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Trans Angels - Update

Wednesday September 20, 2023

Cock Craving Sorority Sisters

Sorority slut Izzy Wilde is hungry for cock, and so when her sexy roommate Zariah Aura dangles her throbbing, rock-hard shenis through a hole in their bunkbed, the hot blonde greedily swallows it up! Desiring a fuck, bespectacled Izzy sticks out her pert ass and invites the all-natural t-girl to penetrate her from behind in standing doggystyle, and then the pair engage in an intense side fuck. Next, raven-haired Zariah drills the busty babe in missionary position before Izzy hops on top and bounces her tight hole on the beautiful nymphs long, thick she-cock in cowgirl! When its time to cum, pierced t-girl Izzy kneels down in front of Zariah, who blows a creamy load all over Izzy's big boobs!

Why Not Bi - Update

September 16, 2023

Strap On for 3D

Drake Von is so into his VR game, when his girlfriend, Aria Valencia, starts rubbing his dick, at first he thinks it's part of the immersive experience! Aria sucks his cock, but while she takes a break, Drake's roommate Alpha Wolfe sneaks up and takes over. Drake's about to fuck his roomie when Aria returns and rides him. Alpha hides, stealing her bag and plotting how he can finally get dicked down. Alpha entices Drake to come fuck him, and when Aria catches them, she pulls a strap-on out of her bag and pegs Alpha! The bottom takes the toy as he sucks Drake, then Aria gets to be in the middle of a train before fucking Alpha's load out all over Drake's face!

Trans Angels - Update

September 12, 2023

Hungry Size Queen

Gorgeous trans bombshell Zariah Aura is feeling horny, so she whips out her beautiful she-cock and begins stroking it. Just then, her BFF (Kira Noir) arrives home early with her new boyfriend (Max), leaving Zariah flustered at being caught masturbating! When pierced hottie Kira sees how small her boyfriends dick is, she invites well-endowed Zariah into her bedroom, where she proceeds to gobble up the all-natural t-girls hunk of meat as Max watches on! Following a sexy face fuck, Kira plants her curvy ass on Zariahs face as Max worships the athletic stunners feet, and then Zariah slides her throbbing erection into her roommates dripping wet pussy from behind in doggy position. Afterwards, Kira rides Zariah in cowgirl as the total nymph plays with Kiras big juicy titties, and then the pair have an intense side fuck on the bed in front of Max!

Hot College Fucks - Update

August 31, 2023

Cassie and Dawson's Passionate Fuck

Things start off at a more romantic and passionate pace, but soon turn into a full on fuck fest! Cassie moans loudly and grips the sheets tightly as Dawson drills her relentlessly. Eventually Dawson can't hold back any longer and leaves Cassie spent and drenched in cum.

Hot College Fucks - Update

July 27, 2023

Sawyer Fucks Ivy After Hours

In these After Hours episodes we want to give you a chance to connect more with the guys, and in this more intimate experience we think they can really show off their personalities and really let loose. Southern boy Sawyer is a real treat to be around laid back and sexy, with a real knack for making everyone around him feel comfortable. This tall, lean stud really, really loves to show off and he definitely dove right into the action here at HCF. He’s got dark auburn hair and a slight drawl that drives us wild, not to mention just the right amount of hair on his chest. On top of all that, though, Sawyer has a huge, fat cock and it’s quickly made him very popular with the other guys.

Trans Angels - Update

July 04, 2023

Fucking Her ASSana

Flame haired hottie Mini Stallion is getting ready for her first yoga class when she is seduced by sexy blonde instructor Tori Easton in the locker room. Since it’s the petite stunner’s first-time doing yoga, Tori pays Mini special attention and helps her get into the doggy position. Aroused by Mini’s tight, firm ass, the busty trans babe sneakily pulls down her student’s leggings and slides her thick she cock into her eager hole! Afterwards, Tori feeds her shenis to Mini in a raunchy blowjob, and then Mini sticks out her tattooed butt to take another drilling from behind. Now it’s time to do some 69ing, with Tori eating out the petite redhead’s juicy pussy and stimulating her clit as she simultaneously fucks her pretty face.

