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Twink Loads - Update

March 02, 2022

Grayson & Silver Encounter 1

Cute blond twink, Grayson Lange, and tall muscle-god, Silver Steele, make their debuts for TwinkLoads in an electrifying scene. They start kneeling on a bed, Steele's masculine arms engulfing the twink in a passionate embrace as they kiss with lustful intensity. Clothes are soon torn off, revealing a huge contrast in body types. Steele is a hunky, hairy, gym-sculpted DILF. Young Grayson is lithe, slight, and smooth. They say opposites attract and there's certainly no doubt about the chemistry buzzing between these two. Steele loves the young boy's dick; it's a beautiful, upward-curving, rock-solid pole and he can't wait to make its acquaintance! The older man is soon on all fours, obsessively sucking Grayson's sexy dick like a tasty popsicle.

Fun Size Boys - Update

March 01, 2022

Danny Ch 1

Heat Wave - The basement was full of Cain's musky scent, clearly from sweating and working right next to the source of the problem. It wasn't offensive, though. Cain's sweat smelt woody and fresh. Like a pine and smoke. It was actually quite nice. When Danny got close to him, even seeing him lying on his back, he was amazed by how big and tall he was. When Cain stood up to get his water, Danny did all he could to not look shocked. Cain had opened up his coverall and was wearing a white tank top that he'd just begun to sweat through. It was just beginning to appear sheer around the chest and armpits, drenched in the big man's perspiration. As Cain gulped down the water, he took off the tank top, revealing a beautiful chest of fire-red hair.

Masonic Boys - Update

March 01, 2022

Apprentice Young Ch. 7

Ordination - Apprentice Young helped Angus out of his suit, stunned by the appearance of his broad, muscular chest. He was wider across his pecs than the apprentice was in his entire frame. As he saw the older man's own garments, he was taken with the stark contrast between the crisp white fabric and the dark, dense hair covering his forearms and chest. He was truly one of the most handsome men Apprentice Young had ever seen, and he was eagerly waiting for his opportunity to take him inside once more. Bishop Angus took off the remainder of the apprentice's clothing, leaving him completely bare and ready for service. The young man followed the older daddy's commands and leaned over a nearby daybed. Bishop Angus brought his crotch right up to the apprentice's mouth, giving him a face full of his throbbing meat.

Maverick Men - Update

February 28, 2022

Oral Double Feature

Hey guys as any loyal fan should know, Cole loooooves head hahah so this time I insisted on editing for a change and this special video of “only oral” and rimming.. in the 2 part video our sexy bud little Hunter Vulpex and me Hunter Maverick wake up early, way before Cole wakes up, so I decided to fuck little hunters sexy mouth for a bit, then we went in to wake up Cole with some morning head, he was literally sound asleep when Hunter started pulling his underwear off, he was very happy to start his morning off with some pretty boy twink head lol The second video is me cock worshipping Cole and eating his hairy man hole, I made him cum so hard his eyes rolled back in his head hahah we made this a double feature just for all you oral lovers out there :P enjoy and don’t forget to swallow.

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

February 26, 2022

Take Me Daddy

If Will Angell is going to allow his boy Liam to enjoy taking the seed of another Daddy that man better now what to do. Leather Pipe Daddy knows just how to push a boy's buttons and puts Liam right into the proper headspace to open up. This big-muscled furry Daddy builds up the tension and then slows it down over and over until Liam is delirious with hunger for his Daddy load.

Nasty Daddy - Update

February 21, 2022

Sir, Yes Sir

Horse-hung Drew restrains Greg , showing him who is in charge. Once Drew is satisfied that Greg knows his place, the fun begins. Flogging, dom-sub control, and a solid bareback fuck leaves Greg wanting more. Drew takes over and makes Greg his bitch as he ties whips uses and abuses Greg's tight and willing ass. When you see a daddy like Drew, you either take it or run away. Greg takes it every time and then some.

Maverick Men - Update

February 20, 2022

Military Muscle Bear Hole

If you love watching us fuck a big hairy hot muscle bear, then you guys are in for a treat…We met Micha on twitter at The Maverick Men and when we saw his big hairy muscle ass we knew we had to get deep in that big beautiful butt and fill it up with our cum. Hunter and I hadn’t cum in 4 days in anticipation for the meet up, we met him in his hotel, he was dressed in his uniform till we stripped him naked and fucked him good, he was a hot fuck and a sweet heart of a muscle bear.

House Of Angell - Update

February 19, 2022

Tiger's Toe Spa

The House of Angell Spa is open. Stop in to meet Antonio Tiger, our proprietor. No one takes better care of Will and Liam Angell's feet than Tiger, and no one enjoys it more as you can see. All you need to do to get this Alpha Muscle Pup rock hard and ready is to give him a sniff, huff, lap, chew, or even just a glance at your hard-working feet. You'll feel like a new man! This is a very good scene with tons of foot action.

