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House Of Angell - Update

January 08, 2023

Open Wide

Whether it's his sweet lips or his tight ass sexy youngster Michael Flexx has wide open Daddy Will Angell is the perfect man to stuff them full. This boy can do things to grab his father's attention like no other. Get those legs out of the way so Dad can get up you deeper than ever son.

Bel Ami Online - Update

January 04, 2023

Enrique, Kirk & Serge

The 2nd of our 3ways this week is more of a classic Bel Ami than what you saw on Tuesday and features Kirk, Serge, and Enrique in action together. Serge is the bottom for this fuck fest, and for the first time he cannot keep up with the pounding that he gets from his buddies and actually needs to a break. Luckily the temptation of 2 beautiful dicks is too much and his 'time out' literally only lasts a few seconds. It is Kirk's fat dick that finally pushes Serge over the edge and he shoots his load into the eagerly awaiting mouth of Enrique before both our tops follow suit and cover out eager bottom with tons of sticky white cum.

Boy Fun - Update

December 31, 2022

Seaman's Slumber

Blond boy Gabriel Paris makes quite the hot little sailor, but then again so does his bunkmate Beno Eker. The two are enjoying a lazy day on the boat when the impressive pole of penis tenting Beno's pajamas get the attention of his cute friend. A tender session of BoyFun is soon starting. A little slow rubbing of Beno's exposed young cock leads to some sweet smooching, but don't let the romance of these opening moments fool you into thinking this is anything but a cock-hungry partnership. With Beno's impressive penis rigid and damp in his pal's hand it's mere moments before Gabriel has his lips around it for some sucking fun. One good slurp deserves the same in return and of course Beno isn't in the slightest bit reluctant to get a taste of his buddy's mast.

Jock Breeders - Update

December 26, 2022

Jax & Jack Ch 1

Jack Bailey has got a thing for older, beefy-jock type of guys. Turns out his good buddy Jax Thirio is exactly Jack's type. And it just so happens that Jax really wants to fuck the living daylights out of the young, sexy dude! Jack's hottest wet dream finally cums true when Jax, the veteran, muscle-bound stud pounds and breeds this tight, eager bottom.

Family Dick - Update

December 22, 2022

Your Friends Are Mine

Caleb just can't wait anymore to feel Jax's throbbing cock inside him, moaning vividly as he is plowed in every position possible. When things can't get any hotter, Caleb shoots all of his load over Jax's tanned body while on top of him. Of course, it's never too late for one more blowjob!

Boy Fun - Update

December 22, 2022

Wet & Wild Threeway

It's a lovely day out in the garden and Max Gen, Adam Keller and Angel Abell are making the most of it with a very playful water fight. Of course, there are other ways for a trio of hot youths like them to spend their summer afternoons, and it seems they're well aware of that when they head inside for some real BoyFun. With their water pistols almost empty they have other pistols fully loaded, soon to be revealed from their wet shorts and slipped between slurping lips. The three boys are clearly ravenous, making out on the couch and groping for the shape of hard young cock.

Hot College Fucks - Update

December 07, 2022

Brook & Dylan

Brooke goes down on Dylan, taking every inch of his thick cock. He flips her over and eats her pussy before sliding it in. He gives her a good deep dicking and cums all over her. These two sexy breeders really know how toy fuck and Dylan is so hot and knows how to pound it deep, hard and raw.

Venus Lux - Update

December 04, 2022

Beautiful Ping's Sudsy Screw

Blond Asian Ping seduces her date Bo Ryder with a sexy little striptease, then takes it all off in the shower to get down to business. She massages BO's dick and ass with a talented hand and a pile of thick soapy foam. He's so turned on he can't take his mouth off the hot little trans cock in her panties. Ping gets her own mouth on his giant mushroom headed dick and gets it stiff and slick for a slow, smooth screw. Bo has other ideas and wants to fuck her brains out, hard and fast. He thrusts into her tight little hole like there's no tomorrow. Their soaped up bodies slide together as he plows into her in the shower, takes her to bed to slather her ass in a spray of hot creamy cum.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

December 03, 2022

Lucas & Dani C.C. 477

Dani Brown is the fortunate man that gets his hands full inducting Lucas Mancinni into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. Both men are eyeing each other up, but for different reasons. Dani has his eye on that massive ass of Lucas and Lucas has seen the huge cock that Dani wields. The guys quickly strip down, exposing there already growing cocks and begin swapping cock sucking powers. Dani goes down first on Lucas’ caramel colored cock. Lucas makes his opportunity and begins sucking on Dani, taking it from hard to rock-hard as he savors it all the way down to Dani’s smooth ball sac. Lucas sprawls on the sofa with his legs wide open while Dani is busy licking and probing that hot ass with his wet tongue.

