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Private Playground XXX - Update

May 15, 2023

Peep Show Party 5

Our 10-men private orgy performance heats up with a slew of steamy DP action. These horny bastards came with an appetite and are hungry for double servings. Luckily, PPX is here to cater a buffet of dreams. Just one is never enough!

Raw Road Nation - Update

May 15, 2023

Human Shower!

Prepare yourselves! This vid is pretty hardcore kink! Right from the start, this macho man loves getting himself punched square in the balls. (Rather him than us, but glad he's enjoying it.) some role-reversal here! The manly buff man is actually the bottom. shorter lad slobbers all over him including his ass. Look at his saliva drip down it. they can't help themselves, fucking everywhere in the flat, hallway, living room, kitchen even against the cooker!! It's still a pigsty from the party but who gives a shit! Some things are more important.

Frat X - Update

May 11, 2023

Party House

Rents due this week. Fuck the gym! Who's gonna be the bitch today? Make 'em our personal red fuck ass. Full on 24/7 party house hole. These sexy and very nasty guys just can't get enough of the cock. Watch how they do everything from spit roasting to deep penetrating bareback sex.

Axel Abysse - Update

May 11, 2023


Coming to stuff a loose hole with his cock, his balls and fists, Ricky wasn't expecting Axel to fuck him right back with his heavy Prince Albert! These sexy studs are way into fetish play and do everything from fisting to cum swapping kisses. This is defiantly one to check out and don't forget your cum rags.

Venus Lux - Update

May 10, 2023

Will Fuck For Work

Desperate for a job, Venus goes to see Will, who has a position open, but unsure of her qualifications. She says she will do anything, and Will is the kind of guy that will hold a girl to it. He makes her get down on her knees and suck his hard cock, then he slides his hard dick deep in her ass before draining his balls all over her!

Straight Fraternity - Update

May 09, 2023

Nico Stiles Gay For Pay

21-year-old Nico Stiles is building his gay-for-pay resume, and today he's matched for cock size by hung Daddy Franco Dax. I ask Nico to tell me how he feels doing gay-for-pay work because he seems pretty laid back about it. The way he's acting is a green light for me. I get in there and grab his dick when he leans forward to show his ass. I rub Nico's naked body, and he says it feels good. It feels great to me! I pull out my hard cock and make Nico stroke it while I play with his dick and balls. I've got to get that giant dick in my mouth. I suck Nico's cock and turn around so I really deepthroat him. He throws his head back and moans with pleasure. Then I jack Nico's cock until he takes over. The whole situation is so fucking hot that I shoot an enormous load all over Nico.

Hot College Fucks - Update

May 09, 2023

Kate & the Swim Team Star Carson

Carson's a handsome young stand-out star on the swim team, with the tan lines to prove it. Those swimmer outfits don't leave much to the imagination, but what little a pair of speedos can conceal get revealed for Kate here as she gets Carson stripped down and fully naked, then the two of them fuck. Carson didn't have much experience when he first arrived at HCF, but Kate is making sure she fixes that for him!

Bi College Fucks - Update

May 08, 2023

Bryce Bangs Bailey & Kenny

Bailey and Kenny, being from the same town, have been friends for quite a while. Whether or not they’ve hooked up in their years of friendship they won’t say, but something about their interactions here make me believe that they’ve done this before so I threw Bryce in the mix, and with the addition of a third partner the experience is brand new, exciting and three times the fun! All 3 know how great much fucking multiple partners at once is. You get to watch hot action happening in front of your eyes all the while getting laid! So they knew the kinky fun that there is to be had here. For Bryce, the thrill is in making the other two horny for his cock and getting to shove his rod in any hole he wants! For Kenny, he gets to fuck with absolutely no boundary!

Raw Road Nation - Update

May 07, 2023

Arse Eating In The Kitchen

This fit as fuck blokey bloke is only trying to do the washing up but his mate won’t leave him alone. They’re not a couple but they sure are romantic. Kissing him all over from behind, but the gentleness doesn’t last long! Before he knows it he’s totally rimming his arse out! Not very hygienic for the washing up. “Right in front of my dishes?!” It's a hot day and their sweaty hairy fluids are getting everywhere!

