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Bel Ami Online - Update

May 08, 2020

Jeff & Pascal

Czech/Hungarian pairings is the theme for this edition of Boot Camp as we pair Jeff Mirren and Pascal Mauri. Over-eager boys are also the theme as Pascal can’t even unpack upon arriving when Jeff decides that first in, first fucked is the policy and drags him off somewhere private to make love. We truly expected to see cock-loving Jeff as the bottom in this scene today. We were pleasantly surprised to see his more dominant side come out in fucking this Magyar cutie. We were just as pleased to see that Pascal likes to be fucked as much as his over-eager partner. The sex is very intense and very sweaty and by the end both guys our drenched in perspiration and covered in cum!

Bel Ami Online - Update

April 29, 2020

Antony & Lance

From the opening of this scene we would expect it to be Jambo Africa week, but this is in fact one of the scenes left over from our last African project. We join our heroes today playing with balls on the beach. It is a good opportunity to show of the physiques of both Antony Lorca and Lance Thurber at their best before they head back to the house for a little more intimate fun. Both guys are impressively endowed, physically well matched and hungry for sex. Lance is one of our big dicked guys that really loves to bottom and you can see that he really appreciates the treatment he is getting from Antony's huge cock.

Bel Ami Online - Update

April 27, 2020

Marcel, Peter & Kieran 1

Today is a masterclass in bottoming being presented by the one and only, 'bottomless bottom', Marcel Gassion. This is his first encounter with Kieran, and as Marcel tells him 'God has given you a great violin for a dick, and I will teach you how to play it'. As one dick is never enough for Marcel, we thought that we would throw Peter Annaud into the mix as well and see if they are both enough to satisfy Marcel. There is probably no need to tell you that the fucking is fucking fantastic here, as it always is when we have Marcel around, but this time I think that he really outdoes himself as the pace goes from frantic to frenetic and finishes with ecstatic as our 2 big dicked tops bring Marcel to anal heaven. Stay tuned for part 2 coming on Saturday!

Bel Ami Online - Update

April 19, 2020

Adam Andre & Jerome

We have been very remiss in giving you scenes with Andre Boleyn recently and it has been a good 4 or 5 months since we last saw him on screen, so we thought that we would give him the starring role here in our main update of the week in our Summer Loves feature. Although we will have the full documentary series for you later on, the camera crew have tried to give you a taste of what is going on at the castle at the beginning of each scene as well, and today that means a quick look at Helmut and Jack getting ready for their photo shoot together. As for the sex, we reunite our original KinkyAngels couple of Andre and Adam for the first time in ages to fuck Musketeer, Jerome Exupery.

Cocky Boys - Update

April 19, 2020

Chris & Troy

Chris Loan is back and this time the sweetly charming French muscle boy meets the equally charming Troy Accola! A little French lesson peppered with kisses leads Troy to admire and worship Chris' sculpted body with his hands & lips. Troy inches his way down to Chris' flexed quads and growing cock and teases it before sucking him deeply & sensually. Soon, after a little more kissing Chris shows Troy how the French do it by giving him head and getting into a hot 69 with him. When Chris turns his attention to his butt, Troy just melts and luxuriates in the pleasure. Soon Chris effortlessly pulls Troy over the edge of the bed and fucks him from behind with the weight of muscles driving his cock in deeper.

Sketchy Sex - Update

April 15, 2020

All Night Cum Pigs

Me and my roomies had a wild sex party at the sketchpad. Lots of hung dudes were invited. We partied like there was no tomorrow. Fucking and sucking the night away. Lots of good footage and amazing hardcore man-on-man deep bareback action. The man-juice was flowing and the guys were eating wearing and taking it deep up their stretched open holes. This was one of the most piggy we ever got and can't wait to do it all again.

