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Axel Abysse - Update

December 13, 2022

Fill Me Up: Part One

His balls are fuller than ever but the hole is desperately empty! Axel meets Georgi at Time Off, the fisting club in Gran Canaria, for a deep session in the sling. These two just can't get enough fisting and love that prolapse. If you like deep hard fisting, then this is the right place for you!

Hot College Fucks - Update

December 12, 2022

Bailey & Evans Sweaty Fuck

Evan's definitely a shy guy, but it's obvious there's quite the lover waiting to get loose inside of him - and that's not even accounting for the massive bulge he's packing in his pants! Bailey was sure she knew just what to do to unleash the beast and we all too eagerly let her get to work! She starts by tenderly kissing him, and then eagerly grins when Evan inquisitively places his hands around her neck. Then she shows that she's not scared off by that big, thick dick and puts her pretty mouth to work on his fat cock! Glad to have such a willing and submissive toy, Evan turns her ass red and her pussy into his pump station! Flipping, fucking, pounding, smacking, the action never lets up until Bailey's holes are covered in cum - exactly what she was hoping for!

Nasty Daddy - Update

December 11, 2022

Yes Sir 1

Teddy Tores and Zach Ackland show us how it's done and you'll love every prick draining second of it. You always say Yes Sir and then we getting fucked raw. There's nothing better than a hot deep raw fucking and we're always looking for it and enjoy getting it. Nice, deep, hard and raw! Oh yeah, and with an nice big, YES SIR! There nothing like a real Nasty Daddy.

Jock Breeders - Update

December 09, 2022

Johnny & Tom Ch 1

Hunky fuck boys, Johnny Ford and Tom Bentley, are hot, horny and ready for action. Johnny loves throat-fucking his insanely-sexy twink lover, and studly bottom boy Tom just can't get enough! And when Tom's perfect, tight ass gets pounded by Johnny's huge dick, the twink dream boy can't help but cry out with pleasure as blast after blast of hot semen fills him up!

Raw Road Nation - Update

December 08, 2022

2 Police Gang Bangs

There is now not much left of either cop uniforms but the tag team of horse hung 'Raw Is Law' tops are about to hit top gear on those fit as fuck now rosebud swollen & flooded law enforcement man cunts. There is now spunk everywhere and it is repeatedly used by the next workman going in for some cop re-education as lube to go deeper, harder and with more painful nasty friction to ensure these 2 guys will never ever forget this day. It gets so nasty that the bed collapses and still their is almost 20 more loads to come for the two cumdumps.

BareBack That Hole - Update

December 07, 2022

Babylon & Jackson

We film a lot of hot guys doing hot guy shit. But it's been a long time since we've had a hot, sexy Dom-and-sub scene, and we were long overdue. Then walked in Babylon Prince and his boy Jackson Radiz. They were ready to fuck, and we were ready to watch them. Happy to say they didn't disappoint. Jackson wore his favorite fuck me outfit just for the occasion, but Babylon didn't want to fuck the clothes. Jackson soon was naked on his back, taking a big cock down his throat as Babylon told Jackson just how he liked it. But Babylon is more of an ass man. He bent Jackson over and fingered his hole before commanding Jackson to take over fucking himself with his own hand. After getting his ass ready, Babylon dipped inside and pounded his boy until daddy erupted, finishing inside Jackson's deep hole.

Chaos Men - Update

December 05, 2022

Alex & Brody: Raw

We find Axel Noxx and Brody Fox making out on the bed, voraciously exploring each other's bodies like they've been without human contact for weeks. Axel kisses his way down to Brody's shorts, pulling out Brody's cock and taking it deep into his mouth as Brody lets out a load moan. Brody always looks so happy to be getting his dick sucked, like it's the first time ever. We love his enthusiasm! Brody loses his shorts entirely and Axel really gets to work, throating Brody's cock deeper and faster, pausing occasionally to come up for a kiss while stroking Brody's dick with his hand. The two trade places, and we get a great look at Brody's puckered hole as he takes Axel's cock into his mouth. As always, Brody works Axel's dick like he's dying and the only antidote is inside Axel's cock. He really sounds hungry for Axel's load!