Latin Leche - Update

May 05, 2023

Roomies Part 3

In Roomies’ amazing conclusion, Alfonso returns to visit his old flat-mate Fernando. Filled with nostalgia, Alfonso is instantly jealous when he realizes Fernando is fucking Cain, his new hot roomie. But there’s room for everyone in this house and only one way to make everyone feel comfortable: a lusty threesome!

Yoshi Kawasaki XXX - Update

May 05, 2023

Muscle Relaxants Pt. 2

Yoshi gets a two-man "happy ending" to his muscle relaxer massage as Felipe continues. José Quevedo steps in to feed Yoshi his stiff cock, while Felipe eats out his ravenous ass. When Yoshi's sphincter relaxes, José pounds him from the front and behind. Now it's Felipe's turn to ram into that well-fucked hole. He breeds his wad deep inside. José takes his shot, jerking out a load onto that gaping hole then pushing it into Yoshi, as well. As he pulls out, standing back to admire Yoshi's throbbing asshole, a wad of cum from Yoshi's butt rockets out into the room like a guided missile.

Treasure Island Media - Update

May 04, 2023

Bebecito, Daniel & Leo

Bebecito, Daniel Toro & Leo Oak are on fire in this scorching hot sex club 3-way fuckery. These muscle goons take turns sticking their hot rods inside each other's warm holes leaving wet cum everywhere.

Alternadudes - Update

May 03, 2023

Gutter Punk BJ

Matthew Grande is in a dick sucking mood when he hooks up with hung punk, Christop. Both studs are equally well-endowed with giant dicks and massive low-hanging balls. Matthew gets to work sucking everything Christop has to offer and takes every inch down his throat. The two horny dudes stand up and rub their dicks together in a nice long frot session that gets Christop even harder. Christop drops to his knees to service Matthew, getting the stud to brink of no return. Christop leans back in his chair to let Matthew finish him off as Christop rewards him with a creamy white facial.

Cum Dump Star - Update

May 02, 2023


Another day. Another dollar. Another kidzz hole ruined. Fresh meats here! Demon pigs been waitin'. He proposed we eat 'em up yummy yummy. Now the fresh meats on the floor. Dumpster dripping wet. Drooling off that chin. All 14 loads simmering. We will return in two weeks with more treats.

French Twinks - Update

April 30, 2023

Zack Maurin First Time

For his first time in front of the cameras, the adorable Zack Maurin is accompanied by Tom Leprince. The two boys begin by kissing sensually, their hands pass on their boxers and two beautiful bumps form quickly. Zack and Tom are very excited and the young beginner is going to take a lot of pleasure sucking the nice cock of Tom. After a good blowjob, Tom gives Zack a delightful rimming session to prepare his tight little ass for the intense fucking that is about to follow. Zack gets hard while he's being pounded, he moans and asks for more. Tom, very comfortable in his role of top, applies himself to satisfy the desires of his partner and he will finish by cumming on Zack's open hole before receiving a nice facial from the bottom.

House Of Angell - Update

April 27, 2023

Hung Jock Cock

There is nothing like the meeting of a natural-born top and a boy that is 100% bottom, especially when that top is the lean, mean, muscular, and hung jock Colt Spence. We know Liam Angell loves his hole plowed deep and Colt fucks him stupid. Will Angell can't control himself watching this young buck put it to his boy and has no choice but to blow his Daddy load all over that thick piece of meat that is still lodged up his boy's hole.

Japan Boyz - Update

April 26, 2023

Tea, Smokes & Yukiya

This is the accidental hookup of two rhyming studs, Rikiya and new model Yukiya. In a secluded teahouse, they share an evening of tea and smokes, then decide to take their friendship to the next hot stage. We'll skip the tea and small talk and start when they are posing and flexing like macho boys. Next thing you know they are nibbling at each other's crotches and getting seriously horned up. Rikiya slides his muscular body against Yukiya's and chews on his buddy's sensitive nipples, then travels down toward his swelling cock. Yukiya groans with satisfaction and that's all the encouragement Riki needs. Rikiya gets an oral lube job of his big thick tool, then returns the favor by rimming and fingering Yuki. As his solid buddy opens up, Riki slides in in raw and rough, as macho guys do. Yukiya takes it like a man.