Fun Size Boys - Update

April 13, 2020

Mark & Dr. Wolf Sleepover

Mark is thrilled, eager to share a bed with his giant physician. As soon as Mark feels better, he can't get enough of the big man's cock! All through the night they kiss and cuddle, eventually falling asleep together with Mark spooning a giant teddy bear. In the morning, Dr. Wolf's cock stands at attention, shooting up tall between his long legs as Mark sleeps. Not wanting to wake him right away, Dr. Wolf pulls down the covers slightly to expose his cute little butt. Mark's soft skin is a welcome delight to Dr. Wolf's fingers, caressing him ever so gently and feeling his supple flesh. It isn't until Dr. Wolf pulls out his meat that the young boy feels his body come alive! He grips the massive shaft in his tiny hand, bringing it to his mouth to worship it.

Bel Ami Online - Update

April 08, 2020

Niall & Jens

The final week in our rotation this year will be devoted to the Freshmen who have made their debut recently. As there are so many new boys coming along, it can be hard to find time slots for all their scenes over on, so we decided to give you all a bit more of a taste of them here. We are starting off this week with Jens Christensen and Niall Morris. Our poor director today thought that he was never going to get the boy out of the list and would have to film them in 2 second takes, in between the opening and closing of the list doors but luckily they eventually decided to take their lovemaking indoors for us. The scene starts off with a pace and excitement that our horny pair carry on with throughout the encounter.

Drill My Hole - Update

April 07, 2020

Frosted Steamy Sex

Pierce Paris is annoyed when his unromantic man Tyler Berg forgets all about their one-year anniversary, but Tyler asks for another chance to make it a night to having some fun with waiter Drew Dixon! Pierce follows Drew into a deserted hall, and Tyler watches as the hot waiter sucks his boyfriend's cock, then gets dicked down in doggystyle. Pierce makes his man watch before finally allowing him to join in on the fun, fucking Drew's mouth as the hot waiter rides Tyler's dick. The best anniversary gift of all is when Pierce gets to cum on Drew and Tyler's faces.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

April 02, 2020

Aaden, Donato & Javi

The handsome, tall, and lean Aaden Stark has been known to submit his ass for a rough, raw fucking on several occasions from some of the more seasoned (and brutal) tops at Lucas Entertainment. But in this encounter Aaden is in charge and uses his uncut cock to fuck not one, but two handsome Latin men. The smoothly muscled Javi Velaro and the beefy muscular jock Donato Ryes both take turns servicing Aaden Stark.

Sketchy Sex - Update

March 12, 2020


We brought our new roomie Marcus to a morning chill out in a seedy part of town. Marcus was sweet and innocent. But after he did the you know what off that 10 inch dick his power dumpster just took over and there was no stopping it. He wanted every load at the party deep inside em. A parade of randoms dropped their loads deeper and deeper. No hello. No how r u? After the party we both felt like all these dicks, all these loads still weren't enough. We want more. We wanna take it to the next level!

Chaos Men - Update

February 18, 2020

Aiden & Lorenzo

Aiden Asher was so excited to play with Lorenzo. We even get a little raw action! There are few times at the beginning of the video where Aiden just couldn't believe he was finally making a porn. But when he started sucking on Lorenzo, he was all business. Aiden likes the guys a little bossy, and Lorenzo struck just the right note with him. By the end of the video, Lorenzo really wanted to fuck Aiden, and Aiden thought it would make him cum quick. Lorenzo pounds him, working-up quite a sweat. Aiden gets closer and closer, but Lorenzo can't hold back and starts to cum inside of Aiden, he pulls and unleashes a massive load on to Aiden cock. Aiden uses the cum as lube and brings himself to his own intense orgasm.

