk about a hot gay sex foursome, these men and their sexy boys are so hot together.

Freshmen - Update

May 16, 2021

Nikk & Kirk

Nikk Lanier’s last update revealed how open-minded he is about sex. Though his sexual experiences are wild and colorful they are, unfortunately, infrequent. Fortunately for Nikk, Kirk shares his open mindedness and wild sexual history, but Kirk’s experience is plentiful. This depth of experience gives him the instincts needed to get into his partner’s pants and to provide him with total satisfaction after doing so. Watching Nikk cum with Kirk’s dick in his ass convinces us that Nikk will belatedly add “get laid more” to his list of ever growing bucket list.

Treasure Island Media - Update

May 14, 2021

Kenny & Dakota

Kenny Host & Dakota North - Sexologist Kenny Host throws off his twink subject Dakota North by warming him up with oral foreplay. Probably to take his mind off the hard Prince Albert cock that is about to impale his insides. Dakota’s hole then gets roughed up and pounded out as Kenny drills his shaft deep and dumps his load. That huge load fills Dakota's hole and Kenny gets deep down and dirty felching it all up like a pro.

Bel Ami Online - Update

May 12, 2021

Roald & Orri

This week we have for you one of Orri's final 5 scenes (which is actually one of the first filmed) where he is paired up with blond hunk, Roald Ekberg. The scene is filmed for us by Vlado Iresch, so consistent with his style, we begin with a little interview where Roald talks about ... well... not much for a minute before we get to the action. Also typical of Vlado's scenes is the raw sexual energy that he is the master of capturing. It doesn't hurt that the guys are really into each other, Orri still a little shy and very eager to please his mentor Roald.

Spritzz - Update

May 11, 2021

Boys Get Off

Boys Just Need To Get Off - Rick and Antony are two close friends who always help each other out, especially when they feel the urge tickling in their balls and they need to get off. Both boys drop the idea to have a beer in favour of giving each other wet blowjobs and so it comes that they end up spilling their seed all over their trained bodies.

Freshmen - Update

May 10, 2021

Jack & Yannis

Jack Harrer is always there to lend a hand when help is needed. If the needs are sexual, he’s even more eager to lend his dick. This is Jack Harrer and Yannis Paluan's second encounter and the second time they fuck. It seems Jack’s amazing cock is a magnetically attracted to Yannis‘ perfect ass. Fortunately, Jack’s massive dick never disappoints, delivering exactly what Yannis‘ hole desires- deep unchained sex.

Next Door Studios - Update

May 08, 2021

Cupid's Cumshot

Elliot Finn wants to do something special for his Honey, Carter Woods. Expecting their yearly Italian feast, Carter is peeved when Elliot tells him they're not going out to dinner. Instead, Elliot brings in Dakota Payne to feed both of their carnal appetites. Needless to say, Carter is pleased as pie as the guys get a voracious three-way gay hardcore fucking.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 07, 2021

Gustavo, Gabriel & Ray

Gustavo Cruz and Gabriel Phoenix double-team Ray Crosswell in the mouth and ass raw on Lucas Entertainment! Ray Crosswell loves giving himself over to a dominant top, as he proved to his fans when he contorted himself into all kinds of positions for Andrey Vic to bang him in. Andrey Vic is hung, but a man like Gustavo Cruz is REALLY hung, as his baseball bat of an uncut cock proves to be a challenge for most who attempt riding it. Ray has his work cut out for him doubly so—because Gabriel Phoenix is hungry for more hole after sharing Valentine Amour with Tomas Brand. Ray Crosswell is filled up with uncut cock from both ends as Gustavo Cruz and Gabriel Phoenix have their way with him and fuck him like a sex slave!

Freshmen - Update

May 04, 2021

Jim, Elio & Kirk

Are boys are out and about in Budapest taking some pictures to fill up their Instagram feeds. Achieving social-media stardom is so time-consuming! Fortunately, we sent along a cameraman to provide our scene introduction with the guys having some fun in beautiful Budapest. Kirk Gauguin has just arrived in town, so the first thing that Elio Chalamet and Jim Durden decide to show him is the inside of their apartment. It's evident these 3 real life buddies have a genuine attraction. There is little or no direction needed as Jim and Kirk pass Elio around to be fucked by one, then the other, until he ends up covered in everyone's cum.

