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Disruptive Films - Update

February 20, 2023

The Healing Hand

Tyler Allman (Michael Roman) is painfully aware that his stepson Zach Buckner (Dylan Hayes) is in an unhealthy relationship. Tyler is willing to do whatever it takes to get Zach out of the situation, even if it means betraying his husband to do so.

Jalif Studios - Update

February 19, 2023

Jordan & Eddy

Top executive Jordan Fox ran a high-profile male modeling agency in the heart of Paris. Recently, he had received more than two dozen new applications from young, aspiring models all over Europe. The latest applicant, Eddy Crunch, was set to arrive for an interview. As Jordan waited, he pulled up some professional photographs of Eddy; he posed with his shirt off and looked toned, tattooed, and fine. Jordan always made it a rule not to come onto the male models—just keep it professional. But something about Eddy in these pictures was starting to make him feel like a rule breaker. Before Jordan could reach down and start touching himself, into the office drifted the gorgeous new poster boy, Eddy. Jordan couldn't help but stare at Eddy's tall, lean frame. Tattoos generously covered various parts of his fit body.

Private Playground XXX - Update

February 17, 2023

Peep Show 1

10 guys fuck while lucky audience members watch! Join Sparky Baxter, Luke Knight, and more content creators as they let their guard down during their live shows. Lights, camera, ass play!

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

February 16, 2023

Burying The Bone

After a decade of crushing on each other Macho Dog finally gets his hands on Liam Angell. This is the first but if certainly won’t be the last. Liam has found his guard dog. Macho is protective and loving and takes such good care of him. When you see Liam hold Macho’s face in his hands and stare into his eyes and tells him “That’s your hole” you can tell he means it to the bottom of his heart.

Hot College Fucks - Update

February 16, 2023

Cassie Gets Naughty with Noah

After the last time Cassie and Noah were together, there was no way anyone was going to keep these two from going another round. Just watch these two as the action starts off here - Cassie's hand is already stroking Noah's cock through his pants. She wanted another round with that dick, and Noah was happy to deliver. It's pretty impressive to think Cassie's hands can barely fit around Noah's cock, but she can take a pounding from him so well - she's just that talented and eager!

Hung Young Brit - Update

February 11, 2023

Warning: Anal Cum Exchange

4AM! The end of a long few days! Lads are unwinding with traditional male bonding activities. Cardiff was roasting hot so everyone was lounging about bollock naked. Tim was already stroking his huge cock (which soon ended up in Jake's mouth). OMG!! He was desperate to get on his knees and please him! Tim thrusted his hips back and forth using his mouth as his own personal fuck toy!! Couldn't believe my eyes!

Bi College Fucks - Update

February 11, 2023

Jacob, Luke & Brooke

Jacob, Luke, and Brooke take full advantage of all the holes and dicks available to them. What’s so hot about it is how clear it is to everyone that there is absolutely no boundaries. The guys are turned on by each other- and she's turned on by watching them! With everyone this riled up, the fun intensifies! The guys forget about taking turns and instead just DP the blonde coed. Then they line up and Jacob fucks her ass while Luke fucks his! Every thrust Jacob makes into her, his own hole feels as it slides along Luke’s throbbing cock. Then Luke wants Jacob all to himself- and so does Jacob! When he feels himself edging he yells to be fucked harder. Luke drills deep into him and his cum pours out! Which causes Luke to cum too!

Private Playground XXX - Update

February 11, 2023

Tag Team Fuck: Part 1

In Part 1, Sparky and Luke kick things off with some steamy 1-on-1 action before their friend arrives. Sparky doesn't waste any time and digs right into Luke's buffet of splendid hot sexy men. These guys are so into each other you can see it in their eyes and hard throbbing cocks.

Raging Stallion - Update

February 10, 2023

Sweat. Fuck. Repeat. 3

When beefy gym bro Colby Melvin receives a fat slap on his ass in the locker room, he knows that it could have only come from one guy -- Drew Valentino. Fresh out of the shower, Drew helps Colby enter his post-workout routine by worshiping his muscles, sniffing his pits, and fingering his glistening ass. Drew then thrusts his hard cock into Colby's hole and only pulls out so Colby can taste his own insides as he sucks down Drew's used cock. Back to being barebacked, Colby lets out a few deep drunks and works up a serious sweat as Drew drills him down in the empty, musky locker room. Colby soon begins showering his gym fuck with fresh cum before Drew spreads the salt and pepper daddy's legs and nuts all over his worn-out hole.

Sketchy Sex - Update

February 05, 2023

Load More Guys

When the weekend rager kept goin into Monday and into Tuesday. Dudes keep crusin' in and out of here. Can't feel my ass hole anymore. Can't get enough dick. If you love a hot well used gaping asshole oozing load after load of thick creamy cum...then you've come to the right place and make sure you have a few cum rags.

Fisting Inferno - Update

February 04, 2023

Highway 2.3

Blow Out: In a vacant shipping container in the middle of the night, a mysterious figure watches over Andrew Delta as he slowly approaches his bound and blindfolded fuck of the night, Ryan Sebastian. With Ryan's legs already spread wide open, Andrew drops down to slowly insert a series of orb-like anal beads into his hairy hole before patiently using metal anal forceps to stretch open his ass. Andrew rips off Ryan's blindfold and proceeds to use his bareback cock to further dominate the tattooed bottom's ass. Their loud moans echo off the cold walls of the cargo container until Andrew is ready to breed Ryan, cover his insides with his fresh load, and watch his cum leak of out of his wrecked hole.