Young Bastards - Update

December 02, 2022

Hung Uncut Hunk

Cute bad boy Rimi Morty is the slimmer of the two but that doesn’t matter with Milo Zaid captive and restrained. What the boy lacks in physical muscle he more than makes up for in dominant kink and cock-throbbing lust. Milo is at his mercy against the wall, soon strapped in and with his bulging penis freed from his pants. Hung young Rimi grabs both boners and frots their hard flesh together before gobbling on the smooth twink sub’s leaking meat, but it’s just the start of what he has planned for his prisoner. The whips of the flogger swipe at Milo’s bare butt and Rimi’s tongue gives his pucker some slurps before the Dom boy’s juicy rod is thrust into the twink’s face for some greedy sucks.

Yoshi Kawasaki XXX - Update

November 28, 2022

Midas Touch

Yoshi and Keita gild each others' hot bodies in shimmering gold paint in this wet, messy scene. Beginning slowly and softly, they kiss, caress, tweak each others' nipples and slide down to suck cocks. Once they're gilded from head to toe, Keita makes the first move, fucking Yoshi's golden pussy vigorously from every angle, standing and sitting. Ravenous Yoshi climbs on top to milk Keita's throbbing dick with his powerful ass. Returning the favor, Keita lends a helping hand, coaxing Yoshi over the edge to a quaking orgasm.

Hot College Fucks - Update

November 26, 2022

Kara Uses Chris

The guys around here are used to always having to fulfill the role of the dominant one when they have sex with a girl, but in this blazing hot episode Chris is about to discover what it's like to submit and be dominated by a girl, with Kara set to tease and torment him and treat him to what is clearly a mind-blowing experience for him. It's often the case guys have wanted to experience what it's like to submit, and we can see that in just how they respond and how turned on they are when a girl takes charge of them in a Coeds episode like this one. Kara also knows that about these young college studs - Chris isn't the first she's taken charge of like she does here, and she is oh so good at it! She has Chris rock-hard with his dick is about to rip through his underwear before the action's even started!

Fisting Inferno - Update

November 23, 2022

Fisting Fetish

Andrew Connor and Archer Croft are into a lot of hot nasty kinky gay sex but the thing that really gets their blood boiling and cock's as hard as a rock is deep hard FISTING! From eating that ass to opening that hole and finally stretching it open as wide as they can get it. You'll love how much they can take and give. Grab your cum rags and get ready for a very wet scene both on and off screen. Leather, huge toys and hardcore BDSM sex is all part of what you'll get.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

November 23, 2022

Rudy & Cherr Flip-Fuck

Rudy Gram jumps at the chance to wrap his lips around a big, beautiful black cock whenever it comes around. So when he had the opportunity to pair up and get naked with the jacked hunk Cherr Brown, he wasted no time getting naked and ready for some action. Cherr's dick is huge and uncut, and Rudy Gram wraps his lips around it and gives Cherr's meat the attention it deserves. When Rudy is confidant that he is ready to take the action to the next level, he gets on his back and spreads his legs. Cherr Brown slides his cock right into Rudy Gram; he's slow and sensitive at first, but before long he's fucking him rough and hardcore. Eventually Rudy needs a break and wants a chance to fuck too. Cherr Brown is happy to oblige and give up his ass for some raw pumping, too!

Island Studs - Update

November 22, 2022

Muscle Butt Stone

Muscle Butt Stone, the Hardcore Heavy Metal Singer in a Band from Southern California is Back, proudly showing off his tan lines and ripped All American Blue Collar body with a tight 8 pack of abs, the perfect amount of man hair between his pecs and smooth bright white bubble butt, who agrees to be our "Naked Houseboy" as he strip naked and washes the dishes in the kitchen with his low hanging balls dangling between his smooth yummy ass cheeks, then stokes his throbbing belly slapper with his soapy hands, talks frankly about his life in Hawaii, fully nude, with a rock hard boner, sits down on the balcony for a naked chatty smoke and a a long strokes session, bust a awesome thick creamy load of Heavy Metal Jizz which totally coats his entire throbbing cock and balls, before taking an outdoor "Hawaiian Shower".