Trans Angels - Update

June 13, 2023

Daisy's Flower Box

Beautiful florist Daisy Taylor is waiting for her date to come pick her up, but she left feeling disappointed when he's a no show. Luckily, the busty trans queen's handsome friend Kane Fox is there to console her, and he takes the opportunity to make his move and kisses her! Feeling aroused, Daisy gets on her knees to swallow the dark-haired stud's long cock in a sexy deepthroat blowjob, and then she sticks out her curvy ass to take a doggy pounding from behind. At that moment, Daisy's boyfriend Dante Colle arrives, so Kane makes a hasty exit! When Dante sees the sexy brunette's rock hard shenis, he gets excited, and he hungrily devours it! After returning the favor, Daisy spreads her legs and invites Dante to fuck her in missionary position against the shop counter before she climbs on top to ride his thick shaft in cowgirl.

Trans Angels - Update

June 11, 2023

Zariah's Wet Mess

Sexy tgirl Zariah Aura returns home from her business trip and greets her roommate as well as her roomies boyfriend Chris Epic who Zariah has been having a secret affair with! Zariah heads straight to her bedroom to masturbate and play with her dildo, and it isn't long before bearded hunk Chris joins her! The stocking clad babe sucks and slurps on Chris thick rod in a raunchy blowjob, and then Chris fingers her tight hole to loosen it up before stretching it from behind in doggy position. Afterwards, all-natural Zariah squeals with delight as she rides her lovers cock in cowgirl, and then she takes the full length of it in her mouth and gags on it. Following a missionary style pounding, the raven haired stunner straddles Chris and bounces on his dick until he cream pies her gorgeous ass!

Hot College Fucks - Update

June 07, 2023

Chloe & Ty Tease Daniel

As you can likely tell just by looking at them, Ty & Daniel are brothers. Ty is sexually adventurous and experienced and eager to show his younger brother how it's done! From the moment Ty and Chloe start going at it, you can see how turned on Daniel is. It doesn't take long before he can no longer contain himself while watching his older brother fucking Chloe and shoots all over the bed not to be outdone, Ty follows shortly after with an impressive load of his own!

Trans Angels - Update

May 22, 2023

MILF Stepmom Wants Dick Too

Dillon Diaz drops by to spend time with his girlfriend Asia Belle, but he ends up becoming more intimately acquainted with her smoking hot stepmom, Foxxy! During dinner, the handsome hunk sneakily crawls under the table and devours both Asia and Foxxy's shenises before Asia brings Dillon to her bedroom to fuck him wildly in cowgirl! Afterwards, the well-hung stud meets up with flame-haired Foxxy in the bathroom, where the horny, inked-up trans babe unashamedly sticks out her curvy ass to take a doggystyle pounding! Wondering what's taking her boyfriend so long, Asia walks in on him banging her stepmom! Fortunately, Dillon can appease the t-girls, and he invites them to kneel down and share his thick dick in a sensational double blowjob!

Trans Angels - Update

March 13, 2023

One Big Happy Fucking Family 2

Feisty T-Girl Claire Tenebrarum is eager to make amends for accidentally shooting a load over her stepdad Bryce Beckett's face after having incredible sex with her girlfriend... so she sticks a dildo on his bedroom door and asks the handsome hunk to push it open! Bearded Bryce can't resist Claire's seductive ways, and it isn't long before he invites the all-natural beauty to gag on his thick dick in a sexy blowjob. Afterwards, Claire bends over and takes a doggystyle pounding, and then the debauched pair enjoy a missionary-style fuck as the hot trans babe tugs on her shines. Feeling adventurous, Claire hops on top to ride Bryce's long shaft cowgirl-style, and she cries out with pleasure as her tight hole is stretched wide. This time, Bryce makes sure that it is Claire who ends up covered in his cum as he pulls out and orgasms all over her nice, firm ass!

Trans Angels - Update

February 17, 2023

One Big Happy Fucking Family 1

Bespectacled babe Claire Tenebrarum has invited her hot blonde girlfriend, Mimi Oh, over for some intimate fun! Claire's stepdad joins the amorous couple for a movie night, but that doesn’t stop Mimi and Claire from sneakily playing with each other’s dicks! Wearing knee-high socks and booty shorts, big-boobed Mimi straddles Claire and bounces on her shenis cowgirl-style before getting on all fours so that the pink-haired cutie can eat out her firm ass from behind. Next, tattooed Claire is treated to a tit wank by Mimi, then she feeds the busty babe her rock-hard erection in a sloppy deepthroat blowjob. Wanting to fuck, the all-natural t-girl penetrates Mimi doggystyle, and afterwards she slides a dildo into her horny girlfriend’s tight butthole!