Guys In Sweatpants - Update

February 03, 2023

Young Lust

After winning an award for his video with Austin, Leo Grand is back, but this time he's the one doing the power fucking! Welcome back Eros' sexy ass. The sexual energy between these boy was so thick, I knew I needed to get the camera out and film our night hanging out together. Some cute selfies quickly turned into Eros giving him some throat on the couch...which turned into Leo's face and cock buried deep in Eros' beautiful bubble butt. The pent up sexual energy exploded, just like Leo did inside Eros' ass. Two beautiful, freshly drained, happy boys.

Raw Road Nation - Update

February 03, 2023

Dirty Rimming Session

The sun is going down and in this grotty alley, two alpha chads are desperate for a release! Their hairy tattooed naked bodies bathed in the sun out in the open air, this dude's tongue can't stop sliding around this man's hole. He spits right into it and penetrates it with his leaky cock, edging precum into his anus!! He bangs him rough and hard against the wall, his dick surrounded by the walls of his man-cave while his balls swing with delight!!!

Treasure Island Media - Update

February 01, 2023

Paul & Rusian

Rusian Angelo goes to the local sex club gloryhole and runs into big-dicked Paul Tergeist who immediately shoves his rock hard cock in the bottom’s mouth. One look at Rusian’s bubble butt and Paul wants to fuck it, burying his cock deep and plantin’ a big load. Lots of dick to mouth action!

DamianXDragon - Update

January 31, 2023

Matt Stevens - Dragon Bone

Sexy furry Matt Stevens was visiting NYC and he contacted me to take my dragon bone. I can't get enough of his cock deep fucking my throat before he drives deep into my hole until I can't take it. I flip him and dive balls deep into his ass with my uncut cock.

Hot College Fucks - Update

January 31, 2023

Kate Gets Boned By Brett

Kate really seems to know how to pick em, when it comes to finding all the young freshmen on campus packing big dicks and eager to fuck. Brett's her latest conquest, and quite the conquest at that. She wastes no time at all getting her lips wrapped around Brett's dick, but while bobbing up and down on it I think even she started to get a bit surprised just how much it kept growing and how big it got. Of course, Kate was pleasantly surprised by that - she was looking to get pumped full of some big dick when she brought Brett back to her room, and gets exactly what she wanted.

Nasty Daddy - Update

January 30, 2023

Sugar Daddy

Ryan Carter and AJ Sloan start off with some fun and it doesn't take long until AJ scores with a hot sexy muscle sugar daddy. Daddy can't wait to eat AJ's ass right after he sucks the big fat hard Daddy Dick. Followed but some deep hard anal fucking. He takes AJ in several positions from doggy style to to reverse cowboy and fills that hole so full.

House Of Angell - Update

January 28, 2023

Jiggle Butt

What could be better than a boy with three holes for his Dad to park his cock in? Skip Marshall would be the perfect boy for Will Angell with only a mouth and ass to use, however, young Skip adds the wonderful bonus of a sweet velvety hole that gets wetter the more you play with it. The boy is an absolute dream and you will lose count of how many orgasms there are, but who's counting?

Treasure Island Media - Update

January 26, 2023

Babylon Prince & Sailorboy

Verbal Babylon Prince go the memo that Sailorboy is a slut looking for cock and cum. Prince shows up rock hard and ready to be serviced, fuck and breed. Sailorboy takes the beautiful thick meat until the fresh cum is in his hole.

Frock The World - Update

January 25, 2023

The Back Room

It's after 2am on a Saturday night. Gunnar Gates and Morgxn Thicke are sneaking off to the back room for some much needed privacy. The music is pumping in the background while these muscle boys kiss, suck and fuck the life out each other. The chemistry immediate between them and the sex is undeniably hot.

DamianXDragon - Update

January 25, 2023

Leather Dragon & Pup

Watch me destroy Champ's hole as we leather up and get into some sleazy leather play. Champ doesn't even get his huge cock out so he's just a hole to satisfy my every need. I start by loosening his hole up with my biggest toys before I grab in to his harness and jockstrap and plow my involuted cock deep in his guts before I breed him.

Alternadudes - Update

January 25, 2023

Daddies Suck Dick

Christop and Nikolai are two alterna-daddies with big hard cocks who can't wait to guzzle some cum. They suck dick, 69, and even make use of a homemade glory hole. Nikolai's massively thick uncut dick gets harder from every flick of Christop's tongue as he gobbles up Christop's long dong. Christop is the first to blow all over Nikolai's eager face. Christop slides the cum down and into Nikolai's mouth with his thumb before Nikolai returns the favor and blasts a creamy load into Christop's open begging mouth.

Men Over 30 - Update

January 24, 2023

Hard Pounding Silver Daddies

From armpit licking to penetrating anal, the harness clad Ben Brooks and Musclebear Montreal go hard as hell in this piggy fuck fest. Mature men wearing leather and not caring about anything then hot nasty kinky gay sex. Make sure you bring a few cum rags, these guys will make you use them.

Treasure Island Media - Update

January 23, 2023

Koldo & Jackson

Porn legend Koldo Goran finds sub whore Jackson Radiz behind bars and knows his cock is in for a good time. Koldo spits, has Jackson suck his cock, rims the bottom's hole and rams his infamous dick in and fucks the cunt until it is leaking cum.

Hung Young Brit - Update

January 21, 2023

Filthy Cum Play

HOT AS FUCK Spanish Boy - The fittest guy EVER. So handsome - with Very footballer looks about him, a young Ronaldo. This sexy lad didn’t speak much English and saying “are u up 4 going to fuck a load of random guys in the dunes and let them cum in your arse and spunk in your mouth then let me fuck you every time Someone NEW has given you cum then I’ll fuck you with it”. Wasn’t translating on ‘google translate’ very well so I had to kinda take him there and hope for the best. Lol.

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