Helix Studios - Update

April 30, 2021

Patagonia Funny Adventure 5

In the last episode of this series, the hot Latino boys want to say goodbye to their vacation in a big way with a super gangbang. By the lake, they fantasize about the best way to celebrate… They do what they do best and five of them go to the cabin, start kissing, groping and take off their clothes. Two look shy from the outside and of course they invite them. They kneel down and start to suck his cocks with great enthusiasm. The boys are on fire with fever. This is how an incredible orgy is set up, where everyone enjoys at the same time in the armchairs of the cabin, or standing up, two by two, by three, of everyone they want. The big, hard cocks and the tails that are preparing to be penetrated. One of them dares to be the first and ride one of those huge penises on the couch, these guys are insatiable!

Freshmen - Update

April 22, 2021

Jamie & Viggo

Our new guy this week is Jamie Eliot. You got a sneak peek of Jamie late last year and in the very first Freshmen of 2021. Now it is time to show you a bit more of him. His partner today is Viggo Sorensen. Jamie is off to a poor start as he is an hour late for his very first scene (if he was any later, Tom Houston had agreed to be the ‘stand in’ for the day) Luckily, he turns up just in time and is pleasantly surprised to find out that he is going to be fucking Viggo. Jamie is not fond of working out in the gym and relies on his naturally slim build and his boy-next-door good looks. For a newcomer we were really impressed with his performance and he is now a regular member of the team. He will be back again in May for a flipflop fuck with Jim Durden.

Bel Ami Online - Update

April 18, 2021

Yannis & Jeroen

Summer in Prague consists of 2 groups of guys. 12 lucky ones who were chosen for the school, and then another group who came along just for the fun. We all know that Yannis' English is excellent already, so in no need of schooling he decided to fill his time doing other things. Jeroen, on the other hand would have loved to join the student group, so he jumps at the chance of some private lessons from Yannis. Of course, after a couple of beers they forget all about the promise of personal improvement and settle for hot sex instead. As both of these guys' butts are in our hall of fame, it is hard to predict who is going to take on which role, but in the end it is Yannis who takes the red pill and is awakened to the utopia that is fucking Jeroen's ass.

Freshmen - Update

April 16, 2021

Jim & Timothy

Jimmy and Timmy take an academic approach to sex. Our two libidinous bibliophiles have raided GD’s library to find a book on 365 love games to incorporate into your daily lovemaking written by a lecturer here at Charles University. Soon, our intrepid pair determine they know more about making love than the author abandoning their scholarly pursuit to animal instinct. “Professor” Jim gives Timothy a doctorate dissertation of sex with a high energy fuck that elicits squeals of pleasure from his partner as he pounds our redhead’s ass mercilessly. In a show of appreciation, Timothy fills his buddy’s mouth with cups of cum to wrap up the scene.

Bel Ami Online - Update

April 08, 2021

Phillipe & Arne

Today we have raided GD's personal 'rainy day' archive again for a scene that was actually the very last hardcore scene that Phillip filmed before moving exclusively into our production team. When we join our 2 stars they are mid conversation, or maybe mid seduction, but either way it is not long before Arne suggests to Phillipe that they can 'go somewhere' so that he can 'show him'. We've always thought that Arne is one of our sexiest Hungarians, good humored, cheeky as well as handsome and hung, so it is good luck that Phillipe wound up with him for his last scene. It is quite a fuck fest of a scene, both guys really love what they are doing and have had a lot of practice doing it as well. Phillipe is the top for this encounter.

Hung Young Brit - Update

April 06, 2021

Tag Team & Cream

Recee & Josh now want in on the farm boys! After watching the vids we filmed. They couldn't be bothered to go up before because they didn't like the idea of working. That farm boy has got a mate there called Bullet and Josh wants this fit lad who happens to have a massive cock! This Tall Hot sexy boy is a right dirty fucker and wants to get fucked by the two lads desperately and he's got a fucking HUGE cock! Josh starts barebacking him and Reece is filming then suddenly, Reece takes over pushing him over and fucks him right up the arse. WOW! You can see this bottom lad's dick ROCK HARD and dangling as Josh and Reece let loose on his arse. Poking him RAW getting closer and closer and Reece is wanking & filming.

