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Raw Hole - Update

October 05, 2023

Guerra Gets A Raw Dick

Guerra is a built Latin bottom who lives for hot, dripping, bareback cock. And who doesn't? Today it's getting dished out by dark, handsome, and HUNG top Abraham Shehell, who's got everything Guerra's looking for. Guerra climbs on top of Abraham and swaps tongues, making out like his life depends on it. Soon he's worked his bottom magic and Abraham is stiff and fuck ready. He slides his tongue around Guerra's crack and twitching hole, slides a slick finger in while Guerra spreads his legs so far open it's almost a 180. Then he gets one last juicy, musky mouthful of Abraham's cock before it's buried deep in his hot love tunnel. Do we need to mention how much Guerra loves cock? He writhes and grinds down on top of Abraham, taking it as hard and deep as his horny top buddy can dish out.

Southern Strokes - Update

October 04, 2023

Barely Legal Boys

In a quiet suburban neighborhood, nestled among tall oak trees and well-tended lawns, a group of lifelong friends, Angel Abell, Chris Summers, Jean Gilliam, Corely Law, and other teammates, were about to embark on a journey of self discovery. The boys had just celebrated their eighteenth birthdays, marking the official entrance into adulthood. They had been inseparable since kindergarten, sharing secrets, dreams, and countless hours playing doctor during sleepovers. But as the summer sun blazed overhead, they knew that the summer of eighteen would be unlike any they had experienced before. They realized that while they had left childhood behind, they had also discovered the true essence of adulthood having amazing raw sex with your hot friends.

Cade Maddox - Update

October 04, 2023

100% Raw Twink

This cute college kid was home on summer break and snuck me in to fuck him while his parents were sleeping! Now it's time to get the spoils of a cunning plan and some hardcore fucking!

Straight Fraternity - Update

October 03, 2023

Bareback First

Drew guides Cameron through his first scene with another dude. He starts kissing Cameron and makes him suck his dick. Then he sucks Cameron's cock and flips him over to eat his ass. The look on Cameron's face is priceless! Drew lubes them both up, gets on his knees and guides Cameron's cock into his tight hole. Like a lot of first timers, Cameron bangs away before Drew is warmed up. So Drew switches to a position that makes it more comfortable for both of them. Drew drenches Cameron's cock in silicone lube as he pounds him. Cameron pulls out and shoots his huge load all over Drew's hole, then stuffs his cum-covered cock back inside for a couple more pumps.

Bareback Me, Daddy! - Update

October 03, 2023

Joris, Ferdinand & Nathan

In this hot threesome, dads Joris and Ferdinand have their way with skinny and smooth Nathan. There's plenty of cock sucking and ass licking, before the mature men spit roast the boy. The trio go on to enjoy barebacking in a several positions, including a hot daisy chain fuck. Finally, Joris and Nathan stand over Ferdinand and pump their cum loads all over his face and tongue.

Young Bastards - Update

October 03, 2023

Hung Muscle Piss & Cum

He's a kinky guy who knows how to enjoy his big dick and smooth hole solo. With a mask to obscure his identity he shows off his impressive body, strong and smooth, his thick and long uncut penis swelling while he enjoys some hardcore action on his phone. Watch as the big guy plays with his engorged fuck meat, sliding his foreskin over his bulging tip, laying back on the bed to play with his shaved manhole and tease you with the potential pleasure of filling him up. He's lost in his own kinky pleasure as he unleashes his flood of hot piss all over his powerful body, his big dick gushing the warmth over him to flow in rivers to the sheets below. It's so intense he's soon following it up with an explosive cum shot, pumping warm cream over his soaking wet stomach before playing with the slick mess.

Helix Studios - Update

October 02, 2023

Cutie Pie Flip Fuck

CJ Parker, and Matthew Grey have two of the most beautiful, angelic faces in the biz. But, when these two heavenly hotties hook up, it gets hellishly hot! The tight bodied, tan twinks taste one another's tongues, while playing grab ass, and stripping down. Their cock hungry chemistry crimson hot, as they savor each other's salty sweet, sun kissed skin, before Matthew makes his way to his knees. He gives Parker's piece the deep throat attention it deserves, while CJ sizzles, and moans for more. Always a team player, Parker moves his sexy schlong sucker to the bed, then shows off some sensational, sloppy good suck skills. Once Grey's cock is gleaming, and slick with spit, CJ sits right down on the dude's dick, and sluts himself out.

