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Boys Pissing - Update

September 02, 2021

Kelly & Jayden

Jayden Taylor's Wet Ride - Piss hungry Jayden Taylor pulls buff stud Kelly Cooper's cock out of his shorts and gets a long, hot drink of his piss that soaks his tshirt and jeans! Then horny twink Jayden goes right to work suckin on Kelly's uncut cock until Kelly unleashes another hot piss stream...and Jayden hoses himself down at the the same time. Finally Jayden gets a hard, hard punishing drilling in two different positions! After Jayden cums, he pisses while he is still getting fucked! The wet fuck ends with Jayden getting a monster load of cum all over his face!

Chaos Men - Update

September 01, 2021

Kyle & Lucas: Raw

As I said last week, I felt like I had been waiting forever to get Lucas Porter in the door, and I was not going to waste a moment to see him get his ass fucked. Thankfully I had Kyle Wyncrest in to do a couple scenes and their chemistry was fantastic. After doing his solo, Lucas was ready to do a full scene. He was really into Kyle, who took advantage of his sub nature and took control. Lucas began by sucking Kyle's cock and then Kyle rimmed Lucas. They sucked on each other while Kyle made Lucas eat his ass. Lucas's favorite position to start in is sitting on a cock, so got on top of Kyle and slid his cock in. He spun around and fucked him reverse. We ended with Lucas's favorite position to cum in, getting fucked on his back.

Trans Angels - Update

August 30, 2021

Prime Suspect Pounding

Mysterious Alura Jenson has been brought in for questioning as a suspect in her husband’s murder, but her icy and cool demeanor means that she knows exactly how to dodge and mitigate the probing questions of hot trans detective Eva Paradis. As Alura sits down for a tense interview, she tries to seduce the indomitable Eva. It turns out Eva is more than amenable to Alura’s advances, especially when she offers her ass. The the squirt just tops it off.

Active Duty - Update

August 25, 2021

Nick Vs Niko

Sexy soldiers Niko Carr and Nick Clay both love dick. In this Nick and Niko pounding, Clay fucks a huge load out of Carr and enjoys every minute. These two guys are so hot with muscles on top of muscles that will make your cock so hard it hurts. They don't show one once of inhabitation either. They go for it take it suck it fuck it and ride it like their lives depend on it. If you can get through this without blowing your wad, you need therapy.

Freshmen - Update

August 16, 2021

Tom with Serge & Enrique

Tom Rogers brings a surprise home for Serge Cavalli: the handsome Enrique Vera. Enrique quickly works out the purpose of the visit and is not opposed to having some fun with our horny couple. We might suspect Tom’s good intentions in satisfying Serge’s secret wish for a threesome as it is Tom who ends up with two dicks up his ass. Enrique and Serge worship his bubble ass and Tom clearly enjoys every inch of the two juicy dicks.

Trans Angels - Update

August 11, 2021

Fucking The Hot Roommate

When the ever-horny Jexxxica Blake meets her roommate's hot boyfriend, Dominic Pacifico, it's an instant crush. Dominic grabs Jexxxica’s tight ass as they meet and hug. Turned on, they both masturbate in their respective rooms and fantasize about each other. Jexxxica plays with herself in the laundry room while Dominic jerks himself off in bed, using one of his girlfriend’s sock before closing his eyes. Jexxxica, passing by the room, notices the man resting with the sock on his dick. Intrigued, she slowly lifts up the sock to sneak a peek of his cock. What a shock when cum falls out onto her face! Dominic jumps and Jexxxica grabs him by the cock to go fuck in the laundry room.

Boy Fun - Update

August 07, 2021

Billiard Balls

Robin Matze might not be particularly skilled when it comes to playing billiards but he's certainly familiar with fleshier balls, as handsome young Finn Harper is about to find out in this new offering of hot and steamy BoyFun. The floppy-haired young man only takes a few practice shots before Finn arrives to play, giving the boy a very up-close lesson in how to handle his cue. Naturally, with such close contact their own meaty cues are soon getting stiff enough to smack some balls of their own and the boys head to the bedroom where Finn can give his new friend a lesson in more pleasurable pursuits. With cocks glistening and gooey with spit and precum the two swap their tasty lengths and Finn doesn't waste his opportunity to pop one in the pocket.

Trans Angels - Update

August 04, 2021

Her Heavenly Body

Astrologer and seductress Emma Rose has a new client today! The anxious Dante Colle wants to know more about his fate and the state of things to come. Emma offers a “special service.” In addition to palm reading, she does a sensual corporeal reading. The mysterious woman warns Dante: he needs to get intimate with her if he wants any further clues from the heavenly bodies. After a taste of Emma’s peculiar magic, Dante can finally relax: his future is bright, and torrid.