Why Not Bi - Update

February 05, 2020

Anal Innovation

When Dante Colle comes in for an interview at Argos Santini and Brook Page's innovative technology he's feeling calm, cool and ready to do whatever it takes to lock down his dream job. Dante knows all of the right things to say to impress the two high-powered executives, but they're not willing to give him an offer until he shows that he's exactly as committed to innovation as he claims to be. Argos and Brook tell Dante to put a vibrating butt plug into his tight hole and from their phones they control it as he tries to show off his office administration skills. Before long it becomes clear that these horny head honchos have a lot more on their mind than just testing Dante's secretarial skills as they invite him to take part in a hot and heavy bisexual three-way right there in the interview room.

Bel Ami Online - Update

January 31, 2020

Rocco & Michel

Today we have training session scene for you. Our 'pro' for the scene is the dark and handsome Rocco Alfieri and our trainee is Michel Seberg. Although this is their 1st time on camera together, it was also Rocco who has been guiding Michel though his training process. When Michel first came to us, he had never had sex with a guy before and ended up being a little too 'enthusiastic' when he first fucked Rocco and didn't give Rocco a chance to loosen up at all before starting to fuck him. Apart from this little teething mistake, the 2 seem to have formed quite a bond, and as his rock hard cock, and size of his load demonstrates, seems to really enjoy getting fucked.

Bel Ami Online - Update

January 20, 2020

Hoyt & Jacq

Hoyt is not one of our regular trainers, but GD thought that he would be just perfect Jacq Broyard, and it seems that he was right. From the start you can see that our newcomer is quite taken by Hoyt's beauty and confidence.... even a slightly vain 'don't mess my hair' comment by Hoyt doesn't hinder Jacq's fascination. These two sexy studs finish of with one amazing snowballing cum kiss that will make you blow your load right then and there.

Men At Play - Update

January 19, 2020

Caught Snooping

It’s just another day at the office crunching numbers. Or is it? When Diego Reyes asks Marco Napoli for the folder with the numbers he needs to review with the boss, he accidentally forgets his cell phone at Marco’s desk. Marco doesn’t think twice about going through Diego’s cell especially his private xxx photos. When Diego returns and calls his cell, he discovers that not only does Marco have it after denying it but that he’s been snooping too! Marco admits he liked what he saw and it’s not long before he gets to suck and ride Diego’s Spanish cock. Marco releases his load on Diego’s face and suit and helps him deliver a geyser of a cum shot while eating his ass. Remember to password protect your cell phones or should you?

Why Not Bi - Update

January 19, 2020

Cum For Dinner

Autumn Borrelli and Brian Delgado are a smoking hot young couple who've been invited over for dinner by Brian's mentor, the daddylicious Matthew Figata. Matthew's beautiful wife, the long red-haired Lauren Phillips cooks a meal for the two couples, offering the gang an unforgettable spread. However, both couples have been keeping secrets from each other, all of which spill out as the two wives and the two husbands come face to face with their spouses cheating... with each other! Rather than make a federal issue of it, the foursome decide to take the high road and throw down in a sleazy, sloppy bisexual four-way orgy! It's a hurricane of moaning, sucking, slurping and spitting as these four swinging sex fiends throw themselves at each other in a frenzied whirlwind of lust!

Bel Ami Online - Update

January 18, 2020

Marc & Peter

It's hard to forget how big Peter's dick is, but still, everytime we see it we are shocked anew as to it's tremendous girth. Of course this, and his easy going nature, make Peter a ver in demand partner amongst our other boys; both those who love getting fucked by big dicks, and also by those who love fucking guys with big dick. Marc falls into the 2nd group here today as he barges in Peter's solo video and suggests that a BJ would be better than just jerking off... and then of course, getting fucked would be even better still. We have very little direction in this clip, as both guys know exactly what they want, and how to show it to us as well. Peter is having suck a good time getting fucked that he almost forgets to tell the cameraman that he is about to cum.

Masqulin - Update

January 17, 2020

The Cum Dump 2

With that first anonymous load still deep in his hole, Jeremy London is eager to mark his achievement on his Cum Dump whiteboard. Hardly time to celebrate however, as the little ‘slut’ has his eyes set firmly on the prize. In no time he’s got two new big cocks (Steve Rickz and Pierce Paris) arriving at his door, ready to make him a ‘Cum Slut’.