Bound Twinks - Update

October 02, 2023

Tyler & Benji Encounter 2

Benji Dawsten has his arms bound and his mouth gagged in a dimly lit sex dungeon. His olive skin glistens with sweat, even in this darkened place. His smooth body is framed with nothing but his black jockstrap and leather choker. Tyler Tanner walks in, his hard cock protruding in front of him. He's wearing nothing but a leather harness. He finds the submissive Slave boy waiting for him, and he taunts and teases the slut, who moans and whines through a leather gag. Tyler tongue-fucks Benji's twink hole before sliding his rigid Dom cock into the sub's hole. With his arms in straps, Benji can't keep his balance as Tyler begins the pounding, so Tyler holds him steady by the neck and throat. The Dom top begins to growl and moan as he feels his balls tighten.

Twink Top - Update

October 01, 2023

Ethan Tate Ch 3

Stepping Up: Having noticed my own athletic ability very early on in life, I wasn't all that surprised when Coach Patrick scouted me a while back. As distracted as I was by him, the other sexy coaches, and all my fellow athletes, I didn't falter in showing my skills on the field and the precision with which I'm able to wield them. Coach Patrick notices this. He quickly snatches me up and begins offering one-on-one coaching sessions almost immediately. Once the session starts, it comes as only a mild surprise that Coach Patrick is willing to strip down along with me to both compare and appreciate all the gains I was making in my physique through practice. It's a great way to cool down after heating up, for sure. And then, he squats. He was trying to show me proper form for the exercise.

Jalif Studios - Update

October 01, 2023

Steph Killer & Tim Cosla

Tim is having terrible problems with his bathroom sink. It keeps clogging and it's driving him crazy! Fortunately, his friend Steph is known to be a pretty decent handyman and, as luck would have it, he's on his way over to the apartment to chill out, anyways. As soon as Steph enters, he heads into the bathroom. He can see that Tim is desperate to fix the problem, and he knows it'll be easy enough but he's here to relax, not to unblock sinks. That said, he knows from a previous encounter that Tim's a pretty awesome lay, so if Tim wants a plumber, there's an easy enough way for him to pay for one! Tim loves this idea. He's been into Steph since way before they hooked up, and has had fantasies about a second shot ever since.

Fun Size Boys - Update

October 01, 2023

Milo Ch 6

Ripe and Ready: Cain Marko, a tall and handsome handyman, had a slight dilemma. He had a cute little coworker Milo Miles who was wildly attracted to him. Milo couldn't help but feel completely hot and feisty in the presence of big and tall men, and Mr. Marko was one hundred percent his type. Milo knew whenever Mr. Marko was at a jobsite that would require all day heavy lifting, that it'd get his towering hunk all hot and sweaty in his sexy coveralls. Next thing Mr. Marko knew, Milo found him and pushed himself up onto his very tippy toes to kiss the smiling giant. The handsome handyman sighed and sucked Milo's tongue all the way into his mouth. As the two lovers swapped saliva, Mr. Marko cupped Milo's beautiful bubble butt and squeezed both cheeks.

Men - Update

October 01, 2023

Massive Part 2

Paul Wagner takes his time as he sensually strokes and nuzzles Jake Preston's cock while undressing him. He treats that big dick to a slow, luxurious blowjob, then rides it. The twink fucks Paul doggystyle and missionary, then the bottom cums on Paul's chest and takes the top's hot load in his mouth.

WhoreHimOut - Update

September 30, 2023

Gangbang 636 Cubano's Cum Dump

While Visiting New York City, Juven and his homies were looking for an ass to breed and seed! Javen found this slut walking around Times Square and asked if he's down to earn his tally marks as a true slut should. He said he's never been a cumdump before. The most loads he has taken was 2 from a couple. Javen replied yeah just put your face in the pillow and ill have a couple homies run thru you. He agreed, Are you ready to be a cumdump and get passed around?! If so reach out to us! Also enjoy this hot banger! Love YA!

