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Southern Strokes - Update

July 29, 2023

Sweet Kisses: Archi Gold

I love hanging with my stepbrothers, but I'm closest to Tae Xoxo. We've been tight for years but recently started taking things to another level. We went into our parent's room while they were away on their anniversary cruise and kissed on their bed. We both knew that we needed the big bed to fuck on. I took Tae's shirt off, and then he did mine. I then laid back and gave him my cock to suck. He likes sucking my dick, but not as much as I want him finally inside me. Tae played with my ass while I went down on his big dick, then ate me out. I've never had a mouth on my hole like that, and I could feel my cock leaking in my hand as I stroked it. Once he was hard, Tae filled me up. My tight hole was a struggle at first, but it opened up wide enough for him to ride.

Straight Fraternity - Update

July 29, 2023

4 Man Circle Jerk

Blue, Colten, Connor and Jace: The guys cum over for some pool time, and afterwards I show them a porn I just bought. When their cocks come out, so does my camera! Blue is the first guy to bust his nut, and it's a big one. Jace is next, and he unloads all over his chest and leg. Connor and Colten can't hold it anymore either, and pretty soon the room is swimming in cum.

Touch That Boy - Update

July 29, 2023

Tony Pierce & Julian

I've been noticing my buddy Julian Mendes talking about his body pain. I would give anything to get my hands all over his muscles, but I never thought he would be down for it until one day, Julian came into the locker room, and I gave him that body massage. I was shocked it was happening, but I didn't let him know. Covered in lotion, my hands moved around his body, finding his chest and nipples before making their way to his thighs and jock. We both saw his bugle growing, so I pulled his undies to the side and grabbed his dick, but why stop there? If he let me stroke it, then maybe he would let me suck it. His cock tasted amazing, but eating his ass and letting him stroke off on my face was the prize.

Treasure Island Media - Update

July 26, 2023

Fernando Brutto's 20-Man

Kitchen Sink Gangbang: The final epic gangbang from Gangbangapalooza 2 goes live this Saturday at 12PM PST! One of the guys in the office said this gangbang has everything AND the kitchen sink. Fernando Brutto is a true sub and the group of 20 tops are instructed to do whatever they want with him.

WhoreHimOut - Update

July 25, 2023

Gangbang 490

Nick Fitt's First Ever Gangbang: Nick Fitt was craving some tally's on that white ass! He hit up Juven to get whored out by all of his homies! The bigger the better for this horned up cock craving bottom! All the homies jizzed on his ass and bounced ! Nick Fitt's husband also stopped by and joined in on the action!

Alternadudes - Update

July 23, 2023

Obedient Sub

Johnny Por La Calle isn't happy unless he's bound and submissive. He showed up with a cock cage that rarely comes off and has never been washed. The lucky guy to unleash his cock is horny hottie Maxsin D'Vil, who gets to work putting the sub in his place. He gets Johnny in a device that stretches his balls, attaches to his ankles and leaves very little leeway for Johnny to move. He loves every minute of it as Maxsin spanks his ass and balls. Johnny thanks his Dom with every paddle before he begs to be hooked up to the fuck machine. He picks the biggest dildo of the bunch and spreads his legs wide to take it deep in his ass. He moans out as Maxsin cranks up the intensity and gives the horny twink a handjob that makes his throbbing cock blow all over!

Aussies Do It - Update

July 23, 2023

Dennis' Faceful of Larkin

Power top Larkin lets out a nervous giggle when tatted bottom Dennis rates the Aussie guys he's fooled around with a mere 3 out of 10. But he knows he has nothing to worry about in the lovemaking department. He's going to give haughty Dennis a long, hard fuck he won't soon forget. And shower his face with a spray of sticky sperm just for the fun of it. Dennis is sleepy and a little out of it, but ready to tear off his clothes and get the chat over with. Once he's tongue wrestling with dark, hung and handsome Larkin he perks right up. He drops to his knees and gets to work stiffening Larkin's long thick prong for the royal ass-reaming he needs. His aggressive cocksucking backs the hot top into the wall and there's nothing to do but lean back and enjoy Dennis' noisy, slobbering dick worship.

Axel Abysse - Update

July 23, 2023


Locked in a cage, Pup Davey is at Axel's disposition, ready to swallow punches. Hungry, Axel is quick to return the situation and get some fist up his guts too. Belly bulge, double fisting, extreme punches, they're greedy and we can't get enough of it. Filmed at Spit It Out, Brussels.