TopFansVids - Update

February 18, 2022

In The Fox Hole

Hot Daddy Cole Connor and I shot studio porn once, and I couldn't wait to shoot with him again. He's such a beautiful man, and his tongue is absolutely magical! Not to mention his huge cock pumping in and out of my ass! Fuck yeah! Watch Felix Fox get it on with Cole Conner in this awesime homemade fuck and suckfest. These two studs know exactily what to do to make us crave more and more. Make sure you bring some extra cum'll need them.

Sean Cody - Update

February 18, 2022

Daniel & Dax

Sparks are flying and magic is in the air as Daniel and Dax get to know each other. Silver fox Daniel introduces Dax by saying he's "obviously hot as fuck, cause he looks a lot like me!" Daniel's descriptions of how their scene is going to go start to verge on the mystical, and Dax asks, "Are you a magician?" "Would you like to see me make my dick disappear into your butt?" Daniel jokes. Dax is already ready for the big finale, but the guys start off by kissing and undressing each other, then Daniel talks dirty as he fucks the bottom's mouth. Daniel works his magic on Dax's hole with his tongue before sliding his wand inside!

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

February 14, 2022

One More Fantasy Fulfilled

Everyone has that deep down fantasy. The kind of sex they want more than any other. This time it's Liam Angell getting his. To be the only bottom boy taking care of a few Top Daddies is his dream. He gets his fantasy and his tight hole filled royally when Daddy Will Angell invites Papa Lobo and Rick Kelson to help breed him. There is so much beef and fur pressing Liam into the bed it's a wonder he survives.

Reno Gold - Update

February 12, 2022

Underwater Cumshot

After a long day of naked acrobatics, sexy mature stud Manuel Skye and I hop in the pool and waste no time getting at it. Making out and stroking each other's cocks we came underwater and caught it all on our underwater camera! Watching what cum does underwater is a very interesting sight and one you may very much enjoy like these two hot studs. There's very few places to have a new type of sexual experience but water is one of them and you'll get hooked on it quick.

Treasure Island Media - Update

February 11, 2022

Benny & Rick

Benny Blazin gets dicked down and jerked off while getting the full Dad treatment from Rick Kelson. Wunderkind Benny works that cock over and then presents his pussy to be plowed. Benny does some poppers and takes Daddy's dick until they both nut. There's nothing sexier then a hot hairy beefy bear getting it on interracially with one sexy hunk of a black man and fucking that hot as so deep and hard.

Like 'em Straight - Update

February 06, 2022

Nut Jobs: Donato

At 20 years old there isn't a lot of sexual history to relate, but Donato comes up with a pretty good tale of the time he fucked his friend's Mom when he was 17. That buys some street cred, and definitely gets Brendon's respect. He lost the friend as a result, but... small price to pay. Now this college kid whips out his un-cut dick and stares at the porn video while the director charms the python. Donato definitely does not look comfortable getting head from a guy, but seeing him squirm is half the fun. When he shoots, he lets fly a three foot stream. Bull's eye!

Boy For Sale - Update

February 04, 2022

Boy River Ch. 7

Chapter 7: Appraisal - I handled the slave boy River's genitals in my hand, feeling their heat and weight. He was fully engorged within moments, giving me a real sense of what he had to offer. I could tell he hadn't cum in some time. He was sensitive to my touch and practically trembled from simply cradling his testicles in my fingers. When I leaned in to give the head of his cock a taste, a glistening bead of pre-cum escaped, as if letting me know he was ready to be taken. I turned him around to tease his hole. My wet fingers navigated his sphincter, feeling it tighten and loosen with each breath. I couldn't tell if he was subconsciously trying to fight me or let me in. Either way, my dominant digit found its way inside. River's moans echoed into the dark void.

House Of Angell - Update

February 03, 2022

Daddy Boy Quality Time

XXX marks the spot. It marks where the treasure is hidden. Gunner Gates brings all that sweet boy hole treasure for Daddy Will to eat up. The chemistry between this duo is off the charts. It’s like they read each other’s mind, but isn’t that the way with all Fathers and sons? This is one hot scene and it has it all from cock sucking ass eating to cum facials and eating. You'll love this site, we know we do.

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

January 28, 2022

Smoked Meat

Kicking back with a buddy and a pipe sure is fun, but when you've got a hot boy to service you while you puff is even better. Liam Angell makes the perfect assistant while Will Angell and Leather Pipe Daddy smoke away. Now this is the way leather men like to relax. If you love mature muscle bear studs then this is the place for you. Enjoy this Pro-Am fuck-fest because these guys don't hold anything back and give and take it like champs.

