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Next Door Ebony - Update

August 27, 2014

Bedtime Story

The two men lay perpendicular to each other, in separate beds. Both were having trouble falling asleep. Ramsees was now stroking his cock and watching porn on his cell phone. Astengo heard the sheets moving on Astengo's bed so he lifted his head and looked over. Ramsees luscious erection called to him. Astengo boarded his roommates bed and planted his lips around Ramsees's throbbing beast. Ramsees thrust upward into Astengo's warm mouth. The feeling was good.

BareBack That Hole - Update

August 16, 2014

Cutler X and Adam Russo

CutlerX and his colossal cock have returned for another sizzling bareback scorcher as Adam Russo proves why he is a fantastic fuck and an awesome bottom. He works over Cutler’s mammoth uncut tool and services his floppy foreskin as if he was rimming an ass. Cutler is stiff and rock hard, ready to nail Adam’s ass raw. He bends him over and eats his hole getting it sloppy and ready for his massive thick shaft. Cutler slides deep into Adam’s butt as he fucks and fills him full. Adam moans screams and pants with each thrust that Cutler plows into him but never retreats and only begs for more. Cutler has met his sexual match in what is a remarkable display of raw sex and pure aggression that is not to be missed

Club Amateur USA - Update

August 11, 2014


From French Canadian to Italian to Spanish, CAUSA hit the diversity jackpot with today’s newest model, strikingly handsome Masen. Seeming to be the quiet type, you feel a genuine spirit & positive energy every time Masen smiles & his gorgeous hazel eyes sparkle.

Men Over 30 - Update

August 04, 2014

Room Service Part 1

Sean is staying at a luxury hotel for his first vacation in a very long time. It's all about relaxing for him and only paying attention to himself and leaving the outside world behind. He's sitting on his couch rubbing on his cock watching some porn and just when he's about to pull out his cock the doorbell rings.

Extra Big Dicks - Update

July 18, 2014

I'm The Bottom?

You never know what kinds of surprises are lurking around a porno set and both of these sexy hunks find out firsthand. They both think they are topping until the director tells them otherwise. They both take their huge cocks out and measure them up to size to see who is going to bottom. Damien is rocking an uncut 8.5 sexy hard cock and Mario has a juicy 9.5 thick uncut monster of a cock.

Extra Big Dicks - Update

July 09, 2014

Real Life Couple

Real life couple Trit & Brett like it slow and passionate while they get their groove on. Big dick Brett loves to stick it to his bottom boy Trit and give all his thick meat to him. Slow and steady as they go moving in sync with one another taking in the love that brews between them both. The chemistry cums off screen when they both erupt with pleasure.

Bait Buddies - Update

May 08, 2014

Down to a Science

If you fantasize about cute, young, tall dudes with super smiles, big personalities and big thick cocks, beefy muscular bodies, bubble butts, hot legs, beautiful feet, who love older men and light up a room when they enter - then do not miss this weeks video. Our 22 year old Bait boy Leo, a Texan (where everything is bigger) fits this description and more! Leo tells Caruso that he loves straight boys and that there are plenty of willing ones in Texas.

Active Duty - Update

April 09, 2014

Niko and Shea Flip-Flop

Sexy Active Duty recruits Niko and Shea are paired together in this steamy flip-flop that you won't want to miss! Kaden Saylor directs the action as the two studs share what may the beginning of a beautiful bromance. From the beginning, it's obvious the bi-sexual Niko can't wait to break off a piece of Shea.

Active Duty - Update

April 07, 2014

Cade's Second Solo

This Active Duty scene opens with 19-year old Cade already furiously jerking, with guest director Mike asking Cade how he thought his first scene went. (This is Cade's second solo for us -- he shot an earlier one that we have posted inside the site.) Cade says "It was pretty fun. Something new. Never done that before."

Cade moans and groans in a sexy deep voice, saying how good it feels to jerk his rod. Cade's a hot little number in his green wife beater and olive skin. In a funny exchange at the end, Mike jokes that he's amazed that Cade was able to shoot a load, considering he had already blown three loads earlier that day (thanks to his eager girlfriend).

Active Duty - Update

March 20, 2014

Gorgeous Recruit Niko Debuts

Dink Flamingo is back behind the camera tonight with a brand spankin' new Active Duty recruit for you: Niko! He's got the prettiest smile you've ever seen -- not to mention a bangin' body and a huge rod. He's 23 years old and stands 5'7" (or, as he jokes, "5'8' on a tall day") and weighs around 176 lbs. He says he "certainly tries" to hit the weights a lot and you can tell he spends a good deal of time in the gym. Don't miss his half-hour-long debut solo, where he tells us about how he discovered that he was bisexual and about having his package pierced.

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