Touch That Boy - Update

July 23, 2023

Nick Davies & Felix

It was a lazy Sunday, and my boy, Felix Harris, and I were reading on my bed while his mom was on a work trip. I'd known him for a few years, but now our relationship was on another level. Felix had his leg on top of mine, and I couldn't help but rub it while we continued reading, but I had other things on my mind, like my hands all over his body. I asked if he was interested in a massage, and he said yes. I moved my hands around his body as our lips locked. Felix then watched with lust in his eyes as the feel of my touch gave him a rush. It also gave my cock a rush of blood, and Felix noticed. He brought his lips to mine once again before laying on his stomach. The lotion was the lubrication that pleased his skin the most, but I wanted his cum.

Hot College Fucks - Update

July 22, 2023

Banging Brooke

Hot new freshman Asher gets to take hold of coed Brooke. Asher kisses Brooke, stripping her down. They rub their hands all over each other’s bodies. Asher plays with her tits while kissing and fingering her. She goes down on his cock, but she’s already pretty wet and ready to fuck so soon she’s on top of him, riding his dick! She rides him for a bit then he flips her over so that they can stare at themselves in mirror as he fucks her from behind. Asher drills into her, grabbing on her ass to go in as deep as he can. Turning Brooke to her side, and Asher fucks her like this until he’s ready to cum. He pulls out just in time to unload his warm seed over her ass.

Bi College Fucks - Update

July 21, 2023

Dane & Demi Share Kenny

Though this isn’t Dane’s first three-way, it’s the first one where he gets to be fucked, which he admits makes him both excited and anxious to start! He’s seen up close how hot and intense it can be for a guy to have his cock stimulated by one partner while being stuffed and plowed by another and admits he’s been interested since his first Bi three-way. He’s rock hard before we even turn the cameras on! Demi starts on his juicy dick while he watches Kenny eat her out. Then she flips over and Dane buries his face into her. While she attacks Kenny’s dick with her mouth, Dane slides in to her from behind, though his fixation is with the hot blond and his growing erection. Kenny wants to build the anticipation first. He has Demi sit on his cock as he pumps up into her. Dane is enthralled watching how Kenny can fuck.y!

Men - Update

July 19, 2023

Papi & Babylon

Papi Kocic gets nice and clean under the shower, stroking his dick and letting the water run down his hairy ass. He wants to look his best, because he knows hot blond bottom Babylon Prince is on the way! The tattooed hunks take their shirts off, and Babylon kisses down Papi's chest, then sucks his thick cock. Papi bends Babylon over against the wall and tongues his hole, and it tastes so good he just has to slide his dick inside. Babylon wants to make the top feel good as he rides him, and Papi loves watching Babylon's ass bounce on his cock. The bottom licks Papi's pits, then bends over to get his hole teased and his ass slapped before Papi gives him a deep pounding. Babylon strokes himself off so he cums just as Papi shoots a hot load on his face.

Private Playground XXX - Update

July 18, 2023

Peep Show Part 8

The voyeuristic event of the ages is coming to an end! Check out the explosive finale of the series, Peep Show. Ten men, Two cameras, and countless pairs of watchful eyes. Enter the climax!

Fisting Inferno - Update

July 17, 2023

When Push Comes To Shove 2

Before Derek Kage grants Max Depth entry into his private playground, he needs to administer a few tests to ensure his new hookup's hole can actually handle as much as he claims. Max eagerly accepts the preliminary screening by dropping down to suck off the handsome stranger in his foyer and then stripping down to his jockstrap for Derek to rim his fuck ready hole. Derek advances the test by sliding his raw cock into Max's ass and, after some bareback thrusting, moves on to something much larger. Covered in lube, Derek's fist begins working its way into Max's backside. Derek uses his right hand to slap Max's bare cheeks as his left arm disappears deeper and deeper into the sub bottom's seemingly never ending hole until he can pull out and expose Max's glistening, velvet rosebud.

Wu Boyz - Update

July 17, 2023

The One By the Waterfall

Colombia '23, the one by the waterfall, a series with handsome Colombian boy, Nathan Luna. A hot & humid jungle, the sound of cool freshwater, flowing through the Mendihuaca. She invites us to her natural pool, a lonely place, no soul in sight. Lustful desire takes charge, Nathan's thick, uncut cock thrusts into an eager hole. Tyler rushes to swallow his fresh Colombian cum

TheBroNetwork - Update

July 16, 2023

Casual Sauna

A hot sauna can be as erotic as it is relaxing. This public sauna has bros frequently stopping by to test their luck. What starts as a simple cruising session can sometimes turn into more if the connection is right. Edward Terrant lounges on the wood slats of the steam room bench, working up a sweat in his skimpy jockstrap. His sauna mate has gotten his fill of the heat and the cub beside him makes a swift exit. Edward is quickly joined by Leo Louis, a slim horny guy who is intent on getting his big cock casually worked by anyone interested. As soon as the coast is clear he quickly sheds his towel and flashes his huge naked cock. Edward notices Leo's enticing package and this anonymous cruising session turns into a hot, cock sucking, ass rimming, hole pounding casual fuck session with more than a hint of romantic chemistry.

