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Hung Young Brit - Update

September 30, 2023

Trashy Cockney Londoner

RAW POV - jacuzzi party on the roof. REAL LIFE mates hanging after party 3AM N start fucking. Alex, 22yr HUNG AF 9” gets fucked and spunked up chain smoking chav - right LOOKER STUNNING cheeky lad Alex was with us - His SO beautiful really the perfect type 2, enormous gigantic hefty sizeable 9” Inch when he get sit out its just jaw dropping and a really chavy manner about him.

Boy Fun - Update

September 30, 2023

Exploring Jonior's Ass

Junior Jones is cute all over, but his ass is one of his best assets and it's no surprise young Xander Gomez becomes a little fascinated with it in this BoyFun play session. The boys are meeting up for the first time in a long time, and of course Xander is eager to invite the boy back to his place. It's very quickly apparent that they don't have much to talk about, but they can fill that silence with a whole lot of smooching and groping. It's an almost romantic experience for these boys, but when Xander gets down to where Junior's cock is hard and damp he's soon sucking on the pink meat and encouraging his friend to get harder. He hasn't even freed his own long dick from his underwear before he's obsessing over the little pink starfish between his friend's butt cheeks.

Wu Boyz - Update

September 29, 2023

Boys Of Hong Kong

My first Hong Kong boy, finally a home-cooked meal! Vincent had me feeling very submissive and of course I swallowed his cum. With thanks to his beautiful girlfriend for letting me borrow him for the day, we had a lot of fun! Should I meet up with him again next month?

Men At Play - Update

September 29, 2023

Strong Suit Ep.6: Who's The Boss?

Realtors Dani Robles, Babylon Prince, and Zac Johnson have all been called together by Broker Sir Peter to help make a very important personnel decision for Pinstripe Realty Worldwide. Their deliberations don't last long, and, soon, the real estate agents are taking advantage of the leftover time by dropping to their knees and going 3-on-1 with Sir Peter's XXL cock. The trio takes turns sucking off their boss before breaking out their holes and lining up to be serviced. Bearded Spaniard Dani is the first to be rimmed and fucked before all the suited studs involved in this foursome begin sucking and fucking each other to completion. Babylon finishes himself off and receives a massive facial from Dani.

Sex Japan TV - Update

September 29, 2023

Hot Pussy In The Kitchen

FeiFei is a real operator and a whiz in the kitchen, to say the least. We see her sprawled over the counters and kitchen island, writhing erotically in a slow arousing dance. When her friends arrive for a chat, her best girlfriend has a handsome date with her. FeiFei turns on her seductive skills, playing footsie under the table with the boyfriend without tipping off her girlfriend her filthy intentions. When her friend is called away and has to leave, FeiFei makes her move and gets the boyfriend hot, bothered and stiff as a steel rod. She uses her hot juicy oral skills to get him aching to screw, then takes his big cock into her warm, moist pussy. They fuck all over the kitchen and end up blasting off on the couch. They collapse into a happy postcoital daze, staring at the ceiling.

Peter Fever - Update

September 28, 2023

My Porn Crush 3

Banana Facial: Hans Raw is a little pissed at his fuck buddy Kai, who's gone porn star crazy and can talk about nothing but Matteo Gomez. Instead of getting mad, he's settling down on the couch for a nice relaxing banana facial. This isn't the creamy facial from a big hard banana some of us dream about, but another of the many TikTok crazes. His eyes getting soothed by the cool bananas, Hans avoids Matteo when he strides in asking about the bananas on his face. But Matteo's nothing if not persistent, grabbing Hans by his own stiff banana. Soon they're kissing and making out on the sofa. Matteo works up that low-hanging fruit with a juicy blowjob, then sprawls across Hans' lap with his fuzzy butt pointed up and ready.

Raw Hole - Update

September 28, 2023

Merciless Eddy

Eddy Medina is built, hung, tatted, brutally handsome and a relentless top. He gets turned on when his bottom likes to be dominated and fucked silly. And that suits slender Latin twink Alex Gallegos just perfectly. And what better spot to cook up some filthy fun but in his sparkling Mexico City kitchen? Plenty of counter space to bend Alex over and ram him full of throbbing bare cock. Eddy is dressed for the part, sporting a rakish stocking cap, like he's ready to hit the back alleys to stir up some hot and nasty trouble. Just the thought makes Alex's tight little hole throb with hunger. After a rough manly kiss from Eduardo, Alex drops to his knees to worship the muscleman's stiff upturned dick. His mouth fits around the shiny head and thick shaft like a glove, and he slurps it down with mucho gusto

Masqulin - Update

September 28, 2023

Masqulin: Meet My Bro-Friend

Dom King and his girlfriend are supposed to me her BFF before heading to her tattoo appointment. But when Zack McKay finally arrives any concern about her favorite studs getting along flies out the window! These two hot bros are already well acquainted and sparks fly! Little does she know they have been hooking up in secret for weeks. It's a small world after all! As they duck into an alleyway nearby for a quickie, Zack savors Dom's thick cock as he swallows it deep. Dom's beefy arms spread hot muscle bottom's beefy cheeks as he rims his hairless hole deep before fingering his ass and squeezing his cheeks. These bros love pounding ass and Dom fucks him deep, inside a back entrance left ajar. Zack's prostate gets hit just right and Dom glands a load out of him before cumming all over his muscular back.

