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Raw Road Nation - Update

February 17, 2023

Horny Homies Switch Places

In a dirty public bathroom! Bi-curious men will fuck anyone anywhere!! And these two are ramming their nobs up each others’ asses mid-shift!! No-one tells the boss (unless he’s a bit gay too). Who gives a fuck who’s top or who’s bottom?! Just need to make each other cum asap!

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

February 16, 2023

Burying The Bone

After a decade of crushing on each other Macho Dog finally gets his hands on Liam Angell. This is the first but if certainly won’t be the last. Liam has found his guard dog. Macho is protective and loving and takes such good care of him. When you see Liam hold Macho’s face in his hands and stare into his eyes and tells him “That’s your hole” you can tell he means it to the bottom of his heart.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

February 14, 2023

The Celebrity: Malek & Giuspel

As Malek Tobias continues his life as a celebrity it is not only the paparazzi he has to deal with, but it is keeping the fans satisfied and today Malek gets just that opportunity with a very handsome fan, Giuspel. Giuspel has learned of Malek’s whereabouts and is awaiting his arrival to make his plea. Giuspel is ushered off, but not before he slips his number to Malek. Later that day Malek remembers the handsome fan and is feeling alone and horny. One phone call later and the “celebrity fuck” is set. When Giuspel arrives at Malek’s hotel he finds that Malek is lying there naked and with a raging hard-on. Giuspel whips out his masculine, Italian cock and Malek is hungry to get his lips wrapped around it. Malek is fed Giuspel’s hard cock all the way down his celebrity throat.

Men At Play - Update

February 12, 2023

Real Estate 'Broker', Part 3

Diego Reyes is a junior real estate agent looking forward to being promoted to senior broker. But beforehand, he needs to impress Dan, his team leader, through a role-play showing where he will play a prospective buyer. Dan already knows that Diego is more than qualified of becoming a senior broker, but wants to get something from him. When Dan tells him that he will indeed put in a good word, Diego gets excited at first until he realizes that it’s tit for tat. And the “tat” is giving up for furry ass to Daddy Dan.

Gaycest - Update

February 12, 2023

Home For The Holidays Tape 2

The Good Son: Mr. Weston was quietly pleased at the knowledge that since their breakthrough encounter the previous week, his son Chase had become even more attentive than usual. Mr. Weston didn't mind this in the least. The truth was that he couldn't stop thinking about the passionate afternoon that he'd spent with his son. Memories of their physical love consumed him. Chase also was unable to think about much else, either. In fact, in this intimate moment, the young man's desire was further enflamed at the sight of his masculine father still in his pilot's uniform. Mr. Weston noticed how his son couldn't take his eyes off of his dad. And after their earlier encounter, Mr. Weston also noticed that Chase took any opportunity to intimately place his hands on him. This excited Mr. Weston to no end, and eased the pain of the long shifts.

Fisting Inferno - Update

February 10, 2023

Parking In The Rear 3

In the middle of a dim parking garage, Dominic Pacifico has dropped to his knees and is getting ready to slide his raw cock into Eric The Red. The sounds of the stranger's public bareback play fills the concrete structure as a verbal Dominic dominates Eric's hole and Eric begs for more. Dominic delivers by lubing his hand up and working it into Eric's already-gaping ass. With Eric laying on an unwashed tarp for any passerby to see, his pierced cock stays stiff as a brick while Dominic works his fist in and out of his stretched slit until the bottom's thick ginger cock is unleashing his hot load.

Treasure Island Media - Update

February 10, 2023

Carone & Maycon

Maycon Picolli groans in ecstasy as Carone Julio's thick uncut cock ravishes his cumdump hole and fills it with Brazilian man-jizz. We love how Carone enjoys a smoke before and after breeding! New from Brazil. These are some of the hottest guys in the world with huge hard cocks and just can't get enough.

House Of Angell - Update

February 10, 2023

Workin, For That Dick

Our favorite Outlaw is back! No guy works harder for that dick than Austin Lacrosse. Whether he is giving or taking it, you can count on this pig fucker to be all in. Will and Liam Angell take the young stud and work him good by taking turns breeding him and riding him. You know a guy loves cock when he sprays his load everywhere while ridding it.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

February 09, 2023

Tomas Gives Alex Daddy Dick

Alex Cabrera is a hot and hungry little bottom who loves dick. He's a total bottom taker, and when he's in the bedroom he is never happier than when he is on all fours and arching his back. All Alex wants in that position is to get plowed in his boy pussy. So when the hunky Tomas Brand, the Kind of All Muscle Daddies, started flirting with Alex, the bottom boy immediately jumped at the chance to ride the bone of the elite gay daddy porn star. Alex Cabrera services Tomas Brand orally before opening up his ass and getting his ass pounded!

