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Jun 08, 2024

Czech Hunter 744

by Czech Hunter

I was passing by a university, so I looked for any handsome students hanging around. Quickly I noticed a guy sitting alone on a park bench. He was on a lunch break and didn't mind me disturbing him. We had a quick chat before he had to go back. I convinced him that staying with me and playing games would be much more profitable. This dude worked out, so I wanted to see him nude badly. The place was way too crowded, so we went to my apartment. My camera made him very nervous, but he managed to get a boner eventually. I enjoyed his nicely built body and couldn't wait to feel his tongue on my cock. It didn't take long, and the guy was in my bed pleasuring my horny boner. He used his mouth first and then agreed to let me inside of his tight ass. He loved it and even came with my dick still inside.

By Czech Hunter

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Jun 08, 2024

Bisexual Stepdad Goes Wild

by Why Not Bi

Reese Rideout is excited to meet his new girlfriend's son, Trevor Brooks, and Trevor's girlfriend, Jewel Diamant, especially when he sees what a hot couple they make! As they give him a three-way hug, Reese reaches to squeeze both their asses! At dinner, he takes out his cock, making them do a spit-take, and soon they're both sucking it under the table. Trevor gets so turned on, he sneakily fucks Jewel in the kitchen, and Reese sneaks up behind him to tongue his hole, then fucks him too. After Reese's GF catches them and runs out, the guys lick Jewel together, then Trevor and Jewel both ride Reese on the couch before Trevor gets fucked while Jewel rides him. Then it's Reese's turn to fuck Jewel while Trevor penetrates him from behind until he pulls out and cums, before Jewel and Reese share Trevor's load.

By Why Not Bi

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Jun 08, 2024

Lazzarato Fucks Allen King

by Bromo

Tall, dominant Lazzarato takes the lead as he kisses and touches Allen King outside on the porch. He fucks the cute bottom's face and then rims him, making that hole his as he drills him in doggystyle. Allen can't get enough of Lazzarato's strong thrusts as he puts him through his paces. Allen orgasms as he rides the towering top, and Lazzarato cums on Allen's face.

By Bromo

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Jun 08, 2024


by Naked Sword

Sir Peter is sharing his thoughts on loyalty and love as he wraps his arms around and lifts up longtime friend Bastian Karim. In the courtyard just outside Bastian’s Barcelona home, Bastian swallows Sir Peter's hefty slab of uncut cock before Sir Peter takes his tongue and big dick to Bastian’s juicy ass. The two men, still fucking on a public outdoor table, position themselves in several creative, flexible formations until Bastian has been drained and is leaning back to be served a fresh facial of cum.

By Naked Sword

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Jun 08, 2024

3 Hands To Hole This Dick

by XL Fucker

Watch Davi Lobo break his own personal record for the biggest dick he's ever taken. Leandro has got a 10.5 inch thick rod and he definitely struggles with it at the start but once his bubble ass opens up Leandro goes hard and rough and really just plows him out hardcore.

By XL Fucker

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Jun 08, 2024

Victory Lap


Trevor Brooks' crush on coworker Andrew Delta caused him to sign up for the company fun run just to spend time training together. Trevor was really impressing Andrew too, until a freak accident at the finish line left Trevor faking an injury with a guilt ridden Andrew as his personal nurse. Andrew is hands on with his treatment which is leaving Trevor feeling hot and bothered. Does Trevor have what it takes to win with Andrew?


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Jun 08, 2024

Lads Laying Down On Table

by Hung Young Brit

All these Strangers keep cumming up to this lovely lad 3 guys in a row cum in this cute Twink. We had lads in slings on their knees and ALL THE TIME people are coming up to them and sticking it in till they cum its a proper fantasy come true. The amount of people who were cumming up to the sexy Twink in the sling its just insane! I really mainly wank to our ‘Outdoors videos’. There's just something about offering your arse to ANYONE!

By Hung Young Brit

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Jun 08, 2024

Anime Girl Likes It Hard

by Trans Angels

Cute anime t-girl Rana Katana seductively spreads her legs, exposing her beautiful she-cock to her mom's hot boyfriend (Only Matt). Aroused, sexy hunk Matt begins jerking off to the purple haired trans babe, and it isn't long before she is giving him a helping hand! After devouring Matt's meaty cock in a deepthroat blowjob, the naughty pair do some 69ing on Rana's bed, and then Matt penetrates the busty nymph's horny hole in missionary and doggystyle. Next, Rana straddles the bearded stud and bounces on his thick dick cowgirl-style before taking another hard anal pounding in missionary until Matt cums all over her!

By Trans Angels

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Jun 07, 2024

Horny Hunks After Party Fuck

by Raw Road Nation

No acting or performing is involved in this scene whatsoever. Two REAL BRITISH LADS in an incredible flip fuck. This duo are two of the best looking and sleaziest guys we have come across for a long while. They are both real engineers who are good with their hands and probably fuck with every customer they visit straight, gay or undecided. They are the perfect pair to jerk too as they are so fucking into each other that the electricity of this scene could power a medium sized country.

By Raw Road Nation

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Jun 07, 2024

Breaking & Entering

by Club Inferno Dungeon

Most people would be shocked to discover a horny Cazden Hunter breaking into their room to take a strong whiff of their jockstraps, but not Apollo Fates. After discovering the perverted intruder, he waits face-down, ass-up in bed for Cazden to begin rimming, barebacking, and fisting his freshly showered hole. Pushing the limits of Apollo's fuck slit, the rock-hard criminal brings the spontaneous fisting fuck to a creamy climax by double penetrating Apollo with his big uncut dick and lubed hand until he's breeding the stranger's cavernous insides.

By Club Inferno Dungeon

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Jun 07, 2024

Gangbang 022-P4: Do Your Thing

by WhoreHimOut

21 LOADS! Talk about a dick flex. Mr. Hunter is leaving us with two happy HOLES and a bubble butt full of NUT. Now that the gorging on dick is done, it's time for this hungry bottom to get his well earned fast food feast. Thanks for cuming, Cazden!

By WhoreHimOut

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Jun 07, 2024

Fuck Me Bro

by Guys In Sweatpants

When the sexual tension is thick with your bros, sometimes you just gotta turn down the lights and have a hot, sweaty, flip fuck with them. Nothing says "I got you, bro" quite like letting them use your holes however they want. This is the first time we get to see Omar bottom, and watching him take dick with a big smile on his face is even hotter than you'd expect. After fucking each other all over the bed, Omar busted yet another built up, massive load just like we've seen before.

By Guys In Sweatpants

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