Japan Boyz - Update

November 21, 2022

Tattooed Love Boys

Experienced Japan boy Yusaku and new guy Rikiya, who has been around the block sexually and on camera but is just working his way through our stable of horny Japan boyz models, are a study in contrasts and commonality. Edgy fetish stud Yusaku is pale, cool and kinky, with a wicked glint in his eye. Tan, built and beautiful Riki is more conventionally attractive, more the type that every guy's cock leaps up for. But both guys have a passion for passion, preferring to be connected to their scene partners. And both are defined by big bold tattoos that make their bodies into billboards for sex and free expression. When they strike a spark, it's almost explosive. Starting with the kisses, cuddles and nipple tweaks Japan boyz members expect, they stay cheeky and fun, Yusaku smiling and chuckling as Riki chews on his nipple.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

November 19, 2022

In The Park

Being a park sex pig brings a whole range of excitement of being outdoors, enjoying the fresh air, the smell of nature, the high risk of being seen or caught and that is just part of the reason Giuspel and Favio Vador are in the park today. What starts out as exercising in the park leads to a secluded area where Giuspel chews on Favio’s pert nipples while his hand fondles his growing cock. Favio drops to his knees and takes Giuspel’ growing, Italian cock deep into his mouth and begins sucking on it with his hot, hungry mouth. A quick swap and Favio beats Giuspel in the face with his growing cock before Giuspel begins sucking on it. While their cock sucking outdoors reaches its peak the guys decide to move it indoors and to a higher level of seductive pleasure.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

November 13, 2022

The Perfect Excuse

Just because you have a big cock, huge ass, and big muscles, like Lionel Lilac doesn’t mean you can leverage all that hotness to get Jason Rock to assist you, or is it the Perfect Excuse? Jason meets up with Lionel at a local shop to help him find his best friend the perfect birthday gift. What starts out rather innocent turns to a ruse as Jason is continuously stripping down and trying on sexy swimsuits and underwear. With each new garment Lionel’s huge cock is rising in his shorts. The thong is the select gift and the item that brings Lionel’s growing cock to the light of day. Jason is no fool and they leave the store and head to Lionel’s flat for further exposure. Lionel strips to his hot tighties as Jason continues showing off the birthday gift. Jason gives Lionel the full fashion show while Lionel slugs down his cerveza.

Yoshi Kawasaki XXX - Update

November 10, 2022

Smokin' Fags, Part 2

Horny FF pigs Yoshi and Georgi have only gotten started as they move to a vacant sex sling in TImE oFF. Georgi takes the lead. With Yoshi lying back in the sling, Georgi proceeds to demolish his well warmed-up hole. He bulges Yoshi's belly from the inside, makes the piss stream out like a tap. Yoshi's played-out hole opens up into a huge prolapse. It's never been this stretched to the limit. But then it's Georgi's turn to get his own hole wrecked as Yoshi begins opening it wide. Very quickly Georgi's cunt swallows up Yoshi's arm to the elbow. With some hard punching, that hole devours both Yoshi's fists with no effort. Once his greedy pig buddy's satisfied, Yoshi's still ravenous. He returns to the smoking room to hunt for his next prey.

Straight Fraternity - Update

November 08, 2022

Inked Skater Gets Gay Head

It's always hot to help a guy discover how great it feels to get a blowjob from another guy (I'm not bragging, but I've had a lot of practice). Ink finds out on camera, and you can tell by his expression that he loves it. It takes a few minutes for this nervous straight boy to get hard in front of the camera, but once I touch his dick, he really comes alive. Ink is so physically excited, he's actually shaking. He tells me he's bowled over by his reaction to having his cock touched by another guy...and then I blow him. Ink says a few times that I have to stop or he'll shoot, so I slow it down, put him on the bed and keep playing with his cock and balls. In no time Ink is ready to nut, and as he gets closer, he moans louder and claws his skin in ecstasy. Ink shoots a huge load, which sprays all over the place. One more straight boy down, millions to go!

