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Venus Lux - Update

May 10, 2023

Will Fuck For Work

Desperate for a job, Venus goes to see Will, who has a position open, but unsure of her qualifications. She says she will do anything, and Will is the kind of guy that will hold a girl to it. He makes her get down on her knees and suck his hard cock, then he slides his hard dick deep in her ass before draining his balls all over her!

Hot College Fucks - Update

May 09, 2023

Kate & the Swim Team Star Carson

Carson's a handsome young stand-out star on the swim team, with the tan lines to prove it. Those swimmer outfits don't leave much to the imagination, but what little a pair of speedos can conceal get revealed for Kate here as she gets Carson stripped down and fully naked, then the two of them fuck. Carson didn't have much experience when he first arrived at HCF, but Kate is making sure she fixes that for him!

Men - Update

May 07, 2023

Booty Swapped

Trevor Brooks really wants to get his dick wet, and talks his girlfriend Aften Opal into hooking up in the living room, as long as they're quiet enough that houseguest Joey Mills doesn't see them! After Aften sucks his cock and he fucks her pussy, though, Aften stops him when he tries to put it in her ass. Trevor finishes off in a toy plastic ass, but gets caught! His gf tries to throw the toy away, but Joey fishes it out, then gets an idea, hiding under a blanket so Trevor will fuck his hole instead. His plan goes to perfection and the top fucks him doggystyle, then he rides that dick till he cums. Aften walks in just as Trevor shoots on Joey's face!’

Trans Angels - Update

May 03, 2023

Three Nympho Nymphs

In this bewitching scene, ethereal forest nymphs Eva Maxim, Gracie Jane, and Jade Venus look sensational in skimpy lingerie and heels as they shake their beautiful long tresses and worship each other’s heavenly bodies. Tattooed goddess Eva licks Gracie’s perky nipples before swallowing up her she-nis in a sexy double blowjob, then busty babe Jade feeds her throbbing erection to the every-horny redhead. Afterwards, the trans hotties form an oral train, with Jade fucking Eva’s pretty mouth while flame-haired Gracie blows her from behind in doggy position. With Eva’s butthole loosened up, it’s time for Jade to penetrate it with her she-cock as the gorgeous blonde simultaneously pleasures Gracie, who moans loudly in euphoria.

Bi College Fucks - Update

April 30, 2023

Rocky & Nikki's Fuck Toy

We put a very fun rule in place as the action started out here - it's a hardcore bi three-way, but Chris wasn't allowed to touch the girl. We knew adding that teasing, cucking element in to things would take this episode to the next level. Before the action even started, we were certain putting that rule in place would get Chris so worked up and horny he'd be going wild and we were right. Even though Rocky's the one peeling off his pants to whip his big dick out and getting it sucked, Chris is the one mouth agape, panting while watching it all from off to the side. While Rocky starts to piston-fuck and rough, loud, hardcore sex is taking place just inches away from him, Chris looks like he can barely handle it and like he could cum at any second as he takes in the sight before him.

Hot College Fucks - Update

April 30, 2023

Mandy Milks Sean

Mandy knows the old saying if a guy's tall and lean, he's often packing. She's found that to often be the case among her campus conquests, so when she spotted tall, lean freshman Sean she knew she wanted a piece of him and knew she wanted to see if he has as nice a dick as she suspected. Turns out Mandy's instincts were right Sean has himself a nice dick that was as hard as a rock and pointing towards the sky as he and Mandy got down to some foreplay, then filled Mandy up good once they started to fuck!

Trans Angels - Update

April 25, 2023

One Night Only

Beautiful trans queen Daisy Taylor makes a spectacular comeback in an exclusive, one night only event, where she gives the performance everyone has been waiting for! After singing a hauntingly beautiful melody on stage, Daisy meets one of her biggest fans, Amone Bane, who is star struck by Daisy's charismatic aura and beauty. The pair soon head to Daisy's dressing room, where Amone gets a lot more than the busty t-girl's autograph! Following a passionate kiss, cum-hungry Daisy treats the freckled cutie to a sexy deepthroat blowjob, then dark-haired Amone returns the favor by sucking and slurping on Daisy's thick shenis before penetrating her in missionary position!