Hot College Fucks - Update

January 25, 2023

Travis & GF Go At It

Jared has earned quite the reputation around campus for being a hot, hung, stud. So you know for him to end up with a girlfriend must mean she's quite a catch as well! Things start off romantically with lots of passionate kissing and touching. It doesn't take long, however, before Jared is putting that big dick to good use and letting his girlfriend have it! After an intense finish they end up breathless and spent!

Venus Lux - Update

December 04, 2022

Beautiful Ping's Sudsy Screw

Blond Asian Ping seduces her date Bo Ryder with a sexy little striptease, then takes it all off in the shower to get down to business. She massages BO's dick and ass with a talented hand and a pile of thick soapy foam. He's so turned on he can't take his mouth off the hot little trans cock in her panties. Ping gets her own mouth on his giant mushroom headed dick and gets it stiff and slick for a slow, smooth screw. Bo has other ideas and wants to fuck her brains out, hard and fast. He thrusts into her tight little hole like there's no tomorrow. Their soaped up bodies slide together as he plows into her in the shower, takes her to bed to slather her ass in a spray of hot creamy cum.

Bi College Fucks - Update

November 15, 2022

Dane, Daniel & Demi

Things immediately kick off with Dane, Daniel, and Demi getting into some fun on the couch. Everyone is kissing, touching, fondling, and getting geared up for an afternoon of play! Stripping down, Demi goes down to get a taste of dick while Dane and Daniel make out. Then they switch and Daniel has Dane moaning in moments. It’s clear from the beginning that this group is glad to share and be shared. Demi goes down on Dane. Daniel goes down on her. Taking advantage of the position, Daniel starts fucking her from behind which only turns Dane on more! His cock couldn’t get harder! Then Demi jumps on Dane’s cock and rides him like a pogo stick while Daniel laps at his balls and watches the young Alpha in action.

Trans Angels - Update

November 05, 2022

Bean There, Fucked That

All-natural, slender babe Amanda Riley is bored working at the bakery, so she starts jerking off to pass the time! Just as customer Dante Colle pulls into the drive-through to order some coffee, Amanda bends over to retrieve her cell phone, accidentally flashing Dante in the process! When the cute brunette informs Dante that they are out of milk, he enquires as to whether the trans beauty can make him a special cream substitute, and she is only too happy to oblige! The horny pair passionately kiss, then Amanda descends to her knees and treats the dark-haired stud to a sloppy, deepthroat blowjob. After putting up the "We're sorry, we're closed" sign in the window, Amanda sticks out her firm booty and gets a hard anal pounding in both standing doggystyle and missionary position.

Bi College Fucks - Update

October 30, 2022

Cain, Try & Jackie

Cain and Trey kiss before Jackie goes to work sucking Trey's big dick. The guys spit-roast Jackie and she whimpers with pleasure. Eventually Cain has his way with Trey in multiple positions, ending with them both blasting huge loads all over Trey's lean, muscled abs.

Trans Angels - Update

October 17, 2022

Hot & Unbothered

Masyn Thorne returns home after a stressful day at work, hoping to get some relief from his stunning girlfriend, Asia Belle. Unfortunately for Masyn, Asia is too engrossed in her television show to attend to his throbbing erection, so the horny stud has to settle for a half-hearted foot-job. After worshipping the inked-up brunette's perfect ass, Masyn slides his thick dick into her tight hole, giving the sexy t-girl a doggystyle fucking. The distraction proves too much for Asia, who spreads her long, slim legs and invites Masyn to stretch her further in missionary position. Craving a taste of Asia's beautiful she-cock, Masyn bends over and devours the gorgeous trans queen in a raunchy blowjob, then the amorous couple head to the sofa where Asia hops on top to ride her lover's big rod cowgirl-style.

Bi College Fucks - Update

October 13, 2022

Cain & Connor Fucks Jackie

What happens when you get two muscular, hung studs together with a hot young coed - well, you're about to find out! Cain and Connor take turns fucking Jackie and then each other, ending intense orgasms all around! Enjoy this hot and sexy bi sex site with hot models and hardcore sex.