Trans Angels - Update

July 11, 2021

Maid Needs A Maid

Jessyca Arantes is a spoiled housewife who spends all of her time tormenting her overworked maids while he husband's away. The busty beauty makes messes just to watch her two house-girls clean them up, wasting their time and wearing down their last nerve. Vitoria Prado and her best girl Bruno decide to take an unsanctioned smoke break in the lady of the house's closet, admiring her fancy dresses as they scheme about how to take their boss down a peg. When Jessyca catches the two maids trying on her clothes she's furious, but the maids quickly show her who's boss by whipping out their hard cocks and inviting her to try serving for once. The three gorgeous girls have a major fuckfest, Jessyca taking big dick from both sides as the maids make a spit roast out of her.

Falcon Studios - Update

July 10, 2021

Work From Home 2

Tristan Hunter is taking full advantage of working from home. He always stays comfortable by never wearing pants during video conference calls and always makes sure to take regular cum breaks throughout the day. The only problem is that Tristan forgot to exit his latest virtual work meeting and now all of his coworkers are watching him stroke his long cock in bed. His work peers only grow more shocked as a freshly showered Jim Fit comes into frame and swallows the entirety of Tristan's dick. While still facing the open laptop, Tristan unknowingly gives his coworkers a show as he buries his face between Jim's cheeks before inviting the man to ride his hard meat bareback.

Trans Angels - Update

July 05, 2021

Ready For Anything

Angelina Please is a blonde babe who knows that you don't have to get ready if you stay ready, and when she finds her boyfriend Johnny B packing canned food in what's supposed to be their emergency go-bag, she decides its time for a little knowledge sharing. Angelina shows off the duffel bag she's had packed for years, teaching Johnny about what they'll actually need in an emergency -- lots and lots of dildos. Angelina demonstrates how to use all of the sexy toys she can't live without, helping Johnny pleasure her hole with a vibrator while he teases her dick. Soon their demonstration escalates to a hardcore fuck right there in the kitchen, Johnny pounding Angelina's tight little hole with his big cock while she moans and gasps with total pleasure.

Trans Angels - Update

June 27, 2021

Musky Man Sexy Stan

The obsessed Evie Envy is SUCH a big fan of porn star Bo Sinn that she found a way to sneak into his flat. Armed with her cellphone cam, she films herself as she does some raunchy mischief in his bedroom. Aroused beyond self-control, Evie rubs her nose in his underwear and rims his fleshlight! As she's bent down, elbow deep in a pile of his clothes, indulging herself in Bo's musky smell, the actor himself walks into the room. He could call security on his unwelcomed guest, but seeing how tight the girl's ass seems, horny Bo prefers to both fulfill her star-struck ambitions and satisfy his lust.

Trans Angels - Update

June 23, 2021

Remotely Banged

When the ever-horny Lena Moon ordered a new, bigger TV, she didn't know that Tony Sting, the tv technician, would come to her place so early. Tony walks unannounced into the living room and almost catches the depraved Lena masturbating with a dildo. Lena's reputation's saved, but she doesn't have time to pull the dildo out of her ass! After plugging in the tv, Tony mistakenly grabs Lena's dildo's remote control and frantically presses on it. Now that Tony's trying every single button on the remote control, over-stimulated Lena can't contain her pleasure and moans loudly. Tony gets his priorities straight. Before fixing the TV, he'll give his customer the pleasure she deserves.

Trans Angels - Update

June 14, 2021

Dirty Laundry

It's laundry time and Pixi Lust gets all turned on as she finds her and her man's underwear on the bedroom floor. She takes a moment to reminisce about the night before and that sweet time when Dominic Pacifico sucked her cock. One thing leads to another and Dominic walks in on his green-haired girlfriend as she touches herself. Time for round 2!

Trans Angels - Update

June 10, 2021

Simulation Stimulation

When nurse interns are preparing for a simulation exam, they decide to best way to practice is to play nurse and patient on each other. Trans Goddess Daisy Taylor discovers that Chris Damned is not only a good nurse but also a very hot guy. A fellow student witnesses the two horny interns becoming less and less professional and more and more frisky. He leaves right before things become too heated, but when he walks back in the breakroom a while later, the naughty couple is having the fuck of their life.

French Twinks - Update

June 04, 2021

Truth or Dare 2

In this new episode of our game "Truth or Dare", discover Paul Delay, Bastien Leray, Timeo Blondel and Benjamin Dubois very naughty and full of energy! After taking turns asking intimate questions and revealing their little secrets, the four boys are led to perform very suggestive actions and they begin to jerk off to each other before sucking each other off. After steamy foreplay Paul, Bastien, Timeo and Benjamin are going to fuck in every sense and even perform a very exciting little train fuck before Bastien dominates the group and takes turns fucking his three buddies. This hot orgy of course ends in an outpouring of sperm and it’s the very naughty Benjamin who will collect the semen of his friends in a final bukkake.

Trans Angels - Update

June 04, 2021

Let Him Eat Cake

Stunning Natalie Mars is the queen of the castle, and she’s as sassy and spoiled as she is gorgeous. Being a queen has a lot of perks, but the best part of all is that she has a muscular, handsome servant wrapped around her royal finger, and his name is Colby Jansen. She has high expectations for Colby, and he does his best to meet them. He brings her gift after gift, but she’s not interested in any of them. The only thing Natalie wants from Colby is the chance to savor his big hard cock.