BadPuppy - Update

September 30, 2023

Rob & Heath

Remastered Classic with Rob Dark and Heath Denson: Chocolate stud Rob, who's built like a brick house, pulls off his shirt and climbs into bed with his new roommate, cute and twinky Heath. Heath is already stripped down to his skivvies, and the two begin kissing and caressing each other. Heath unzips Rob's pants and pulls down his underwear, unleashing Rob's already huge and hard erection. Heath immediately begins blowing Rob, who reaches down to massage Heath's growing cock and balls. Heath helps Rob to remove his pants, and resumes the blowjob, bobbing up and down. After several minutes, Heath climbs on top of Rob with his ass in Rob's face, and Rob begins to rim Heath's tight hole. Heath then rolls over on his back with his legs in the air, giving Rob better access to continue rimming his ass.

Hung Young Brit - Update

September 30, 2023

Trashy Cockney Londoner

RAW POV - jacuzzi party on the roof. REAL LIFE mates hanging after party 3AM N start fucking. Alex, 22yr HUNG AF 9” gets fucked and spunked up chain smoking chav - right LOOKER STUNNING cheeky lad Alex was with us - His SO beautiful really the perfect type 2, enormous gigantic hefty sizeable 9” Inch when he get sit out its just jaw dropping and a really chavy manner about him.

Boy Fun - Update

September 30, 2023

Exploring Jonior's Ass

Junior Jones is cute all over, but his ass is one of his best assets and it's no surprise young Xander Gomez becomes a little fascinated with it in this BoyFun play session. The boys are meeting up for the first time in a long time, and of course Xander is eager to invite the boy back to his place. It's very quickly apparent that they don't have much to talk about, but they can fill that silence with a whole lot of smooching and groping. It's an almost romantic experience for these boys, but when Xander gets down to where Junior's cock is hard and damp he's soon sucking on the pink meat and encouraging his friend to get harder. He hasn't even freed his own long dick from his underwear before he's obsessing over the little pink starfish between his friend's butt cheeks.

Men - Update

September 29, 2023

Stiff In The Cock

Troye Dean and his boyfriend have booked a couple's massage, and masseur Damian Night plans to go very deep. He distracts Troye's BF with hot rocks, then starts giving Troye's back and ass a good rub-down and goes deep in his hole with his fingers. Damian massages the twink's feet, getting them nice and oily before fucking them, and climbs on the table to dick Troye down. While the masseur gets to work on his BF, Troye crawls over to give him a sneaky BJ, then it's his turn to fuck Damian doggystyle. Troye really goes deep until his boyfriend gets knocked to the floor, discovering the cheating and storming out! Damian sucks Troye, then rides him, and the guys flip again as Damian pounds Troye in missionary till he cums, then shoots his load on the bottom.

Helix Studios - Update

September 29, 2023

Pounded Hole

We join raven haired naughty boy Nathan James, and sizzling hot, Silas Brooks tussling tongues, and shedding shirts. Nathan makes his way to down to Brooks' legendary bulge, taste testing the twink's smooth torso as he goes. Once he reaches his delicious destination, Silas unpacks his prized piece, allowing James to showcase his tonsil tickling talents. Brooks teases the sexy schlong sucker, smacking his supersized slab about, before his own cock craving kicks in. He sinks to his knees, and worships Nathan's knob with his wet, warm mouth. Then, he spins his boy around, smacks him on the seat, and opens that incredible ass with his beefy beast. James lets out a lusty moan, and accepts every thick inch Silas smashes deep in his slutty seat.

Sex Japan TV - Update

September 29, 2023

Hot Pussy In The Kitchen

FeiFei is a real operator and a whiz in the kitchen, to say the least. We see her sprawled over the counters and kitchen island, writhing erotically in a slow arousing dance. When her friends arrive for a chat, her best girlfriend has a handsome date with her. FeiFei turns on her seductive skills, playing footsie under the table with the boyfriend without tipping off her girlfriend her filthy intentions. When her friend is called away and has to leave, FeiFei makes her move and gets the boyfriend hot, bothered and stiff as a steel rod. She uses her hot juicy oral skills to get him aching to screw, then takes his big cock into her warm, moist pussy. They fuck all over the kitchen and end up blasting off on the couch. They collapse into a happy postcoital daze, staring at the ceiling.