Straight Naked Thugs - Update

November 08, 2022

Straight Thugs Busts Loads

Lex Lane, Wiley, Spanky, Jake Reid, Devin Reynolds & Rico Stone: It's fun seeing straight thugs rubbing their hard meat, but seeing them pumping that fresh straight spooge out makes it even hotter. Enjoy some of our best and brightest while they pleasure their poles and make their balls bounce, jerking their sausage and pumping the cream. You're gonna love the friendly jack off session with Lex and Devin, it's always risky when you get a couple of guys together to stroke it, you never know where the cum is gonna spurt!

Cocky Boys - Update

November 06, 2022

Evan & Lane

Sultry afternoon weather is ripe for a flip-fuck especially when that weather gets Evan Knoxx & Lane Colten extra horny. Evan is relaxing on the patio, hard and ready for action when Lane finds him and wastes no time going down on him. And, after some mutual jacking off, Evan sucks him back, going as deep as possible. But, it's Evan's attention to his big mushroom head that really gets to Lane and prompts him to play with Evan's hole. Evan soon wants more ass attention, so Lane turns him on his back to eat out his hole and stroke and suck on his big dick. It's not long before Evan is yearning for cock in his hole and Lane eagerly obliges. Lane thrusts into Evan who sighs and moans in response as his cock goes in deeper and his control gets stronger.

Raw Fuck Boys - Update

November 02, 2022

Tom & Jax Ch 3

Embracing amidst the dimly lit, shadowy, erotic dungeon, legendary fuck partners Tom Bentley and Jax Thiro make good on their promise to meet yet again! Already hard as steel within their silky black jockstraps, the two lovers' bodies are covered in a sheen of sweat. They share an undeniable physical chemistry as their hands and mouths eagerly explore one another's bodies. As the horny studs feel each other up and make out, Tom makes no bones about how badly he wants and needs his DILF lover's sumptuous ass. Likewise, Jax can't keep his hands off of Tom's protruding member, nearly bursting through the jockstrap. Which causes the young twink's arousal to soar and he quickly throws the underwear off! Upon command, Jax takes Tom's huge, thick, veiny cock into his mouth.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

October 29, 2022

You Like It

Sometimes you have to pay attention to what your boy needs. After work, I came home and went straight into the shower. I noticed my boy watching me as he sat on the couch and started stroking my cock as the water flowed. I could see his lips quiver in hunger. I stepped out, dried off, walked over to him, and put his hand on my big cock. He knew what to do with it. Right into his mouth, it went, and that got my juices flowing. I joined him on the couch as he continued working on my tool. Then it was my turn to get a taste of young flesh as I swallowed his dick. I couldn't ignore his pretty hole and dug my tongue in as deep as I could before putting him on his side and fucking it. We wrecked the couch as he took daddy's dick. I let him cum with me inside of him, and I finished right behind.

House Of Angell - Update

October 27, 2022

Outlaw Country

That’s right country boy, show off how good that big cock feels up your hole. Ride your man’s meat while yours waves around until you feed him your big boy load. Come to Outlaw country where Will Angell tames maverick stud Austin Lacross. This cowboy sure does take to some cock ridin’ and his hole sure won’t be tight for long.

Jalif Studios - Update

October 27, 2022

Kameron & Stan

Bare-chested French hotties Kameron Frost and Stan Lamere have been eyeing each other all afternoon. Blond-beauty Kameron suggested that they hang out at his apartment and Stan was all for it. After a little flirtatious conversation, Kameron asks Stan if he would like to play with his dick. The super cute brunette didn't need to be asked twice! Stan delightedly reaches into Kameron's skimpy red boxer briefs and pulls out an impressively large and thick cock. Stan readily strokes his sexy buddy's hard dick and then eagerly begins to suck on it simultaneously. Kameron's excitement level ramps up as Stan's cock sucking becomes more and more enthusiastic! The blond stud can't help but take a hold of Stan's head and gently start face fucking him, pushing his steel-hard, thick manhood deeper into his mouth.

DamianXDragon - Update

October 25, 2022

Chaotic Bottom

Fucked and Fisted: Chaotic Bottom is ass up and face down. All he is is a hole for me to use. I fuck him hard and deep. I shoot all over his hole and push it back in before I fist it even deeper. Originally filmed for NYSeed. If you love hot and kinky fun then enjoy this deep hard anal fucking that turns into deep pounding anal fisting.

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