Bi College Fucks - Update

April 24, 2023

Kellan, Jamie Play With Truman

Kellan is in a sharing mood, and Truman has no problem being a taker! Kellan squats over Jamie's face so she can get a mouthful of his big dick. Then the guys take turns plugging her up on both sides. They get so worked up getting their dicks sucked and fucked, but they want the full experience. So after Kellan gets ridden- he takes Truman for a ride! Together, he and Jamie prep his horny little hole and then Kellan finishes him off with a good fucking!

Hot College Fucks - Update

April 24, 2023

Nikki Controls Zander

Arriving at HCF allowed Zander to experiment with and experience all kinds of things, as well as explore and discover things about himself he never knew existed. One of those discoveries is he definitely has a submissive side he gets off to tapping in to on occasion, and we let him do that in this episode! He's just an extremely sexual, openminded, horny guy. It's obvious he really gets off on it when Nikki takes charge, though, and this blazing hot episode is further proof of it. Indeed, the incredible load Nikki makes him shoot at the end of this episode is even more proof!

Bi College Fucks - Update

April 18, 2023

Initiating Ian

Brooke’s had Ian and Rowan. Now she wants them both- together! Ian’s never been with a guy before, but he doesn’t want to be left out of the fun- plus who’s really going to turn down Rowan? Exactly. Looking at the guys side-by-side with Brooke bouncing between their hard cocks, I start noticing some similarities between them. Their bodies are similarly proportioned, with strong arm, broad shoulders and chests, and ripped abs. I bet these guys would make excellent gym buddies, but no one’s thinking of the gym when Rowan sucks on Ian’s dick and then proceeds to sit on it! It’s hard to resist Rowan’s tight ass, and Ian doesn’t.  He tries him out and finds that he likes the feel of Rowan wrapped around his dick.

Hot College Fucks - Update

April 18, 2023

Cade & Cassie

Cassie Takes On "The Machine" - The guys and girls around the HCF campus gave Cade the nickname "The Machine" early on. With that buff linebacker build, those muscles, that massive cock, and the way he fucks with force and power, it's obvious just where that nickname came from. It was obvious Cassie would want a piece of Cade as well. His reputation preceded him, and Cassie had to find out for herself if it was a reputation Cade deserved. After as intense a fuck she got out of Cade here, Cassie would be the first to tell you he most definitely earned that reputation and deserves that nickname.

Venus Lux - Update

April 14, 2023

Teen Angst

Venus is home alone with her college boyfriend when he suggests a little play time before her parents get home. This kid is desperate for some pussy and convinces her to suck his big dick. Venus gets down on her knees and swallows him whole then gets down on all fours so her can abuse her tight ass. She rides him like a horse then takes a fat load of cum in her stretched out fuck hole!

Trans Angels - Update

April 12, 2023

Skilled & Cock Hungry

Ready for her job interview, blonde trans babe Angellica Good is dressed to impress in a skimpy white blouse and short skirt that show off all her ass-ets! Retrieving a dildo from her purse, the ever-horny t-girl grabs the attention of hunky interviewer Nate Rose with her hands-on approach and deepthroating skills before bending over and cushioning his thick dick between her huge fake boobs! Following a sensational tit job, handsome stud Nate stretches Angellica's tight butthole from behind in standing doggystyle, and then the tattooed hottie hops on top to ride her interviewer's big cock cowgirl-style. Big-boobed Angellica takes another hard anal pounding in doggy and missionary positions until Nate officially welcomes his new employee to the company with a sticky facial!

