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Hot House - Update

December 17, 2023

Feels So Good 3

Hung muscle stud Max Konnor doesn't even bother taking off Cristiano's thong as he begins servicing the young bottom's smooth hole. Sliding the thin strip of fabric to the side, Max goes in deep with his tongue before using his ten inches to bareback Cristiano and pump him full of meat. Max's big dick goes from ass-to-mouth and Cristiano's eyes roll into the back of his head as the two fuck all over the dining room until they're blowing loads onto Cristiano's naked body.

Fisting Inferno - Update

June 22, 2023

When Push Comes To Shove

Wanting to explore a deeper sexual connection with Eli Shaw, loving boyfriend Mat Wolff has enlisted the help of muscular porn star Devin Franco to show them the ins-and-outs of fisting. Stunned that his favorite porn star is lying nearly naked in his own bed, Eli eagerly accepts his lover's threesome surprise and joins Devin in giving Mat a joint blowjob. Eli, wearing only a jockstrap and a cock cage, then offers up his ass for Mat to stretch and fill. Devin grabs ahold of Eli's head and reassuringly talks him through the process as Mat works his entire fist into Eli's smooth hole. Once Eli is sufficiently opened up, Devin starts pumping his big dick into Eli's mouth while Mat's lubed fist works its way deeper and deeper into Eli's gaping slit.

Bi College Fucks - Update

February 13, 2023

Chris Gets Cucked & Fucked

You go in to this one knowing certain things that leave you with absolutely no doubt this is going to be one heck of a hot episode. You know Jax is packing a big, thick cock that he knows how to use. You know Chris is insatiably horny and eager for action at every given moment, so having to watch Jax play with Eva in front of him will drive him wild. You know the instant Chris gets to join in, he's going to practically fight Eva for Jax's cock as if he was absolutely desperate and starving for it. Don't feel too bad for Chris as he's made to look but not touch in the early moments of this one - he seems to thoroughly enjoy the show, and once Chris does get to join in the action it's not long before he finds himself on the receiving end of the kind of furious fuck only Jax can deliver, and that Chris loves so much!

Sketchy Sex - Update

December 11, 2022

Double Dump

Got a fresh piece of meat off the street. I was sucking his dick minding my own business. But I forgot I invited another dude over. Now I was not the only piece of hot ass in the room. Now this hot stud was taking turns on me and the random that wondered into the party. Thankfully yet another hung dude wondered into the party. He had a biggest set of balls. I sucked this dude dry. The next one is on his way.

Bi Latin Men - Update

November 11, 2022

Wish & Flake

Wish and Flake are huge sports fans and the sport they love best is basketball. It didn't take these two sexy hunks long before they go right for the gold with some deep hard penetrating anal sex. The switch positions a few time but that uncut cock gets balls deep no matter which one they do. After some anal there's some ATM (Ass To Mouth) sucking until that final load gets blown all over them.

Twink Top - Update

June 16, 2022

Tyler Ch 2

Top Training - I see potential in Tyler Tanner. Athletically, yes, of course, but also as someone who could scratch daddy's itch. I'm not 100% sure if he's into that or not, so our workout starts as you'd expect. But midway through, he lifts the bottom of his T-shirt over his head, exposing his smooth twink skin to me. I lean in to start making out and he leans in, too, giving me the silent go-ahead I've been waiting for! We kiss and his tongue dives deep into my mouth. He's obviously hungry for a tasty DILF! I slip around behind him and caress his smooth chest. Those are some sensitive nipples he's got going there! He lets out a little moan as I tease them. He's now fully erect so I start stroking his rock-hard throbber. Long and strong, just like the rest of his body.

Bi Latin Men - Update

May 10, 2022

Fix & Corky

Fix and Corky are two more sexy and lean Bi Latin Men. They came to the studio to get some extra cash and by the time they were done they got a lot more than they bargained for. They have two nice big fat and juicy uncut cocks and they know exactly how to use and enjoy them. From cock sucking to deep hard anal penetration, these two guys just can't get enough.

Corbin Fisher - Update

April 30, 2022

Fucking Chris

Chris sure is settling in to things at CF wonderfully. This young stud is insatiably horny all the time, and isn't the least bit afraid to admit that or try out and explore new ways to act on that horniness. In his solo, Chris told us about how he got in trouble for fucking a girl in a tanning booth at his gym, and he's made no secret of the fact that he's almost always "DTF". Funny enough, even when we were with Chris as he was at the pharmacy getting a vaccine shot, he couldn't help but hit on a girl he spotted from across the pharmacy (he struck out, by the way - my guess is it's because he was wearing his mask so she couldn't see that cute smile!). The guy who got kicked out of his gym for fucking in their tanning beds and tried to hit on a girl while waiting in line at the pharmacy is now about to take another man's cock in his hole.

