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Alpha Male Fuckers - Update

June 10, 2017

Chase Acland and Zack Acland

Married in real life, Chase Acland and Zack Acland are still hot to trot. In fact, perhaps more so given their emotional commitment to each other. Taking a break from a hard day at work, they head home for a nooner before carrying out with the rest of their day. The bearded men make out and take turns sucking each other while still dressed, with Zack deepthroating Chase and all but gagging on his husband's dick. It doesn't take them long to strip down completely and soon, Zack is passionately rimming Chase's hungry ass. Sliding in raw, using only spit for lube, Zack bareback fucks his man, giving him every inch of cock before fucking the cum out of him.

Active Duty - Update

May 30, 2017

Edward Teach

This week we have a sexy young ginger standing a tall 6 feet weighing in at 155lbs with a ripe young age of just 19 years old. Edward's motto is you only live once and while you're young just do what feels right and experience life to the fullest. He's an avid skateboarder when he's not stroking his cock for all the viewers and you might be able to spot him on the basketball court playing with his friends. This genuine young man gives a sexy performance while eye fucking the camera for the majority of the time.

Butch Dixon - Update

March 25, 2017

Zach & Chase

Don't let Zach's blonde streak fool you. This is perhaps our first Ginger duo ever! These hypermasculine men with sexy red beards have a bareback Grindr hookup in the dark room of a Montreal gay bar. It might be dark... but no so dark that we can't see what they are up to. Not only do these hairy studs have nearly matching red beards, they're both tatted up and tough looking. No worries though. They're looking for a fuck, not a fight.

StraightMen XXX - Update

February 15, 2017

Pumping Draco

In the gym, Draco is here today to pump you up; his hard MMA body serves him well, and is a sexy sight to see. As requested by our members, this dragon is going to show you the ropes of what it takes to cum-mit. Back in the studio, he gets more comfortable and we get more of him, peachy cheeks and all. Normally, Draco keeps a shorn profile but I asked that he present himself full fur for you. Working up a sweat, and a bulge, Draco takes some time to give us a full workout; he likes to edge before adding some buzz to the routine. He also lubes up his finger to make sure he works all his parts. Stimulating himself, with the ladies, Draco gets close and gives more than a warning shot as he blasts up to his chest; looks like this hard body is running in perfect condition.

Straight Off Base - Update

January 12, 2017

Sgt. Brock Solo

Straight off base, Sgt. Brock is a 22 y/o tatted ginger who hails from Ohio. He stands at 5'9" and weighs in at 155 lbs and says he's packing about 6.5 to 7.5 inches -- "give or take". Sgt. Brock has just returned from a very rainy week spent in the field training with his squad mates and decides to drop by the Major's quarters and rub one out for the camera. Brock says it's become his normal routine to bust a nut at least once or twice daily. Sgt. Brock removes his jeans, gets down to some hot hand-to-cock combat action with his well-lubed meat-gun and pops a nice thick cum load onto his furry ginger stomach.

StraightMen XXX - Update

November 12, 2016

Edging The Dragon

Draco's a gambling man, born in Vegas and wanting to be a professional wrestler. Up for a bit of kink, this hard hot body wrestles in the bed as he works himself up. Thrusting into his hand, his hairy ass is so bubbly; someone needs to slap it, and then bury their face in it, but I'm holding the camera. In the zone, Draco works his hips as his cock reddens; shit he's got huge guns on Making good use of his prostate, Draco lubes up a finger and works it in; got to love an ass man. Pumping both ends, Draco gets close and dials it back a bit; we need a bit more time of that blonde bush. Edging, a third time, he then blows all over his hard torso; fuck me.

Spunk Worthy - Update

October 08, 2016


Besides popping his massage cherry, Logan had also never done anything with a guy before and seemed a little edgy about that when he showed up. Trying to break the ice, I asked how he was feeling about everything. Logan grinned with a knowing look is his eye, saying simply, "Going with it. It's just a massage, right?" After positioning himself on the massage table, I'd thought it might take some time until Logan started relaxing and enjoying the ride. It did: about 2 minutes, and then his uncut cock started getting hard from between his legs.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

September 25, 2016

Jason Fucks Zach

Jason is hungry for some action and when Zach's cock comes out the foreplay starts...after that, it's not long before Jason is pounding Zach's tight ass!

Bound Gods - Update

September 15, 2016

Sebastian and Scott

Mister Keys Meets his Match with new Switch, Scott Ambrose. Scott Ambrose is a straight, mountain of muscle, and total switch, looking to get in touch with his kinky side. So he seeks out the BDSM master, Sebastian Keys. Sebastian takes him back to his dungeon and introduces Scott to the flogger before giving the muscled hunk a turn.

Raw Castings - Update

September 09, 2016

Casting #467: Mickey O'Brien

It’s not all that often you see a hot athletic ginger with a big full sack in porn and that is why we were so happy to find Mickey O’ Brien. Our daredevil ginger who, like so many straight dudes, hides his lean tattooed body underneath baggy clothes. In the preinterview we hear how Mickey has an attraction to guys but has never acted on it and is an anal virgin, well… getting anal; apparently Mickey loves fucking girl’s asses. Nice thing about adrenaline junkies is that they’re always looking for the next experience, and oh boy has Mickey come to the right place.

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