Gloryhole Hookups - Update

February 07, 2023

Hot Construction Stud

Gloryhole Blowjob: This guy enjoys sucking cock, especially if it's a stranger's stiff meat at a gloryhole. In fact, Stew loves it so much he decided to set up a gloryhole in his own home and invite guys over to get their dick serviced. The only catch is they have to let him film their cock getting sucked, so he can share the oral experience on-line. Stew is very good at sucking dick, so he gets plenty of volunteers to feed him their warm cum loads. In this scene, he teases the man's nuts and gets them ready for a cum gushing finale.

Face Down Ass Up - Update

February 05, 2023

Bottoms Up

Mylo hit me up last weekend lookin for more. Guess I got 'em hooked. Told 'em not to worry. Told 'em daddy was here and I'd take good care of him. Right after hitting it Mylo wanted more dick. I posted an ad online inviting anyone to breed his hole. Random strangers came in and out and this nonsense went on for days.

Maverick Men - Update

February 04, 2023

Hole Hunters

Every now and then we meet a guy that we just CLICK with sexual, and little Hunter Vulpex is that guy, every inch of him is delicious lol we have had him cum stay quite a few times for obvious reasons, and hope to have him cum again over and over lol when you watch this video you can see its REAL not your average porn with fake emotions fake cum just fake chemistry, this is the real stuff…real chemistry, real lust, and real deep hard cum soaked orgasms haha. You will love this hot sweaty delicious raw ass eating, ass fucking cock throbbing hot video.

Bondage Bros - Update

February 04, 2023

Seeding Michael Roman

Drew Sebastian gets Michael Roman into his dungeon and onto his fuck bench where he rims, fucks and seeds his muscular hole. Michael Roman quickly gets down and starts sucking Drew Sebastian massive hard cock and takes it deep. After that it's straight into deep ass eating and the ass pounding bareback anal sex. These two muscle hunks are hot, sexy and oh so very nasty!

Men At Play - Update

February 04, 2023

A Helping Hand

Manuel Reyes has been asked to work late and let in the technician who will repair the projector before a board meeting the following day. Manuel isn’t happy about having had to wait around - until he meets the blue-collar stud, Cristian Sam. Cristian is wearing grey worker pants, a white t-shirt, and VPL (visible penis line). Once they get to the conference room, Manuel simply points to the projector without saying a word and starts to walk away (but not before taking a good look at the big dicked Argentinean). Cristian catches the young suited stud staring at him and asks for a helping hand. Manuel’s mood changes instantly and is ready to get down to “business” with the big-dicked blue-collar stud.

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

February 03, 2023

No Taming This Fox

Everyone's favorite big red muscle bull Fox Rifler is back to breed his hungry boy Liam Angell. Thick, handsome, and covered in a fine layer of sexy ginger fur, this man fucks like he's wild. Spit is all Fox uses as lube which is just enough to pry Liam's tight cumdump open as he gets seeded over and over again until Fox feeds the last load right onto those sweet lips.

Twink Top - Update

February 02, 2023

Michael Ch. 2

Top Tryout: Michael Flex catches the eye of young Coach Romano and gets invited back to his place for a private session. After Coach Romano's stretches, Michael Flex has his own signature warm ups—warming his coach's hole and cock with his tongue then fucking his own hot load into his coach's warmed-up hole.

Masqulin - Update

February 01, 2023

Club Cruising

Philippe checks himself out in the Club bathroom when he notices an unmistakable shadow visible under-stall. Peeking over, he finds Benjamin Blue jerking his stiff cock, but gets caught peeking and ducks away. Excited at getting caught, Philippe spits on and strokes his growing rod, and knocks at the stall door for access. Benjamin is eager to fuck and unlocks the door, inviting the muscular peeping top's inside to devour his thick cock. Philippe throat-fucks the slim blue-eyed bottom hungrily, going in dry and immediately delivering a hard deep pounding, putting him in the throes of pleasure and pain. Benjamin rides Philippe, before shooting his load all over the stall floor before getting a deep bareback breeding.