Masqulin - Update

April 29, 2022

Ride Me

Having a rip through the woods, Jack Kross suddenly runs into a problem with this ATV. Running out of fuel is pretty bad but getting stuck out in the middle of nowhere on a frosty spring day sucks with a dead phone is even worse! Making the best of a bad situation Jack heads off to look for help. He stumbles across a barn close by, and his luck starts going his way when he runs into Rocky Vallarta. Rocky is a sexy fucker, is working in the barn, checking his equipment when he spies an unexpected visitor on his property. Well, never one to turn down a man in need, he climbs down from his tractor to help him look for a gas can. Jack likes what he sees, so forget the gas, he'll take a piece of that ASS. It might be cold out in the woods but, in the barn, things are getting really fucking hot.

Men At Play - Update

February 27, 2022

Kneel Before Your Boss

John Rodriguez is a driven Sales Manager who is looking to exceed his department's revenue target for the year. He has created a highly defined business plan that all but ensures success IF his boss and company owner, Nicholas Bardem, agrees to increase his staffing budget by 5%. John summons the nerve to approach Nicholas with the request and is almost immediately denied. But John doesn't give up so easily and comes up with an idea that could get him what he needs. Luckily for us, John's ambition and determination to succeed have impressed his boss in more ways than one. And, before he can proceed with his conception, he will need to kneel and service his boss! It is time to get down to real business.

Trailer Trash Boys - Update

December 09, 2021

Uncle Drew In The Can

Uncle Drew came back to Lot 45 a few weeks ago but he couldn't get himself enough of that sweet ass in Zack. Don't matter... Uncle drew found Zack and gave him that dick again. Taking him by first rimming Zack as he's still standing at the urinal and then fucking him bareback right up and almost into the freshly pissed in urinal. Talk about hot, this is a great scene. That's how we roll at Lot 45.

Spritzz - Update

October 30, 2021

Campsite Raw Fuck

After a playful dip in the pond sexy campers Casey and Chester only have one thing on their minds… getting out of their wet trunks and taking those cocks in their greedy mouths. The camping boys are back at the tent and waste no time, exploring each other’s smooth bodies and sharing their rigid young peckers in a delicious display of sucking. The hunger for cock is only beaten by their thirst for cum as Casey turns his attention to his friend’s hairless little hole, licking and fingering Chester’s pucker to open him up for that perfect pink peg. After taking it deep from behind Chester takes a moment to suck that cock some more before Casey slips his wet length back in, his slender young dick piston pumping his raw hole missionary and finishing with a fuck against the tree to make Chester’s cock spew a messy milky explosion.

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

October 23, 2021

Wrist Rider

In his very first fisting feature for Muscle Bear Porn Daddy Will Angell takes on the most famous piece of red cuntmeat on earth. None other than HungerFF! Actually, Will and Ryan are a real-life Daddy boy couple which is why this film is so sincere and loving. Fisting may be new to the site, but viewers will recognize the close intimacy and filthy verbal from Daddy’s mouth they have come to enjoy.

Boy Fun - Update

August 01, 2021

Come Over Boy

After a year of lock downs and restrictions young Josh Cavalin hasn't seen his friend for so long, it's no wonder the first thing he and Denis Nowak can think of is heading back to his place the moment he steps off the tram. You know they have a whole lot of hot BoyFun to catch up on. There's no pretenses here, the two head straight for the bedroom and start making out. The time they've spent away from each other has made them so desperate and horny they can barely pause for breath as they start to strip down to their underwear, pausing briefly to make out some more before cocks are revealed. The hunger takes over as tongues and lips explore butt holes and hard dicks, the two soon desperate for more pleasure as Josh face fucks his friend deep.

Bromo - Update

July 26, 2021

Van Fucker

Tony's walking down a deserted country road when he sees strange masked man Majk drive up in his van and pull over. Majk installed a special gloryhole at the back, so Tony stickes his cock through and Majk sucks it. Tony gets in the van to fuck Majk doggystyle, then undresses the masked bottom and fucks him spoon. Majk cums as Tony holds his throat while pounding him from behind, then the top fucks Majk's mouth and jizzes on his mask.

Bel Ami Online - Update

July 01, 2021

Bastian, Jim & Viggo

There are a few things that BelAmi really prides itself on, and one of those is creating an environment where all of our models feel comfortable and at home. Our studios are not just 'studios' but places where the guys can come and hang out, spend a few days and get to know each other, and the result is always that we have a team of guys that are so at ease with each other that our directors hardly have to direct at all. This camaraderie is on full display here today when Jim and Bastian decide to 'kidnap' Viggo and have their wicked way with him. The only boys that were disappointed were the 3 that were left out of today's scene, but who knows, maybe Ashton managed to convince his 2 buddies to have a 3way of their own.