Japan Boyz - Update

July 16, 2023

Under the Sheets

Some of the hottest sex starts with a kiss, a cuddle or a roving hand under the sheets when you're there with a horny buddy. Yuki's there with newly brunette twink Haru, and they start with just those cuddles and innocent kisses. But once they get a hold of each other's throbbing tools, the sheets come down, their pajamas fly off and they're off to the races! After sliding down to tease Haru's tender nips, Yuki keeps moving till he's face to face with his buddy's swelling crotch. Obviously he's not going to pass up the chance to slurp, suck and swallow, to Haru's loud groans of appreciation. Haru returns the favor, then things heat up even more when Yuki buries his face in Haru's smooth butt. Before you know it, he's lubing his bare cock and sliding into Haru's twitching asshole.

Cum Dump Star - Update

July 16, 2023

Inkjet Vortex

They're just so happy to be used like a piece of meat and get their mouths filled with cum. Let's get this party started. Just do it. We're gonna have fun. They always come back for more.

Hot College Fucks - Update

July 14, 2023

Summer is Here for Zeke

Summer knows it's those quiet ones you have to keep an eye on, and that includes Zeke. Zeke is absurdly handsome and has a tight, toned body. Those bright blue eyes of his drive all the girls wild, as well. Zeke's quiet demeanor also makes for an air of mystery around him, and Summer set out to see what that's all about. She finds out quiet and mysterious Zeke does indeed have a secret - he's packing a huge cock between those legs, and she needs to feel that inside her!

WhoreHimOut - Update

July 13, 2023

Gangbang 442-1

Sean's Crazt 8: For this amazing addition of warm out, we flew out international porn star Sean Zevran! Watches he lives his dirty fantasies in being a cumdump. By taking raw anonymous load from anyone want to drop this is part one part two in the series. We should check out the other episodes coming soon!

Private Playground XXX - Update

July 11, 2023

Gear 2022 Part 1

We've all got that favorite harness, favorite jockstrap, mask, leash, toy and Don your finest gay apparel because GEAR has officially begun!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

July 08, 2023

Alex Cabrera's 7-Man Gang Bang 1

Watch the first installment of this two-part “Lucas Men: Ganged And Banged” orgy scene! Alex Cabrera has proven himself time and again as a true bottom taker who cannot get enough dick down his throat and up his ass. Well, now he’s been given the ultimate challenge. Alex Cabrera has been cast in an eight-man orgy, and Alex makes the eighth participant! Rest assured: he’s all bottom, all of the time. The line-up of tops giving it to Alex Cabrera includes Derek Kage, Augusto Arias, Jordan Starr, Nico Zetta, Lobo Carreira, Alex Ink, and Andrey Vic!

Bel Ami Online - Update

July 06, 2023

Eluan, Jeroen & Tom

Thank god for boys like Tom. Dick too thick? Never! Cock too long? Never! No matter what you want to throw at Tom he will take it with pleasure. Today we have given him 2 partners instead of just one, so both Eluan and Jeroen get to take their turn on Tom's warm and inviting hole.

Fuckermate - Update

July 06, 2023

Hard Dicked

Our Latin skinny stallion David Dimaggio loves to destroy young holes with his humongous cock so we paired him with the Brazilian sweet naughty boy Leo Rocha and their chemistry is off the scale. David almost goes crazy for the perfect ass he found in front of his eyes and Leo gets impressed for the hard package pulsating inside David's shorts. The heat is too much for both: Leo sinks to his knees and swallows David's oversized dick, licking every inch with his willing tongue and showing once again the skills of a perfect sucker! Dimaggio returns the favor and gives all of himself wetting and fingering the epic hole. Leo can't resist anymore and opens his legs to welcome the raw beefy dick deep inside.

Island Studs - Update

July 06, 2023

Uncut Bodybuilder Damien

Uncut Horny Ebony Bodybuilder Damien is Back on, sporting his big bald head, big friendly smile as he enjoys showing off his Apollo Shield of 8 pack Abs, huge bulging biceps as he flexes and poses in super tight Versace underwear which can barely contain his Big Bubble Butt, jerks his mouth watering boner, plays with his fantastic foreskin, takes a powerful bucket piss beside the forest, instructs us through a sweaty nudist workout routine working out using heavy weights with his naturally smooth body glistening in the early summer sun, playfully bends over to fuck a exercise ball, placing his rock hard uncut cock against the hot latex ball, opens his furry ass cheeks with his hairy manhole is in full view, flips over to stroke his HOT throbber into another FULL erection.

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