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UK Naked Men - Update

June 03, 2021

Donnie & Adam

Big bad Adam Stahl is cruising the gents when he cuts across, quite literally ( eventually) Donnie Marco, our favourite, skin-head, mean mutha fucker. He's strapping piece of very sexy man, and he LURVES licking arse, sniffing armpits and general reprehensible piggy behaviour. Donnie is very appreciative of his talented tongue. BUT big burly bastard Adam is also a very keen power bottom and he's spreading those beef cheeks in the blink of an eye, allowing Donnie full access to his wet, tight fuck-hole. Its a bareback festival of uncut cocks and spunky pleasures as the boys fuck all over the place, standing up, with Adam squatting on Donnie's fat uncut dick, this man-whore is getting it always, until that tight hole is a wet mess!

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

May 31, 2021

1st Time's The Hardest

A boy's first time requires both patience and firmness. He wants it inside him so badly, but it's so big and hard. Daddy Will Angell knows what young Spencer wants more than anything and he means to give it to him even if it means he has to pry that boy open some. There may be tears, but they are happy tears. The experience is a once in a lifetime that will bring the boy into a new world with new experiences and desires.

Dirty Scout - Update

May 15, 2021

Dirty Scout 251

I simply couldn't understand why this guy worked only as a security guard and a warehouse keeper. He was cute enough to be a model or a fancy bartender. Maybe it was because he wasn't very outgoing. He had friends but preferred solo activities like riding BMX bikes or jogging. The guy didn't even have a girlfriend. Those crappy jobs barely covered his rent so he came to me for help. He was kind of clueless so I offered him another warehouse job, just better paid. He didn't bother so why should I? And the dude loved it! This work is sometimes way too easy... Now I had to figure out how to have a good look at his athletic body. As always, our mediation fee was quite a surprise so everything went smoothly. This young man would do anything to get the job.

Dirty Scout - Update

May 09, 2021

Dirty Scout 250

Dominik seemed to be a very competent young man with plenty of experience. He worked as a crisis manager and his skills were valued very high. Unfortunately, the job was quite stressful and our guy had enough of that. He wanted to manage regular situations and finally be able to enjoy free time without being interrupted. That was why I offered him a pleasant job in Vienna. Did I mention that Dominik spoke four languages? He was also really cute. This guy was a perfect employee and that was the problem. How do you bribe someone who is seemingly perfect into having sex during a job interview? It was surprisingly easy in the end because Dominik lost his wallet and couldn't withdraw money to pay our fee... Bingo! Soon he was masturbating right in front of me. And that was just the beginning.

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

May 05, 2021


Every young man who is lucky enough to find themselves in Daddy Will’s bed gets asked the same question: “What’s your deepest fantasy boy, what do you want Daddy to do to you?” In Daddy’s bed there is no shame in sharing whatever you desire. Daddy just wants to give you a safe place to explore whatever dirty boy fantasies are rattling around in your mind. Between two consenting men there should never be shame nor stigma, no boundaries nor taboos, just whole-hearted lovemaking.

Joe Schmoe Videos - Update

April 18, 2021

Joe & Cody

Chubby Cody Goes Gay For Cash - Cody was planning on just kicking back and jerking on his modest cock to some hardcore, but his boner appearing before the session even started suggested that he might be down for more than that. It turns out his hard dick is more willing to get sucked than he thought, and he delivers a great splashing facial for Joe!

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

April 17, 2021

Pleasing Daddy's Hole

Draven Torres is one hell of an all-purpose boy. Not only can he take a pounding, but when Daddy Will Angell feels like he wants some special attention down in his furry manhole, Draven is right there to please. He makes Daddy's Bear hole the center of his universe with his mouth, hands, and any other tool he can reach. Daddy's prostate is going to feel this for a long time. Some boys are just good at everything!

Hot Older Male - Update

April 10, 2021

Alessio & Brian

Furry, sexy daddies Brian Bonds and Alessio Romero find themselves alone in the gym so they strip down to their underwear to work up a sweat. Once Alessio gets behind Brian's tight muscle ass, he's just gotta taste it and fuck it. Brian turns the tables and the daddy fuck in on! If you like your men beefy, more mature and hot, then this is where you need to be.