Peter Fever - Update

September 28, 2023

My Porn Crush 3

Banana Facial: Hans Raw is a little pissed at his fuck buddy Kai, who's gone porn star crazy and can talk about nothing but Matteo Gomez. Instead of getting mad, he's settling down on the couch for a nice relaxing banana facial. This isn't the creamy facial from a big hard banana some of us dream about, but another of the many TikTok crazes. His eyes getting soothed by the cool bananas, Hans avoids Matteo when he strides in asking about the bananas on his face. But Matteo's nothing if not persistent, grabbing Hans by his own stiff banana. Soon they're kissing and making out on the sofa. Matteo works up that low-hanging fruit with a juicy blowjob, then sprawls across Hans' lap with his fuzzy butt pointed up and ready.

Raw Hole - Update

September 28, 2023

Merciless Eddy

Eddy Medina is built, hung, tatted, brutally handsome and a relentless top. He gets turned on when his bottom likes to be dominated and fucked silly. And that suits slender Latin twink Alex Gallegos just perfectly. And what better spot to cook up some filthy fun but in his sparkling Mexico City kitchen? Plenty of counter space to bend Alex over and ram him full of throbbing bare cock. Eddy is dressed for the part, sporting a rakish stocking cap, like he's ready to hit the back alleys to stir up some hot and nasty trouble. Just the thought makes Alex's tight little hole throb with hunger. After a rough manly kiss from Eduardo, Alex drops to his knees to worship the muscleman's stiff upturned dick. His mouth fits around the shiny head and thick shaft like a glove, and he slurps it down with mucho gusto

Boy Fun - Update

September 28, 2023

Peeper At The Window

We're not suggesting for a moment that it's okay to snoop and spy on a horny young man pleasuring his throbbing pink dong in the privacy of his own bedroom, but we can certainly understand why a curious twink like Henry Levitts finds himself unable to look away when discovering his neighbor stroking his incredible cock in this BoyFun encounter. His eyes are locked on the pink and damp erection Sammy Gates is rubbing in his experienced fist, right up until the twinky masturbator catches his audience spying through the window. Luckily for curious boy Henry his brazen performer is quickly welcoming him inside to get a better view and you can bet the boy is ready to inspect that tool more thoroughly.

Frat X - Update

September 28, 2023

Hit Dat Ass

One of our boys met this new bro on campus and we knew for sure he was gonna be a good fit for us. And what a good tight fit he was, he knew he had a job to do with his holes, so when he settled down and got on the floor, that's when it was time to introduce our cocks. I just love this frat life.

Japan Boyz - Update

September 28, 2023

Bare Baller Koki

Who knew that cutie Koki would turn into a hard plowing bareback top? Well, handsome Japan boy Ruito sure found out when Koki took possession of his ass. They start out kissing, pretty aggressively. Koki wastes no time getting his mouth onto Ruito's nips and dick, and especially his sweet hole. From the volume of Ruito's moans of encouragement, he's reveling in every minute. Koki slides into his booty with power and finesse, then thrusts away like he was born to fuck. Ruito's eyes glaze over dreamily as his butt gets filled with thick hard Asian cock. Koki turns up the tempo, smacking his pubes into Ruito's crack with every relentless stroke. He shows a little mercy and slows to a sensuous deep screw that has his buddy gasping, panting and groaning even longer and louder.

Corbin Fisher - Update

September 27, 2023

Chris & Tyler's Afternoon Delight

When Tyler first showed up to CF, he expressed being eager to have a go at Chris. Of all the guys at CF, he wanted to fuck and get fucked by Chris the most, and did indeed get Chris' cock in him in their super hot Taking Care of Business episode. Well, Tyler still has some business to take care of! While Tyler got fucked by Chris in their first episode together, it's time for Tyler to return the favor! Tyler's made no secret he enjoys bottoming more than topping, so it says a lot just how much Tyler wanted to fuck Chris here. And it turns out Tyler might be selling his topping skills short when talking about being a bottom - he looks like there's no place he'd rather be as he humps Chris' throat with his hard dick, running his fingers through Chris' hair and holding his head down.

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