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Muscle Bear Porn - Update

May 06, 2023

Love Me Please

Some boys just want to get fucked. Liam Angell is not one of those boys. Liam is a lover boy. If a man can't inspire deep feelings in him, he is not that interested. Liam wants all the Daddies to love him. John Baldwin gives him just what he needs. The way he stares deep into Liam's eyes and breeds him becoming part of him. Will is all too happy to see the look on Liam's face knowing his boy is in his happy place.

Men At Play - Update

May 04, 2023

Found in Translation

Editor's Cut: An English grammar and vocabulary lesson quickly becomes the fuck of a lifetime for horny, insatiable studs Hector de Silva and Nicolas Brooks. Language tutor Nicholas barely has a chance to start his lesson before Hector starts kissing and caressing him. However, the tables are quickly turned when Nicolas becomes the willing, eager student. Normally, language is the primary tool for expression and communication but in this case, Hector and Nicholas let their bodies do the talking! The two studs trade blowjobs instead of vocabulary and let intense butt fucking fill in for any verb they need. Hector bends Nicholas over and gives him a deep ass pounding before they each blast a hot load of cum.

Treasure Island Media - Update

May 04, 2023

Bebecito, Daniel & Leo

Bebecito, Daniel Toro & Leo Oak are on fire in this scorching hot sex club 3-way fuckery. These muscle goons take turns sticking their hot rods inside each other's warm holes leaving wet cum everywhere.

Men - Update

May 04, 2023

Subscribe To Cum

Johnny Donovan had no idea his buddy Alpha Wolfe sold nudes online until a playlist of lewds and a hot tease video show up on Alpha's TV while Johnny waits for him to shower. Alpha comes back to find his friend with his dick in his hand, jacking it to a video of his tight ass in a jock! The guys suck each other, and the tattooed influencer begs Johnny for that dick in his hole, taking it deep in missionary, then riding the top. Johnny pounds Alpha from behind and makes him cum hard with a reach-around, then shoots on his famous face! Alpha definitely got a new subscriber.

Masonic Boys - Update

May 01, 2023

Apprentice Land Ch 1

The Interview: My first observation about Apprentice Land, as he sat down opposite me, was that he was nervous. My second observation was that he looked damned hot in a shirt and tie, with his tight, little thighs crammed into well-tailored suit pants. The boy didn't know whether he was coming or going by the time I'd finished questioning him. I asked him repeatedly if he was attracted to men and he repeatedly told me that he wasn't, but when I placed my hand on his thigh, his body gave a different answer. I told him to stand, then ordered him to pull his pants down and remove his tie. He did so, but started to shake uncontrollably when I began to undo the buttons on his shirt. I ran my fingers gently and seductively over his body and his dick swelled. Touching his soft, smooth skin felt like a genuine privilege.

Twink Top - Update

May 01, 2023

Logan Cross Ch 5

Freestyle Top: Studly, smooth-bodied swim captain Logan Cross was always looking for ways to perfect his craft. He often sought out advice and learning from former great professional athletes. And it just so happens that Logan knew of Coach Dillon Stone. The young twink respected the grizzled pro's stellar reputation. As an Olympic hopeful, Logan was curious about how to refine some of his swimming techniques and he was sure there was no lesson Coach Stone could give him that he'd find too big of a challenge to overcome. Coach Stone had a sneaking suspicion that young Logan wanted a lesson, and it wasn't the one they initially scheduled

Cutler's Den - Update

May 01, 2023


Sex pig John Thomas is here for your pleasure. He loves to be USED, he wants to be CONSUMED. Cutler X and Lucca Mazzi cant wait to have some, the are hungry and need some. 2 holes, no waiting is a big beautiful EZ OPEN package. DIG IN

Kristen Bjorn - Update

April 30, 2023

Black Leather

Sharing your fetish with a like minded soul leads to some wild adventures as Scott Carter and Sergey Blue are about to experience. As Scott enters the room in his leather harness and leather jock Sergey is on his knees looking equally sexy in his harness and leather jock. Both men’s nipples are twisted, pinched, and inflicted with pleasure as they admire one another other. Sergey grabs a brush and begins licking Scott’s boots as he polishes the stiff, black leather to a shine. Sergey’s other hand is busy stimulating his nipple as his cock commences to grow as his jock suddenly becomes too small to contain him. With his expert boot service, Sergey has brought Scott’s cock to life and it too has outgrown the confines of his leather jock.

