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Deviant Otter - Update

Sunday September 15, 2019

I'm So Fucked

A week before I filmed this update, I was trashed and hopped into my jeep and sat on my nuts. I was so fucked up I didn’t realize I had gotten one of my nuts lodged into my body. It wasn’t until getting home that I noticed there was only one nugget in my sack, so I felt around and popped it back into place and kept on trucking. Coulda-shoulda-woulda gone to the doctors but didn’t. So for the past few months I’ve had to be almost celibate because of the excruciating pain during almost any sexual activity and then doctors’ orders. I did however discover that while my sack couldn’t endure topping, my hole could take a pounding, well, penetrated to say the least. And fortunately Leon Fox was up for the task to help break me back into the bottoming game.

Missionary Boys - Update

August 14, 2019

Elder Awbride

President Lewis always takes a special interest in new missionaries. Maybe it has something to do with the influence the priests had onhim when he first started his mission so long ago. It was a confusing point in his life, one filled with questions about his sexuality and his identity. But the strong men who guided him towards The Order seemed to answer all those questions for him. No longer did he feel lost or confused. Instead, he suddenly had purpose – to serve the priesthood with every bit of his being. To this day, those same priests who welcomed him at the start of his mission are some of the most influential people in his life. Getting the chance to have that kind of impact on a young boy like Elder Awbride is too much power for President Lewis to pass up.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

August 07, 2019

Tomas Arad & Dakota

There’s no one in the gay porn industry like Tomas Brand, which is why he’s still the reigning King of All Muscle Daddies, which was coined by the Lucas Blog back in May 2016, and it’s a crown he still deserves to this day. And as the King of All Muscle Daddies, Tomas teams up with his buddy Arad Winwin (you know Arad, the Persian gay porn model who is beautiful, muscular, and a power top) to double team Dakota Payne. Let’s just say Dakota is one lucky guy, as you’ll see when he’s left panting after taking care of the needs of these two gay sex gods!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

July 25, 2019

Drake Jeffrey & Andrey

Drake Rogers has never been a guy to turn down an opportunity to get ahead in life, and if that means taking off his clothes and fucking his way to the top, he’s up for it. But if Andrey Vic and Jeffrey Lloyd were your professional superiors, you would not have any issue turning unethical for an evening and fucking your bosses. Not only does Drake ride Jeffrey’s huge, fat uncut cock, but Drake also gets Andrey on his back and fucks him in his ass!

Japan Boys - Update

July 15, 2019

Hideaki's Visitor

Yuto has shot for Japan Boyz in the past, now he's back in Tokyo and meeting up with Hideaki. They're both in savage mode, decked in camo and animal print underwear, so we're not surprised that they dispense with the niceties and just get down to making out. Yuto reaches a hand over to massage Hideaki's cock and twiddle his nip while they swap tongues. When they pull off their t-shirts and climb onto the bed, Yuto is first to pull down Hideaki's shorts and get his hungry mouth around that thick cock. He swallows it down until his face is buried in Hide's black downy pubes. Hideaki climbs on top and grinds his crotch into Yuto's, then leans back to drill a finger into his buddy's hot hungry ass.

Bel Ami Online - Update

July 14, 2019

Rhys & Tommy

Being a production assistant for BelAmi can be a very hard job as there is always a lot of paperwork to be done, signatures to be collected and material to be archived. To make it even harder, there are always many distractions to overcome as well, as we see with Rhys Jagger today. When he comes in to get Kevin to sign some paperwork he catches him in the middle of shooting an erotic solo with Tommy Poulain and is faced with dilemma of either getting Kevin's signature or joining in the fun himself. Of course, as usual, he chooses the latter option, and decided that the Tommy needs a 'daddy' figure to teach him a few more things about making love.

Freshmen - Update

June 24, 2019

Hans & Bastian

Bastian is using his spare time at Balaton to develop his skills as a photographer. While most of the boys agree to allow him to take snaps as they go about their daily activities, there is only one compliant enough to agree to model more revealing pics. This agreeable lad is Hans Lagerfeld making his hard-core debut (though some of you may recognize him from a Halloween quickie on BelAmiOnline last year). While Hans may have started out genuinely wanting to take pictures, it quickly becomes obvious that he has more intimate intentions.

Bel Ami Online - Update

June 21, 2019

Saturday Special 3-Way

Today we have a perfect demonstration of the perils of summer filming in Europe. Yesterday we had a perfect sunny day for part 1 of this scene... today however the weather has turned cool and rainy, so the boys have prepared an indoor love nest for their 3way with Marc Ruffalo. On instinct, I thought it would be Claude bottoming here, but as it turns out, Marc is the lucky one, getting fucked by both Claude and Scott.

Bel Ami Online - Update

June 16, 2019

Enrique & Mark

Early scenes can be a bit of a trial for new guys, so Marty normally takes a directorial back seat in these occasions and tries to let things happen as naturally as possible. Usually we find that the boys soon forget about the camera being there and that the quickly are so involved in the action that they even forget that they are being filmed. Today's scene is an early one for both Enrique and Mark (It is Enrique's 5th, and Mark's 2nd) so they are not entirely without experience. The result is a scene full of youthful enjoyment and pleasure with Enrique as the top today, and Mark the bottom.

Bel Ami Online - Update

June 14, 2019

Saturday Special

Although both of the boys here today also feature in our BootCamp series, this scene was shot separately in our Prague studio by Luke Hamill. Given the endowment of both of these guys, we automatically put it into our 'Size Matters' group. Every now and then when we get a scene like this we wish we could also call it our 'scene of the month'. Joel may have the longer dick, but Kieran's thickness makes him an equally remarkable find. We think that this is the horniest and most eager we have ever seen Kieran and it adds an extra level of energy and intensity to a scene that was already guaranteed to please. As you probably guessed already, Joel is the top here as he treats Kieran to the fuck of his life.

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