Boy Fun - Update

September 28, 2023

Peeper At The Window

We're not suggesting for a moment that it's okay to snoop and spy on a horny young man pleasuring his throbbing pink dong in the privacy of his own bedroom, but we can certainly understand why a curious twink like Henry Levitts finds himself unable to look away when discovering his neighbor stroking his incredible cock in this BoyFun encounter. His eyes are locked on the pink and damp erection Sammy Gates is rubbing in his experienced fist, right up until the twinky masturbator catches his audience spying through the window. Luckily for curious boy Henry his brazen performer is quickly welcoming him inside to get a better view and you can bet the boy is ready to inspect that tool more thoroughly.

Frat X - Update

September 28, 2023

Hit Dat Ass

One of our boys met this new bro on campus and we knew for sure he was gonna be a good fit for us. And what a good tight fit he was, he knew he had a job to do with his holes, so when he settled down and got on the floor, that's when it was time to introduce our cocks. I just love this frat life.

Raging Stallion - Update

September 28, 2023

Strong Suit 7

Realtors Dani Robles, Babylon Prince and Zac Johnson have all been called together by boss man Sir Peter to make a very important personnel decision for Pinstripe Realty Worldwide. Their deliberations don't last long though, and, soon, the real estate agents are taking advantage of the leftover time by dropping to their knees and going 3-on-1 with Sir Peter's big dick. The trio takes turns sucking off their boss before breaking out their holes and lining up to be serviced. Bearded fucker Dani is the first to be rimmed and barebacked before all the men involved in this four o'clock foursome begin sucking and fucking each other to completion. Then, after Babylon has finished himself off and received a massive facial from Dani, Sir Peter reminds the two drained hunks that the workday isn't even close to being over.

Military Classified - Update

September 28, 2023

Ex Marine & Civilian

Cain & Dutch: Hey everyone! Today I'm bringing two newer faces together and I'm excited to see them connect sexually and deliver a scene that I am very proud of! CAIN and DUTCH are both the less likely to bottom but one does and believe it or not its CAIN! Watch as Rob entices these two boys to go gay for pay like no other! Str8 guys these days have really progressed and are much more comfortable in their own sexual skin, it really makes my job easier. I remember when str8 guys would have issues with sucking dick or stroking another guy and most importantly. NEVER let a dude stick a dick of up his ass but today that has changed and someone like CAIN could step up and take one for the team. Cain and Dutch were a bit nervous to be around each other at first and I was definitely watching them to see how I can open them up.

Japan Boyz - Update

September 28, 2023

Bare Baller Koki

Who knew that cutie Koki would turn into a hard plowing bareback top? Well, handsome Japan boy Ruito sure found out when Koki took possession of his ass. They start out kissing, pretty aggressively. Koki wastes no time getting his mouth onto Ruito's nips and dick, and especially his sweet hole. From the volume of Ruito's moans of encouragement, he's reveling in every minute. Koki slides into his booty with power and finesse, then thrusts away like he was born to fuck. Ruito's eyes glaze over dreamily as his butt gets filled with thick hard Asian cock. Koki turns up the tempo, smacking his pubes into Ruito's crack with every relentless stroke. He shows a little mercy and slows to a sensuous deep screw that has his buddy gasping, panting and groaning even longer and louder.

Bentley Race - Update

September 28, 2023

Handsome Mate Rory Hayes

My handsome mate Rory Hayes is back this month for a new shoot on Bentley Race. Since I was travelling a lot over summer I didn't get to see him much. So before the winter break started I invited Rory over for a catch up and a new photo and video shoot. Rory's videos with Byron and Dylan last year were really popular. But for this shoot I had Rory all to myself. After getting him stripped naked in the photoshoot, I grabbed the video camera to catch Rory jerking off. I even jumped in on the scene too wanking him with a fleshlight. Toward the end of the video Rory actually blows his load while sucking on my dick. I hadn't planned on being in this video, but I glad I did because Rory gives the best head.

Cum Dump Star - Update

September 27, 2023

Inkjet Vortex Finale

Inked up from head to toe and filled with cock from ass to mouth. These dicks can blow as many loads as they want, as long as I get my money-shot each time. The thick creamy cum flows all over and the day has it's perfect ending.

Young Bastards - Update

September 27, 2023

Tight Soccer Ass Creamed

Leonel is a slim twink with a real demanding attitude, when he wants to fill a hot hole with his bareback meat he's not gonna hold back. Glenn is in the right place at the right time, with the locker room to themselves Leonel is soon making his move. Glenn can't deny that dick for long, soon he's sucking on that stiff length and slurping his teammate's balls, his super tight little hole ready to be rammed good and deep. Leonel eases in and fucks his buddy in short jabs, his chute too warm and wet to be able to last too long without gushing his seed. That tight soccer ass does the job and with Leonel's load spewing out he rams his spent dick back inside to breed his buddy, making Glenn wank out his own footballer cock cream.