Yes Father - Update

April 29, 2023

In on the Secret

Andy is no stranger to father Rob’s way of addressing confessions, but when Andy’s friend Myott learns about it, he wants in on the secret. Andy and Myott visit Rob in his office, and Andy tells father Rob that Myott knows about their last encounter. Andy must pay penance for his sins, and father Rob needs Myott’s help to lead Andy to forgiveness.

Men At Play - Update

April 29, 2023

Dad's Colleague

The young Allen King arrives home and decides to finish his homework in the living room until his dad arrives. Shortly after, the doorbell rings and he opens the door. Allen finds a work colleague of his dad's, Donato Reyes, who has come to deliver some paperwork. Allen invites Donato into the house while they wait for his dad to arrive. The mischievous Allen doesn't waste time and starts flirting with his dad's colleague. He puts a hand on Donato's thigh, who gets nervous instantly. Donato likes the young, slender horny stud but tries to resist the temptation! Donato doesn't usually chase or play with young studs like Allen (or family of workmates for that matter) but daddy isn't giving up the chance to fuck his co-worker's son.

Raging Stallion - Update

April 29, 2023

SCRUM: Go Big Or Go Home 2

The Raging Stallions and the Hot House Bulldogs are putting their intense rivalry aside for one massive bareback orgy that's filling up an entire locker room. Stallions player Drew Valentino starts off the group fuck at full strength by pounding his raw cock into Tristan Hunter while making the bottom inhale a jockstrap. Feet away, Bulldogs leader Roman Todd is drilling his dick into opponent Cole Connor while JJ Knight spreads open Devin Franco's legs to fill his sweaty hole. Tarzan Top pulls his oversized meat out of Luca del Rey's ass to join the rest of the jocks as they head to the center of the room for even more anal play. Luca quickly becomes the cum whore of the group as he lays down and accepts the hot loads of every Bulldog and Stallion player in the room.

Family Dick - Update

April 28, 2023

Our Day off Together

Eric and Gabe are back, and this time for some poolside fun. Gabe has done a great job keeping the house in order, so Eric wants to show appreciation by having a stepdad/stepson day off together. They mess around in the hot tub before moving to the bedroom. There, Eric fucks Gabe’s tight hole until Gabe cums all over himself. Eric keeps pushing until he’s had a turn to cum, too.

Private Playground XXX - Update

April 27, 2023

Horse Market Dallas 2021 Pt. 2

Enter the rest of the Mares! Now that all bottoms are accounted for, blindfolded from here on out, they present themselves to the Stallions of the event in a lineup. After they're scattered around the room, the Stallions are let loose to sniff out the lot. Once paired up, our Mares are lubed up as the whole room excitedly awaits for the buzzer to sound...

House Of Angell - Update

April 27, 2023

Hung Jock Cock

There is nothing like the meeting of a natural-born top and a boy that is 100% bottom, especially when that top is the lean, mean, muscular, and hung jock Colt Spence. We know Liam Angell loves his hole plowed deep and Colt fucks him stupid. Will Angell can't control himself watching this young buck put it to his boy and has no choice but to blow his Daddy load all over that thick piece of meat that is still lodged up his boy's hole.

Cutler's Den - Update

April 23, 2023


Don't you wish you were Drew Sebastian? All that ass... 10 inches will get you everywhere and Jack Vidra drops in to take it ALL. You know it feels good to get that big fat dick down your throat and then even better to take it up your big muscle ass. Like it feels SO GOOD. Like you just want all that cum to oooze out of you GOOD GOOD. FUCK.

Private Playground XXX - Update

April 23, 2023

Peep Show Part 4

In Part 4, the night has just begun. Bodies begin to blur as our 10 guys trade off with one another. Always Amateur. Always Bareback. Always a spectacle to witness, brought to you by director General West.

Hung Young Brit - Update

April 22, 2023

Jump On Jake BB Orgy

Jump on Jake orgy - countless guys doing Jake in the arse and leaving his bum soaked with spunk! - REALLY CRAZY! Official Closing Party of Gran Can Fetish week - which is just an excuse for us to get new boys in and get there clothes off - and we found some REALLY CUTE BOYS who would let us show their face's GREAT!!!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

April 22, 2023

Gang Banging Leo Bacchus 2

Watch Part 02 of this two-part gay porn gang bang of Leo Bacchus, only on Lucas Entertainment! Six of the hottest, sexiest, and horniest Lucas Men are lined up and ready to fuck, slam, and sodomize Leo Bacchus in his mouth and ass and you’re invited to get right in line with them! Leo Bacchus is a handsome and muscular jock in the streets, but a submissive and cock-hungry bitch in the sheets. So, with that in mind, the Lucas Entertainment production team decided to give Leo exactly what he wanted as much rock-hard, bareback dick as he could possibly handle! Sir Peter, Dom King, Harold Lopez, Charlie Cherry, Bruno TheBeardX, and Papixtrong all team up and go to pound town on Leo Bacchus!

