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Freshmen - Update

April 18, 2023

Viggo & Oscar

Oscar Scholz is still considered a newcomer amongst the crew but has already gained enough experience to surprise Viggo Sorensen on every level. The boys meet for a refreshing drink and Viggo doesn't waste a second before starting to seduce his new friend. The action is very intense as both boys bid to satisfy each other's needs. After some mutual oral action, Oscar offers his ass to Viggo who responds by giving him a deep bareback fuck. Viggo is the first to unload before blowing Oscar until he cums in his mouth.

Private Playground XXX - Update

April 17, 2023

Horse Market Dallas 2021 Pt. 1

Horse Market is back! One of PPX's biggest events is returning for a new chapter. Same rules apply: the Mares, or bottoms, stay blindfolded while the Stallions, or tops, are free to graze the fruitful pasture. Mares are herded in by our stable hands as stallions warm up and survey the plentiful livestock. Time to get saddled on for Part 1!

Venus Lux - Update

April 14, 2023

Teen Angst

Venus is home alone with her college boyfriend when he suggests a little play time before her parents get home. This kid is desperate for some pussy and convinces her to suck his big dick. Venus gets down on her knees and swallows him whole then gets down on all fours so her can abuse her tight ass. She rides him like a horse then takes a fat load of cum in her stretched out fuck hole!

Daddy Sex Files - Update

April 03, 2023

Craving Daddy Cock Cream

Allen Silver, Rocco Steele, Tryp Bates, Calvin Collins, Jeremy Spreadums, Jack Vidra, Jack Dixon, Jake Marshall, Shawn Andrews, Billy Warren, Jake Morgan, Marco Napoli, Jake Nicola, Cain Marko & Jesse Zeppelin: Some guys are insatiable when it comes to the fresh cream from a well-worked cock, and these guys are definitely desperate to get as much nut as they can from their daddy tops! Kick back and stroke along to this new dripping wet compilation of greedy holes being pumped with cum loads and handsome faces being drenched with ball juice. These guys just seem desperate to get as much sperm inside them as they can, and they have plenty of buddies to donate the juice!

Trans Angels - Update

March 31, 2023

Real ASState Part 2

Tight and toned trans babe Lola Morena is hosting a special event to attract potential buyers to a property? but it?s Lola?s gorgeous figure and big fake boobs that prove to be the main attraction for tall, bearded hunk Bryce Beckett! Bryce sneakily lifts up Lola?s short skirt to reveal a butt plug inserted deep inside her hole, then the horny tgirl turns around so that Bryce can suck on her rock-hard shenis! Leaving the other guests behind in the kitchen, Lola leads Bryce upstairs to the bedroom, where she strips down to her black high heels and deepthroats the handsome stud's long, thick cock! After some sexy 69ing, Bryce penetrates the busty nympho in doggystyle, then she straddles his lap and rides him cowgirl. Next, Bryce stretches Lola?s nice, firm booty in missionary before lifting her up and giving the tattooed queen a hard, anal pounding in the stand and carry position.

Bareback Latinoz - Update

March 29, 2023

Fabrice & Leon

Latinos Fabrice and Leon start making out on a sofa and it isn't long before Leon is sucking his partner's big dick. An oral exchange follows and by the time both are naked Leon is taking a raw ride on Fabrice's stiff dick. Then Fabrice bends Leon over and fucks him bareback from behind, until Leon cums, while taking it up the ass. Finally, Fabrice stands over his bottom and lets him suck the cum out of his cock.

Men At Play - Update

March 26, 2023

Shower Play 2

Shower sex can be a pretty steamy experience. But, pulling your suited boyfriend in for some shower sex play is how you do it on Menatplay! Colombian stud Jhon Ramirex is wet and horny, and his hard dick is ready to be serviced by his suited Spanish boyfriend Dani Robles. Dani is pulled inside the running shower and delivers an epic wet-suited raw shower play sex session.

Boy Fun - Update

March 19, 2023

Don't Just Watch

Lonely little Liam Rose is missing out on some hot fun with his partner, but he doesn't have to look very far to find another friend more than a little ready to enjoy some tasty BoyFun with him. Gorgeous Ollie Barn was watching from the bedroom door while Liam plays with his cock and fantasizes about his lover being there, but with the call ending he's soon making his play for that thick young dick. Liam is quick to cheat, but then again we can understand why. Ollie is the kind of hot young thing we would all get our dicks out for and Liam isn't going to hesitate. With plenty of kissing and groping the two are soon stripping down and taking the other's hard cock between their lips. The feast of oral these boys share might be enough to have most ready to spurt their seed in spectacular fashion but these buddies know how to take it all the way.

Why Not Bi - Update

March 13, 2023

Balls Deep In My Bucket

After Malik Delgaty sticks his dick through a hole in the fried chicken bucket for a sneaky Blow Job from Laura Fox and cums on her tits, she goes to change... but he's still hard, and his buddy Trent King notices! Laura catches Trent sucking her man's cock and is ready to fight, but Malik assures her they can work it out and play nice, starting with Trent licking her pussy while Malik fucks his hole. Laura sucks Trent as she rides Malik, then Trent tongues the top's hole while Malik fucks his GF doggystyle. Trent comes on Laura's face as Malik fucks her pussy, then his buddy and his girl share his cum.