Raw Road Nation - Update

January 27, 2022

Boss Fucks Decorator

Decorator is doing his business but the boss has taking a fancy to him. Horny and gagging for it whilst he's on the clock he gets him to plough his hole instead. He's so pleased when he gets his giant cock down his throat and takes it right to the balls. Pulls his trousers down and gets his tongue stuck straight up his ass hole. He gets the dick slide up his tight butt, wet and slimy it glides smoothly in and out, before getting drilled on a sling. He takes a load straight up his ass and then pushes the hot cum out then walks over to the sink and washes himself like some precious cunt.

Fun Size Boys - Update

January 26, 2022

Austin Ch. 24

Austin's Two Daddies - When Austin arrived, he could practically contain his excitement. Seeing Dolf and Dallas sitting side by side on the bed was a beautiful sight to behold. Each man was over 6'4”, covered in tattoos and muscles that made them appear even larger! The striking silver of Dallas' hair contrasted beautifully against Dolf's rich, dark beard. Austin knew he was in for a treat and could hardly wait to get it. Austin was in absolute heaven, feeling them paw at his butt and kiss up and down his chest. His little hands couldn't help but gravitate right to their bulging crotches, familiar with what each daddy giant has concealed. The thrill of being dominated and shared between these two titans got Austin rock hard, but it was the shaft of each of his mature masters that he was interested in.

Masonic Boys - Update

January 25, 2022

Apprentice Basinger 2

Chspter 2: Disciplinary Action - Apprentice Basinger has been summoned for punishment. This fresh-faced, blond boy is a new recruit to the Masons and has already caught the eye of his superiors. Master Legrand has established his credentials by seducing him thoroughly, but the boy is still a virgin - and the responsibility of making him a man has fallen on the shoulders of the mustachioed Master Cox. Sexy Master Fantana will prepare the peg bench with a series of enormous rubber and plastic dildos. It's expected that the young apprentice will show his faithfulness by enduring extreme discomfort before he passes into manhood. Fantana will undress the trembling boy and rub oils seductively into his lithe, young body. Apprentice Basinger will lube up the pegs with the same oil before sitting on them in turn.

Raw Road Nation - Update

January 20, 2022

Apprentice Shows Boss

Big boss takes the young apprentice out on the job see what he’s made of and gets hammered by his massive tool. He whips out this massive dick and shoves it into the boss’s mouth. Such a fucking beautiful dick, anyone would love to suck. Ready to assert his dominance he sprays piss all over his back before plunging his meat deep into his ass. The boss is sub to his apprentice employee who really shows him who’s in control. The boss is sucking his nipples and body and worshipping his big hard cock then swallows and milky load into his mouth.

House Of Angell - Update

January 19, 2022

Jack's Back

Jack is back in all his furry tattooed glory and his cousin Liam never misses the opportunity to stretch his hole wide open for him. We couldn’t blame you for only seeing the beautiful length and girth Jack harbors between his legs, but if that all you see then you are missing the true beauty of this man. Jack Dixon is one of the most passionate and skilled lovers you will ever find. It’s no wonder that both Will and Liam Angell can’t get enough of him. The look of sheer pleasure on Will’s face when he gets to play in that sloppy warm and wet hole Jack has opened up and seeded reveals this is his favorite way to fuck.

Raging Stallion - Update

January 19, 2022

Fuck Me Fast & Furious

Alex Mecum has been out of the racing game for a while, and he's hesitant to help driver Cole Connor figure out what's wrong with his car, but some convincing from Cole's persuasive mouth just might change his mind. The desperate racer begins servicing Alex's hairy dick and smooth hole right in the middle of his auto shop before bending him over his prized ride and taking his ass for a test drive. Ready to take a turn in the driver's seat himself, Alex speeds into Cole's garage and barebacks his daddy hole. He drills the driver's sweaty ass until Cole's cock is shooting cum all over Alex's face. Proving he's still a buster himself, Alex strokes until he's feeding Cole an XL serving of his fresh load.

Young Bastards - Update

January 17, 2022

Dom Boys Pound The Teacher

Mr. Rossi likes to think he’s a good teacher, one of the cool ones, but he’s in way over his head with these wayward students. These four lads are some of the kinkiest bad boys in school and they’re soon proving it when one of the lads decides it’s time to bully their teacher into serving them. It starts as a joke but in moments Mr. Rossi finds himself on his knees, their youthful wet cocks swinging and slapping his face, each one invading his mouth to be worshiped and sucked. No doubt these boys are well used to serving each other, but now they have a teacher under their control they can’t wait to get wild and crazy. The blow bang only gets hotter as their uniforms are discarded, their rigid penises drooling with delight while Mr. Rossi works hard to please them all.

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

January 15, 2022

Prostrate Milking

What’s a best friend for if not to tear your hole open now and then? Will Angell bottoms for the men in his life he really cares about and no one gets more of Will’s hole than Jason Collins. There’s plenty good reason for that since Jason plays Will like a violin. He’s like a surgeon with that big dick hitting just the right spots and milking Will’s prostate until the bull’s load flows freely. There's nothing sexier than muscle bears getting down and dirty.

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