Trans Angels - Update

September 24, 2022


Dressed in traditional Bavarian costume, stunning trans woman Emma Rose is serving drinks and sausages to hungry fest-goer Gabriel Clark, who can't wait to try out the delicacies on offer. After complimenting Emma on the authenticity of her role, Gabriel cheekily spanks the blonde-haired t-girl's ass, and Emma responds by burying his face in her bosom! Soon, Emma is chowing down on Gabriel's hunk of meat, and the handsome stud returns the favor by sucking and slurping on Emma's she-cock. Gabriel loosens up Emma's tight hole with some sexy foreplay, then he pummels his rock-hard dick into her perfect round ass missionary-style. The all-natural babe bends over to take a doggystyle fucking, before hopping on top to bounce on Gabriel's thick shaft in cowgirl.

Trans Angels - Update

August 12, 2022

Stealing The Horny Fiance

Beautiful trans queen Eva Maxim is excited to meet her boyfriend’s sister for the first time. When Eva is introduced to long-haired stunner Ana Foxxx, she is immediately turned on by Ana’s luscious, long legs and gorgeous face. Ana is equally mesmerized by Eva’s beautiful curves and huge, fake boobs. While Eva’s boyfriend is distracted, the horny babes seductively tease one another, then Eva kneels down and devours Ana’s trimmed, juicy pussy with her tongue. Ana returns the favor by giving Eva a sneaky blowjob behind the kitchen counter, then the kinky brunette slides a cucumber into Eva's tight hole to loosen it up! Desiring more privacy, the pair slip away to the bathroom, where Ana worships the inked-up t-girl's big tits and raunchily sucks on her beautiful she-cock.

Trans Angels - Update

July 11, 2022

Sorority, Not Sorry 2

It’s another day in the Theta Alpha Sorority house, and horny BFFs Billie Beaumont and Kyler Quinn are embroiled in a debate over who is the best cocksucker! Keen to prove she has the hottest blowjob-giving skills, pigtailed Kyler brings out her impressive collection of sex toys. While the Sorority sluts are busy demonstrating their sucking techniques, campus security officer Colby Jansen enters the property on a routine inspection - only to find naughty minx Kyler deepthroating Billie with a long, pink dildo! Realizing that the beefy officer can be an impartial judge in determining who gives the best head, Billie and Kyler drop to their knees and swallow up Colby’s huge cock in a wild and frisky double blowjob!

Why Not Bi - Update

June 30, 2022

Executive Fierceness

Executive assistants Michael Boston and Aila Donovan can't contain their rivalry over whether their hot boss Roman Todd is more likely to fuck him or her. When Aila gets to come to Roman's office to work on a report--and suck his cock--she thinks the battle's won! But Michael won't give up that easily when Roman's at the top of his to-do list. He strips down to his mesh lingerie, impressing his boss as he takes the initiative to suck Roman and ride his cock. Aila isn't going to take that lying down, and as her boss fucks Michael missionary, she takes hold of Roman by the dick and leads him to fuck her doggystyle bent over his desk. As Aila rides her boss's face, she notices Michael fucking his hole with a toy, and then the lucky bottom cums as Roman pounds him in doggystyle.

Trans Angels - Update

May 18, 2022

Unknown Pleasures

It’s Chloe Temple’s first day on the job and dark-haired lothario Dante Colle is instantly attracted to the petite beauty. After Chloe introduces herself to Dante and his sexy colleague, Winter XX Doll, Dante flirtatiously offers to give the blonde bombshell a tour of the office - in particular, he would like to show Chloe the workplace's infamous glory hole! Seduced, Chloe follows Dante into the bathroom where he proceeds to feed the horny minx his big dick from the stall adjacent to hers. At that moment, stunning trans queen Winter enters and shoves her throbbing erection through another glory hole! Alternating between both cocks, Chloe raunchily slurps and sucks the meaty treats on offer. Desiring to be fucked, the slender hottie bends over and invites Dante to pound her trimmed pussy vigorously.

Why Not Bi - Update

May 17, 2022

Two Geeks One Cop

When his boyfriend Hatler has the volume on his game turned up too high, Theo Brady answers the knock at the door to find sexy Officer Aften Opal warning him about the noise. Aften pushes Theo up against the wall to deliver a stern warning, then follows him inside to suck his cock. Hatler doesn't even turn around, so when Theo pulls down his pants, he doesn't notice at first that it's not his boyfriend's cock fucking him, but Aften's nightstick! The guys suck the tool from both ends, and Aften devours both their cocks before the guys take turns licking her pussy. Hatler sucks Theo and fucks Aften missionary, then Theo joins the train, fucking Hatler's hole. Then it's Theo's turn to bottom, riding Hatler's dick as Aften sits on his face, before Aften hops on Theo's cock, then takes two loads in her mouth.

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