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

April 22, 2023

Dad's Prized Bull

Cain Marko is Dad Will Angell's prized bull. This jacked up ginger beast has a sweet blue-ribbon hole that is made for MBPs breeding program. Will gets into stroking and stretching his piece of livestock's hole until he's delivered two feedings to keep the bull well-fed and growing.

Real Men Fuck - Update

April 21, 2023

Thick Daddy Gapes A Twink

Ray Dalton is a hung daddy who will make any hole gape. He's horny as hell and when he meets up with Bae Cupid, the twink rolls over and spreads his legs wide. Ray goes balls deep, making Bae's eyes roll to the back of his head. Ray's thick cock pounds the panting twink until he's begging for a load in his ass. Bae gets what he wants when Ray drains his massive daddy balls all over and shoves it back in to breed Bae's busted hole.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

April 19, 2023

Gang Banging Leo Bacchus

Watch Part 01 of this two-part gay porn gang bang of Leo Bacchus, only on Lucas Entertainment! Six of the hottest, sexiest, and horniest Lucas Men are lined up and ready to fuck, slam, and sodomize Leo Bacchus in his mouth and ass and you’re invited to get right in line with them! Leo Bacchus is a handsome and muscular jock in the streets, but a submissive and cock-hungry bitch in the sheets. So, with that in mind, the Lucas Entertainment production team decided to give Leo exactly what he wanted as much rock-hard, bareback dick as he could possibly handle! Sir Peter, Dom King, Harold Lopez, Charlie Cherry, Bruno TheBeardX, and Papixtrong all team up and go to pound town on Leo Bacchus!

Kristen Bjorn - Update

April 18, 2023

Kay & Giuspel C.C. 485

The seductive Italian, Giuspel is eager to meet, dominate and induct Kay Tronx into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. As the men enter the room they show us their attributes, one smooth, muscular and handsome, the other hairy, masculine and equally handsome. No wasting time, it is time to get this induction on its way. The passionate kissing is followed by their clothes being stripped away. As their mighty cocks are released a joust of the man cock begins. This is a cock fight we would all love to be in the middle of. Kay quickly drops to his knees and takes Giuspel's rigid cock deep into his mouth while cupping his heavy ball sac. Kay's cock sucking skills are driving Giuspel crazy with desire and pleasure. Giuspel swaps places with Kay and begins devouring his rock-hard cock.

Men At Play - Update

April 17, 2023

5-Star Plumbing 2

Many of us have had a fantasy about fucking (or getting fucked by) the plumber and Charlie Cherry gets to live it out with blue-collar building attendant, Dani Robles. A leaky faucet in a luxury apartment requires immediate attention, so when the plumber arrives, he gets straight to work. Charlie watches the plumber work his tools under the leaky sink and imagines him in the same position making the same sounds but doing something else. Suddenly, Dani loosens a pipe too much and water starts leaking everywhere, getting him drenched. While Dani dries himself, Charlie comments on his nice body and recommends they work out together. Time to pound the plumber! Dani came to fix a leaky pipe but he is about to enjoy a hardcore, raw deep dicking that leaves him shooting his load all over Charlie.

Private Playground XXX - Update

April 17, 2023

Horse Market Dallas 2021 Pt. 1

Horse Market is back! One of PPX's biggest events is returning for a new chapter. Same rules apply: the Mares, or bottoms, stay blindfolded while the Stallions, or tops, are free to graze the fruitful pasture. Mares are herded in by our stable hands as stallions warm up and survey the plentiful livestock. Time to get saddled on for Part 1!

Twink Top - Update

April 16, 2023

Jack Ch 7

Easing Distraction: "Do we need to get you off?", I asked him. Seeing him sitting there in his small shorts, long socks and a thin t-shirt reminded me of the last time we had a private training session. The smell of sweat coming off his body and slightly damp t-shirt was enough to keep me distracted. Placing myself in his shoes, I suppose I'd get distracted too what with constant close contact with our mature coaches and highly active athletes. The next moments are hazy; all I can remember was that I fully gave up my hole to Jack Andram. It was his. He owned it and he could do absolutely anything he wanted to it. He pushed his huge cock ins with the force of a world-class athlete. The feeling of him exerting himself in me will be forever imprinted in my mind as I lay in bed every night going forward.

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