Jock Pussy - Update

May 29, 2021

Phoenix & Luke: Salt Lake City

Phoenix loves the trans man's compact, athletic frame, feeling the firmness of his chest and arms as they kiss. Luke kisses back with absolute passion, making Luke's cock rock hard. And while he's eager to feel it deep inside Luke's hot hole, he's more interested in making him wet and wild. Leaning his face between Luke's legs, Phoenix licks his hard clit, teasing it with the tip of his tongue while salivating all over his hot pussy. Luke pushes his pelvis forward, giving Phoenix a mouthful that he's happy to receive. Phoenix worships Luke's body, feeling his own cock leak precum with each enticing kiss and lick. Luke swaps out his position on the couch, maneuvering between Phoenix's long legs.

Trans Angels - Update

May 29, 2021

Big Shiny Fuck

Some say that all that glitters is gold. In that case, trans goddess Emma Rose's shimmering skin and sparkly outfit are probably the richest things on this side of the globe. It's too easy to fall for a precious girl like Emma, and so does Michael Del Ray, attracted by the sultry woman's hot moves, fierce attitude and glistening aura. Hopefully, you won't be blinded by the shiny sex Michael and Emma are about to have.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 23, 2021

Drew, Sir Peter & Andrey

Drew Dixon services Sir Peter and Andrey Vic’s uncut cocks on the Lucas Entertainment set! Sir Peter is back for more, and he made fast friends with Andrey Vic while on set of their shared Lucas Entertainment production. Drew Dixon has already starred in several Lucas Entertainment scenes where he showed off his incredible six-pack abs and his ability to take raw dick. All the while Drew is talking during his interview, in the back of his mind he’s very aware of the brutalization his ass is going to take from the raging uncut cocks of Sir Peter and Andrey Vic—all once the interview ends!

Trans Angels - Update

May 22, 2021

Fuck Me So Good

Sex bomb Jamie French wakes up in her fuck-buddy Colby Jensen's shirt. She doesn't need much more than that to get turned on as she begins to masturbate while reminiscing about getting banged hard by Colby's big dick the night before. Watch as her tight little ass gets pounded senseless until she gets her nice, big tits covered in warm cum, which is all this sexy girl needs to remember to trigger a super powerful orgasm!

Trans Angels - Update

May 11, 2021

Dirty Duel, Double Dildo

Hot roommates Natalie Mars and Charlotte Sartre are always fighting over the ownership of their sex toys. This time, a double dildo is the contested item. Natalie sneaks into Charlotte's bedroom, finds the toy in Charlotte's bedtable and starts using right next to Charlotte in order to upset her. Angry Charlotte scolds Natalie and tries to grab it back. The raunchy tug-o-war ends abruptly when both girls let go of the dildo at the same time and watch it roll under the bed. That doesn't mean the fight is over. They both run for the prized item, slide under the bed and get stuck there. Luckily, their other roommate, Lance Hart, was walking by the bedroom door and hears the damsels in distress. He will need a lot of lube (and maybe some ass pounding) to get the two girls out of there and settle the dildo dispute.

Trans Angels - Update

May 09, 2021

Hungry For Tennis

Two cute couples are having a tennis match. The stunning Marcelle Herrera and teammate Pyetro Baggio are visibly horny for each other, making their respective partner jealous. During breaktime, they try to sneakily hit on each other by being very suggestive with the food and drinks. Straws are being licked, and cherries sucked. The match resumes with the team switched up : Marchelle and Pyetro literally rub against each other while pretending to play. The two others are so outraged that they forfeit and leave the court. Mischievous Marcelle can finally put her paws on the hot Pyetro and show him what she's made of.

Trans Angels - Update

May 03, 2021

Sneaky Masseur

Gorgeous tattooed blonde Gracie Jane can finally enjoy a nice day off to herself to relax and indulge in the pleasures of self-care. And nothing quite screams self-care like hiring a cute masseur to run his nice, strong hands all over your naked body, am I right? Turns out, Mason Lear is not only cute, but he’s quite the handsy masseur as well. As Gracie is lying face down, Mason can’t help but grab a handful of her generous booty, and somehow convinces her that she needs his tongue in her ass to fully relax. Well guess what? He was right! After her (very) in-depth ass massage, curvaceous Gracie is indeed much more relaxed.

Trans Angels - Update

May 02, 2021

Why Not Have Both?

When the wild Izzy Wilde makes a nuisance of herself in front of her roommate, Johnny Hill and his girlfriend, Kenzie Taylor, she's scolded about all her shortcomings. Having captured Kenzie's attention, lusty Izzy decides to play peacemaker by saying she'll put the dishes away. Horny Kenzie, unable to coax Johnny into sex, follows Izzy to the kitchen where she finds her ready and willing. Johnny, however, easily catches them thanks to the fact that, you know, they were fucking right out in the open in the kitchen. But just when Kenzie thinks she's in major trouble, she finds herself kicked to the ground and watching in shock as Johnny drags the sinful Izzy upstairs. When Kenzie finds Izzy and her man in the bedroom, she's completely stunned.

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