Fun Size Boys - Update

March 11, 2023

Damien Ch 2

Basement Meet-Up: As Mr. Marko checked his new client/fuckbuddy Damien's basement for an apparent "leak", he fantasized about the hot twink's tight little body and ass. The pocket-sized Latin beauty was clearly into bigger dudes because the moment he walked through the door into his client's house, he was flirting with Mr. Marko. It wasn't much longer after that, they found themselves forgetting about the plumbing issue and instead, sucking and fucking each other's brains out! Mr. Marko almost couldn't believe how quickly he had recovered from their last encounter less than two hours ago. Ever since they fucked in the boy's room, Mr. Marko's mind was clouded by lust with Damien's perfect bubble-butt.

Private Playground XXX - Update

March 10, 2023

Peep Show Part 2

It's Part 2 and the men start piling in. Grab your spectacles and pull up a chair because the show is just getting started! Real men amateurs and studly muscle hunks are all getting into the Peep Show...

Sketchy Sex - Update

March 06, 2023

Bredding Factory

Darron's hole is always hungry. Dude spends his days waiting for the next hung dude to cum. Guys are always in and outa here lookin for em. Buddy can't get enough. He's hooked!

Hot College Fucks - Update

March 06, 2023

Houston Nails Nikki

Let's hope Nikki woke up this morning ready and eager to get drilled by a hot young 18 year old college freshman's big, fat dick because that's precisely what she finds herself doing in the action here! Houston is a quiet, laidback 18 year old freshman who has a handsome face and a hot body, but it's what he's packing between his legs that is his pièces de résistance - a huge dick where the girth is as impressive as the length. Can this young stud sling that huge cock?! Can Nikki take it?! Only one way to find out!

Men At Play - Update

March 04, 2023

The Hustler 3

A Valentine: Suited French Daddy Adam Franco could be single, but he knows how to treat himself on Valentine's. Adam has arranged for an evening with a young, submissive hustler who will provide the perfect, naughty boyfriend experience! Just like he ordered, hustler Javi Grey, waits for him tied on the bed, ball-gagged, with his butt up and naked, only wearing sheers. The Valentine is horny and kinky AF and gets his hole loosened with a butt plug before taking daddy's rod. Remember to Treat Yourself Too.

Corbin Fisher - Update

February 25, 2023

Liam Stretches Adriano Out

Every single time we post an episode featuring Liam, his popularity grows. He was a hit when he first appeared on the site, with that tall, buff frame and big, uncut cock. As handsome and as hot as Liam is, though, it's his sexual skills and how much he clearly loves getting it on to get off that really blew tons of us away and continues to do so whenever we see him in a new round of action. He has to be one of the most sexual, sensual, fun-loving and intense guys we've had in ages! Adriano gets to experience and enjoy all of Liam's sexual charms in this episode - swallowing as much of Liam's big cock as he can before giving his hole up to Liam for a hard, deep drilling. Adriano's worked over many a partner with his own thick uncut dick so he's more than up for the task of taking on Liam's, and clearly wants and needs Liam's dick.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

February 14, 2023

The Celebrity: Malek & Giuspel

As Malek Tobias continues his life as a celebrity it is not only the paparazzi he has to deal with, but it is keeping the fans satisfied and today Malek gets just that opportunity with a very handsome fan, Giuspel. Giuspel has learned of Malek’s whereabouts and is awaiting his arrival to make his plea. Giuspel is ushered off, but not before he slips his number to Malek. Later that day Malek remembers the handsome fan and is feeling alone and horny. One phone call later and the “celebrity fuck” is set. When Giuspel arrives at Malek’s hotel he finds that Malek is lying there naked and with a raging hard-on. Giuspel whips out his masculine, Italian cock and Malek is hungry to get his lips wrapped around it. Malek is fed Giuspel’s hard cock all the way down his celebrity throat.

Gaycest - Update

February 12, 2023

Home For The Holidays Tape 2

The Good Son: Mr. Weston was quietly pleased at the knowledge that since their breakthrough encounter the previous week, his son Chase had become even more attentive than usual. Mr. Weston didn't mind this in the least. The truth was that he couldn't stop thinking about the passionate afternoon that he'd spent with his son. Memories of their physical love consumed him. Chase also was unable to think about much else, either. In fact, in this intimate moment, the young man's desire was further enflamed at the sight of his masculine father still in his pilot's uniform. Mr. Weston noticed how his son couldn't take his eyes off of his dad. And after their earlier encounter, Mr. Weston also noticed that Chase took any opportunity to intimately place his hands on him. This excited Mr. Weston to no end, and eased the pain of the long shifts.

