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Trans Angels - Update

Friday March 22, 2019

Passionate Petals

Casey Kisses has gone all-out to plan something special for her man, Nicholas Ryder. The tall beauty has prepared a luxurious path of rose petals leading to the bedroom, where she's made a bouquet of her body for Nicholas to explore. Nicholas has some surprises up his sleeve, too, blindfolding Casey before he feeds her his cock. The passionate lovers continue fucking and sucking their way to orgasmic bliss.

Men - Update

March 10, 2019

Late Check-Out

Muscular hunk Damien Stone and beefy stud Steven Roman end up crossing paths when their room check-ins collide. Damien asked for a late checkout, but it wasn’t approved so Steven entered the room to find him in the shower. Dark-haired Steven couldn’t help himself as he watched the water roll down Damien’s hard body, and down his fat, uncut cock, and to his surprise Damien didn’t mind him watching one bit!

French Twinks - Update

February 24, 2019

The Sport Shorts

To go the gym class Paul Delay lends shorts from Justin who invites him to try it to make sure the size suits him. Of course this is just an excuse to see Paul undressing and the twink who's not shy takes pleasure to get naked in front of his buddy. Justin observes Paul with an undisguised desire and he enjoys being alone with him in his room to jump on him.

Venus Lux - Update

February 09, 2019

Pvt. Christians Privates

Christian is on leave in a foreign city when his privates urge him to answer the call of duty. He answers an ad for "after hours" entertainment and discovers Venus Lux in all her sultry glory, ready to put his tender ass on maneuvers. She attacks his flank and then executes a frontal assault that leaves him breathless and wanting more! Venus really shows this military hunk how to take a hot girl's hard cock deep and hard.

Bentley Race - Update

February 01, 2019

Nick Kadec

I'm pretty thrilled about adding our new mate Nick Kadec to our group of hot mates today on Bentley Race. I met the 21 year old during my visit to Berlin. The adorable eastern European boy lives in Berlin and sent me some pics of his big dick and beautiful fat bum. And I gotta say, the photos weren't wrong when we finally got to meet in person. Nick is actually a realy funny boy. He was incredibly flirty and liked to play around during our photoshoot. I think he was having fun teasing me as he stripped naked. It was that nice big bum that took my attention first. He does a nice slow reveal before spreading his legs wide on the floor to make it even more plump and full.

Straight Off Base - Update

January 30, 2019

Special Ops Jackson

Marine SGT Jackson drops by the Major's penthouse for a few brews and to relax a bit after a long day of duty at the nearby recruiting office. This very well-hung Marine opens his Dress Blues blouse, oils up and 'cleans his rifle' with exceptional skill he mastered as a young Marine back in barracks. SGT Jackson shoots his man-ammo across his chest with a celebratory "Ooorah!".

Helix Studios - Update

January 27, 2019

Vegas Nights 4

Dylan Hayes is the happiest whore in a city full of sex workers, and he wants Cameron Parks to give up his limo gig to make mad money doing the world’s oldest profession. In order to entice the tired chauffeur, Dylan tells Cameron about his hot hookup with a built blond businessman—Max Carter. Over breakfast, Dylan dishes about the way Max manhandled him as Cameron listens to the lusty tale. Bon appetit!

Spunk Worthy - Update

January 25, 2019

Tobin: Qwicky

Tobin got in touch recently to see about doing another shoot. His wife, it turned out, had been neglecting to give him enough action and, after a week of not cumming, said that he really just needed to bust a nut. Hey, I'm certainly not going to deny him that. He showed up clearly ready to get started. I set up the cameras and let him go at it. No surprise, within a few seconds of massaging his cock Tobin pulled his shorts off with a throbbing hard-on. Just lubing up his cock and rubbing it all over the shaft made his eyes roll into the back of his head while quietly whispering, "Oh, fuck" to himself. It looked like Tobin had to stop himself a couple times or it was going to be a really short jerk off session.

RetroMales - Update

January 19, 2019

Gay S/M Classic Film

Pictures from the Black Dance is the first film from the gay S/M classic Dungeons of Europe Trilogy that was shot in 1988, fourteen years after director Roger Earl and producer Terry LeGrand made the BDSM classic Born to Raise Hell. The viewer first glimpses an outdoor scene of a theatre, with Andrew Lloyd Webber on the marquee. The scene is London, as the video was filmed there in a particularly notorious leather dungeon; the image of the theatre could perhaps hint at BDSM play as erotic theatre, a type of play with scenes, as defined above. The viewer first sees Tony Starr, the pivotal figure in the film, at first kind of like the distant impresario orchestrating the dance of leather scenes.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

January 13, 2019

Three Of A Kind

Kris de Fabio has decided to have an intimate party at his house and invites his two favorite guests, Marco Oliviera and Diego Summers. Its one of those parties where everyone knows that a good time will be had by all. Being the good host that he is, Kris is the first to expose his hard cock and to drop to his knees to greet his guest meaty, uncut cocks. Kris expertly works his way from one hot cock to the other and back again as he lavishes them with his skillful cock sucking skills. This is one hot and horny group of guys, Diego bends over and Kris sucks on Marcos’ cock to make sure that it is perfectly lubed up as he shoves his cock into Diego’s ass.

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