Cum Club - Update

January 13, 2020

Gunshot Cumshot

Seth Chase finds himself alone & horned up in the woods. All of a sudden here come Tyler & Aaron. Tyler is the first to drop to his knees, then Aaron follows. Both guys work over Seth's throbbing, pre-cumming cock and get rewarded with a huge load of cum to share, and share they did... Finding himself alone & all horned up, Seth leans against a tree and starts stroking his cock. The gunshots all around are not going to stop him from busting a nut. The anticipation of getting caught jacking off in public is almost enough to make him bust. Not wanting his seed to get wasted on the forest floor, he holds back, hoping to get caught by a random hiker. Well wouldn't you know it, here comes Aaron & Tyler.

Bel Ami Online - Update

December 29, 2019

Antony & Steve

Today we have a scene filmed for us by Vlado Iresch and his production team. This is about the 4th or 5th scene for both Antony Lorca and Steve Peyroux, so they are just coming into their own as performers. While it the first time that the 2 guys have met, they have an immediate rapport and the chemistry between them shows that they are both turned on by their blind date. Steve is always guaranteed to put on a great performance as a bottom, and Antony's big cock seems to hit all the right places here.

Why Not Bi - Update

December 28, 2019

Men for the Maneater

Japanese seductress Rae Lil Black has an undeniable power to make men do whatever she wants, and what she wants tonight is for two men to worship at the altar of her body, giving her everything she desires. Jeffrey Lloyd and Thomas Friedl are pawns in her hands. Rae instructs the two hunks to sensually undress each other, watching from her throne as they slowly peel off their suits for her viewing pleasure. The muscular men caress each other's bodies as she rubs her pussy, pleasing each other to please her. Once the show is over the three come together for an erotic and intense bisexual three way full of cock and pussy worship that will make your mouth water and beg for more!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

December 23, 2019

Max's Bareback DP Orgy

Max Arion invites a small group of his fuck buddies over for something he hasn’t enjoyed in awhile -- a bareback orgy. Max Arion, Jeffrey Lloyd, and Braxton Boyd take on the top positions (for the most part) while Dakota Payne, Jesse Santana, and Benjamin Gomez serve up their asses to be used, though Dakota and Jesse don’t miss the chance for some versatility during this gay bareback sex encounter. In fact, Max and Dakota team up to split Benjamin in two by double-penetrating his ass completely raw!

Southern Strokes - Update

December 21, 2019

Taking 22 Inches

On a Saturday afternoon, bored out of his mind, Bar Addison realizes he needs attention. He's horny and needs cock! So he invites his buddies over. Justin Cross, Payton Connor, and Timber Harvest sit around and watch Bar put on a show of touching himself. Next thing you know, the muscled twink starts making out with each of them, sucking cock as he goes from one to the other. What follows is a sensual afternoon of hedonistic pleasure. The boys pair off from time to time, as the mood strikes, but at the center of it all is Bar, taking a combined 22 inches of raw cock up his sweet, muscled ass in a bareback fourgy that leaves him coated in cum before eventually blowing a load himself.

Guys In Sweatpants - Update

December 14, 2019

Flip Fuck Facials

There's getting your dick sucked, then there's getting your dick sucked by RJ. You could almost get off by just watching his soft lips and wet tongue work up, down, and around Beaux's fat cock. There's fucking a bottom, then there's sliding your wet cock into Beaux Banks' beautiful, smooth hole. Since vers boys have more fun, these two fucked each other all over the kitchen and living room with plenty of underneath views of Beaux's leg hiked up to get the full orgasmic experience of RJ pounding away. RJ LOVES cum so demanded Beaux bust his load on his face and mouth! And if you love some quality comedy, be sure to watch the first 5min of the video as these two debate how to boil water (yes, really).

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