Trans Angels - Update

February 11, 2023

Getting Her Hot Rocks Off

During a couples massage session, Johnny Donovan is seduced by raven-haired masseuse Eva Maxim! The beautiful t-girl sensually rubs oil into Johnny’s back and buttocks before sliding her fingers deep inside his lubed-up hole. Following an invigorating foot-job, Eva climbs on top and penetrates the muscular stud in lying doggystyle on the massage table, until she has to stop fucking to give Johnny's girlfriend, who remains oblivious to her boyfriend’s infidelity, a quick rubdown. While Eva is occupied, the handsome hunk gets on his knees and treats her to a sexy blowjob, then he shoves his tongue into the hot t-girl’s curvy ass to loosen it up for the anal pounding he is about to give her!

Bi College Fucks - Update

February 09, 2023

Rocking Rocky's World

Our blonde coed knows how to get the boys to warm up to each other. Soon newcomer Rocky is balls deep in a new experience he didn't know he'd like so much! Tiffany takes charge and instructs the guys in what to do. They strip down and she has them kiss, little by little she brings them closer. Luke rubs his hard dick against Rocky's and she moves up to Rocky's mouth while he slides his body close. The two men end up on top of each other and the inevitable is just a few moments away. She rides Rocky's cock, then offers it to Luke - but first she tells him to tease the hole with his tongue. The tight-bodied jock gets coached by the knowledgeable blonde and the lesson ends up being a big winner for both guys. Within minutes Luke is on the verge of cumming with Rocky's cock in his luscious ass.

Trans Angels - Update

February 07, 2023

Horny Golden Goddesses

Hedonistic trans goddesses Billie Beaumont, Izzy Wilde, and Lola Morena surrender to their desires in this stunningly beautiful scene. Busty blonde Izzy is pleasured by Billie and Lola as she sensually eats fruit before descending to her knees to return the favor, treating the tgirls to a double blowjob. Gorgeous brunette Lola playfully kisses Billie’s perky tits, then she slides her thick shenis inside Izzy’s tight butthole while the slim babe simultaneously sucks on Billie’s erection. After taking turns being pummeled from behind doggystyle, tattooed Billie spreads her legs and takes a pounding from Izzy in missionary position, and Lola feeds Billie her she-cock. The trans beauties form a sexy anal train, then adventurous tgirl Izzy rides Billie in cowgirl as Lola worships her big boobs.

Hung Young Brit - Update

February 03, 2023

Favour For A Friend

Top Tries To Take Mate’s Cock: Ricky and Ash were sat on the settee when a very noticeable bulge started forming on his crotch. Then their hands ‘accidentally’ slipped onto each other’s willies, whoops! Ash whipped out Ricky’s manhood and casually slipped it into his mouth. What else was he supposed to do? Just let him wank off in front of all his mates? Friends do favors for each other all the time.

Corbin Fisher - Update

January 20, 2023

Jared & Carter Take Turns

Richie's really on the receiving end of some royal treatment here, getting tagged by Carter and Jared. Both the guys taking turns on Richie's hole are working with some impressive equipment, as we know, and Richie can't help but smirk and smile as the dicks come out and he gets a really good, up close look at the cocks he's going to be taking on in this threesome! With what is bound to be a relentless, merciless assault on Richie's hole, Carter makes sure he gets it warmed up and ready with some deep rimming. He knows his tongue will get Richie's hole primed for what follows, and it sure seems to have done the trick by the time Richie's lowering himself on to Carter's cock, then Jared's. From that point forward, Richie's getting drilled and pounded left and right and center and on cloud nine throughout every bit of it.

Raw Road Nation - Update

January 15, 2023

2 BF's & 2 Sleazy Lads

Driving round looking for lads! We find these two on Grinda. It's been a while. A sexy spin in the old camper van with Mikey boy and George. We ended up in Bristol. How many fucking beautiful boys there. We picked up this stunning couple, drove to some backstreets and started chatting in the back. Obviously George didn't waste any time sucking that lads cock after he watched him snog off his boyfriend.

Trailer Trash Boys - Update

January 11, 2023

Break Time

Seems that Alpha Wolf was just out there on his break and Cousin Joel caught up with his pants down. But no matter, just a bit of fun between a couple good ol' boys ain't done nobody no harm. Alpha was down on his knees sucking Joel's dick but Joel really just wants to teach Alpha how to get fucked up that hairy butthole. And up that hairy butt hole he went. That's how we roll at Lot 45. Seeing that big, hairy, ripped man lie Alpha bend over and take Joel's ick up his hole is one of hottest things we've seen all week. And the two men totally commit to their performances. Trailer Trash Boys is a very unique gay porn site. It's not just hot men fucking, it's an actual comedy site where the men all play characters on the fictional "Lot 45" trailer park. Country Boy accents, Country Boy clothes and hilarious setups and stories.

House Of Angell - Update

January 08, 2023

Open Wide

Whether it's his sweet lips or his tight ass sexy youngster Michael Flexx has wide open Daddy Will Angell is the perfect man to stuff them full. This boy can do things to grab his father's attention like no other. Get those legs out of the way so Dad can get up you deeper than ever son.

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