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Hot College Fucks - Update

November 29, 2022

Wes & Kallie

Kallie Works Over Wes: Wes looks at the massive bulge in his underwear and signals with a smile for Kallie to get to work. She wastes no time and deep throats him, giving him an idea of what he's in store for! The sparks fly and Kallie makes Wes cum not once, but twice!

Bi College Fucks - Update

November 28, 2022

Justin, Cain & Ashley

Pairing the laid back Justin with the aggressive Cain and the always assertive Ashley was sure to make a hot scene. I just didn't know how hot it was actually going to get! As predicted Cain and Ashley immediately took the reins and Justin was more than happy to be the center of their attention! They first laid him on his back so Cain could fill his throat with his rock hard cock while Ashley got a taste of his massive dick! Justin next had a taste of Ashley himself, and just watch as Cain still devotes most of his attention to sensually playing with Justin's hair even as Ashely gave him an expert blowjob. These two seasoned performers clearly couldn't get enough of the younger stud and within minutes they had him exactly where they wanted him - with Cain filling his tight ass and Ashley savoring every inch of his cock!

Hot College Fucks - Update

November 26, 2022

Kara Uses Chris

The guys around here are used to always having to fulfill the role of the dominant one when they have sex with a girl, but in this blazing hot episode Chris is about to discover what it's like to submit and be dominated by a girl, with Kara set to tease and torment him and treat him to what is clearly a mind-blowing experience for him. It's often the case guys have wanted to experience what it's like to submit, and we can see that in just how they respond and how turned on they are when a girl takes charge of them in a Coeds episode like this one. Kara also knows that about these young college studs - Chris isn't the first she's taken charge of like she does here, and she is oh so good at it! She has Chris rock-hard with his dick is about to rip through his underwear before the action's even started!

Bi College Fucks - Update

November 25, 2022

Chloe & Dawson Tease Connor

Connor is a hot, muscular, and hung stud who’s used to being able to get what he wants. You’d think he wouldn’t like to be teased and watch another guy fuck a hot girl in front of him and not join in himself, but as you’ll see here, he thoroughly enjoys himself. Dawson’s the perfect guy to be the one to tease Connor, too. He makes sure Connor doesn't get left out entirely, encouraging Connor to suck his dick before he starts fucking Chloe in front of him. He also gets in to some of his trademark, fast and furious fucking - stopping at least once to let Connor suck on his cock and lick it clean - and you can tell that Connor so wishes he could be doing the same! Connor's hard as a rock while watching Dawson go at it just inches in front of him.

Hot College Fucks - Update

November 22, 2022

Graham & Jamie

Graham might be new around these parts, but he’s been a fan of Jamie for years and couldn’t believe his luck at the chance to make those fantasies come true! For her part, Jamie must have remembered why she loves her job when she laid her eyes on Graham because the two get straight to business! Even though his cock is rock hard long before it’s left his pants, Jamie keeps it standing to attention with her excellent oral skills and then hops on to take Graham for a ride. She rides him cowgirl and reverse cowgirl so she can feel that huge cock hitting deeply inside of her from every angle. But Graham was still dying for a chance to show off his skills so he flips Jamie on her back. He demonstrates his dexterity by playing with her clit while simultaneously fucking her.

Bi College Fucks - Update

November 21, 2022

Trey Jackie & Russ

Trey and Jackie get right down to business with Russ. They lay him back so they can kiss every inch of his torso and work their way down to his massive dick. After the guys deep dick Jackie, Russ bends Trey over and gives him a good pounding! If you love hot men getting it on with a sexy girl joining in and then watching. You'll love this site.

Hot College Fucks - Update

November 20, 2022

Baker & Demi

There's something about Jackson's lean body, furry legs and happy trail that would trip just about anyone's trigger! Put that together with the adventurous and sensual Ashley and lean and sexy Kenny and it's a recipe for some sizzling bisexual action. All three kiss. Ashley gets the guys down on the bed together. She sucks Jackson as Jackson rubs Kenny's cock through his underwear. But she's not going to miss out on Kenny's dick, either! Ashley goes down on him as Jackson watches and strokes his cock. The guys kiss as Ashley jerks their dicks. Kenny slides down to help Ashley with Jackson. He kisses and licks the shaft of Jackson's cock as Ashley swallows the head. Then Kenny goes down on it, getting Jackson's dick wet and ready to fuck Ashley. Ashley climbs on top of Jackson.

