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Black Breeders - Update

October 11, 2017

The Hookup (Remade in the Shade 1)

Get ready as we bare all in the Big Apple! Hugh is in the mood for a hard dick down when he crosses Rude's profile. The two get together and within seconds Hugh is nude begging for dick in every hole...and he doesn't stop until his hole is covered with Rude's thick nut! Meanwhile, Donte is looking for an apartment and checks out Magic's ad. He shows up to check out the spot, but that ain't all he's checking out...

Hard Brit Lads - Update

October 11, 2017

Adam Hurst

Big beefy rugby daddy Adam Herst strips, from sportswear to jock, oiling up his hairy chest and powerful legs before showing off his thick dick. He starts off standing in white Adidas vest and black shorts. The first thing you'll notice is Adam's powerful muscular build: broad, strong shoulders, big biceps and pecs and massive legs. If you're a fan of big legs, you're gonna go nuts over Adam!

Sean Cody - Update

October 10, 2017


This West Coast hottie plays a lot of sports, which comes as no surprise looking at his lean body…but there’s more to Peyton than meets the eye, especially when he takes his shorts off!

Gay Erotic Stories by Holmever - Update

October 10, 2017

Old Man Next Door

...I could not stop the orgasm that consumed me. I had no control over anything. I should have been repulsed but I was in a state of lust. He leaned forward, pulled his cigar from his mouth and covered mine with his. He pushed the smoke from his mouth into mine and then blew into my mouth making me inhale the strong acrid smoke. I was begging him to stop fucking me. My hole was burning and his cock was painful as he drove in and out of me. He ignored my pleas and pounded his cock hard into me. Finally his cigar was spent, he was chewing madly on the butt and he tensed and rammed himself deep inside me as he groaned. He pumped gob after gob after gob of cum inside me. I felt some of it easing down the crack of my ass...

All Australian Boys - Update

October 10, 2017


Sean 20 is originally from the Ukraine but now lives in Melbourne. His sports are almost all martial arts. He loves the warm Queensland weather after the frigid cold of a Melbourne winter. This hot straight boy was very nervous at first, as you will see during his various movies. We got him to put his cock through the gloryhole to get serviced, by one of our expert suckers as he watched straight porn.

Gay Erotic Stories by Omofineboy - Update

October 10, 2017

The Two Fantastic Arab Brothers Part 1: Hameed

“See, you dick is rising,” I teased him mercilessly. He looked and me and averted his gaze. “Okay, see mine. It is hard. We are both guys so don’t be ashamed.” I lifted my jallamiah and showed him my humongous hard- on. He gasped and his eyes bulged. It seemed my guy had never seen a hard dick before. “Do you want to touch it?”I whispered seductively. Curiosity got the best of him. He swallowed hard.He was indecisive. I grabbed his hand and pressed it on my now hot dick. He held it firmly and looked at me with a strange expression on his handsome face...

Kristen Bjorn - Update

October 09, 2017

Full Of Spunk

On a mild summer day, the heat begins to rise when Ely Chaim and Xavi Duran hook up. Ely lowers Xavi’s sweat pants and feels the hot, meaty flesh of Xavi’s fat cock as he takes it into his hands. As he strokes the massive cock he feels how the girth continues to grow and expand his grip. Ely takes Xavi’s hot cock into his mouth and savors how the hot, meaty cock forces his mouth to stretch to its limits to accommodate it all. As Xavi feeds Ely his weighty cock, Ely strokes his cock to a full and steely rod.

Bentley Race - Update

October 08, 2017

Meet The Husband

I am finally catching up on the shoots I did during my trip to New York earlier this year. And I'm very excited about today's new mate update. When I met porn star Seth Knight in New York he brought along a pretty dam sexy mate. It turned out to be his husband Cris Knight. Well I can tell you that my day suddenly got really busy. I decided to shoot both guys back to back. And since it was the middle of winter in New York, I had to do it very quickly since daylight was my only source of good light. I gotta say that Cris is stunning!

Military Classified - Update

October 08, 2017

Clash4 / Anal

I'm sure you all remember this stud, CLASH! Well he's back with a vengeance! He's been working out in the gym, has a tattoo more or so and horny as ever! Today I've managed to get this boy to do something he's never done before. Lick the ass of a guy! Yep! This tattoo straight stud will not only fuck my ass but he will spread my cheeks and eat that hole like he would a chic! Check it out!

Gay Erotic Stories by Circumnavigate9 - Update

October 07, 2017

Matthew 1. King Henry

...“Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! Jerk!” went the room. “Fuck yeah!” cried Matthew, feeling his dick beginning to tense. “Ooooh, fuck, I think I’m close.” “He’s gonna blow!” someone shouted and the room went quiet. Only sound was the slapping of Matthew’s fist against the base of his balls. "Ah. Oh yeah. Fuck.” Matthew loved the feeling: there was nothing as good as being naked and getting cheered by a room of guys while he jacked off with their eyes glued to him. “Ah, yeah, fuck. I’m cumming!” Matthew called, his knees buckling and streams of hot white cum flying onto the towel in front of him. “Oooooooh yeah. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!” His head fell backwards as he milked his dick for the last

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