Hot College Fucks - Update

April 11, 2023

Mandy's Freshman Fuck with Josh

We all know the HCF girls love breaking in the new guys, and when a young freshman like Josh arrives on campus it's not long before they find themselves far more popular than they ever expected they'd be. Mandy wanted a go at Josh the instant she first laid eyes on him - that boyish face and that tight body left little doubt he's be a ton of fun in bed. If there's one thing we've learned with these seemingly innocent young freshman guys at HCF, though, it's that plenty of them darn well know how to fuck - and that most definitely includes Josh. Don't let his boyish looks fool you - he's aggressive and confident in bed, and has a big dick that he knows how to use on a girl like Mandy!

Men - Update

April 10, 2023

He Likes It When I Watch

Cristiano hears the unmistakable sounds of his hot roommate, Drake Von, fucking his girlfriend, and sneaks closer for a peek. Aften Opal doesn't even notice her BF's roommate watching and jacking off as she gets fucked... until Cristiano creeps close enough to lick Drake's hole. She storms out, but as she hears Drake and his roommate hooking up, she spies on her man fucking Cristiano, and soon it's her turn to sneakily touch herself! She crawls into position so Drake can fuck her doggystyle as he sucks Cristiano. When Cristiano notices that it's now a threesome, Aften and Drake get competitive about who can suck his cock better, and the lucky roommate ends up with Drake's cock in his hole as Aften rides his dick before Aften takes two loads on her tits.

Trans Angels - Update

April 09, 2023

Hot Influencer Gets Creampied

Inked-up starlet Gracie Jane is looking hot in a short skirt and black platforms while shooting a makeup tutorial video with her BFF. Halfway through the tutorial, blond stud Logan Aarons sneaks over to eat out Gracie’s tight, juicy ass, which makes it difficult for the horny tgirl to apply lipstick! Once the amorous pair are alone, Gracie gets on her knees and gags on Logan’s thick dick before treating her well-hung lover to an erotic foot job. Afterwards, the handsome hunk penetrates Gracie in doggystyle, then the busty babe climbs on top to ride Logan’s shaft in cowgirl. The long-haired trans beauty moans with pleasure as Logan plays with her big fake boobs, then the couple engage in a sexy side fuck until Gracie’s satisfied hole is left dripping with a cream pie finish!

Hot College Fucks - Update

April 02, 2023

Kallie Has Her Way with Jay

Jay pounds Kallie with long, deep strokes and totally takes charge in several positions while driving her wild. He blows a thick load all over her and they collapse together, breathless and satisfied.

Trans Angels - Update

March 31, 2023

Real ASState Part 2

Tight and toned trans babe Lola Morena is hosting a special event to attract potential buyers to a property? but it?s Lola?s gorgeous figure and big fake boobs that prove to be the main attraction for tall, bearded hunk Bryce Beckett! Bryce sneakily lifts up Lola?s short skirt to reveal a butt plug inserted deep inside her hole, then the horny tgirl turns around so that Bryce can suck on her rock-hard shenis! Leaving the other guests behind in the kitchen, Lola leads Bryce upstairs to the bedroom, where she strips down to her black high heels and deepthroats the handsome stud's long, thick cock! After some sexy 69ing, Bryce penetrates the busty nympho in doggystyle, then she straddles his lap and rides him cowgirl. Next, Bryce stretches Lola?s nice, firm booty in missionary before lifting her up and giving the tattooed queen a hard, anal pounding in the stand and carry position.

Bi College Fucks - Update

March 26, 2023

Breaking In Ethan

Ethan had a great time fucking Jamie, but I have a feeling he'll have twice the fun fucking Jamie and heartthrob Kennedy and so does he! It's not hard to see why, Kennedy is incredibly sexual and super hot with a personality that's as attractive as his smoking body! Kennedy and Jamie share Ethan's dick, first they take turns sucking him off- then fucking it! Ethan is one lucky guy whether it's Jamie or Kennedy, his cock is being taken care of! Boundaries are out of the window as all three do what feels natural. Kennedy rides Ethan, Ethan eats Jamie out, and she jerks off Kennedy and nothing is left serviced! Ethan fucks Kennedy and Kennedy's washboard abs get drenched with cum first his own then Ethan's!

