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Lucas Entertainment - Update

March 23, 2023

Lucas Men Extravaganza 2

Gay Porn Orgy Part 2: Watch the second part (of two) of this gay bareback orgy starring nine of the sexiest and most cock-crazed gay porn models out of all the Lucas Men! You will not want to miss out, because the Lucas Men are about to have an unforgettable fuck party, and you have an all-access invite to check out the dick-sucking and hole-slamming gay bareback action! Join Kosta Viking, Babylon Prince, Harold Lopez, Brian Bonds, Santos, Jack Bailey, Bruno Galvez, Derek Kage, and Gustavo Cruz for this amazing LUCAS MEN EXTRAVAGANZA!

Cocky Boys - Update

March 23, 2023

Angel & Jordan

Jordan Starr becomes the first American CockyBoys encounter for Angel Santana and he makes sure it's a fantasy fuck come true for Angel. Things begin in a sensually romantic way as Angel gets to worship Jordan's hot bod and suck his big dick. In return, Jordan sucks Angel and feasts on his hole. The pleasure Jordan gives Angel makes it easy for him to take charge and get him to open up for his cock. Jordan then pounds Angel and though it may not sound like he can take it, Angel shows he can by working his hole on Jordan's cock and he happily sits on that cock and rides him. Jordan soon resumes full control drilling Angel every which way but goes over the edge while Angel is on his tummy. Jordan shoots a big load over Angel's back but keeps fucking him and when he flips him over doesn't stop until he makes Angel cum.

Real Men Fuck - Update

March 23, 2023

Daddy Dicks A Stud

Hans Berlin gets his dick wet when Arturo Santos gets on his knees to suck the hung daddy. Arturo's talents get Hans hard almost immediately as the lucky stud continues to work the daddy dick in front of him. Hans takes a taste of Arturo's open hole before he slides his cock deep inside and starts pumping away. Hans is unstoppable as he pounds a steady rhythm just the way he likes it. Hans heaves a final sigh and dumps his load into Arturo to give him a sloppy cream-pie that's going his undies wet for the next few hours for sure!

Sex Japan TV - Update

March 23, 2023

Sun Hyun After Dark

Pretty, slim, wavy-haired brunette Sun Hyun is a bit shy, often hiding her face behind her silky mane or in shadow. But shy babes have needs too, and when she steps out to get some fresh air in the park, she logs into a hookup app and makes a date with a polite young guy more to her liking. When he comes over they chat and slowly begin to touch and fondle each other. When she handles his cock and warms him up with her hot juicy mouth, he returns the favor licking her tight sweet pussy. He slides his cock in gently and gives Sun Hyun the fuck she needs. When he finishes she lies satisfied, caressing her breasts and smooth little belly. Was her sweet young man a dream or did she really get that romantic hookup she was looking for. The used condom across her chest is proof it was all real.

Venus Lux - Update

March 22, 2023

Sensuous Twosome

Venus and Aubrey really love getting together and it shows. They look amazing in their bras and panties when they start kissing and caressing their gorgeous bodies. They take turns sucking each others off before moving into a 69. Aubrey can't wait to have Venus inside her so she climbs on for a ride, only to have Venus take control and continue driving her big cock deep into Aubrey's ass then she shoots her hot cum on Aubrey's stomach.

Masonic Boys - Update

March 19, 2023

Apprentice Tyler Ch 4

Atonement: The room was oppressive and dark. Candles flickered and filled the space with ghostly shadows. Three stern-looking masters were sitting behind a long bench which was covered in a row of large, shiny pegs. Master Kamp stood, undressing me slowly and seductively. Grandmaster Legrand ordered me to sit down on the first peg. I did as instructed, willing myself to stay relaxed as I lowered myself down. It slid into me with relatively little discomfort, but as I glanced down the bench and saw how large the pegs were at the other end, my ass began to clench. I knew what was coming... Sure enough, Grandmaster Legrand then told me to move onto the next peg, which was a little larger than the first, and then the next and the next and the next, stretching my ass wider each time until I felt like it was literally being torn apart.

Hung Young Brit - Update

March 17, 2023

18YR Coming Of Age

Totally unashamed novice 18yr adult babies come to the HYB private BBQ House Party and Spunks Buckets. Beginner, kink Teens wanna explore their fancies with us. I’m not making this shit up, turns out you can have young adult babies. I have obviously heard of ‘adult baby’ kink but didn’t know young people would be into it.

Czech Hunter - Update

March 13, 2023

Czech Hunter 679

This 20 years old student was quite busy. I met him on his way from school to work, such a hard-working guy. He was a bit nerdy but still cute. I just loved his shy smile. After a little chat, he agreed to show me his cock for 2,000 Crowns. It was way more than his daily salary, so I convinced him easily. We went to my nearby apartment, where things started to heat up pretty fast. When he dropped his pants, I was welcomed by a massive boner. What a lovely surprise! Greedy and horny, I could've hardly picked someone better. Well, he tried to play hard to get but I saw right through him. The dude enjoyed sucking my cock. He might have been worried about putting it in his virgin asshole but money solved that problem in the end. Sliding inside and listening to his moaning felt amazing.

