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Raw Fuck - Update

November 02, 2017

Dude, I’m Going To Cream In My Pants

This mega-horny top is practically busting the seams of his underwear with his horniness, his rock-hard fuckpole tenting in his shorts until his buddy puts his mouth to work sucking the rigid stud off. He pays his mate back with a quick blowjob before bending him over the window ledge to piledrive his bare cock deep into his bubblebutt.

Tyler's Room - Update

November 02, 2017

Pierce Paris

There's only one thing more that Pierce Paris loves more than enjoying the sun and that's stroking his huge 10 inch cock outside in it. After taking a quick dip in the pool Pierce dries off by running and feeling his massive muscles in his hands. Reaching down to the biggest muscle of all, his cock, he pulls and tugs until he can't take the pressure anymore. Pierce lays back and worships his own cock till he's wet and satisfied with cum.

Next Door Studios - Update

October 30, 2017

Roomie With A View

Zeus notices Damien noticing, so he makes his way up to Damien's room and tells him he knows Damien is interested. Damien doesn't object, and moments later, he's on his knees deep throating Zeus' hard dick. Zeus smiles, as everything is going according to plan, and as he strips Damien out of his clothes, he takes a first look at the ass he's been coveting since they moved in together.

G.E.S. by dungan100 - Update

October 30, 2017

The 3 of Us

...We got very nervous because we had been caught naked passed out in each others arms. We were sitting at the table when dad got up to get more coffee and then turned around and asked how long we had been messing around with each other we both started stammering asking him what he met. He just looked at us and smiled this kinda wicked smile and then winked at us. He said he had known for a while now and that it was alright because we had a special bond being twins and all.

Straight Fraternity - Update

October 29, 2017

Naked Truth Or Dare 3-Way

Carter, Turk and Nikko (a.k.a. Chris Tyler) play Truth or Dare with lots of sexy dares - the loser gets 2 loads in the face from the winners. None of them wanted to get a faceful of cum, so they were trying to do every dare. Turk had to suck Nikko's toes first. Next, Carter had to give a long, wet kiss to Turk. Nikko had to lick and suck Carter's balls - but that was no big deal to him. Then Turk had to suck Carter's cock until it got hard. Carter was shocked when his dare was to stick a dildo up his ass - but he did it anyway. Once Carter's ass was deflowered from the dildo, it was Nikko's turn again. Nikko drew the last dare - he had to lick Turk's asshole. When all the points were tallied, it was Carter who had to lie down and get his face squirted on. You've never seen so much cum!!

Dream Boy Bondage - Update

October 29, 2017

Connor Halsted - Porn Star Torture - Part 2

“My client is very pleased with your cock-sucking skills; so pleased in fact, he says we won’t crucify you if you show us more cum,” Jared says, cutting off the boy’s briefs. Connor nods enthusiastically, hoping against hope that he can please these men and end his torments. He works his cock hard, flexing and showing off, then covers his abs with cum, only to discover how cruel these men really are.

Young Bastards - Update

October 29, 2017

Surprise Punishment Fuck

Danman’s got pressure built up in his nuts and takes aim at Rafa‘s petit bubblebutt. The sporty top is even more riled up that his buddy is being a smartass and not pulling his weight at training today. Punishment’s due, and Rafa’s going to pay! His dominant mate takes out his pent-up aggression on little Rafa – he gets his butt smacked, get used as a spit dropcloth and has to lick Danman’s feet. At least after the humiliation he manages to escape worse punishment by taking a real good fucking…

Like 'em Straight - Update

October 29, 2017

Straight stud Cox

Cox has never found someone that can deep throat his huge cock until today! Confidence comes from many attributes; brains, beauty and talent can be among them. Cox is ENDOWED with all of those and another one that could trip you if you don't watch where you're going. He's confident that Brendon will be drooling over him, but he's not so sure the older guy can deep throat his monster cock. After all, no one else has ever been able to. So we're all in for a nice surprise as Cox stands up to be counted.

Drill My Hole - Update

October 29, 2017

The Ghost

Jack and Ryan develop a master plan to tag team Bellamy without his knowledge. At first, he’s spooked at seeing Jack in front of him when he thinks he’s behind him but easily relents to getting all his holes filled to the brim.

French Lads - Update

October 28, 2017

Heavy Nuts Need Urgent Cocksucking

Roman Tik has a pushy way about him when he isn’t getting his low-hangers emptied as often as he needs. When he finds Sisto alone in the shed he’s soon got the submissive guy on his knees and taking his stiff shaft into his wet mouth. Once Sisto’s stripped to his jock there’s no escaping the power fuck.

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