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Kristen Bjorn - Update

August 13, 2019

Triple Pleasure

I can think of nothing better to do on a rainy day then hook up with three friends: Brad Hern, Klein Kerr and Marcos Oliveira do just that, but not to watch movies, but to be the stars! The guys quickly begin stripping down as each of their huge cocks is set free and stroked by his buddies. Brad is the first to take a knee and begin sucking on Klein and Marcos’ beautifully elongated cocks. Brad works his mouth from one masculine cock to the other, savoring over 44 cm (17.5”) of rock-hard cock, slipping past his lips and deep down his throat. Relentlessly, Brad attacks both cocks in a fervent style that delivers pure pleasure to Klein and Marcos. Marcos is so fucking horny that he can’t hold back any longer and rams his raw cock deep inside of Bard’s ass.

Bentley Race - Update

August 08, 2019

Lucas Deen

My horniest mate award has gotta go to Lucas Deen. Our new mate can't get enough sex and loves showing off on camera. Lucas was so excited by all the gear that I have for shoot over at the studio that he wanted to come back and try some photos in different outfits. So I had him over again a few weeks ago so he could pick out some gear for some special photos. I really like Lucas in the pink harness and underwear. Things got pretty hot during this shoot and we ended up getting it on. I remember at some point I was taking photos of Lucas down on his knees sucking on my cock. We quickly moved on to making a video of us fooling around and eventually Lucas cumming on my face.

Bentley Race - Update

June 24, 2019

Gio Velsaco

Our newest mate joining us this week is 26 year old Gio Velsaco from South America. Gio moved to Australia recently and was introduced to me by our mutal mate Andy. When Andy showed me his photos I knew he would be make a great model for the website. And I'm glad we made it happen because Gio is so adorable in real life. I had so much fun shooting with Gio that I am already organising the next shoot with him. He's very fit and very horny. In his first shoot we did a simple strip tease photoset followed with Gio wanking on the bed and stuffingb his fat uncut dick into a lubed up fuck toy. I think the sexy latino is going to make a great addition to the site and I can't wait to see him in action with our other mates

My Dirtiest Fantasy - Update

June 16, 2019

Up He Goes 2

The second part of the torment is purely motivating for Yoshi, clamps on his nipples and made to bite the chain, pulling on them with the lightest of movements. AJ doesn't doubt to spank the boys balls making him move and squirm in pain before pulling them off, to replace them with weighted clamps. Because Yoshi is behaving just as AJ wants, he's allowed breifly to suck AJ's whilst begging to be fisted, now he's pulled into the air with his rope bondage, where his hole is gradually opened by AJ's fist.

My Dirtiest Fantasy - Update

June 09, 2019

Streched Out! 2

The three mechanics haven’t finished with American FF to the pleasure of last one. Now the daddy asks for something more extreme to his ass and the three boys just give it to him. Pan, Yah-Jil and Silas take turns to fist American’s ass among the moans of this one of pleasure and pain in equal parts. The daddy is enjoying this hard-treatment because doesn’t doubt to sit on the three fists of his masters one after another. Once done this, American stands up and starts to jerk himself off whilst the boys are fisting and touching him. Soon the daddy is blasting his load, but the masters just want to piss his naked and abused body one last time.

BadPuppy - Update

May 30, 2019

Xavier & Jaden

Jaden Polo turns to see the very sexy Xavier Sibley standing behind him. He walks over and the two immediately start deep kissing, full-on groping and ripping off each other’s clothes. In short order Xavier has Jaden naked on the bed, his cock is rock-hard and Xavier swallows the whole thing. Jaden spins around and focuses on Xavier’s thick, uncut cock. He starts blowing it and does not quit until Xavier’s dick is rock-hard and ready for some anal action. Xavier rolls over on the bed, Jaden climbs on top and slowly sits down on Xavier’s long piece of meat. Xavier begins thrusting from below and as Jaden’s hole loosens, Xavier begins pounding harder. Jaden’s really getting into it as he in turn begins bouncing up and down on Xavier’s cock.

My Dirtiest Fantasy - Update

May 22, 2019

Punished by Silas 2

Did you think that Silas had finished with his slave American? Well, this has just started! This time Silas chains him to the Saint Andrews cross and doesn’t doubt to whip hard his naked body, specially his ringed cock. Among the whips and the hard-tratement, the master blows his cock making him moan. Once Silas thinks it’s enough, he places American on a stool and fucks hard his daddy’s ass. But this master seems that he's never satisfied, because he bends American over and fists his abused ass whilst he jerks himself off. Once the slave cums, his master puts him a mask for the last humiliation.

Chaos Men - Update

May 04, 2019

Aidan & Henri

I mentioned Aidan's boyfriend Henri was watching while he fucked Wren. And then Aidan watched while Henri did his solo. It got them both totally horned up and ready to fuck. They held out until the next morning when we filmed this. Needless to say, they were both ready to fuck! With most boyfriends, I let them do their own thing, though with Aidan, he pretty much knew what we needed to see, and 'directed' Henri in bed. Henri claimed he was a Power Bottom, and he was not lying! He works Aidan's cock like the piggy Bottom he is. My favorite from this video is a very simple element. Watching two ginger-bearded guys making out! Watching these two is like watching two professional dancers who know each other's moves.

Bentley Race - Update

April 19, 2019

Lucas Deen

Another new mate has joined us on Bentley Race this week. 26 year old Lucas Deen is a local boy who has been keen to get some photos taken. We have been chatting for a while and recently he called around to the studio for his first shoot. Now apart from being handsome and sporting a gorgeous naturally hairy body, Lucas is also a super horny boy. The photos from the first shoot look great, but I'm sure it's the video that everyone's gonna want to see. It started out as a solo jack off video on the couch, but soon Lucas pulls out my cock and starts gagging on it deep in his throat. I don't think I've ever had my dick sucked as furiously as Lucas did in this shoot. I then returned the favour giving my sexy new mate a blow job on the couch.

Club Amateur USA - Update

April 09, 2019

Adrian - 650

Ask & ye shall receive… By popular demand, Adrian is back for CAUSA's 650th video! Now with a long-term girlfriend, going in to tickle Adrian's prostate felt like again entering virgin territory, but in no time, his eyes were rockin' & rollin', nostrils flarin', and Adrian's fully engorged, thick, uncut cock was leaking like a sieve.

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