Bel Ami Online - Update

April 02, 2021

Antony & Marcel

We have the pleasure of bringing you the reigning king of bottoms, Marcel Gassion today in a scene with sexy Antony Lorca. We all know that there is some hot competition for the title of King of Bottoms' these days, so we thought we would remind you all just how good Marcel really is. We have a cute little story line where Antony has been caught taking pictures of Marcel's ass while he was showering, and saving them for later to jerk off to. Marcel rightly points out that it was a bit of a pointless exercise, as he can have the real thing any time that he wants! We're often left with the impression that Marcel would be happy to have something up his butt 24/7, but today he seems content enough with this energetic fuck from his big dicked friend.

Helix Studios - Update

April 01, 2021

Brotherhood of Games 9

The Master arrives with his slave, this time Cesar Rose, to begin the last session of the year of the Brotherhood of Games. He immediately gets horny, because Gil Donovan is tied up and subdued by 2 members of the brotherhood, while The Master forces Cesar Rose to suck all the other brothers. Then The Master continues directing everything and forces Cesar Rose to penetrate Gil Donovan who is still tied, at the end The Master climbs behind a penetration train and all the brothers masturbate their members around. They are still on the penetration table, they all penetrate each other again and Cesar Rose explodes in an unforgettable breeding. Finally everyone will make a round of cum in Gil Donovan's mouth, a very hot bukakke that ends of course with The Master.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

March 17, 2021

Tomas, Valentin & Gabriel

Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies, has an agreement with the handsome and masculine Sir Peter—when he finds a sexy fresh bottom who is is hungry and horny to serve and obey, they pass the bottom around to wear out his ass. Valentin Amour was introduced to Tomas Brand and his buddy Gabriel Phoenix by Sir Peter after the Portuguese power top stretched out his hole. But Valentin Amour is young and bounces back easily, and when he sets his eyes on Tomas Brand and Gabriel Phoenix, he drops to his knees to immediately service both of their uncut cocks with his wet mouth and warm hole.

Alternadudes - Update

March 13, 2021

Hottie Sucks A Skater

Lukas Cipriani is cock-hungry as hell and needs a dick down his throat stat. Good thing hung skater dude, Drew Baldwin, is ready for a bj and opens up his pants for Lukas to get what he craves. Lukas sucks away making Drew heave and sigh as Lukas gags and spits. Lukas has a magic throat and soon Drew is dumping a load in the cocksucker's mouth, filling it up and giving Lukas his reward for a job well done.

Bel Ami Online - Update

March 08, 2021

Ashton & Jeremy

Life is tough some times, especially if you are jerking off online with a buddy and the internet connection drops out. At least if you live in a house full of sexy guys, someone to help out is always on hand. We never find out who Ashton was jerking off with, but we do find out that the friend ready to help out is another sexy guy, Jeremy Robbins. Sex between these 2 sexy young guys is always going to be great, so the only thing left to tell you here is that we are as mystified as you as to why Jeremy turns up wearing a plastic fireman's helmet.

Freshmen - Update

March 07, 2021

Jason, Pip & Elio

Our scene begins with Jason and Elio barging in on a training session Kevin is conducting with Timothy Blue. Thus, we are treated to the bonus of watching a few moments of a training session that otherwise would have remained hidden forever The soap opera continues into the main scene with Pip and Elio beginning the action before the cameraman arrives. When Jason joins in, we are treated to what is probably the three-way of the year.

Bel Ami Online - Update

March 06, 2021

Rhys & Hussey

We start odd with 2 guys who are probably equal in romanticism and sensuality, Rhys Jagger and Julien Hussey. When it came to casting Julien as the bottom for this scene it was a no brainer, although he doesn't exhibit the same primal need to get fucked as guys like Marcel or Dylan, he enjoys it every bit as much, and with the right partner, burns with an intensity that is rarely seen. Luckily all the stars are aligned today and we work up to a cum-shot that is probably the biggest we have ever seen from Julien. That this scene stands on it's own as a classic is without doubt.

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