Raw Fuck Club - Update

March 28, 2021

Porn Star Leo 2

Porn Star @LEOFORTEXXX Eats, Fucks & FF'S My Cunt Part 2 - Leo and I met a couple years ago in San Francisco and the connection was immediate. You guys have really liked the videos we’ve been making together, so I figured I’d have him come stay a few days with me while I was on vacation in Mexico. This was the first session we had together, and the first where I filmed content with my glasses on (something a handful of you guys have requested). Hope you enjoy :)

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

March 26, 2021

Sur L'ours

Our Big Bear from the North is back for more, and this time he gets extra helpings of piss and cum. MuscleBear Montréal is what this site is about. Big muscles, furs and an ass full of cock! Notre Big Bear du Nord est de retour pour plus, et cette fois, il reçoit des portions supplémentaires de pisse et de sperme. MuscleBear Montréal est l'objet de ce site. De gros muscles, des fourrures et un cul plein de bite!

Joe Schmoe Videos - Update

March 22, 2021


Uncut Str8 Matt Gets Sucked - Matt needed some cash real quick and turned up unannounced for a solo, and Joe was around to help the hot uncut straight guy with that juicy dick of his. Laying back on the bed he gets his cock totally serviced, then delivers a great cum shot for Joe to taste as it oozes from his foreskin covered head!

Hot Older Male - Update

March 14, 2021

Jack & Alex

What Daddy Does in Vegas: Hot Daddy Jack Dixon is relaxing in his hotel tub when bellboy Alex Hawk shows up with a bottle of champagne and his hungry, hungry hole. Once Alex gets a look at Jack's monster meat, he's got his greedy mouth and greedier hole all over it. Bareback sex starts and that big fat hard cock pounds that asshole deep, hard and raw. Finally blasting a huge load of cum all over. It just keeps cumming and cumming and cumming...

Hot Older Male - Update

March 12, 2021

Jake & Alex

When hot silver Daddy Jake Marshall hooks up with hot muscle bear Alex Tikas, these two go at each other's cocks and holes in a reckless frenzy. Who wouldn't, with Jake's sexy silver dad vibe and Alex's huge, thick uncut cock dripping from the get go? Damn, we love these guys.

Amateurs Do It - Update

March 11, 2021

Tyla, Max & Don

Max and Don are two sexy daddies from the UK visiting on a couple's vacation. They'd been hearing about how hot Aussie men are for years and were keen to find a hot bottom to share. In this extreme international three-way, Max and Don take total control of Tyla and pump him dry. Nothing is off limits as these two mature men get their money's worth, barebacking Tyla's hot, tight hole and before filling him full of their loads! Regular members and fans of Aussie Amateurs Do it know what an impressive bottom Tyla is. He's so talented he literally has a gold star on his asshole! Tyla loves a hardcore threesome and was looking to get his hole double fucked and destroyed by two, hot, barebock tops.

Hairy and Raw - Update

March 08, 2021

Jock & Bronco

Jock Dog and Bronco Yote are super hot for each other and they have been for some time. Both are blue-collar workers and after a long day out in the sun there's nothing these two enjoy more than finding different ways to de-stress. And there's no better way than with a good, raw fuck. After making out and stripping down, dark-haired Bronco and blond Jock, take turns sucking each other. But what the bearded tattooed bottom needs most is for his bearish co-worker to stuff him full of cock and pound him bareback. And that's exactly what Bronco does, working up to a good sweat and some much needed release!

Joe Schmoe Videos - Update

March 07, 2021


Amateur Performer In Demand! - Demand is looking to earn some extra cash, but when we find out this handsome black man is gay he's gonna get more than just a jerk off session. That juicy cock gets plenty of sucking from both the Joe's, taking turns to taste his shaft. With his slippery cock being jerked in a helping hand he unloads his cum all over his stomach.

Hairy and Raw - Update

February 27, 2021

Jean & Bearsilien

Ever wonder what complete and total sex pigs look like fucking? Check out Jean Paul and Bearsilien. These two hairy bears don't just fuck. They rut like the full blown animals that they are. With some heavy duty kissing that's perfectly noisy and slurpy, as it should be, bearded and tattooed nasty Bearsilien punctuates his make out and cock sucking with proper spitting. And when he rims Jean Paul, Bearsilien drives his tongue deep, getting his bearded bottom cub wet before sliding that pierced raw cock home, down to the balls. Bearsilien goes as deep as he possibly can, slamming mercilessly into Jean Paul, tearing into that hot and hairy beefy bear ass. Bearsilien bareback fucks Jean Paul as long as he can before pulling out and spraying his jizz all over Jean Paul's sweaty balls.

