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Gay Erotic Stories by Catcher4you - Update

September 06, 2017

Furry and Fantastic

...I worked my way down his chest and found a nice cock leaking a good amount of precum. I lapped that up as I slowly swallowed him. His cock rested in a hairy bush and his balls were also well furred. I slowly liked them, working my way to his hot hairy hole. I flipped him over, marveling at the sight of those glorious hairy mounds. I kneaded, licked and kissed his ass while zeroing in on the ultimate prize. I spread his ass wide and feasted my eyes on his hole. Loads of hair surrounded it, making it look really tasty...

Gay Erotic Stories by RobertFoley - Update

August 16, 2017

Todd, The Model With The Big Ass, Pt. 2

He showed me the racks of underwear he was going to shoot today. There were labels that said ‘Joshua’, ‘Kyle’, ‘Matthew’, and ‘Todd’. “We get two models in for the morning. They do one piece at a time. You shoot them front, side, and back. I might step in and adjust the underwear if necessary. Our viewers like the guys with big asses. And don’t get me wrong, so do I. But those big asses get the underwear wedged right in there…” I just smiled.

Gay Erotic Stories by RobertFoley - Update

August 14, 2017

Matt, The Fainting Musclebottom, Part 2

...I felt like I was about to cum, and I knew Matt was also close as his eyes rolled into the back of his head. He moaned “Ohh”, his body shuddered in my arms and his little cock spewed handsfree for the fourth time in 24 hours. His cum caught some air and landed on his perfect six-pack abs. I noticed his eyes remained rolled back, the whites of his eyes staring back at me. His head was thrown back and his mouth wide open, but no sound came out anymore. I could tell he was fainting again, but this time it turned me on so much it made me cum inside him...

Gods of Men - Update

August 14, 2017

Blinded Love

Myles Landon and Diego Reyes spit roast Aston Springs, taking turns penetrating that ass and shoving their cocks down his hungry throat.

Gay Erotic Stories by RobertFoley - Update

August 09, 2017

Todd, the Model with the Big Ass, Part 1

...Finally there was Todd Barlow. Oddly, Todd only had 5 pictures in his profile. Two of which were shirtless and in underwear. Briefs to be exact, one blue, one white pair. Todd seemed a little older than the other models, his body seemed beefier, yet he clearly had 8-pack abs. He was bald with some light scruff in some of the pictures. In one of the pictures he had some light chest hair and a neat happy trail from his belly button downwards. In the other one his body was shaven smooth. His dark brown eyes laid deep, and he gave a brooding look to the camera in every photo...

Gay Erotic Stories by RobertFoley - Update

August 09, 2017

Matt, The Fainting Musclebottom, Part 1

...“Matt?” I asked. I saw a steady breathing rhythm and knew he had just passed out. I was not able to carry 194 pounds to the bedroom though. I turned off the shower and decided to start drying him off. When I got done with the parts of his body that weren’t on the floor he came around but still seemed a bit out of it. He let me help him up as I dried off his body. He sleepily walked out of the shower, put his briefs on by himself and then followed me to my bedroom...

Sean Cody - Update

August 02, 2017


With a big dick, a bubble butt, and an eight-pack serving as the cherry on top, Ace comes to us from the East Coast to show us all of his goods…lucky us!

Mr. Man - Update

July 07, 2017

Ken Norton

Everyone knows Ken Norton as a punishing boxer who slowed opponents down his unorthodox cross-arm style defense and his brutal punches. His claim to fame in the ring was his 1973 jaw-breaking defeat of Muhammad Ali in San Diego, becoming only the second person to win against the legendary boxer. Even though Ali won their next two matches, it was only a matter of time before Ken became a heavyweight champion.

Sean Cody - Update

June 21, 2017

Montana Solo

Montana is a buff guy, and clearly works hard for that body of his. Although he has this great physique, we realized that he’s very modest, “You don’t even know that you’re hot, do you?” He quietly replied, “No, not really.” Along with his muscular build, his calm demeanor definitely makes him a hottie. Top that off with a bubble butt and a big dick, and you get a great package!

Bentley Race - Update

June 02, 2017

Kevin Babik

Kevin Babik is back in this hot shower shoot while in Berlin. This was actually Kevin's first nude photoshoot. I had not seen him naked before taking these photos. So he kinda surprised me when he pulled out that super fat uncut dick. 19 year old Kevin had recently moved there from Poland. He had been telling me about his sneaker fetish when I invited him to come around for a shoot. He is doing a simple photoshoot in the bathroom wearing just the Aussiebum speedo. After soaping up in the hot water he turns around to lather up his lightly hairy bottom. Kevin is very cheeky and pulls faces at the BTS video camera whenever my back is turned. Afterwards we made that very hot video where he jacks off and cums on me. What a nice way to spend our first day hanging out in Berlin!

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