Hot College Fucks - Update

March 26, 2023

Dawson & Cassie Rematch

Dawson Scores with Cassie - Cassie had herself a piece of some of the hottest guys around by the time she met Dawson. Dawson knew that, so set out to make sure Cassie remembered him more than the rest. He wanted to make an impression and leave Cassie hungry for more, and he most definitely succeeded with the fucking he delivers in this one. This is precisely the kind of fuck Cassie loves - nothing held back, the bed bouncing, the walls shaking. She's going to want herself some more of Dawson after this one.

Sex Japan TV - Update

March 23, 2023

Sun Hyun After Dark

Pretty, slim, wavy-haired brunette Sun Hyun is a bit shy, often hiding her face behind her silky mane or in shadow. But shy babes have needs too, and when she steps out to get some fresh air in the park, she logs into a hookup app and makes a date with a polite young guy more to her liking. When he comes over they chat and slowly begin to touch and fondle each other. When she handles his cock and warms him up with her hot juicy mouth, he returns the favor licking her tight sweet pussy. He slides his cock in gently and gives Sun Hyun the fuck she needs. When he finishes she lies satisfied, caressing her breasts and smooth little belly. Was her sweet young man a dream or did she really get that romantic hookup she was looking for. The used condom across her chest is proof it was all real.

Venus Lux - Update

March 22, 2023

Sensuous Twosome

Venus and Aubrey really love getting together and it shows. They look amazing in their bras and panties when they start kissing and caressing their gorgeous bodies. They take turns sucking each others off before moving into a 69. Aubrey can't wait to have Venus inside her so she climbs on for a ride, only to have Venus take control and continue driving her big cock deep into Aubrey's ass then she shoots her hot cum on Aubrey's stomach.

Hot College Fucks - Update

March 21, 2023

Nathan & Rachel

Rachel Gets to Know Nathan - 19 year old Nathan almost never jerks off, and when you take one look at him it's not hard to see why. He has no trouble at all finding girls to hook up with, has plenty of lucky female friends he can hit up with when he wants to get his dick with, and never has trouble meeting new girls when out and about. For being just 19, Nathan’s clearly confident and knows what he's doing in bed, and he knew he wanted to go at it with Rachel here! Can you blame him? Rachel gets Nathan riled up and ready to go with her expert BJ to start, then the hot fuck ensues!

Venus Lux - Update

March 16, 2023

Venus & Chanel Flip-Sucking

Time for some she on she; Venus Lux invites a playful Chanel over to caress and blow. Stroking one another's cock, the two heat things up with a bit of grind and slap, the steamy foreplay is just the beginning. Going "head first," Venus treats her pal to a sensual sucking. Changing to a pendant position, they swallow each other fully before unloading. Chanel starts the "drop and deliver," with Venus spraying up to her beautiful breasts. Giggling, the tongue lashing finishes this frisky "minx mixing."

Trans Angels - Update

March 13, 2023

One Big Happy Fucking Family 2

Feisty T-Girl Claire Tenebrarum is eager to make amends for accidentally shooting a load over her stepdad Bryce Beckett's face after having incredible sex with her girlfriend... so she sticks a dildo on his bedroom door and asks the handsome hunk to push it open! Bearded Bryce can't resist Claire's seductive ways, and it isn't long before he invites the all-natural beauty to gag on his thick dick in a sexy blowjob. Afterwards, Claire bends over and takes a doggystyle pounding, and then the debauched pair enjoy a missionary-style fuck as the hot trans babe tugs on her shines. Feeling adventurous, Claire hops on top to ride Bryce's long shaft cowgirl-style, and she cries out with pleasure as her tight hole is stretched wide. This time, Bryce makes sure that it is Claire who ends up covered in his cum as he pulls out and orgasms all over her nice, firm ass!

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