Hot College Fucks - Update

November 26, 2022

Kara Uses Chris

The guys around here are used to always having to fulfill the role of the dominant one when they have sex with a girl, but in this blazing hot episode Chris is about to discover what it's like to submit and be dominated by a girl, with Kara set to tease and torment him and treat him to what is clearly a mind-blowing experience for him. It's often the case guys have wanted to experience what it's like to submit, and we can see that in just how they respond and how turned on they are when a girl takes charge of them in a Coeds episode like this one. Kara also knows that about these young college studs - Chris isn't the first she's taken charge of like she does here, and she is oh so good at it! She has Chris rock-hard with his dick is about to rip through his underwear before the action's even started!

Cocky Boys - Update

November 19, 2022

Happy Endings Ep 2

The continuation of Jake Jaxson's HAPPY ENDINGS focuses on city boys Tristan Hunter & Cody Seiya as they settle into their new home in the country and not only adjust to its quiet solitude, they're transformed by it. Tristan is transfixed by the house's secrets, especially the mysterious attic, and on their first night, Cody goes from affectionate bottom to intensely passionate hard-driving top in a wildly hot flip-fuck. And it all happens while unseen spirits are watching and waiting to make their move. Tristan and Cody settle in and boldly make the house theirs with heated, vocal sex in the deathbed of the former owner. It's an easy transition from passionate kisses to Cody lovingly sucking Tristan, who shows the same romantic passion when he sucks Cody and eats out his ass.

Men At Play - Update

November 18, 2022

Contingent Offer

Derek Allen is an investor in real estate properties and mismanaged businesses with growth potential. He has been in contact with a broker that is selling a gay club. Today, Derek is meeting Justin Jett at the club for a walk-through and final negotiations. When Justin begins to go explain the operations of the club, Derek stops him and asks him to cut to the chase and share the income statement. Based on the income they review, the sale price seems a bit high – so Derek makes a contingent offer stipulating that specific conditions are met before he signs a Letter of Intent to Purchase. This could be a very big sale for Justin - and he will offer up his mouth and ass to get it done! It’s time to get down to business.

Military Classified - Update

November 05, 2022

Collin 2 Army: Anal

Collin stayed with me most of the day and was in no hurry to leave so I shot a bunch of additional footage that you can find in the DVD version of this movie. We started the shoot with the usual questions which Collin had a difficult and almost embarrassing time trying to answer as he attempted to justify his dry spell which lasted two months. He's a short guy but very sturdy! Muscular and minimal hair at the ripe age of 20. His cock, well, that was something to talk about because this little hottie was sporting an 7 inch cock that was BIG on personality and I was about to get that cock stuffed up my ass! Once I got all his clothes off, I sat him down on the bench in front of my bed and began sucking his cock like I always do. His python was half hard already so it didn't take much to get his boy hot and heavy.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

October 31, 2022

Brian Bottoms For Manuel

Manuel Skye is a handsome and strong alpha daddy who likes to get in deep when he fucks a bottom. And the more muscular the bottom is—and the rounder and harder that bottom ass is—the more Manuel is going to pump until his Papi balls are empty of semen… and his bottom is bred. With that in mind, Brian Bonds is a great guy to enter the bedroom of Manuel Skye, who is a macho jock when he’s lifting in the gym. But in the bedroom he is a bottom bitch that loves to take dick. When Manuel Skye gets his hands on Brian Bonds, they suck dick hard before having some incredible anal sex!