Boy For Sale - Update

June 22, 2021

Boy Cole The Auction

Chapter 11: The Auction - Lubing up his fingers, Master Kamp started by penetrating Cole's hole with just a single digit. His index finger slid inside him, moving around and getting his hard cock even more aroused. As Cole got accustomed to Master Kamp's knuckles, he slipped in another finger. The two worked in tandem to stretch him out, making Cole moan in ecstasy. Cole was a hungry boy, loving the deep penetration and the public display of his receptivity. Master Kamp could see it in his eyes that he wanted more, but like a good slave, Cole would never ask for it. He just waited, patiently and respectfully, allowing the older man to decide how he would be filled. Seeing Cole's desperation, Master Kamp lubed up his fingers some more, feeling his power flood his imagination.

Corbin Fisher - Update

May 07, 2021

Fucking Tristan

These two could not wait to go at it! They'd been hanging out at the studio for awhile before filming, and you can tell the instant the cameras flip on they're eager and ready for some action. I don't know whether they'd discussed it beforehand or could just tell with one another, but it was obvious from the get go they were going to be sexually compatible - Rocky loves to fuck long, deep and hard with that big dick of his and Tristan was eager to get railed by a stud with a big cock. One thing you'll notice throughout this video is just how little Tristan touches his own dick, yet he's rock-hard throughout. He didn't need to touch his dick - Rocky's cock pounding away at his hole was more than enough stimulation! You'll also notice the looks on Tristan's face and his moans and gasps.

Raw Fuck Club - Update

March 22, 2021

Barebackers Dungeon

It can't get any hotter than getting fucked by a hot big dicked muscle daddy in a dungeon room can it? Well it does and they start sweating to prove it! Jacob White services the big dick of Rick Richards in this hot sweaty sling room scene. Jacob swallows whole Rick's big 9" cock and gets it nice and rock hard so it hangs nicely showing its massiveness. Jacob can't wait to get barebacked by this fucker so quickly gets in the sling so Rick can start barebacking his hot big ass only to reward him with a nice juicy load and mark his territory.

Peter Fever - Update

March 05, 2021

Axel Deepdicks Richie

Another hot hookup from Eveready Axel Kane, who gives a dickin' and keeps on tickin'. This time the lucky bottom getting the Kane treatment is lean ginger-haired twink Richie West. Richie's a little intimidated by our favorite Asian muscle-boy, but a few deep kisses have him warmed up and ready for the full Axel enchilada. Axel pulls down his shorts and Richie goes down for a balls deep throat fuck. The young stud sloshes Axel's tool around his mouth and gargles on the mushroom head. With Axel's face just above Richie's tight little butt, he gives in to temptation and slides a lubed finger in to try things out. Before you know it he's pivoted around and slammed in to that ass. Biting his lip, Richie groans as Axel buries his bone far up his hole.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

February 23, 2021

Dann, Massimao & Robert

Dann Grey still has a bit of a sore ass after Sir Peter fucked the hell out of him in the booty. But since he was officially broken in, he wanted to help two new faces with their introductions to the Lucas Entertainment set. Robert Royal, a tall and tattooed punk, and Massimo Arad, a muscular jock who is the embodiment of tall, dark, and handsome. Both Robert Royal and Massimo Arad introduce themselves in a bareback audition before removing their clothes and showing Dann Grey what they can do with their rock-hard cocks!

Slam Rush - Update

January 28, 2021

Bred Off The Street

Sometimes I get lucky when finding a new hole to whore out to my slam pigs. Found this sleazy cloudy slut roaming around the streets offering head to blow clouds. Knew he'd be great for the guys back in my..." studio." It's why I got the house here. So much trash walking around, desperate for a buck or some slammin' pig action.

Bromo - Update

December 31, 2020

Punch That Hole

Drew Dixon's hungry hole needs more than just one finger... it needs all of them! Luckily, Bo Sinn is ready to lend Drew a hand. Bo teases Drew's ass with just the tip, then slowly slides more and more digits inside until he's fisting the bottom's voracious hole. When Drew is good and stretched out, Bo fucks him doggystyle and that dick is so good, Drew licks Bo's boots! Bo puts Drew in missionary and the bottom jacks off and cums, then gets on all fours to take Bo's load all over his asshole.

Next Door Raw - Update

December 17, 2020

Raw Room

Horny Beaux Banks is pleasuring himself, thinking about his sexual fantasies when suddenly everything transforms into reality. Dakota Payne comes out of the blue and the fuck fest starts. This video has all the elements for the perfect video: a dark room, two hung and handsome studs and non-stop bareback action. Everything is even spiced with ass to mouth moves! What else can you ask for? Just for a coulple of more cum rags so you don't get way too messy.

Next Door Taboo - Update

November 25, 2020

Dad's Package

Hot step-brothers Johnny B and David Skylar are helping move boxes into Dad's place when they find something they weren't expecting... a box of gay porn, toys, a camera and the chance to follow their deepest desires. Turns out Dad's Package isn't the only thing these step-brothers enjoy plunging into. This is one hot scene with Daddy and his sexy boy. Finishing up with some awesome ass to mouth cock sucking.

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