Why Not Bi - Update

March 13, 2023

Balls Deep In My Bucket

After Malik Delgaty sticks his dick through a hole in the fried chicken bucket for a sneaky Blow Job from Laura Fox and cums on her tits, she goes to change... but he's still hard, and his buddy Trent King notices! Laura catches Trent sucking her man's cock and is ready to fight, but Malik assures her they can work it out and play nice, starting with Trent licking her pussy while Malik fucks his hole. Laura sucks Trent as she rides Malik, then Trent tongues the top's hole while Malik fucks his GF doggystyle. Trent comes on Laura's face as Malik fucks her pussy, then his buddy and his girl share his cum.

Trans Angels - Update

March 13, 2023

One Big Happy Fucking Family 2

Feisty T-Girl Claire Tenebrarum is eager to make amends for accidentally shooting a load over her stepdad Bryce Beckett's face after having incredible sex with her girlfriend... so she sticks a dildo on his bedroom door and asks the handsome hunk to push it open! Bearded Bryce can't resist Claire's seductive ways, and it isn't long before he invites the all-natural beauty to gag on his thick dick in a sexy blowjob. Afterwards, Claire bends over and takes a doggystyle pounding, and then the debauched pair enjoy a missionary-style fuck as the hot trans babe tugs on her shines. Feeling adventurous, Claire hops on top to ride Bryce's long shaft cowgirl-style, and she cries out with pleasure as her tight hole is stretched wide. This time, Bryce makes sure that it is Claire who ends up covered in his cum as he pulls out and orgasms all over her nice, firm ass!

Bi College Fucks - Update

March 12, 2023

Dane Dicks Dylan & Eva

Dane's been REALLY working on his body, and these days he's more than muscular, he's practically sculpted. Dylan and Eva both melt for muscular guys, so they were all too happy to show their appreciation for all of the hard work he's been putting in the gym and get straight to work worshipping Dane! So Dane spends a good portion of the action laying down on his back, but don't think that means he's not also hard at work throughout! It's just that everyone wanted to take a ride on Dane's hard dick, and Dane was totally fine with that idea and more than happy to let both of his partners have a go. First, they give Dane the best of both worlds as Dylan feeds him his dick while Eva passionately rides him - but Dylan quickly decides that he needs to feel Dane inside him.

Hot College Fucks - Update

March 12, 2023

Jared & Brooke

Brooke Gets Her Turn with Jared: Word got out among the HCF girls young Jared was packing, and knew how to use every inch of that dick. Brooke needed herself a spin on Jared's cock, and Jared was more than happy to oblige. Whether she's on her back getting fucked with her legs in the air or bracing herself while getting drilled doggystyle, Brooke is finding out the other girls weren't lying when they said Jared could deliver!

Blake Mason - Update

March 11, 2023

Luca & Mitch

2 Super Hot Blond Boys Fuck! It was inevitable that we'd team up these two blond boys together. If you didn't already know, Mitch Schif is one of those greedy and energetic boys with real bottom energy, and Luca Zavat is a perfect counter to that. The way these two smooth and super horny guys make out, suck cock and eat arse is a good intro, but the fucking bareback top Luca delivers is amazing to see. These two are so well suited I would not be surprised if they hooked up a few times after this scene was shot, they had a great time slinging that splooge all over!

Private Playground XXX - Update

March 10, 2023

Peep Show Part 2

It's Part 2 and the men start piling in. Grab your spectacles and pull up a chair because the show is just getting started! Real men amateurs and studly muscle hunks are all getting into the Peep Show...

Raw Hole - Update

March 07, 2023

Davos Reamed & Creamed

Hot bare fucker Lexis isn't your usual pretty boy Latino model. Far from being unattractive, he does exude a regular guy image that belies the massive, merciless XXL cock he wields. Not that dark, sexy bottom Davos has any complaints. Even when Lexis plays a little rough, grabbing Davos by the hair as he drills in balls deep, Davos might howl a little, but he's more satisfied than scared of the big horned-up top. Lexis loves ass, can't wait to get his tongue buried up Davos'. Once it's wet and open, he rams that huge raw fuck-tool in like there's no tomorrow. He is a man with a mission, and that's to squirt his sperm into Davos and own his hole. Once he reaches that sperm-spilling climax, he's still horny, jerking his hard uncut cock as he watches his load oozing out of his happy bottom buddy.