Trans Angels - Update

October 24, 2022

Jade's Splashy DP

Trans beauty Jade Venus looks sensational in a skimpy bikini as she relaxes by the pool. Feeling horny, the feisty tgirl attempts to seduce her boyfriend, tattooed hunk Steve Rickz, but he brushes her off. Craving sexual attention, Jade notices dark-haired cutie Dante Colle lounging on a sunbed nearby and entices him over. After massaging oil all over Jade's enhanced breasts and taut stomach, Dante moves down to grab a mouthful of her beautiful she-cock! Despite Steve's presence, Dante gives Jade an exhilarating blowjob and then flips her over and starts tonguing her tight butthole. Once it is nice and loose, the sexy brunette eases herself down on Dante's lap until her pert ass is filled to the brim with his thick shaft.

Hot College Fucks - Update

October 18, 2022

Nick & Julie

Nick had barely even set foot on campus before the girls were all over him, and Julie in particular set her sights on the handsome new southern stud right away, intent on getting his dick in her. Nick was charming all the ladies, and that made Julie want him so bad she wasted no time at all dragging him off for a romp in the bedroom. Julie was mighty glad she was so aggressive about getting Nick in bed, also - as you can tell when she's moaning out, "Oh, you're so big!" while he pumps his dick in and out of her! I guess Nick doesn't just have that southern charm, but also some well-earned swagger.

Edward James - Update

October 04, 2022

Hakunabad & Romance

Bad boy Hakunabad is draped across a dimly lit stairwell. Smoke puffs from the corners of his luscious lips. His eyes are half closed; he barely hears, and hardly cares, about tattooed stud Romance's anti-cigarette protests. That is, until Romance reminds him of where he is—it's his gym, after all—and who he is. "If you want to smoke on something," he snatches the back of Hakunabad's head and shoves it into the depths of his crotch, "then smoke on this." Romance is the owner, and not just of the gym. Nylon shorts are ripped away. Romance wears Hakunabad's mouth out with his long, curved dick. He rims and eats out the bad boy's big booty— slaps, spanks, and claims it. In just mere moments, Hakunabad is taken from defiance to moaning, whimpering ecstasy.

Raw Hole - Update

September 20, 2022

Mowgli's Bare Necessities

Cute dark-haired twink pup Mowgli has been searching the urban jungle for the rough and tumble top of his dreams, and along comes wicked hot raw fucker Daguy, who likes to give his guys a slap or two to keep them focused on taking dick and keeping HIM well-satisfied. Daguy is devastatingly sexy, with a lean tight muscularity, a scruffy beard and a close cropped head set off by the shock of streaky blond he keeps tied back until he gets REALLY sweaty and filthy during a screwing session. Then he lets it fall into his face and make him even hotter. The two bareback Latinos start out in an intense kiss, with Daguy's tongue laying claim to Mowgli's hungry mouth. Once they're naked, Daguy fingers Mowgli's insatiable hole, giving it a few of his trademark smacks and thwacks.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

September 16, 2022

Johnny & Viktor CC: 473

The big day that Jonny Fit has been anticipating and training for has finally arrived as he is inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men, today he will finally meet the international gay porn superstar, Viktor Rom who will be his inductor. Viktor greets Jonny with a warm and passionate kiss and then it is all business. Jonny finally gets to wrap his lips around that world famous fat cock and suck it all he can. Viktor lets Jonny enjoy sucking on his huge cock then flips him, eats his ass thoroughly before flipping his smooth, white ass and fucking him raw, deep, hard, and furiously, the Viktor Rom style. Viktor fucks the cum out of Jonny as he rides his cock, but that is not the end of Jonny's fucking, Viktor flips him again and fills his ass with his sweet load of cum then felches it right back out.

Trans Angels - Update

September 02, 2022

Leaky Poolside Fuck

Bikini-clad trans babe Jade Venus is scorching hot as she takes in some sun next to the pool. The busty t-girl lathers herself up with oil in front of slim, blond-haired stud Theo Brady, who is getting turned on by Jade's sexy body. The pair have fun fooling around with a water hose, then the stunning brunette descends to her knees and wraps her lips around Theo’s thick, meaty dick. After a wet and sloppy blowjob, the slender beauty sticks out her firm ass for a doggystyle fucking. Theo teases Jade’s juicy hole with a dildo before sticking his cock deep inside her, giving her the anal pounding she has been craving. Next, with her pierced nipples on display, Jade sits on Theo’s lap and rides him cowgirl-style, taking every inch of his thick rod as she moans with pleasure.