Bi College Fucks - Update

November 19, 2022

Breaking In Jackson

There's something about Jackson's lean body, furry legs and happy trail that would trip just about anyone's trigger! Put that together with the adventurous and sensual Ashley and lean and sexy Kenny and it's a recipe for some sizzling bisexual action. All three kiss. Ashley gets the guys down on the bed together. She sucks Jackson as Jackson rubs Kenny's cock through his underwear. But she's not going to miss out on Kenny's dick, either! Ashley goes down on him as Jackson watches and strokes his cock. The guys kiss as Ashley jerks their dicks. Kenny slides down to help Ashley with Jackson. He kisses and licks the shaft of Jackson's cock as Ashley swallows the head. Then Kenny goes down on it, getting Jackson's dick wet and ready to fuck Ashley. Ashley climbs on top of Jackson.

Bi College Fucks - Update

November 15, 2022

Dane, Daniel & Demi

Things immediately kick off with Dane, Daniel, and Demi getting into some fun on the couch. Everyone is kissing, touching, fondling, and getting geared up for an afternoon of play! Stripping down, Demi goes down to get a taste of dick while Dane and Daniel make out. Then they switch and Daniel has Dane moaning in moments. It’s clear from the beginning that this group is glad to share and be shared. Demi goes down on Dane. Daniel goes down on her. Taking advantage of the position, Daniel starts fucking her from behind which only turns Dane on more! His cock couldn’t get harder! Then Demi jumps on Dane’s cock and rides him like a pogo stick while Daniel laps at his balls and watches the young Alpha in action.

Bi College Fucks - Update

November 13, 2022

Chris & Eva Share Jordan

This blazing hot episode marks a pretty epic milestone - Jordan's first experience with another guy! When I first met Jordan I never really thought this day would come. Jordan is a genuine ladies' man - he effortlessly charms any waitress or girl he comes across when out and about (including here at BCF!) and is extremely close to and has an awesome relationship to his partner (lucky her!). Thankfully for all of us, though, Jordan's a horny young stud who's willing to experience new things and see what new ways he can discover pleasure. This young man knows how to fuck and is very sexual (and darn good at it) - so sexual and eager to feel pleasure and have fun it led him to this hot threesome where he buries his dick in both Eva and Chris! Lucky Eva and Chris, right?!

Bi College Fucks - Update

November 09, 2022

Josh, Mason & Delila

Josh has a big ol’ dick and Mason and Delila can’t wait to get their hands and mouths on it. They suck him off in multiple positions before Delila takes him hard and deep from behind. That turns Mason on and he trades places with Delila so he can feel that dick inside him. Josh gives it to him good and fucks a nice load out of him.

Hot College Fucks - Update

November 08, 2022

Dawson & Kelli

Dawson Jackhammers Kelli: Kelli can't wait to see Dawson's ripped body and she wastes no time getting him naked. He starts things off by sliding her panties down and eating her pussy, before leaning back and jackhammering her. After being relentlessly pounded in multiple positions, Kelli ends up with a huge load all over her ass.

Trans Angels - Update

November 05, 2022

Bean There, Fucked That

All-natural, slender babe Amanda Riley is bored working at the bakery, so she starts jerking off to pass the time! Just as customer Dante Colle pulls into the drive-through to order some coffee, Amanda bends over to retrieve her cell phone, accidentally flashing Dante in the process! When the cute brunette informs Dante that they are out of milk, he enquires as to whether the trans beauty can make him a special cream substitute, and she is only too happy to oblige! The horny pair passionately kiss, then Amanda descends to her knees and treats the dark-haired stud to a sloppy, deepthroat blowjob. After putting up the "We're sorry, we're closed" sign in the window, Amanda sticks out her firm booty and gets a hard anal pounding in both standing doggystyle and missionary position.

Bi College Fucks - Update

October 30, 2022

Cain, Try & Jackie

Cain and Trey kiss before Jackie goes to work sucking Trey's big dick. The guys spit-roast Jackie and she whimpers with pleasure. Eventually Cain has his way with Trey in multiple positions, ending with them both blasting huge loads all over Trey's lean, muscled abs.

Trans Angels - Update

October 24, 2022

Jade's Splashy DP

Trans beauty Jade Venus looks sensational in a skimpy bikini as she relaxes by the pool. Feeling horny, the feisty tgirl attempts to seduce her boyfriend, tattooed hunk Steve Rickz, but he brushes her off. Craving sexual attention, Jade notices dark-haired cutie Dante Colle lounging on a sunbed nearby and entices him over. After massaging oil all over Jade's enhanced breasts and taut stomach, Dante moves down to grab a mouthful of her beautiful she-cock! Despite Steve's presence, Dante gives Jade an exhilarating blowjob and then flips her over and starts tonguing her tight butthole. Once it is nice and loose, the sexy brunette eases herself down on Dante's lap until her pert ass is filled to the brim with his thick shaft.

Hot College Fucks - Update

October 23, 2022

Josh & Chloe

Josh Breaks In Chloe: Chloe is the new girl on campus and Josh doesn't waste any time breaking her in. They suck and lick each other in multiple positions, and before she knows it, Chloe is on all fours getting railed! Josh puts his huge dick to good use and makes sure that this is a fuck Chloe will never forget.

