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Jul 08, 2024

Luke & Damian

by Hard Brit Lads

Mega hung 9-inch young Luke Desmond and dark, hairy skinhead Damian Boss start off in black sports kit, kneeling on a bed, with big bulges already rock solid in their shiny shorts. They kiss while rubbing each others throbbing bulges, then pull their dicks out the side of their shorts. Both are impressively huge! Luke is a massive nine inches and Damian's 8-incher is seriously thick. They pull off their sports shirts, and lick and suck each others nipples whilst jerking each other off. Then Damian stands, thrusting his fat meat into Luke's mouth, who eagerly opens wide and sucks and slurps. It's so thick Luke can't suck very deep but he goes as far as he can, even taking a hard face fucking from aggressive Damian. Luke stands and Damian returns the favor, clearly savoring every inch of Luke's monster.

By Hard Brit Lads

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Jul 08, 2024

Butta Nutt & Alex Kof

by Treasure Island Media

Alex Kof and Butta Nutt are perfectly beautiful men and they spend their time together worshiping each other. They kiss, they suck each other’s dicks, they kiss some more. They explore different positions. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of the “69” position, but damn it, these two men make it work perfectly.

By Treasure Island Media

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Jul 08, 2024

Ayden Bangs Beckett's Booty

by Aussies Do It

Two versatile Brits in Sydney, one in search of a hot raw hole and the other looking fora stiff, long-lasting dick to pound his p-spot, get together to make a scorching porn scene. What could be more perfect than the sparks that fly between ADI's experienced cock-worshipper Beckett and new model, butch, handsome, horny rawfucker Ayden? They're not willing to waste too much conversation on the pre-hookup interview with the director, and barely have answers for half the questions he poses. Ayden does offer that Beckett's piercing blue eyes turn him on, and there's not much he would change about his own body except maybe a little tweak to his big strong nose. Once they stop talking and get down to the main event, they swap cocksucking, rubbing together in sweaty embrace and some deep, passionate kisses.

By Aussies Do It

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Jul 08, 2024

Italian Muscle Boy Matthew

by Bentley Race

During my stay in Berlin I got to meet this beautiful 23 year old Italian boy called Matthew Ricci. This boy is really adorable. We had so much fun during his shoot that it lead to this second shoot. Now he looks like a really cute boy, but wait till you see those muscles when his shirt comes off. Matthew is rocking one of the hottest bodies. His packing a thick uncut dick, the most perfect muscle bottom, and a killer smile. He picked out some cute Aussiebum Koala print undies to strip out of in this shoot. And even though it was a grey cold day when we shot this in Berlin, the photos of Matthew look great! After seeing this photos again today I'm hoping our paths will cross again in the future.

By Bentley Race

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Jul 07, 2024

Max & Nicolas

by Boy Fun

Even a rainy and miserable day spent focusing on household chores can become an exciting experience when you're BoyFun twinks Max Hard and Nicolas Greey. We're not entirely sure why young Nicolas is so deeply probing the washing machine, but the angle he's at is certainly inspiring, for us for his eager buddy Max. The handsome lad can't resist the sight of a plump little twink booty looking so inviting so he's soon taking up position, grinding against his pal and tugging down his pants to eat out that tanned butt. Not one of you would turn down the chance to interrupt some laundry for a good cock sucking and ass fucking, and this boy definitely can't. With clothes slipping off and Max making a meal out of his friend's rump the two are soon kissing, groping and swapping their delicious dongs between them.

By Boy Fun

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Jul 07, 2024

PRIVATE COLLECTION: Wade Wolfgar & Heath Halo

by Naked Sword

Wade Wolfgar’s big bareback dick is throbbing and ready to fill up Heath Halo’s open mouth and hairy hole. After sucking Heath’s cock, Wade gets to pounding Heath’s thick muscle cakes until he’s pulling out of his buddy’s wrecked slit to unload some heavy ropes of cum.

By Naked Sword

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Jul 07, 2024

Numero 307

by Latin Leche

Julian shows Crixxx why his presence at the party is an absolute must. Julian gets to work sucking Crixxx's cock and gets his shaft far down his throat. The Latino studs fuck hard until they both bust their loads.

By Latin Leche

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Jul 07, 2024

Mr. Kayman’s Hardest Lesson

by Bully Him

Donavin is shocked when Mr. Kayman pulls out his cock due in part to it being massive! Mr. Kayman shows Donavin no mercy and fucks Donavin with great intensity. The inexperienced twink learns quickly and starts to enjoy being disciplined in such a way. Mr. Kayman cums and has Donavin suck down his load.

By Bully Him

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Jul 07, 2024

What It Means To Be A Leader

by Missionary Boys

Dante already knows what leader Ryan likes in an Elder and shows him just how loving and passionate he can be. Dante lets Ryan stretch out his tight hole and top him. Dante is a wonderful bottom and takes Ryan’s cock with great discipline and care.

By Missionary Boys

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Jul 07, 2024

Redhead Mickey O'Brien Tickled

by Tickled Hard

Franco and Blake secure Mickey's ankles and wrists to the tickling table and test-tickle him while he screams. Slowly, Franco begins tickling Mickey in his armpits and bellybutton with his finger and beard. Mickey's moans become shrieks as Franco turns up the intensity, tickling every muscle fiber in Mickey's ripped upper body and blowing raspberries on his stomach, wetting it for ab tickling. Once Franco has his first touches of Mickey's alabaster body, he invites Blake to join him. They blindfold Mickey and tickle the hell out of his rock hard abs until he's completely red. Tickle pleasure turns extreme when they pull off Mickey's socks and tickle his size 10 1/2 feet with brushes and soap savers. Before moving to the next stage of tickling, Franco decides to add cock over-stimulation to the mix.

By Tickled Hard

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Jul 07, 2024

Rocky Rails Bryce

by Corbin Fisher

We've all been gushing over Bryce (which is precisely what Rocky at the end of this one, heyyyy) since he first arrived at CF, and that first round of action we were treated to seeing him in with Calan only left each and every one of us wanting more, more, and more of him. Well, it is indeed time for more Bryce, right here and right now! Here's hoping Bryce showed up to this one ready and eager to get his hole relentlessly railed, because that's exactly what Rocky does to it. And if Bryce wasn't hot enough in his introductory solo and the action we've seen him in since, he's looking hotter than ever splayed out on the bed getting drilled by Rocky. We're all a bit hard-pressed trying to decide who we'd rather be in this scenario Bryce, getting pumped and pounded every which way by Rocky's big uncut dick.

By Corbin Fisher

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Jul 07, 2024

A Fun Challenge For Everyone

by Twink Trade

The twinks see who can suck cock better and who is better and getting as much shaft down their throats as possible. Matt and Manuel top their stepsons and stretch out their tight holes. It’s truly a magnificent Father’s Day gift they’d wanted for some time now. Matt and Manuel take their stepson’s loads and kiss hard on the mouth.

By Twink Trade

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