TopFanVids - Update

August 29, 2022

Johnny & Daniel

Johnny Rapid introduces himself to hot blond twink Daniel Hausser, and gives him a fucking he'll always remember. This is one hot scene and one to remember finally seeing both of these hot up and coming stars get the torch passed to them and really make their mark in the Gay Porn Industry. They hold nothing back and go for it in every way. So...sit back and enjoy as you see what they can do on their own. Oh yeah...bring plenty of cum'll need them.

Trans Angels - Update

August 27, 2022

Prom Night Delight Part 2

Izzy Wilde's third and final date, Jim Fit, arrives at her house to escort the sizzling t-girl to prom - but Izzy leads the dark-haired cutie into the living room for some naughty fun instead! While Izzy is busy chowing down on Jim's boner, her two other dates, Cole Church and Steve Rickz, are left wondering where she is. After finding big-boobed Izzy with her mouth full of Jim's erection, Cole and Steve decide to join in! Izzy greedily sucks on the guys? well-hung cocks in a raunchy three-way blowjob, then Cole shoves his tongue into her tight ass to get it ready for the hardcore anal pounding she is about to receive! Once Izzy's hungry hole is nice and loose, Jim penetrates the busty blonde in doggystyle and missionary while she continues to suck and slurp on Cole and Steve's rock-hard dicks.

Fun Size Boys - Update

August 17, 2022

Marcus Ch 12

Double Stuffed: Mr. Dietrich and Mr. Steele both have a taste for younger, shorter guys. And when you're 6'5", the whole world's short, but Dietrich and Steele like their boys in fun-sized packages. Steele has been fooling around with Marcus, a cute, pint-sized, local boy who's also caught Dietrich's eye, so they decide to give him a call...Within seconds of Marcus' arrival, they're all over him, towering above him like a pair of skyscrapers, running their huge, manly hands over his tiny body. The boy drops to his knees and gets his mouth frenziedly wrapped around Steele's mammoth meat. They roll out a yoga mat. Marcus is stripped naked and told to get on all fours while the older men eat him out, slipping their probing tongues into his tight-yet-eager ass.

Trans Angels - Update

August 12, 2022

Stealing The Horny Fiance

Beautiful trans queen Eva Maxim is excited to meet her boyfriend’s sister for the first time. When Eva is introduced to long-haired stunner Ana Foxxx, she is immediately turned on by Ana’s luscious, long legs and gorgeous face. Ana is equally mesmerized by Eva’s beautiful curves and huge, fake boobs. While Eva’s boyfriend is distracted, the horny babes seductively tease one another, then Eva kneels down and devours Ana’s trimmed, juicy pussy with her tongue. Ana returns the favor by giving Eva a sneaky blowjob behind the kitchen counter, then the kinky brunette slides a cucumber into Eva's tight hole to loosen it up! Desiring more privacy, the pair slip away to the bathroom, where Ana worships the inked-up t-girl's big tits and raunchily sucks on her beautiful she-cock.

Trans Angels - Update

July 30, 2022

Sneaky Sauna Fuckfest

As ripped hunk Skyy Knox and his spa-going enthusiast girlfriend relax in the sauna, stunning t-girl Bailey Archer walks in. Despite his girlfriend’s presence, Skyy can’t help checking out Bailey’s incredible body, and watches as she sensually drips oil over her small, pert tits and round booty. Turned on by the sight of the glistening trans goddess, Skyy makes sure that his girlfriend isn’t looking, then crawls towards Bailey to grab a mouthful of her erection! Following a long and deep blowjob, the handsome stud bends down to let Bailey pummel his hole in doggystyle, before the gorgeous brunette climbs on top to ride Skyy’s huge rod in cowgirl. Bailey moans with pleasure as Skyy squeezes her natural boobs and licks her nipples while tugging on her she-meat.

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