Frock The World - Update

October 22, 2022


Jette and Cleo are as close as two girlfriends can be. Take a look at what happens when they get together for a little one on one time. These beauties are more than just friends, they're like total besties. If you love sexy and beautiful transsexuals', then you've come to the right place. These two models are the real deal and you'll love how playful they are with each other.

Bi College Fucks - Update

October 22, 2022

Kenny & Ashley Break In Mason

Kenny and Ashley decide to have some fun in the sun with their sexy friend Mason. They take turns kissing him and sucking him off and the guys have their way with Ashley as well. Before long Mason is bent over taking Kenny's dick and painting Ashley in cum!

Hot College Fucks - Update

October 18, 2022

Nick & Julie

Nick had barely even set foot on campus before the girls were all over him, and Julie in particular set her sights on the handsome new southern stud right away, intent on getting his dick in her. Nick was charming all the ladies, and that made Julie want him so bad she wasted no time at all dragging him off for a romp in the bedroom. Julie was mighty glad she was so aggressive about getting Nick in bed, also - as you can tell when she's moaning out, "Oh, you're so big!" while he pumps his dick in and out of her! I guess Nick doesn't just have that southern charm, but also some well-earned swagger.

Bi College Fucks - Update

October 17, 2022

Lucas & Travis Bi Tag Summer

Lucas & Travis Get Some With Summer: Lucas and Summer waste no time getting Travis naked and taking turns sucking him off. Soon, Lucas is having his way with Summer first, fucking her in missionary while kissing and sucking off Travis some more. That's not enough for Travis, however, so he flips over on his back and gets railed by Lucas while Summer enjoys the show. Travis blows a massive load all over his tight abs, and Lucas has an explosive finish of his own with Summer.

DamianXDragon - Update

October 17, 2022

Damain & Chance

Chance Hart is my match for another Tattooed Dad in the industry. Chance has a hot tattooed muscled body and a monster T-Cock. I can't help myself but dive down on his cock and start sucking him off as soon as we got the cameras rolling. We swap body jobs and I milk his dick before I slide into his pussy. It's not long before his has me shooting my load all over his cock .

Trans Angels - Update

October 17, 2022

Hot & Unbothered

Masyn Thorne returns home after a stressful day at work, hoping to get some relief from his stunning girlfriend, Asia Belle. Unfortunately for Masyn, Asia is too engrossed in her television show to attend to his throbbing erection, so the horny stud has to settle for a half-hearted foot-job. After worshipping the inked-up brunette's perfect ass, Masyn slides his thick dick into her tight hole, giving the sexy t-girl a doggystyle fucking. The distraction proves too much for Asia, who spreads her long, slim legs and invites Masyn to stretch her further in missionary position. Craving a taste of Asia's beautiful she-cock, Masyn bends over and devours the gorgeous trans queen in a raunchy blowjob, then the amorous couple head to the sofa where Asia hops on top to ride her lover's big rod cowgirl-style.

Bi College Fucks - Update

October 13, 2022

Cain & Connor Fucks Jackie

What happens when you get two muscular, hung studs together with a hot young coed - well, you're about to find out! Cain and Connor take turns fucking Jackie and then each other, ending intense orgasms all around! Enjoy this hot and sexy bi sex site with hot models and hardcore sex.

Trans Angels - Update

October 01, 2022

Two Cucks In A Pod

Beautiful blonde Izzy Wilde and her boyfriend, Roman Todd, are making out in front of Izzy’s jealous roommate, Tori Easton. When Izzy leaves the room, flame-haired Tori takes the opportunity to seduce the muscular hunk, spreading her legs to reveal sexy pink lingerie and teasingly stroking her she-cock, which gets Roman’s attention. When Izzy catches sight of her boyfriend and roommate locking lips, she decides to join them for a sexy threesome! The gorgeous t-girls treat Roman to a double blowjob, then Izzy sucks on Tori’s shenis while Roman eats out the stunning redhead’s juicy butthole. Tori hops on top to ride the entire length of Roman’s thick shaft cowgirl-style as Izzy bounces her cute, pert ass on Tori’s lap in a sensational three-way! After satisfying both trans babes, Roman jerks off until he blows a load over Izzy and Tori’s faces.

Venus Lux - Update

September 10, 2022

Venus Lux's Afterhours 3-Way

Jordan and I party at a club and find a sexy bald guy that wants to play with us. We end up in the back room which turns into a cum filled sweaty threeway adventure! They just can't get enough of each other and every asshole gets filled deep. Watch as this lucky guy gets two sexy transsexual babes and he loves every minute of it and you will too.

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