Cutler's Den - Update

April 23, 2023


Don't you wish you were Drew Sebastian? All that ass... 10 inches will get you everywhere and Jack Vidra drops in to take it ALL. You know it feels good to get that big fat dick down your throat and then even better to take it up your big muscle ass. Like it feels SO GOOD. Like you just want all that cum to oooze out of you GOOD GOOD. FUCK.

Private Playground XXX - Update

April 23, 2023

Peep Show Part 4

In Part 4, the night has just begun. Bodies begin to blur as our 10 guys trade off with one another. Always Amateur. Always Bareback. Always a spectacle to witness, brought to you by director General West.

Hung Young Brit - Update

April 22, 2023

Jump On Jake BB Orgy

Jump on Jake orgy - countless guys doing Jake in the arse and leaving his bum soaked with spunk! - REALLY CRAZY! Official Closing Party of Gran Can Fetish week - which is just an excuse for us to get new boys in and get there clothes off - and we found some REALLY CUTE BOYS who would let us show their face's GREAT!!!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

April 22, 2023

Gang Banging Leo Bacchus 2

Watch Part 02 of this two-part gay porn gang bang of Leo Bacchus, only on Lucas Entertainment! Six of the hottest, sexiest, and horniest Lucas Men are lined up and ready to fuck, slam, and sodomize Leo Bacchus in his mouth and ass and you’re invited to get right in line with them! Leo Bacchus is a handsome and muscular jock in the streets, but a submissive and cock-hungry bitch in the sheets. So, with that in mind, the Lucas Entertainment production team decided to give Leo exactly what he wanted as much rock-hard, bareback dick as he could possibly handle! Sir Peter, Dom King, Harold Lopez, Charlie Cherry, Bruno TheBeardX, and Papixtrong all team up and go to pound town on Leo Bacchus!

Boy Fun - Update

April 21, 2023

Boyfriend Playground

Playful twink duo Niko Miller and Justin Host are enjoying an afternoon at the park but they know they can't get down to some hot BoyFun out in the open. They're certainly not shy, but they are appropriate. It's a good thing they have an apartment nearby and a comfy couch on which to pleasure each other. We follow the two twinks home after a little play on the slides and climbing frames, but their play quickly continues in a different way after a little smooching. Soon their shirts are off and we get to enjoy the contrast between Niko's slim and pale complexion and Justin's twinky Latino skin. The boys really are great together, but that's only more clear when Justin heads down to focus on the pale penis standing proud between his pal's super hairy legs.

Private Playground XXX - Update

April 17, 2023

Horse Market Dallas 2021 Pt. 1

Horse Market is back! One of PPX's biggest events is returning for a new chapter. Same rules apply: the Mares, or bottoms, stay blindfolded while the Stallions, or tops, are free to graze the fruitful pasture. Mares are herded in by our stable hands as stallions warm up and survey the plentiful livestock. Time to get saddled on for Part 1!

Maverick Men Directs - Update

April 16, 2023

Country Boy & City Boy

This pairing of a city boy & country boy came out as expected BEAUTIFUL! it was so hot watching their nervous interaction when they first met, then all they melted away, as it became obvious how excited they were to get naked and in bed together, both of these sexy men have such smooth sexy bodies, hot cocks and magical asses lol. Get ready to jerk off and cum fast, watching them fuck was almost to much to bare we took them both home with us and shot more videos, hahah!

Yoshi Kawasaki XXX - Update

April 14, 2023


Yoshi's making out with muscleman Reach, both in shiny black latex full-length gloves and knee-high socks. Their socks and gloves are oiled-up and give off a glossy luster. Two horny rubber pigs get off on feeling each others' bodies through the slick latex gear. Yoshi sucks Reach's thick nipples and then his swollen cock, deep throating the long stiff tool. When Yoshi rides Reach's long hard dick, the hot muscleman picks him up and carries him on his back, then pounds into Yoshi's cock-starved hole. He opens and spreads Yoshi even wider open with his fists. As the latex-covered fist hits Yoshi's p-spot, streams of piss fly out in a hot yellow flood. The stud shows no mercy to Yoshi's sloppy fuckhole cunt, wrecking it repeatedly till his rosebud slides open. Fucking Yoshi from behind, Reach dumps his load deep into his sloppy wet pussy.

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