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

February 26, 2021

Feed Me

When you’re the kind of boy that Liam Angell is, one that will never be satisfied by only one man’s cock, it sure helps to have a Daddy like Will who gets off watching you get bred. Daddy Will gets so excited watching his good boy take a hard hole beating from Killian Knox he blows a big fat load all over him and the three pig bears slobber and share the creamy nut.

Bear Films - Update

February 26, 2021

Buster & Tony

Tony Tripoli is in the Shaft Shack, wearing his leather cap and harness and waiting to see who's going to walk in. The goateed daddy is super horny and stroking a whopper of a cock. In fact, the elephant tattoo on his groin is quite appropriate as that thick slab of pendulous meat is supposed to the elephant's trunk! Intrigued, yet? We sure were when we saw his pictures, which is why we've got him here now, playing with Buster Boudreaux, another tattooed, leather-wearing horny fucker. Almost as soon as Buster walks in, he and Tony start making out. Buster then loses little time in dropping to his knees and getting Tony's massive trunk of a cock hard. Buster sucks cock like he's juicing the horny daddy, milking him for pre-cum.

Joe Schmoe Videos - Update

February 21, 2021


Raw Ass For Daddy Dick! - Daddy is in need of some extra cash, and he has a hot load of cum in his balls that needs to be released too. Thankfully he has Joe on hand to give him some special attention in this suck and fuck video. He gets his tasty pink cock sucked and serviced, then eases it into that hot gay hole for some bareback fucking before giving thirsty Joe a splashing facial - which gets him cumming too!

Bear Films - Update

February 21, 2021

Bearsilien & Steve

After making repairs in a warehouse, Steve Sommers gets the reward he was hoping for in the form of bearded, indie bear, Bearsilien. Prepped and ready to go, Steve chows down on the inked and pierced Bearsilian's fat, uncut, mouth-watering cock. He then buries his face in the man's incredibly fuzzy ass and the next thing you know, the usually bottom Steve is pounding the hell out of Bearsilien in a sling! The horny bareback fuckers then flip and Bearsilian takes ownership of Steve's ass and hole, slamming into him until they blow.

Hot Older Male - Update

February 19, 2021

Mitch & Daddy Bull Bear

Mitch Davis and Daddy Bull Bear - The one rule in this dungeon is do as daddy says so when Mitch Davis hooks up with beefy Daddy Bull Bear he takes that dick no questions asked. Mitch sucks on that fat daddy dick before taking up his hole with pleasure. Daddy Bear has gotta breed so he fills that hole with a huge creamy load.

Joe Schmoe Videos - Update

February 13, 2021

Jason & Daddy

Jason Tastes Some Daddy Dick - Daddy and Jason are hanging out and enjoying some cock stroking together when the offer of some sucking has them both tasting each others meat. Jason might not be so into sucking on that daddy dick, but it earns him a blowjob from Joe who makes him cum a hot load over his thick thigh, with Joe sucking that dick clean.

Bear Films - Update

February 12, 2021

Bear & Teddy

When Bear Waters checks warehouse inventory against his list of shipments, he discovers a load has not yet been delivered. Who made the mistake? Poor cute newbie, Teddy Osborne. The beefy blond cub accepts full responsibility and is ready for any punishment his foreman/boss has to offer. And with such a willing submissive, who can blame Bear for doing the nasty things he does to Teddy? In fact, the pig bottom cub is SO ready to accept Bear's punishment he practically hog ties himself! Bear, large and in charge, grabs hold of Teddy's cock and chows down before filling his hole with spit, then cock. Big balls, big men, and big loads. Looks like Teddy's position is secure...for now!

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

February 12, 2021

Shake That Ass Boy

If you enjoy watching a Daddy stretch a boy’s fuck hole wide open then flood him deep into his guts until he is flowing like a river then this is the film for you. Daddy Will Angell gets together with Scott Ryder again and they make that boy’s hole gape and belch up a gallon of Daddy juice. Filthy, wet, raw breeding the way we know you like it. That ass was used, abused and stretched open so wide you could see the cream oozing out.

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