Hot College Fucks - Update

March 06, 2023

Houston Nails Nikki

Let's hope Nikki woke up this morning ready and eager to get drilled by a hot young 18 year old college freshman's big, fat dick because that's precisely what she finds herself doing in the action here! Houston is a quiet, laidback 18 year old freshman who has a handsome face and a hot body, but it's what he's packing between his legs that is his pièces de résistance - a huge dick where the girth is as impressive as the length. Can this young stud sling that huge cock?! Can Nikki take it?! Only one way to find out!

Private Playground XXX - Update

March 04, 2023

Launch Party Fuck Show

We hosted an event to celebrate the launch of our brand new website! Live performances, DJ sets, prizes, and all on Halloween night. We're always looking for an excuse to throw a party! Joined by many of our regulars attendees and a bunch of new faces, there is never a dull moment to be had here. Happy Birthday to PPX!

Helix Studios - Update

March 04, 2023

Three Can Play

Thirsty for throat-goat, glory, and ass-dicking debauchery, these three twink-porn titans crank the heat to a hundred, in this tasty, triple dicker that delivers downright dirty-deliciousness. These sexy studly guys are the future of gay porn and they learn how to suck fuck and take nice big hard cocks deep up their tight asses. Jacob Hansen, Garrett Kinsley and Noah Bentley keep it hot and raunchy as they learn some then cum some.

Boy Fun - Update

March 04, 2023

Busy Little Bro

Horny young Ollie Barn is doing what many young guys do when they wake up with a hard one demanding attention, giving his stiff cock some morning rubs. His step brother Angel Rivers knows exactly what he's up to, and you'd think he wouldn't need persuading to get down to some tasty BoyFun. It seems young Angel is more understanding than he initially suggested, because once Ollie is openly presenting his proud penis Angel's greedy little twink mouth is quickly wrapped around it. Ollie's morning wood won't be satisfied with a mere sucking, however. With his dick throbbing and his step brother's equally delicious erection eager for the same in return Ollie gobbles and slurps his handsome rod and turns his attention to Angel's delectable little butt hole.

Bondage Bros - Update

March 03, 2023

Ball Weight & Flogged

WOW this was a wild scene. Devin now has Grant bound to the wall and has weighted his balls and anchored them to the floor... Even an intense session of flogging and Grant doesn't lose that smile on his face.

Hot College Fucks - Update

March 02, 2023

Julie Rides Cameron

All the HCF girls want themselves a piece of Cameron nowadays - tall, dark, handsome, and hung, he's precisely what coeds like Julie are after, and it didn't take long for word to get around among all the girls that Cameron's packing and as hot in the bedroom as he is easy on the eyes! You can't help but think Julie's using Cameron a bit here - she gets him laid down on his back so she can ride him and fuck herself on his cock, though Cameron seems like he's totally fine with that arrangement!

Frock The World - Update

March 01, 2023

East Coast Orgy 2

When eight of New York's favorite porn performers get together, the fun happens pretty fast Most of these guys have either filmed, fucked or chatted with each other before they all met up for this group scene. Shot in a private playroom, this orgy is a sweaty non-stop suck and fuck fest from beginning to end.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

March 01, 2023

Gay Cockold Fucking

It is hard for Pol Prince to keep it in his pants, an his boyfriend Babylon Prince has come to accept this. He actually sometimes enjoys the whole gay cuckold situation he finds himself in. You see, Babylon Prince is one hell of a hunk, and it would take nothing at all for him to step out on Pol Prince. But he instead enjoys the erotic fantasy. Babylon watches on while Pol Prince gets some action with Jordan Jameson before joining in and taking turns fucking the needy hole of Pol Prince!

DamianXDragon - Update

March 01, 2023

Ken Ko - Impaling Ken's Hole

Ken Ko and I start out by testing our kissing compatibility. It's on point before we move on to downing each other's cocks. Ken hasn't bottomed in over a year. He takes it like a champ as I loosen him up with a set of glass butt-plugs. When his hole is loose and slick with lube I drive my uncut cock down to the base. I blow my load deep inside and Ken works to push it back out.

Straight Fraternity - Update

February 28, 2023

Nathan & Dade Bareback

Nathan is a kinky, sexually-curious 20-year-old who has no idea what's about to happen. I pair him with Dade, a more experienced straight guy with a huge cock who's willing to do almost anything. Dade warms up his big dick while I get to know Nathan, then the clothes come off. I blindfold Nathan and sneak a few strokes of his cock. Since Dade won't suck dick, I have Nathan blow him instead. Nathan chokes down as much as he can of that monster tool before Dade puts him on all fours. Dade lubes up his huge cock and fucks Nathan from behind, bareback, pounding him super-deep and causing him to ooze pre-cum all over the couch. Then Dade stuffs the young guy's mouth with his cock while I go down on him, and Nathan finally unloads while both us play with his nipples and asshole.

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