Face Down Ass Up - Update

September 27, 2023

Deep Dump Hole

He's gonna be a great fuck toy. I love this shit, so much money. Never thought I'd make this far! With these guys going for broke and taking all they can get deep hard and raw, so fucking hot!

DamianXDragon - Update

September 27, 2023

AJ Sloan - Ride Me

AJ Sloan and I suck, kiss, rim and fuck in every corner of my apartment. AJ starts by fucking my hole but soon becomes a take charge bottom and rides my uncut cock and milks his prostate until I pick the cum out of him. He then takes care of me by fingering my hole and pounding my prostate while he licks my balls until I shoot a thick load all over my stomach.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

September 27, 2023

Jacob & Nico Flip Fuck

Nico Zetta doesn't bottom for just anyone. He has to really be into a guy if he's going to get on his back, spread his legs, and be submissive. That's no surprise when you see what Nico is packing between his legs. Nico Zetta has an incredible lean body with not a trace of fat on it, and his huge uncut cock is so big and thick it is almost obscene. Jacob Lord likes exactly what he sees when Nico reveals his throbbing manhood. But before Jacob gets fucked up the ass, Nico takes Jacob first!

Sketchy Sex - Update

September 27, 2023


I crave being a dirty slut and I don't care what you think about it. I love it in every hole and on my face. I suck by day and fuck by night. I'm salty and sweet at the same time. My asshole aches for wet dicks. All I ask is that the cocks are big and the fucking is raw, that would make my day.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

September 26, 2023

Cris Denny & Liam

A trip into the woods with my stepson, Liam Rose, ended way better than I expected. Watching his ass as we hiked the trails for an hour got me so hard, and he noticed when we stopped for a break. I've trained my boy to take care of daddy whenever and wherever. The woods were no different. I put his hand on my cock, and he knew what to do with it from there. He took my cock into his mouth and began sucking it while the birds chirped. I love pleasing my boy too, so getting his dick in my mouth was essential, as was eating and teasing his tasty hole. I turned him around as he braced himself on the tree, ate and then fucked his tight hole before taking him to the ground for more. I have the best boy in the world.

BareBack That Hole - Update

September 26, 2023

Marc & Bare Ranger

When we first met Bare, his application stated that he would love to work with the sexy muscle bear, Marc Angelo. After working with him once, we knew we needed to make this scene happen. Luckily, Marc was in town and was more than interested in Bare once he saw his picture. But a picture does not beat having a bear's warm hole wrapped around your dick. The veteran quickly showed the newbie the ropes as they kissed on the bed and undressed. The two hairy beasts continued exploring each other's bodies until their dicks were out and solid as a rock. It did not take long for Bare's thick cock to find its way into Marc's mouth and ass. But these bears give and take, and take they did as they flip fucked before giving their loads.

Hard Brit Lads - Update

September 26, 2023

Leo & Cameron

Everything about Leo is big, from his huge muscular shoulders and pecs, to his massive beefy thighs, to his 8.5 inch cock. But he is a bit of a gentle giant, and this scene with him and young blond cutie, Cameron Wilson, is almost romantic in places. There is a lot of kissing, and some hot sucking, before Leo gets his tongue up Cameron's perfect, smooth little arse, licking it and getting it nice and wet. The fucking is great, always good to see a big muscular hung lad fucking a young defined lad, and Cameron can take a big cock really well. The fuck in three great positions, till Cameron cant help himself, and he shoots whilst Leo is still fucking him. Just when you think it cant get any better, Leo moves round to shoot into Cameron's face and when he shoots, he REALLY shoots!

Southern Strokes - Update

September 26, 2023

Fucking Woods: Josh Cavalin

A walk in the woods was just the exercise I needed when it involved being fucked by Andy Reyes and his big dick. It was the end of summer, and I invited my teammate, Andy, to hike in the woods after practice. We've been flirting all year, and now was the time to see if it paid off. We stopped to take a break, and it was clear that Andy's dick was hard. He called me over, and we started kissing and groping each other. Before I knew it, I was on my knees with his big cock in my mouth. It was huge but so good. Then it was his turn to give my meat a taste before diving tongue first into my ass and filling me with cock. I braced myself against the tree as he pounded my hole. The ground was great for riding him and shooting both our loads.

Tickled Hard - Update

September 26, 2023

Dean's Hardcore Group Tickle

It's a straight guy throw down as Sebastian Young, Blake Barnes and Milo plastic wrap Dean to the tickling platform and cut him out of his briefs. With Franco's guidance, hands and feathers go everywhere tickling Dean's armpits, sides and size 12 feet. Dean laughs and swears, not knowing where the tickling is coming from. When Milo can't keep up, the guys tickle him while he's right on top of Dean. Once Milo gets down, all four go back to tickling Dean, ripping holes in the plastic to find the most ticklish spots on his inner thighs. Then they re-wrap him, tickle his pits hard and rip into the plastic once again. Sebastian is an especially vicious tickle top, showing the other guys exactly where to tickle under Dean's arms.

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