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Jun 28, 2024

Michael & Danny

by BadPuppy

Gavin Lowe on Badpuppy with Michael Rogue and Danny Lopez: 21-year-old Michael Rogue is from Los Angeles, CA and is a Go-Go Dancer. His 32-year-old boyfriend Danny Lopez, comes to us from Hollywood Hills, CA. They are celebrating their 1st Anniversary together, with a toast of Champagne and quickly move on to bigger and better things. They begin kissing and stroking each other's bodies. Danny loses his blue jeans down to his jock strap and Michael sucks his cock, while squeezing and licking his balls. Michael kneels above Danny's face and Danny gets his face fucked, while Michael pushes his uncut cock in and out of his mouth. Danny now on all fours, while Michael sucks and rims his ass, getting it good and wet for what is to come.

By BadPuppy

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Jun 28, 2024

Chris & Kara Share Dylan

by Bi College Fucks

Dylan's in Coeds bi episode heaven, here getting to drill any hole he wants, Chris and Kara eager to suck his dick, get fucked by him, and do all they can to make sure Dylan feels good? Not a bad place to be, at all! Dylan makes the most of having two partners to play with here, as well. He really seems to get extra pleasure out of fucking Kara for awhile, then pulling his dick out to feed it to Chris. For his part, Chris seems to really, really enjoy when Dylan does that! He's bent over, waiting for the moment Dylan pulls his cock out so he can dive down and swallow it. Eventually Dylan decides he needs Chris' ass wrapped around his cock, and that moment could not have come too soon for Chris. You could tell Chris wanted to take a spin on Dylan's cock from the outset, and once Dylan does get his dick buried in Chris' hole there's no stopping him.

By Bi College Fucks

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Jun 28, 2024

Helmut, Oscar & Jerome Exupery

by Freshmen

Oscar Scholz and his new friend Helmut Huxley are surprised in the shower by horny cameraman Jerome Exupery. Jerome loves to watch his partner Helmut fucking another cute guy, but also doesn’t want to be left out. For Oscar, this means only one thing he has to offer his already wildly fucked ass to Jerome as well. After all three move back to the sofa, Jerome enjoys a two way blowjob as Helmut and Oscar take care of his dick. Oscar quickly understands his role in this three-way and jumps on four legs and submits his hole for the next round. Jerome and Helmut are a perfectly synchronized „pleasure couple“ so Oscar enjoys full service on his ass and cock at the same time. Just before the end, Helmut gets the chance to fuck Oscar’s ass once again which then leads to a wondrous triple cum-shot over Oscar’s body.

By Freshmen

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Jun 28, 2024

Angel & CockyBoy Seth

by Cocky Boys

Angel Elias and Seth Cain really wanted to get together and you'll know it, not just because they say so, but it's in how they show it. Affectionate kisses lead to mutual cocksucking with Seth finally getting his chance to deep throat Angel who in turn gets to bury his tongue in Seth's twitching, hungry hole and tease it. As Angel finally gets his cock inside Seth and pounds him, they're guys in total agreement on how good it feels. They're also in sync as Angel takes charge, fucking Seth every way he wants and even determining a cocksucking break. At last Angel shoots all over Seth's hole and then pounds a load out of him. And once more they agree: this was really worth the wait.

By Cocky Boys

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Jun 28, 2024

Tiffany & Parker Get Wet

by Hot College Fucks

Eternally rock-hard Parker gets into some wet fun with our blonde coed Tiffany. She surely has tons of fun with his nice cock - as he does with her multiple holes! Starting off, Tiffany takes the reins in this video. Sitting on his dick she stares down at Parker’s handsome face as she grinds on his dick, which feels amazing inside her. Switching positions, Parker is loving the view of a big ass, and having his balls played with while he gets ridden reverse cowgirl. Then Parker takes control of the tempo and depth of his pounding as he fucks Tiffany against the wall. The young blond really enjoys himself fucking deep and we know this for sure from his giant load!

By Hot College Fucks

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Jun 27, 2024

Heavyweight Tap Out!

by XL Fucker

Eros has got that big ole bubble but which is exactly the cushion he needs to take Guto's massive 10 inch uncut cock. He might not be the most experienced bottom and he definitely struggles but in the end he takes the pounding and uses those cakes to milk the load out of Guto's massive cock.

By XL Fucker

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Jun 27, 2024

NSFW: Nakes Sword Film Works

by Naked Sword

Pedro Had A Horse: While Pedro Américo denies having fabricated fake news, Paulo Setubal reveals the Emperor’s innermost secrets. “The Netflix of gay porn” is kicking off Pride Month by launching the Short Cuts Summer Film Festival and adding some new LGBTQ+ content into its ever-expanding library. This film festival, available exclusively on, will run all summer long and feature a collection of acclaimed queer indie darlings starting with the Brazilian movie PEDRO HAD A HORSE. Presented by Falcon | NakedSword X Breaking Glass Pictures, this first film from the Short Cuts Summer Film Festival is out now on

By Naked Sword

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Jun 27, 2024

Military Officer Training Young Recruit

by Raw Road Nation

Anybody that has ever been in the military knows that there is a HUGE fucking endless amount of butt-fucking, hole training and cock sucking from day one. This officer is a real nasty hairy dominant fukka who has broken in thousands of squaddy asses spreading his spunk right across the base and this shy new officer recruit gets it real hard and nasty, stretching his tight unpracticed hole into a burgeoning military gape to be proud off.

By Raw Road Nation

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Jun 27, 2024

Jovanni 2: Anal Feet & Rim

by Military Classified

I've been getting a lot of requests for this new model and today I'm answering you all with this new scene from JOVANNI. This 29yo Italian Stallion former serviceman is back and this time I'm taking him to the next step which he agreed too for the right price of course. Oh btw, did I mention JOVANNI has a wife? Well on this occasion, Jovanni hung up the uniform and was dressed casual and a little nervous too boot because today he's going to be fucking me in the ass for the first time. He is a quite chap, doesn't express much but once you get him horny with a hard-on, its a totally different tune. I started from the bottom and worked my way up his feet! Yes, I think he as the most beautiful feet I've seen on a guy and I ate those puppies up good, check it out on the Rob's cut.

By Military Classified

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Jun 27, 2024

Non-Stop Fucking

by Hung Young Brit

After party stragglers Non-stop fucking in the living room. Some lad is obsessed with sniffing trainers. JB is talking about being too nervous to go to Saunas whilst another random lad walks into the room with a massive boner. Nice long uncut cock in grey baggy boxers. That lad wanted to get some guys over and sniff trainers. Grabbed some Nike Tennis which made their cocks rock solid.

By Hung Young Brit

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Jun 27, 2024

Jock Strapped Part 3

by Private Playground XXX

There's one sure-fire way to put a smile on a frowny face jock, and that's a cheer squad full of heavy-dicked twinks. They've been practicing some new routines and can't way to show try them out on this guy's ass.

By Private Playground XXX

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Jun 27, 2024

Alejandro Sees Red!

by WhoreHimOut

A Classic WhoreHimOut scenario. Our new Latin Twunk friend had never done a No Load Refused gangbang before, so we blindfolded his ass and took his TOTAL ANON Fuck Fest virginity. You know me, if you got a record I'm gonna break it. And in this 3-parter with Cumdump Alejandro it's no different.

By WhoreHimOut

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