Treasure Island Media - Update

February 01, 2023

Paul & Rusian

Rusian Angelo goes to the local sex club gloryhole and runs into big-dicked Paul Tergeist who immediately shoves his rock hard cock in the bottom’s mouth. One look at Rusian’s bubble butt and Paul wants to fuck it, burying his cock deep and plantin’ a big load. Lots of dick to mouth action!

DamianXDragon - Update

January 31, 2023

Matt Stevens - Dragon Bone

Sexy furry Matt Stevens was visiting NYC and he contacted me to take my dragon bone. I can't get enough of his cock deep fucking my throat before he drives deep into my hole until I can't take it. I flip him and dive balls deep into his ass with my uncut cock.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

January 30, 2023

Luciano & Lucio C.C. 481

Luciano Heart is very enthusiastic to get on set and show you all his assets as he is inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men by international star Lucio Saints. As both men get together, they quickly strip down to their undergear and we are off and running! Lucio strips Luciano of his jock strap and begins sucking on his rapidly growing hard-on. With his expert cock sucking skills, Lucio could suck a dead man’s cock back to life. Lucio is hungry today and quickly changes from cock to ass as he spits, licks, fingers, probes, and fucks Luciano’s smooth asshole with his fingers and tongue. That amazing and talented mouth of Lucio’s has Luciano all hot and worked up and he is ready to show Lucio and us just what he is made of. Lucio sits back as Luciano gets busy sucking on the head alone then building to swallow much more.

House Of Angell - Update

January 28, 2023

Jiggle Butt

What could be better than a boy with three holes for his Dad to park his cock in? Skip Marshall would be the perfect boy for Will Angell with only a mouth and ass to use, however, young Skip adds the wonderful bonus of a sweet velvety hole that gets wetter the more you play with it. The boy is an absolute dream and you will lose count of how many orgasms there are, but who's counting?

Like 'em Straight - Update

January 28, 2023

Hard To Swallow: Ken

''I love makin' love'', comes straight out of the mouth of this sweet, sweet guy. Ken has what every woman wants; looks, heart, and soul. His reddish hair and tender nature combine to turn us on and say ahhhh at the same time. But he's here for porn, and Brendon can't wait to get him naked. That rusty colored hair covers his chest and dusts his melon cheeks too. His body is naturally toned and beautifully proportioned. This rugged guy doesn't shave his pubes, and that's a plus after all the city slickers we come across. Relax, and watch as Ken tugs one out, applying a finger to his ass as well. He lays a nice load of sperm jelly up onto his belly.

Bentley Race - Update

January 28, 2023

Aussie Boy Beau Jackson

I'm thrilled to have my mate Beau Jackson back shooting with me again. All those hints I dropped to him at the gym finally worked. You might not remember that Beau modelled for me just once many years ago. I had him playing with a soccer ball and getting naked on my rooftop. He's a gym instructor now and certainly has the body for it! I got him around a couple of weeks ago to get naked in the studio again. And I love the bright pink jockstrap he pulled out for this shoot. Though I think my beefy mate would look good in anything. Beau is a really sweet and funny boy. We had a lot of fun making these photos and a new video for the site. I'm looking forward to pairing him up with our mates this summer.

Private Playground XXX - Update

January 27, 2023

Boys of Summer

The very first pornographic movie shot entirely with drones! With an all-star cast and shot on a private campground called DragonFly, watch men in action from a completely different perspective. The 2ND and FINAL part is out now!

Men At Play - Update

January 26, 2023

Hard To Say Goodbye

Doctors Adam Franco and Little Brako have worked together for years in the same medical center. And while they both have been discreetly attracted to each other, they've kept their relationship strictly professional. Adam is being transferred to another clinic, and today will be the last day they work together. Just before leaving, Dr. Brako stops by Adam's office to say goodbye and thanks for the way he treated him over the years. After a brief conversation, Dr. Brako gets the courage to finally ask Dr. Franco out on a date, and he gladly accepts. But just before leaving together, Adam takes Brako's hand and kisses him. Neither can stop the rush - pounding hearts, heavy breathing, and sweaty palms. It's time to play.

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